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  1. 49 here, we're friends and we know what we're saying to each other and what we're saying isnt meant to the other party, its just joking and in that video you're clearly metagaming whats going on, without even translating its pretty much shown, thank you for reporting yourself i guess.
  2. I just wasn't focusing on OOC chat that much as of the moment, unfortunately.
  3. I must've mistaken by shooting the other party, I admit that I am in the wrong here and what I did was never acceptable, I apologize for all I have done and would be ready to have action taken against me. I've been shot at before in a similar situation thus I thought it was fine to shoot, but for the body thing im sure that was so unacceptable to pg it out and to shoot while carrying it, but i had not much time to drop the body since i was being shot at.
  4. Send offers to 4387877
  5. I'm selling those two vehicles contact me whenever you like to bid or buy them Brawler BO: 100,000 SB:80,000 Gauntlet BO:45,000 SB:40,000
  6. whats the buyout to this and whats the current bid
  7. holy shit all the good lads are in here damn
  8. can you provide exterior and interior photos please
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