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  1. New chapters and new stories to tell really! The big thing is this time around we're sticking with our theme and ideals no matter what.
  2. A long day of thinking and fishing put Kihara in a state of boredom, thinking back on the family. He had no people for the ride any more... But it was time to do business. ((To be clear here Hiatus is still effective until the planning and plotting is fully done. Not trying to hide just. Teasing a comeback is all haha))
  3. I think another large issue we hit is with being a "neutral" criminal organization we'll be in a position where other crews and gangs want to push us around or try and force us into situations, and I imagine that same neutrality will brew rumors and get people trying to fight us. So it's also making sure my people can weather through THAT too.
  4. Great read man thank ya. Definitely something I'm trying to sit and do is make a list and plan out each step.
  5. I appreciate it man. The rough part is just sticking to the plan through everything. xD
  6. Oh we plan to. There was a ton of real life stress on the whole lot of us so we decided to take a hiatus. We're still TECHNICALLY inactive, but working on a lot of the IC side of things. It's going to be rough but I still want us to push through and stand out.
  7. Kihara sat to himself at the beach, plotting and planning on a return for his family. It wouldn't be easy, and he didn't have nearly enough time, power, or money to make it work out as smoothly. But he was determined, and at this point it was the only life he knew. And so he sat, and he thought. This time around, they would need to be firm in their ideals. The Ikigai-Gumi were a business organization. Yes there were murders, yes there were drugs and guns and car parts lying in their wake, but it should have all been for business, not just simple pleasure. Everything had to have a reason, and events had made that point foggy in the minds of his family. So the loose ends that didn't mesh well were snipped, and some unraveled on their own. At the end of it Kihara was down to a single thread.. Himself. But no matter what had gone sour for his family, what business had gone wrong, and what rumours had circulated about them... They would persevere. They always had. It was only a matter of time.
  8. I love the detail put into everything so far man! Huge props! Hope to see you guys around soon!
  9. Just to be clear to everyone. This service is more a side option and a way for me to get some sort of startup in the city. It seemed like a better idea than anything. -Malcolm Gardner
  10. So far yet no, it was simply a passionate idea to help people during the times no-one else can. Possibly a bit of a jumped gun on my part but I had thought it could be fun. And I know there are some people out there who don't look too kindly on the DCC so this could be another option.
  11. Simple 500 anywhere in the city, extra 250 for anywhere out of the city, such as Paleto or Sandy Shores. Extra 50 for each person past the first. It's also on a no questions asked basis. Simply out to try and get people from place to place when no-one else can.
  12. No questions asked policy. Simply there to get you from point A to point B as best and as fast as possible. It's also something for the times when DCC is too busy.
  13. Tired of waiting on cabbies in the dead hours of graveyard shift? Afraid to walk anywhere for fear of your own life being snuffed out by some meth-head? Then get a ride with gUber! No questions asked, no awkward small talk needed! Contact #360-8838 for more information!
  14. A morning of fun and relaxation took a turn. Kihara was contacted by the West Coast Assassins, requesting a meeting. Not one to upset the higher ups of the city, Kihara agreed and met them for a small meeting. The WCA gave his family an ultimatum. 24 hours, the heads of 2 Russians, or things wouldn't be good. Rumors had started to circulate that the Ikigai-Gumi were befriending and joining Russians, and the simple thought made Kihara's skin crawl. He agreed to their demands, but as he thought it over, it was logistically impossible.. The family wasn't nearly strong enough after their recent strife to manage the demands of the WCA, and so Kihara sat and thought, talking with friends and trying to de-stress. The final decision was to put the Yakuza underground. To disband for time being and simply try and build up some kind of stability in their lives. But the day would come again when they would attempt to find their place. And business would be good again. ((Big props to the WCA, they were a ton of fun to meet even if it was short, and for now it's been a good run but the Yakuza are taking a short hiatus! We need to step back and actually smooth out all the issues we have both IC and OOC before we try and add any more onto it. But we'll be back!!))
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