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  1. Video when we started chasing you https://plays.tv/video/5cd6b9ca5eb8bc3611/report All we said to you is "pull over"
  2. Are you using discord to communicate with your friend as i can see?
  3. Character to be refunded:Michael Steelspire Date and time of incident:14/04/2019 1555268056 Requested refund (what and how much):Assault Rifle X73, Heavy Pistol X25, 10k prison fines. Description of incident resulting in loss: So we was driving in dubsta while something happened and almost all of us got crashed. When we came back we spawned at different place with 10 officers around us.We tried to explain officers what happened, but they just arrested us and took our guns. Why there was officers around us? Officers was doing something else in other situation.When one of us came back officer on roof saw heavy weapon and arrested him.After around 1-2 mins others (including me) came back and got arrested too. Evidence of loss: Can i send evidence to discord or pm becouse it contains ic stuff that metagamers can use to get money or something else. Comments:We wasn't even planning to go there where we got arrested.
  4. Searching to buy a house for 60k
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