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  1. I agree, but people also adapt to whatever circumstances they find themselves in. If most criminals think the only way to fight Police Injustice is through IA, given they can't just drive-by the arresting Officer after without breaching DM, then I think that's ok to an extent, keeping in mind these sort of things can backfire on them (if someone chooses to check the bodycam for other crimes). I'm assuming the upcoming Justice System will try and fix this by allowing these same people a legal recourse.
  2. Without making any judgement towards the report that is cited, I have to say this is the first time I see this rule interpreted this way. To further explain: - Usually RP of putting a bodycam on and turning it on (with screenshot proof + /time) is sufficient - Of all the situations I have been involved as PD/SD or CIV, no one has ever asked me about proof of purchase or carrying a bodycam. As such, I suggest the following temporary solution. - Allow RP of purchasing a bodycam to be valid past the 48 hour mark, only enforcing whether the bodycam was put
  3. +1 Would be interesting to introduce new custom cars to the server (keeping in mind server stability, handling, etc...), but beyond that it would be interesting to introduce some cars alongside other mods to make them more realistic (this would affect all cars in the server). Imagine being able to tune any car in GTA for specific purpose (think engine swaps, drift configurations actually allowing you to drift, drag builds, etc...) Drift Mod (https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/gta5-dr-ft) to compensate for the absolute shit handling physics native GTA 5 has, hell I would even be o
  4. This and also, don't forget, any laws you think are enforced unfairly can always use against PD/SD too. For example, you see a cop fail to yield before a stop sign ? IA report it. You see a cop driving on the wrong side of the road ? Report it, etc...
  5. +1 Lifeinvader would be nice for this as other suggestions have mentioned, but until then at the very least revert it to the old system. Being able to run your own little thread that you update with new vehicles,listings, etc.. was cool. Now everything is a huge blob of houses mixed with cars mixed with job listings, no replies are possible or bumping.
  6. I believe several others have already pointed out, there is currently no way to be on two radios at the same time. If PD/SD/DOC/MD were to follow what you laid out, then they would be cut off from the main channel, being unable to respond to other calls, adapt to situations, etc... That is the difference. Using TS allows them to be in a dedicated channel for specific situations while still allowing them to listen to the main in-game radio. Listen, in all seriousness. When coming up with these suggestions you have to keep in mind the benefit of the suggestion and the work needed to impleme
  7. I'm fairly certain (anyone with Law Enforcement experience feel free to correct), that Police usually have one hand-held radio (usually on their vest) + whatever vehicle radio they have, this is also supported by dispatch which I assume can come into certain dedicated frequencies if the need arises to recall certain units and redirect them to wherever they are needed. In eclipse we don't have dispatch nor do we have the ability to hold multiple radios or have a hand-held + car radio, making TS a necessity.
  8. It's always telling when people go on the suggestions or discussion threads making wild and baseless claims, you would look so good and validated if you managed to show all these various metagaming reports regarding TeamSpeak, but you can't cause they likely don't exist or they are few and far between which is why you have to resort to ''JuST LoOK iT UP''
  9. Why lie about this ? ''Teamspeak is the main culprit for much of the metagaming issues with PD/SD'' the clear implication here is that you somehow believe this is a widespread issue
  10. -1 Anything that can be done in TS could just be done in discord with no direct supervision from any sort of staff member. Furthermore, do we have evidence this is a widespread issue ? ''Teamspeak is the main culprit for much of the metagaming issues with PD/SD'' Proof ? Two Scenarios: 1 - People metagame in the TAC channels, in which case they have a ton of other people in there (some of which are bound to be staff) to call them out/punish them 2 - People metagame in the private channels, in which case they would likely still do it on another platform o
  11. One thing I really enjoyed with old school SAMP servers was all the inner politics of so many different factions, we had judicial system, air force, national guard, PD, SD, NOOSE, FBI, MD, FD, Government etc... (This also applied heavly to the Civilian and Criminal organizations, but I wasn't involved in those so much) I also think with a well structured and thought out Political system combined with an enhancement script wise for businesses and business creation (buying properties, setting vehicle spawn points, designating business vehicles, business bank account, F4 style menu to hire/f
  12. -1 I'm fairly certain the staff/owners want to move away from vehicles that go 240km/h, not make them readily available. What should be a focus is giving more assets/vehicles for people to spend their money on. For example: For 2021 they could look to auction 1/2 supers every month until the end of 2021, giving players something to look forward to.
  13. This point was made to directly refute your statement ''I haven't met one PD member interested in RP at all or so it seems. They all think its just pointing guns and chases and they cry OOCly every time they lose.'' In other words, claiming PD ''think its just pointing guns and chases'' is factually wrong, proven by the fact that most of these players spend a large amount of time in their roleplay, both in-game and through the government website in form of paperwork, crime reports, impound reports, etc... I do not care to engage with any points you have when you can't even stick to the fa
  14. Specter Custom @ 380K Custom Plate: CJ1 Contact: 5356160
  15. No offense man, but you're clearly talking out of your ass. If you knew the amount of paperwork people in PD/SD do you wouldn't be saying they don't care about RP. There are even some people which get memed on for just doing paperwork, if you think that ''They all think its just pointing guns and chases and they cry OOCly every time they lose.'' then it very easly tells me to disregard whatever opinion you have on any matter regarding law enforcement, not because of any personal reasons, but because you're just factually wrong.
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