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  1. 193 here. Lets start from the beginning. New player, a guy with a 176 ID was being detained by me. He was not being arrested in the beginning but just detained like I told him. I tried to cuff him 5 times and he completely ignored my /do'es and voided them, for no reason. In OOCly chat (/o) I asked him to respond - none. How many times do I have to ask you to answer my /do so we can still RP? You response was, I was talking so I don't have to respond to /do'es. You also mixed ICly with OOCly - logs for that, the same with VOIP etc. I really dislike people who use the advantage when another person is typing. I was typing that I was grabbing you by the arms "/me attempts to grab the man firmly by his arms" and literally after I just wrote "/me" you just yoinked to the vehicle and sped up. I managed to taze you while getting in but there was no RP response from you for that, none at all... Not even "felt out of the vehicle because was tased while getting in" or smth. I was really upset about the situation from the RP perspective because a lot of my /do'es got voided by 176, by voided I mean he ignored them completely and continued to do his own thing. You gave me your license and you told me it was yours, I confirmed it multiple times. You can't just use /license and then out of the blue come up "OH IT'S FAKE".
  2. dawpi

    Fear RP ID 25

    Exactly, animations aren't fluid for the others and on my screen I never took out a weapon and even on your screen I never had one in my hand, just the animation for some reason took almost the whole video. For you it was 4 seconds, for me just a few. I never ignored it and I didn't pull a weapon after I heard you saying to put my hands up, I was in the gun wheel and selected my fists again as I intended to pull a gun on the guy on the other side of the highway. I understand your point and I have no disagreement for killing me in this situation, I made a mistake myself by miss clicking panic alarm button (which got canceled immediately and all units were told not to respond), I never mentioned this happening to anyone IC. I'm still thankful for your report as I will make sure my software is always recording moments such as this.
  3. dawpi

