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  1. According to the developers it should be fixed now. Try now.
  2. Please, remain patient and refrain from commenting anything at all unless you are asked to do so by the member of staff. This will be looked into when the member of staff that issued the punishment has time to respond. Appeals take time, they must br carefully investigated, so please, I ask again you to remain patient and refrain from commenting (unless asked to) and/or bumping this appeal.
  3. I had a situation where the suspect and I agreed on OOC uncuff and drop, little did I know, he pulled out a gun and shot me. To prevent this, this command is necessary even if it was a rule breach. +1
  4. Of course it is annoying, that's the reason why it's in place. You get chopped, you cannot use it. Imagine if you couldn't use it at all if it gets chopped Don't lose your vehicle so easily. -1.
  5. +1. Mechanics and Weazel News should have a phone number rather than a command.
  6. I don't want this! Using the phone makes it more interesting since it's something different than it was before. Of course, it might be annoying when your phone is dead, but it's something.
  7. I know that Chuck, the previous DCC CEO, bought it when it became available, however, that's how much I know.
  8. This does sound like an IC suggestion to the government and LSPD since the way firearms work and them being issued is IC issue.
  9. That's just some nonsense. Even if a Police Officer is under attack lets say, there are rules that the Officer has to follow, one of them being Fear RP and placing under it someone isn't that hard, even outnumbering works just perfect. -1 to this suggestion due to hunting for M4s.
  10. I can agree with the statement where you express that the role-play level and quality is downgrading and it is! For the past 6 shootouts that I participated, got hit by a vehicle within 3 seconds of exiting my own cruiser, of course, according to the rules - it is all okay and allowed for one time, however, it ruins role-play as a whole! Rules are there to enforce and box the role-play which allows us to shape it correctly with positive mindset and attitude, however, I haven't been feeling that way about it. There are multiple suggestions that give an idea or thought about some rule changes, however, nothing has been done in regards to it, give it more time, make more suggestions with a clear explanation and your opinion behind it and hopefully things are adjusted! As.. Bolice Officers being lenient on some gang members.. that's true, since corruption is still a thing and someone may not add charges to someone properly, therefore, they sit less in jail. On the other hand, gangs usually get in a shootout, "/o death rp?", it's either confirmed - they continue, denied - they go to jail and spend some time and back on the streets, there is no consequences of going to jail other than losing your play-time and some money, which be a sit-back for some new players that aren't in the official gang, however, people are stacked nowadays! I really do enjoy and love the server and I hope that people put the role-playing above the rule-playing, but it hasn't been a thing lately. To some of us, even bolice officers, rules come first from what I've seen rather than the quality of role-playing which makes me kinda upset while playing the game and the server that I really enjoy!
  11. +1! Having an altitude meter would assist the people with the helicopters, just like us on the ground with the vehicle and the speedometer.
  12. Absolutely! It shouldn't be such a hassle to take off your weapon while a pistol can be seen on your ass the whole time and it's considered to be okay with seeing it even if you RPly hid it. +1!
  13. I would love to see this being implemented! Also, if you have fingerprints and mugshots taken, by scanning your fingerprints lets say - it would automatically direct the officer to the MDC name that matches it. I would love to see this being a physical item, especially, if it comes out with the inventory update that NBDY has been leaking on Discord and it has its own slot!
  14. I agree with the post above. I have participated in 11 shootouts in the past month, it's not as much as others due to my time zone, however, 6 out of those 11 shootouts ended for me faster than I was able to draw my weapon - instantly getting injured by a vehicle, one individual steps out and puts one bullet in your head. That's it. Of course, I could do the same, but I would rather actually use my weapon rather than ram into someone at the max speed and cause some damage. I want some good shootouts! +1.
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