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  1. @Thomas BeaulieuEpic and dramatic! but you are a fool if you think we let you go that easy
  2. -1 there was a reason for removing such car and people payed a lot of money to buy that car after it was removed from dealerships , and its a big asset to many people you only want to destroy others hardwork to gain it in the easiest way possible
  3. I have been playing on this server for a long time , i have kidnapped people , i have robbed people , and on the other side , i was kidnapped many times and i was robbed so many times and how many times do you think i lost my haircut ? and i don't remember a single time losing it because the robber just wanted to have some fun , i lost it only because i talked shit or there was a hate between us before the robbery happens . and the reason erp needs consent is because of the amount of teenagers playing on this server and they may find it disturbing because it's not healthy at all for th
  4. I don't agree with you at all . people are not psychos just to cut your hair for no reason , unless you have done something or said something . and i don't still get how could you be oocly harassed by losing your haircut in a game and making a rule which you need other parties consent to do rp is not healthy , because 99% of the people say no if they don't like what you are doing to their character . i personally did that to so many people but i usually try to stay out of it , but it doesn't make sense when you are on your knees and being robbed yet, you talk shit to your robber and try t
  5. Eloah


    bring some coconuts im hungry @Brutt
  6. -1 first off all its an ic issue and second off all if you are really harassed by losing your haircut you should behave icly and comply with the robbers i never lost my hair in situations such unless there was a hate between me and the other side BUT ... 1+ To this It shouldn't be that expensive but it would be fun to actually be able to buy from barber shops
  7. i want to follow your story mister looks interesting !
  8. Eloah


    good photographer he is ....
  9. Eloah


    Nice picture whom captured this beautiful moment of yours ?
  10. i disagree with what you have in mind , so basically every faction is trying to run the city, to gain more turfs, to become unstoppable this is what brings competition between the factions . Unofficial factions obviously need official factions to grow but that doesn't mean they have to be allies . they can all work together but where in the world you see 2 gangs ally against one gang to take them down? every gang in a city work together to achieve what they want unless somethings wrong , when they are not on friendly terms its their own problem they don't go cry for the bigger gang's hel
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