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  1. If NPC vehicles were added it would solve this issue.
  2. This is an easy download and add on to the server. Would be nice to see.
  3. I would like to start off by saving I do not have POV. I did inform the reporting party of this when he messaged me on discord. The reporting party kept running him mouth causing an argument threatening to shoot me next time if I wear a black t shirt. Sean_Moore had an argument with the player and encouraged Sean to come and shoot him. The reporting part told Sean to come to Zeta store. I went to support Sean and the reporting party still kept running his mouth having no respect for me at all. I got off my bike a few times threatening him, which the reporting party stated at the location. You can even see in his POV that he kept selecting his weapon getting ready. He knew what was going to happen since he told Sean to go to the store after they spoke about shooting each other. The reporting part then drove up the road to get an advantage on me. This didn’t end well since Sean came behind him. The reporting party clearly knew it was going to end in him getting shot if he stayed in the area, which he decided to stay instead of leaving the area and getting to safety. The reporting player only made the report since he lost the gun fight, if he had injured me this would not have even got taken OOCly. If the reporting party really didn’t want the fight they he could have drove off after he got shot the first time, which he didn’t. He turned and got off the bike to shoot back. One of us were going to pull a weapon on the other person no matter what. This was both of our intentions. The player didn’t attempt to resolve it OOC with me or even teach me on how to handle the situation if he believe I broke a rule. He took it straight to the forums in attempt to get me punished. Overall the report is shown very one sided since the reporting party has shown a trimmed section of the situation and also cuts out half of the escalation due to him on purpose not recording his mic. Edit: Sorry I just wanted to add a screenshot taken from the the discord the Irish faction used to use. After this comment he made “was fun though GG” I would have thought that the player enjoyed the interaction. I’m still confused why this was taken OOC to the forums. As the reporting party gets to the location that was called out on the radio "up bank" (after the first call at Zeta store). You can see in his chat that there has clearly been a very heated argument on the radio as everyone is saying "chill". This is around 0:32. I would also like to point out that the player starts his instant reply for the second clip but as you can see the first clip is before this situation. Why did the player turn the reply off then back on? To me this looks like he wanted to crop the evidence out, which is stated in the player report section that this is not allowed.
  4. Your POV does not start at the start of the situation. If you are going to report then please show the whole situation. Also a lot of the interaction was your VOIP. Without your VOIP you miss a lot out of the situation.
  5. This is a nice idea and would be used in a lot of RP. I don't think that staff should have to approve the marker, if we set the marker so anyone can remove it then the object can also be interacted with. For example if you had a marker indicating something on the floor, another player could come and move the object RPly and also delete / move the marker. The markers would be logged anyway so if anyone places down a marker to troll they can be dealt with by server staff.
  6. Hello, I was involved but no sure what ID I was in the situation. My characters name is Samuel_Martin, since they have made a forum report I would like to point out the PM's that ID 69 were sending me. It was something along the lines of "get your ass away before I get staff". I told the player multiple times to stop PMing me but he kept taking the situation OOC. I don't even think the player was involved so I am not sure why he was taking the situation OOC. Kinda weird that he is in a discord call and ID 69 comes from nowhere and finds the location / situation he was PMing us about before.
  7. +1 If all the features / changes get implemented into the server this will be a good start in the right direction for the server.
  8. Player(s) being reported: Name(s) or ID(s) here. Date of interaction reported: 19/SUG/2021 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1629414034 Your character name: Samuel Martin Other player(s) involved: PD / 67 Specific rule(s) broken: 9. Non-Roleplay (NRP) If a crash / disconnect occurs, players must post in the crash reports discord channel and contact all parties to resume. Players reconnecting must be given all opportunities held prior. How did the player break the rule(s)? (300 words maximum) The player disconnected after a shootout. I spoke with the player on discord and told them to pm me once they manage to get back in game and make a /report. Its close to 48 hours and I still have not been contacted. Evidence of rule breach: Showing the player injured Disconnected message
  9. @mikeyOO Use the format found in this link - Once you have copied the format paste it here and fill in the details.
