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  1. ID 127 Here How did i hit you 2 times? And i hit you because my gang called back up on radio, i asked one of my guys "can i ram him over with my bike" and he said "yes" i didn't know that is not allowed to hit people with bike
  2. Hello id 174 here As you saw on the video id 147 ram him over so we started shooting them because his friends was like 30m away from us
  3. Hello, so @UrosYaskawa has got his report mixed up so ignore his. Whilst we was at the gas station we was trying to rob multiple people, and then we was shot at instantly. from this we assumed that everyone around here was targeting us. I know from his perspective we did not acknowledge him however we perceived him as hostile as he was trying to take cover and not flee the area. me or Uros would not of just killed him for no reason. However i feel like in this instance he was just unfortunately caught up in the cross fire.
  4. Hello Leonardo here As you saw on the video we robbed a guy who was standing by the car, and his friend comes and start shooting on us so we killed him and the guy who was refueling his bike started running away uros starts following him and killed him
  5. Hello XposeD thank you for your understanding, ill be waiting to see your response to my current banned situation. Thanks
  6. Account name: Bagr39 character name: Leonardo Possum admin who issued punishment: XposeD Date of punishment: 01/06/2019 punishment revived: Permanent Ban Your explanation of what happened: Whilst at parking lot, a robbery was taking place. during this time my friend was getting a gun drawn on him. Although i do admit i hit him with my car he ended up glitched underneath my car, from this i was unable to move, then i got out my car and decided to run from there, it was due to a bug from being under the car that lead him to die. why should your ban be appealed?: The reason why I feel that it should be appealed was because a lot was happening at the parking lot at the time of the incident, i was trying to save my friends life. Although i know that VDM is a strict rule, it was never my intention to kill him with my car. Although i know this was against the rules i feel that since i am still a fairly new player i should not of received a permanent band. I am happy to answer my my actions for days to week ban, however i feel that the i should not been given a straight permanent ban for a VDM especially when i have no warnings before hand about VDM. Post any evidence or further details: The admin did receive a video from the victim about the incident, and you can see from the video i never tried to intentionally try and kill him, i personally do not have evidence from my side, but i know that i broke VDM but all i am asking is to re look the situation and see how you would be able to un-ban me permanently. Thanks
  7. I said the m word because i was mad
  8. I robbet them yesterday so after robbing them i died so i dont remember what is he talking about
  9. I robbet them yesterday so after robbing them i died so i dont remember what is he talking about
  10. Because i dont want to be banned. I told him to kill me because i dont want to go in the jail for robbing and killin the guy who reported me.
  11. I dont remember that
  12. Yes im leonardo possum
  13. Yes im leonardo possum
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