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  1. Interested to see what you guys do. Absolutely love your threads and design!
  2. Posts look great. Interesting to see how you guys go and what interactions you'll have with the other car clubs and clubs in the city Best of luck guys!
  3. Beautiful posts as always! Congrats on making it to 1 year guys!! Always great to see you guys around and chat with you all and your events are always amazing. Even though there have been rough patches in the past, we've always cheered you on from the sidelines. Its been great to see how much you have grown from LSMC members to running and building Burnout. Love you guys
  4. Posts and stories are looking great! Had great interactions with you guys so far. Cant wait to see where you guys go.
  5. Never be afraid to ask for guidance on how to improve your posts. Have a read through this as it may help you out and and the very bottom are links to threads you can look through for inspiration. I wish you the best of luck guys can't wait to see where you go with this!
  6. +1 Would love to see this implemented. i made a suggestion a while back
  7. »»---------------------------------------¤---------------------------------------«« Ava started to get burnt out and decided to take a break from the city for a short while, she grabbed her bike and went on her travels, she caught up with some of the Nomads on her way to see how they were doing. When she came back she realised its time to get the motivation back in the MC again. Herself and Johnnie called a meeting and the MC got together and spoke over plans and events, they all agreed that they were lacking on family ride outs and should hold an event. Ava remembered a while back that Delilah had mentioned a prom, She brought it up to Delilah and the rest of the MC and everyone was hyped for it and started planning. The MC started to go for more ride outs some smaller than others due to the members other commitments within the city. The more the LSMC showed themselves the more people were interested in joining. Ava started getting her spark back for the MC and could see there was still room for improvement and new things. One day Ava got a call from Lola from the Steamboat asking if the LSMC would be interested in helping out along side Diablos MC and the Lost MC, putting together a biker night. She was a little wary of the proposal but agreed to meet up with the rest of the MCs to see what the plan was. Ava gathered some of the MC members making them aware of the people that would be at the meeting, some decided to go back to work and few stayed behind. The meeting was big, it was nice to see the city bikers all in one place. Though the presence of PD around the steamboat made Ava question if this was the right thing to do. As the meeting went on the more Ava thought about it. As much as she loved the idea she knew it would be the wrong move to make for the MC. After the meeting Ava took the LSMC members to the beach to speak about the event and how they all felt about it. After a long discussion they agreed it wouldn't be the best image for them. »»---------------------------------------¤---------------------------------------«« Prom was getting closer and the excitement rose for the MC. Ava made advertisements on lifeinvader, Delilah dressed up on the pier to advertise it, the MC spoke to their friends about it. Finally the night arrived and everyone was on a high, Mojito was decorated and ready to go. Asbonomical did sound check, DyerMedia was all set up in the lobby with the backdrop. The doors opened and people flooded in all dressed in their best suits and dresses. The night was perfect and it was the best and most talked about event the LSMC has ever held.
  8. QuirkyMayhem


    Welcome back!
  9. Suggestion: For make up to be available from a barber shop or else where other than plastic surgery. Why?: 30k is very pricey for just changing your makeup look. As you know events are quite popular within the server especially club nights. For more fun a lot of us enjoy dressing up to fit the theme of the night. I'm sure a lot of people would love to have a cheaper option to change their makeup look without it costing a minimum hour pay check. Realistically IRL make up isn't that expensive especially to take off after a night out. If makeup was available else where it may encourage others to create a more unique look for their character.
  10. Vory coming back? Daaaamn cant wait to see where you guys go with this!
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