    Fear RP ID 25

    Apologies for my late response as I could not respond yesterday due to some forum connection issues, it was down. Thank you @Fa1N for notifying me in game. ID 25 here. I do not expect your response after my initial message as I am not going to respond back unless told otherwise by the member of staff. The message is divided into different parts in regard of your accusations and took some images and evidence from your own submitted video to show you why your accusations are incorrect. 1. Lets start with the biggest one, fear RP. The man, on the other side was question by me after he arrived and I noticed an AK-47 on him, I even told Officer Olatunji Osas using VOIP and the medic at the scene that the guys on the other side are Zetas and were requesting backup on the radio. He told me to fu#k off after my initial approach, therefore, I assumed his window status was down and I was able to hear him. In terms of my panic alarm, it was canceled immediately and told over the radio and /f not to respond as it was miss clicked. I am playing on a 100-200 PING as currently I am located in Canada and VOIP has been delayed for me, however, I do believe that's my problem - I'm playing on a EU server from a remote location. After the guy exited the vehicle on the other side, I already saw an AK-47 on his back and pulling it and started walking towards the back of my cruiser, however, I had a lag. I was NEVER attempting to take out my weapon after you said "STOP WALKING", however, after the guy was exiting the vehicle on the other side I did attempt to take my weapon out. After you approached me with a weapon I did not see you as I was looking at the guy, however, I heard you "STOP WALKING" and saw a SMG pointed at me (on the side of my screen) and put the weapon back. Like I said, panic alarm was initiated by accident and canceled by me after I died. IMMEDIATELY. No units ever responded to my panic alarm as I told them not to. I was killed and never came back. 2. Like I said before, I tried to take out my weapon after I saw the guy on the other side exiting the vehicle and pulling out an AK-47 and was not aware of your presence. Due to possible high ping your VOIP is delayed to me, sometimes I do have issues talking in game due to ping. For example, I do press my N button to talk, but some people do not hear me. Sometimes I do attempt to say something on the radio, but I am not aware that others couldn't hear me even though it said to me I was speaking. 3. I was walking in a straight line when I have you pointing an SMG at my face from my back, yelling at me and the guys on the other side have AK-47s on me. Would this be logical to you? And I'm pulling a weapon? I was lagging and not walking in a straight line attempting to pull a weapon. Like I said, after I saw a guy I wanted to take my gun out and I did try, but then heard your voice (not visual, after 4 seconds when I was near the back of the cruiser) that you told me to put my hands up. That's when I pressed my panic alarm but like I said, I canceled it. I do believe, there were multiple and a big spam of a backup calls from Officer Osas later which caused more LSPD to respond and not me (log checks inc). Anywho, I was only able to hear you talking when I was near the back of my cruiser and my weapon was never ever in my hand. I intended to take it out in the beginning, but your voice near the back of the cruiser made me do otherwise. I had no chance to do anything about panic alarm in time as you shot me instantly, if I noticed or heard your voice my response would be different but panic alarm was miss click and all got alerted about it when I spawned at the hospital. 0:06 I noticed that the guy was pulling an AK-47 from his back as he exited the vehicle it could be seen. That's why I moved towards the back of my cruiser AND attempted to pull my weapon. You were still in the car. https://i.gyazo.com/9ad00ad67cf1079ec08c874505cd10ca.png Here, now you can see I'm just walking in a straight line for some reason and not able to respond at all. This was due to my lag, I walked into my cruiser and was just pushing into it as I couldn't do anything at all. Big times lag, just walking into my cruiser and can't even control my player. https://gyazo.com/e1171ae8eae5df1f23531160a154b676 https://gyazo.com/6c729114ce01163408bb1360594e3e86 My panic alarm was not initiated until I was being shot at. I was shot when the alarm was not on. After getting shot like I said, I MC'ed my alarm button and I canceled it immediately. Two pictures, I'm being shot but no stuff above my head to say that I'm calling panic YET. And I'm already shot at. I was attempting to withdraw my weapon after the first guy popped out of a vehicle (earlier at 0:06) but then put it back after I heard you. I don't know why animation was still under my back. https://gyazo.com/7fcb01efe42a1741d243c3fce3ee8531 https://gyazo.com/c5167cc17e77237399a13db62d54e218 And now.. Lastly, lets go through the video and see me pulling the weapon and if I actually did pull one and if you can see one in my hand. The image belows me attempting to pull my weapon for some reason when you are both are aiming etc, however, I started doing it when I saw the guy's weapon on the other side of the road. https://gyazo.com/3b9c8ada1dae1bdef1ada4343f470102 You gave me no time to even attempt and stop pulling it out, as I've been playing from Toronto on 100-200 PING, my character was showing as I was pulling it but I wasn't. You can see that there is no weapon in my band when I'm trying to pull it out. https://gyazo.com/83e3bd69175313bc78373b0d9bb4de2b And the video below is what ot looks like when you attempt to pull out a weapon, it is already visible in your hand. So how could I pull a weapon when there was never one in my hand EVEN THOUGHT in the video that I just did it shows a gun in my hand visible from the 0.01 second after attempting to pull it out. The reason is because I attempted in the scroll wheel to pull it out but got cancelled even during the selection process. The animation that my character was doing was most likely a desync. https://streamable.com/q686k I do not believe I did any Fear RP in this situation and I do not agree with this that I've been accused of. Yes, the miss click was my fault and I have nothing against being killed in this situation as they thought my panic alarm was initiated for a reason, however, I attempted my best to let all the parties know that it was an accident of a miss click. My weapon was never drawn, however, I wanted to but heard his voice to put hands up and saw a gun near my face while I was in the weapon selection scroll screen. Apologies to this guy who is making a report for the inconvenience and my inability to contact him through /pm. I was shot most likely because my animation was showing that I was pulling a weapon even though my hands were empty + panic alarm call went out after I was being shot at and it was like I said a miss click. And again, apologies for not having my video from my POW as I recently changed a lot of buttons due to required communications at LSPD and did not press to record. And like I said, I am not going to further comment and respond to your or anybody elses responses unless requested by a member of staff, I'd like you to keep it clean too and if you by any chance decide to add additional information to your report, just let me know by quoting or tagging me. Thank you again. ________ ADDED: Oh and also another picture when there was no panic alarm yet and I was already shot at nor the gun in my hand. Just the bugged animation of me attempting to pull it probably due to lag or desync. Also, watch the video on the slowest time possible in order to clearly see when I'm being shot at, when the panic alarm goes off (due to mc) and then even IF I was pulling a gun properly (u can see that I'm not and animation is bugged). https://gyazo.com/bd513cca65eda0e8d7bc6498341b93e0 https://gyazo.com/97cc633351a788268b66aee8fdd6fac8
  4. A car which would allow me to win some female attention. - Jo Campbell.
  5. Vehicle's price was lowered at the HE.
  6. I am selling a coupe Windsor. It is a two-door vehicle and almost fully maxed (it only has 1/2 turbo). The vehicle is selling at the High End (HE) for only 200,000 dollars.
  7. +1. Please fix the thirst compared to hunger. I ate 1 burger to put me full hunger, but I had to drink 5 and a bit bottler of water to put me to full thirst.. disgusting.
  8. Makes sense but what if no Quiz team or whatever are on-line at the time? It may be rare but it could happen, you never know.
  9. Great idea, question is.. would it take even longer to approve/deny applications? There is a back log of a month and something already?
  10. dawpi

    [Buying] Windsor

    Hey, Looking to buy Windsor (preferably maxed out). You can either text me 2372507 or email me on juan#[email protected] Jo Campbell.
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