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  1. 05.15.2020 ─ Overview I want to start off by saying thank you to the Dev team for consistently making changes in order to benefit the health/RP of Eclipse. I’ve been part of this community for two years now and I’ve witnessed the changes that were made and how well the community adapted to it. I feel like our suggestions are being watched, listened to and if they make sense, also implemented as well. That goes a long way. Currently, this will be a suggestion to change what’s already there, rather than creating something new, as I know coding can be extensive, so I would rather not put more work- load than really needed onto the Dev Team. I know when the right community feedback happens and having others pitch in on ideas, it can really make a difference. It’s up to the community to help posts like these take off. Current Goals A Separating laptop stock per official faction I.E Each faction having their own pool of shipments. Raising the refresh rate on ammunition but decreasing the max amount of ammo at max stock. I.E Max amount of Ammo capped at 250 but raising the refresh rate in order to balance. Further detail As new Official Factions begin popping up and with the amount of them that are already there, Laptop currently has a very limited pool of ammunition as each official gang shares the same exact stock. I’m one of the people with access to it and from daily experience, I can tell you that we’re extremely lucky to see a single digit above 30 every few hours. I don’t think this was intended, but I could be wrong. I understand that the server is moving in a direction of more RP and less plain shooting and I feel that’s evident based on the new Gun Store Update that goes as followed: [MDC] Added ability to look up guns registered to specific name [Gunstores] Added ability to buy ammo [Gunstores] Ammo will be limited to 2 packs or (100 units) per day [Gunstores] Player will be allowed to buy two guns maximum. If player loses their gun, they must report it to the police, before being able to buy another gun And I feel that there’s now an understanding that laptop is extremely limited with the following: [Laptop] Increased pistol max quantity and replenish amounts I bring this up to showcase that while changes are being made, player feedback truly means a lot, as this recent laptop change was made likely due to the feedback of this recent development update. Now, I think separating the stock per official factions is a step in the right direction, as not only does it further reduce IC conflict, but it would also serve to balance Eclipse even further. Official Factions are supposed to be the height of CriminalRP and have the responsibility of maintaining that level of RP while also providing the community with well thought out original content and providing unofficial criminals with the means to get by as well. I would like to think that we’re supposed to oversee others and help them move in the right direction as well. Right now, the weapons market is dead. Official Factions barely have enough guns and ammunition to stock their own members, so selling to the unofficial population of ECRP is at a halt and has been for a very long time, and I’m sure members of the community who will be reading this, can also confirm this as well. The Logic behind the details The Laptop requires you to order a minimum amount of 10 weapons/ammo in order to fulfil a shipment. Once you make that order, it gives you an ETA and a location and when the last hour arrives, you head to the destination to collect your shipment. It’s also important to point out that PD has a 5% chance of getting this information automatically, and so your drop could possibly get raided by swat and in turn, send you off to prison. For a shipment of 10 Ak’s, it takes roughly 1000 AK rounds to fill the entire order and if you want to budget, let’s say 500 if you’re putting in 50 rounds each. Now I want you to take a look at this picture below and think to yourself. Are you willing to risk losing everything on your person and hours of prison time for this? Do you think this is enough to feed not only an official faction, but also members of the community who will be interested in purchasing weapons? If the answer is no, then I think we’re onto something here. Laptop#1 Laptop#2 I personally see no RP sense that an overseas plug would waste resources on shipping 30 Ak rounds to California. If Official Factions are supposed to be the pillars of CriminalRP, I feel we can go further than this. I understand that consistent conflict and common war between factions isn’t the direction we want the server to go and this is why we should be allowed to be more passive for the sake of the community and trusted with this ability. If two countries both have nukes, the chances of them going to war significantly decreases. Providing people with guns isn’t the mentality here, it’s the Roleplay that comes along with the sales, otherwise why even make money here to begin with? Trust us with a much more responsive system and I promise, the community will thrive for it. I’ve also heard from multiple people that competition over Laptop is a valid RP reason to declare war, but I find this to be extremely petty. Zetas RP is that we started off as a street gang with high goals, eventually taking advantage of the chaotic situation in mexico in order to land a plug known as the Zetas Vieja Escuela (Old School Zetas) under the condition that we become a branch of them, taking on their name and strengthening their influence in the US. Why should we share the same exact plug as the Triads? Two separate RP backstories and yet we share the same exact plug. In short I simply want to see more improvements to the criminal side of things, mainly with the laptop and imports as an entirety, as I feel like we can play a bigger role in providing to the rest of the community around the clock. We’re all in this together and I’m sure a lot of crims want to see positive change with the right balance in mind. A compromise? Some balancing? This is all misc optional suggestions to improve balance Slightly raise the timer on weapons shipments With every great change, there is likely to be some cons in order to balance things out even further. To show you that we really need this change, perhaps we can sacrifice a little more time for a bit more ammunition and the separation of stock per official faction. Raise the prices on attachments Slightly raise the prices on attachments, as to reduce the chances of every single person walking around with fully equipped weapons. Remove some of the drop locations and replace them with others that correspond with the new ruleset. Humane labs remain to be a drop location, yet I’ve seen a report saying that it was a public area and thus the robbery that took place there was borderline nonRP. In this case, it should also be nonRP for it to be an import location. 4. Change the laptop’s ETA from OOC to IC time. I.E 17 minutes OOC vs 1 hour and some change IC 5. Make the warehouse laptop accessible like the ones you buy from the stores, but add a command only official factions can input to access the dark web, or make it password protected (Although this can be done with RP) 6. Decrease the craft timers on public labs in order to keep them relevant to the general populace Current Goals B (Extremely optional and much less of a priority) Add very few illegal melee weapons to laptop Allow the IC Cartel the ability to give us older drugs as a special import. I.E Shrooms, Steroids, etc. Further Details I think some melee weapons should still be special imports, but perhaps adding switch blades and brass knuckles to the laptop would be quite interesting and would provide some pretty interesting Roleplay opportunities. The biggest one for me is allowing the IC Cartel to provide special imports of previously taken away drugs like Shrooms and Steroids, thus giving official factions the ability to put these drugs on the market without the drop off NPC, and sell these strictly to the public for P2P Roleplay. I think most gangs have attempted to sell drugs P2P like how it used to be back in 2018. This either ends up being short lived or offset by the fact that most people can just create these drugs and they’re common to begin with. I think a special import of Steroids and Shrooms would serve as a great way to open up the illegal drug market in the way it was intended. Imagine a player hosted party like the tavern, but with a street dealer selling Shrooms or steroids to the populace? Imagine grove street having corner thugs pushing these drugs as well. I would imagine PD would have a lot of fun during these interactions as well. The order would go as followed: IC Cartel > Official Factions > Unofficial Factions > General populace. Closing Statement In summary, I don’t want to make it seem like I’m solely based around official factions. My main point in all of this is that there are some things that I believe deserve a little tweaking. I don’t believe additions at this current point should be stressed too much in this suggestion, as I understand it’s easier to tweak code that already exists and much harder to create them from scratch. I want to have an open discussion below about things of this nature and I formally ask staff to delete any comments that either severely bad mouth factions, including PD. I really don’t want to go into another Crim VS PD debate as that doesn’t solve anything and all it ever does is get posts locked and archived. If you think I should add anything to this suggestion, DM me directly or post it in the comment section below and we can do this as a community, rather than as an individual. Also I want to mention, I keep logs of every order I fufill on the laptop and I have for an extremely long time now. So if anyone from staff wants those to verify what I'm saying in this suggestion, feel free to hit me up. I don't want you thinking like "This mf lying saying there's only 30 ammo up 24/7" lmao
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