  10. This is the same behaviour as GTA Online. I don't think its bugged.
  11. There was a 67 convoy going around with multiple vehicles. There were multiple reports that this convoy was seen killing people. The police went out to find to convoy and stop them. We first stopped a contender with four 67 gang members inside. This evaded, once we arrested three of them this vehicle was spotted. Someone called that it was seen in the convoy so it was pulled over. Within a minute this vehicle was already evading. Recently the gang has been making threats to law enforcement and they are known to ambush around this time. You can see the demand that was given in chat. I do not have POV of the situation leading up with the convoy/threats or the pursuit of the contender.
  12. ID 194 was the other swimmer, who also drowned himself. His dead body Video https://streamable.com/tcoti0
  13. Hello, I am ID 233. I was in my vehicle and I hear someone shouting at us screaming. I pulled the car over and stepped out. The gun coming out was not by accident because I had not yet turned around to see them aiming at me. As I turn around and realise they were coming around the car was going to type I start getting shot. I start shouting as you can hear trying to tell them to stop as best as I can. I then feared for my life as I was getting shot and started firing back. My partner put his hands up and once I realised that they had me at gunpoint I had no intention to shoot. My back was turned to them by the time they got a clear sight of me through the cover of my car. The problem is though they started shooting which caused me to either die or try to defend myself. Even in his own POV (Swarles Barkley's) you can see that he is aiming at my partner when I withdrew my gun. As seen here: https://i.imgur.com/UqTgaOH.png (If I wanted to ruleplay I could have since he was not aiming at me). Which I had no intention of doing. I wanted to surrender and preserve my life and I even knew I had units coming as well. Then once I turn around and see he has a clear line of sight to me. I don't turn around and reach for the T button only to get shot before I can even get a chance to open up the chat box. I had no time to think since I was being fired upon already. I had to choose between fight or flight, which us being boxed in cancels out flight. That leads me to my last and final resort of fighting as I am getting shot. Even my partner with his hands up had to pull his gun out as they start shooting. We had no other option. I had no reason to start shooting until they shot me. I knew backup was coming and surviving was the best option. Sadly surrendering did not seem like an option as I was being fired upon and had no chance to think/type. Honestly, I hate being "that guy" but the truth is, I feel like this was just a rushed robbery gone bad. They didn't have a plan, they did not think it through. They just saw us and decided to rob us. They saw us with heavier guns, they saw us with vests and thought to themselves "hey lets rob these guys". If the players actually gave me enough time to comply instead of trying to rush the robbery then it would have gone a complete different way.
  14. Samuel Martin here, as it stood in the situation I had to make a split second decision on how to proceed. I knew what he did should not have been done when it comes to him jumping off the structure onto the highway but as far as the server rules go, I saw no issue with either of us going up the ramp as I was not paying attention to the material or structural stability of the ramp in question. I cannot pause RP and I must continue with the situation per server rules until an admin intervenes or continue and handle it on the forums afterwards. To be clear, I am not reporting him for going up the construction yard. I am reporting him for making the jump onto the highway on a low sitting expensive vehicle. To answer your questions, I follow him up there because I am a reactionary force in PD. If a suspect is evading I will follow them. As I said, I was not paying attention to the materials or the structure of the ramp. In hindsight, I have seen many people go up the construction yard and even host meetups there. So I chose to go up there as it was a split second decision. Do I believe driving a vehicle up there is realistic when it comes to real life? No. Do I believe that players driving up there in general when it comes to eclipse should be allowed? Yes, game mechanics allow it and to be honest, that area in itself would provide a nice hangout or as I said meetup spots for vehicle events, gang meetings etc. What I disagree with is the stunt jumping off to a highway with an expensive vehicle as that is directly in violation of a server rule.
  15. Player(s) being reported: ID 183 Date of interaction reported: 26/JUL/2021 Unix time stamp from HUD: Unix time stamp here. Your character name: Samuel Martin Other player(s) involved: Name(s) Here Specific rule(s) broken: 9. Non-Roleplay (NRP) Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. Examples: Ignoring RP, baiting government services without proper IC reason, asking to be killed or forcing your own death, unrealistic stunt jumping, misusing expensive vehicles, using script work vehicles for other purpose, submerging any vehicle in water intentionally, swimming for an unrealistic amount of time in a chase, or stealing from / tampering with an OOC F4 menu. How did the player break the rule(s)? (300 words maximum) The player decided to drive up the construction site and jump onto the highway in a comet retro. I did pm the player and they saw no issues with what they did although they even called the vehicle "a 13 million dollar car". Evidence of rule breach: At 2:00
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