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  1. Nice work! But i was wondering if there are any headlight strobe scripts that vould be installed, because in the past there was this one guy who had a headlight strobe mod/script that would show up for everyone, basically what it did was that the headlights would flash in a synchronised manner and it looked cool af. So i was wondering if this mod/script is allowed and if it is, where can i find it?
  2. Player(s) being reported: ID 132, 125. Date of interaction reported: 2019/12/13 Unix time stamp from HUD: https://imgur.com/a/rSsga2D Your characters name: Korab Bagadovic Other player(s) involved: Matthew_White Specific rule(s) broken: Non-Roleplay (NRP) Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. • Unrealistic stunt jumping or the use of an expensive vehicle to ram into other vehicles. How did the player break the rule(s)? ID 132 Rammed me with his sports car without giving any demands or any roleplay reason, same goes for 125, but it might be that ID 125 got desynced. Evidence of rule breach:
  3. imo gangs who call cops to deal with other gangs is really poor RP. Currently there's a war between our and another gang and every time that there's a fight that's about to happen they end up calling the cops or snitching that we have Heavy Guns. It's getting to the point where it's just boring to be at war with them.. Like honestly, gangs irl don't do that type of shit, if they have problems they go and deal with those problems without anyone else getting involved, but not these guys, this a special brigade who always calls cops on us if they see that we have heavy guns or if we catch one of them and rob him. The funniest thing is, is that they don't admit to calling them, but after what happened today, i'm 100% sure they are.. Basically we were setting up an ambush for them, with like 3-4 guys hidden and 3 guys in cars. They outnumbered us either way, but what they chose to do is call cops and tell them that one of has an heavy gun on their back, when the cops arrived they pulled one of us over and the enemy gang proceeded to shout: "Check for their AK licenses" and shit like that.. What's your opinion on this? TLDR; If your gang is at war with another gang, just fight it out or come to a compromise, because now.. You look like a laughing stock more than a gang.
  4. 1) Unfortunately not. 2) 2) I didn't think much of it, I saw a gun pointed at me and I ran, i thought he just wanted to dm me so i ran away.
  5. I was following him around and he stopped by a house that I thought he owned and he pulled out a gun on me, I didn't hear what he said I just tried to get out of the danger zone as soon as possible.
  6. I'm assuming the questions are mixed up? My question is: How did you communicate to your allies that you were at that exact location? If that's the case, then i'll explain, because this might seem odd when it's really simple.. Basically me and my friend from vory, his name's Paul, were dicking around when we thought that it'd be fun for us to dress up as NLA and try to infiltrate their gang, we didn't tell anyone, because only me and paul were together. Ryan and Candy were together somewhere else.. So we infiltrate the gang, goes smoothly, we get their radio frequency, things are looking good, then some guy rolls up and asks me to take my mask off and asks for my name, tells me he doesnt know me and a shootout breaks out. We ended up getting injured, Paul got finished off, but I remained injured and then after a couple of minutes Ryan came and talked shit about how we betrayed Vory and how i'm not gonna live to see another day, while saying that he took my shit and tried to shoot me, but he typed. /b desync yikes so i'm guessing he couldn't kill me cause of desync.
  7. Hey, so I have a video of my Pov, in the video you can see that a lot of weird shit happened and I was under fear rp only when he got in the truck and after i got injured and had a pistol pointed at me. In my pov you can see that first of all he teleported in to my truck and i thought that i was good since i slowed down a little bit, but then he suddenly teleported in ti the truck and started yelling demands. After he told me to get out of the truck I got out and I was in a blindspot where he couldn't possibly aim hid gun at me therefore i had plenty of time to pull my gun out and start firing, unfortunately this player has stable 400 ping and only one of my shots registered in ehich case i got pretty upset as you can hear in the video. Basically i was caught up in the moment and became mad and a little careless and just changed the radio frequency. I've seen players do it all the time, even from bigger gangs, i thought it was allowed, but i guess not. So that's my explanation. And to add i'd like to point out that its only my second fear rp break, i have 5 non rp punishments on my record but more than half of those were given to me when i was still new to the server and was getting used to all of the rules. Video:
  8. The prison system is good and all, lots of activities I have no complaints, but it needs polishing. I'm not talking about the poker table or mining, because I don't do those things anyway. I'm talking about the AFK timer... I do agree that you should not be able to be AFK throughout the whole sentence, but when there are no other people in prison I think players should be able to go AFK without the AFK timer popping up, because there is noone to roleplay with anyway, it's boring enough to stay in prison, but when there are no people to talk to or roleplay with it just kills me, so what I suggest is to make it so people don't get an AFK timer while there are <5 prisoners in the prison. Or another nice feature would be that prisoners could be placed in solitary confinement where you're alone and away from everyone and can just stay AFK, of course you'd need to commit a crime with in the prison or be aggressive enough so that the DOC officers have a reason to put you in solitary.
  9. A Day In The Life Of Korab Everything that went down that day was going according to plan until everyone from the Mafia went to sleep... Korab joined in for a couple of poker hands, but got bored after a couple of hours and decided to go look for people in the city to find new connections. While Korab is quite aware of his current situation he never leaves his house without a weapon, therefore he brought an AK-47. After grabbing his AK-47 Korab went through the drug labs alone in which he made a couple of new friends that just got robbed by someone who they described as: "wearing red bandana masks" So Korab, feeling sorry for the people he said that he'll find them and drove off to search for the robbers. After driving around for a bit Korab got spotted by the police and they saw that he had an AK-47 on his back, they called in on the radio, but didn't follow him... Just yet.. After some time of Korab driving fast, he thought that he got away, but to his surprise a cop on a bike came up behind him with his sirens on, Korab knowing what would happen if he stopped pressed hard on the gas pedal and tried to get away, but to no avail, he went off-road to try and lose the one cop that was chasing him and ended up flipping his car. After the car stopped flipping Korab composed himself and knew that there's no nice way out.. Korab got out of his car and a shootout broke out between Korab and the cop. Korab came out on top in the shootout, but after crossing the swamp he was greeted by a brigade of police officers who shot him down, but gave him medical attention right after. As soon as the cops gave Korab the medical attention that was needed for the injuries they took him to the hospital as fast as possible since no medics responded to their calls on the radio. Korab was taken by a helicopter and landed at Central MD. After his wounds were taken care of he was transported to prison and went through all the necessary procedures he was sentenced to 3 years in prison. Korab was quite happy to go back to prison because that's where he's made a lot of new friends and necessary connections in order to reach the goal that he's going for.
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