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  1. tbf we weren't even expecting you to come inside, we were waiting for the guy who was inside and that was why we were all camping right there i also see this pretty unrealistic to walk into an apartment with an AK in hand, Im pretty sure your friend didnt even have a bag so i presume he walked into apartment with an AK in his hand correct? talking about abusing in the mean while you yourself using controller aim assist for shootouts so now everything is clear, we enter this floor. we hear someone walking around, we go by the door crouching and hear AK reloading so we camp until he comes out then you come inside as a "gang member" previously attacking "council" with his "mini council" and crying about no RP reasons? idk honestly how doesn't it make any RP reasons to rob a "gang member" + calling cops, snitch on them and getting hit by them right after and crying about it is just yikers as Hoxton mentioned above, we're still requesting unedited PoV from reporter party
  2. I've explained everything above just posting my PoV right here to support my words
  3. 8. Non-Roleplay (NRP) NEW ADDITIONS / CHANGES: • ADDED: Players should not deprive other players of roleplay, e.g. early on the interaction asking them not to speak unless it makes sense in the roleplay situation. Clarification: You should not stop a player from roleplaying even if you e.g. hold them at gunpoint. We have seen this being used as a tool to work around our server rules and find a reason to kill them. This will only be allowed if it makes sense to the roleplay context of the situation, for example, if you are robbing a player and another player is approaching from around the corner, you obviously can ask them to be quiet or they can be met with deadly repercussion should they not be quiet. If you deprive a player's ability to roleplay by killing them, it may be deemed as an invalid demand and thus you should also be punished for deathmatching. This will only be allowed if it makes sense to the roleplay context of the situation having 3/4 guns pointed at you and you keep trash talking, this is not a new thing since that rule change and so many have been killed and punished for trash talking under gun point, all im going to saying is the fact that you kept trash talking even though i told you to stop or else you'll be shot and I shot you down as i demanded to do so. so now its you who gave 0 fucks to his life and kept trash talking I'd also like to add that player tried to MG to through /pm and get refunded.
  4. without further to do i'd like to ask PoV with audio or else not even going to put my time to respond
  5. HOUSE HAS BEEN SOLD, thanks everyone for your offers
  6. I agree with most what above were said except some people talking about "it gave advantage to smaller groups" with current system server is just Ruleplay than "Roleplay" OOC limitations and OOC FMs opting who won "IC" war? +1 to this post and who ever is trying to return old crims back not "fake" and "this is public you cant rob me" crims
  7. i appreciate your offer but im looking for at least 5.3 cause thats what i paid for these houses
  8. Hello, Today I am listing my 7G(4G and 3G in the same place) for sale I'd like to read and see the proper offers Features: 1. You're able to build a gate and parking spot with 10+ parking space 2. Having very friendly neighbors around you 3. You're able to build the most of the surrounding area by owning these houses 4. beautiful lighting at the night time for parties 5. having pretty big pools at both 4G and 3G You'd contact #5579161 | #4228100 or just offer down below this post pictures of the houses: https://imgur.com/a/WVO1ApS There will be no starting price but not accepting ridiculous offers starting price: 5.3mil B/O will be 7mil I'd also like to point out that I'm also not accepting offers for each separate houses, I'd like to sell both at the same time.
  9. ID 331 here and i see no point why you reported ID 324/127 for deathmatching. everything is shown in footage provided above, you didnt comply and showed 0 value for you life by counting down to 5 so you got shot as easy it is bye
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