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  1. Some of the best people I've met in server, with amazing RP all around. Best of luck with whatever ya'll do. Much love and respect.
  2. 245k, can go a little higher if need be.
  3. Insanely hyped to see another Yakuza crew pop up. Here's hoping it sticks and I'm excited to bump into you all. Good luck with everything!
  4. Huge congratulations you guys! Loved every interaction with you all so far! Glad to see what happens from here in!
  5. Easiest way to contact me is through text - 360-8838
  6. Location is in one of the gated in Apartment complexes, address is 38 Carson Avenue. Somewhat centralized between Central, Mission Row, the Impound Lot, and Low End, with a short drive to the Parking Lot, Motorsports, and Bayview. Only a 1G, with no room for any external storage. Can be a rough neighborhood at times, but then again what section of Los Santos ISN'T rough. Set up a small section of the walkway with a couch to relax if company is over, bit cramped but kind of cozy in my opinion. Price at the door is 125k. [Location on the GPS of the apartment complex] [Front View of the Apartment - Last door on the end - Top floor] [Picture of the walkway - Small couch and Light setup] [View of the Alleyway inbetween the complexes - The room is in the right side one]
  7. +1 It's always a fun thing to have more options for role play. After all that should be the focus. Rp and making memories. A big turf war could make for some amazing memories. Setting up a spot and planning for days on end to cook at a portable location? Insane opportunity for prep rp. I think whIle it's definitely a huge thing to tackle for the devs, it's much needed. Every side of the server should have a good amount of options on what they can do. And at the moment Crims feel lacking.
  8. Ringo "Bento" Kihara had been scarce in the city for a long while, due to any number of unimportant reasons. This latest stint however was a bit more grim. As anyone who had lived the life could tell you, gangs get their hooks in deep once they catch you, and the Yakuza were perhaps worst of all in that regard. Kihara's family in Los Santos had all gone their seperate ways, and he himself had moved on, joining the Triads as a Trial and climbing his way into an official place among them, but the hooks were ever present. Almost half a year after joining them, he received a letter, the envelope adorned with the name of a very important figurehead within the Yakuza in Japan. It was a summons, with explicit detail about the consequences if Kihara didn't show. So of course he boarded a plane and made for Japan, and while the islands gave him a sense of nostalgia and comfort, the thought of the meeting did the very opposite. Almost as soon as he touched down he was herded into a car and taken to meet the gentleman who had contacted him. It was not a particularly long meeting, though the disappointment in each of the man's words carried out in what seemed to be eons. Kihara had failed with stretching the influence of the Yakuza as they had wanted, and in most scenarios his life would have taken the same route as the family had.. Lucky for Kihara, generosity was more present than disappointment in the man's office, and he was let go with a warning, and a job. He would be contacted again in time with details, but for now was turned loose, to return to his "golden home of pomp and flash" in America. Kihara breathed a heavy sigh of relief and boarded yet another plane, returning to his hometown in America in case he wouldn't be able to see his family again. It was a nice change of pace, and they were as oblivious as ever to their Son's life choices. Much easier that way. He enjoyed his small vacation with his family, forgetting the stress and worries of the world for a time. But before long he was back in Los Santos, and it was back to business as usual. The hunt for a home for the crew had gone well, and things seemed to be the same as ever for them all. Within no time "Bento" was back in the swing of it all, lending a hand wherever needed. Luckily, the first day back was a busy one. Vince had set up a large shipment of weaponry, and it was all hands on deck to retrieve it. Bento played the part of lookout, keeping an eye on anyone coming and going from Mission Row. Fortunately, the force seemed to be dead for the day, the only few people coming and going being desk jockeys or simple patrols. Made it easier for his part, and put a smile on his face. His own part in the plan was going smoothly, and that would shine well on his place within the family. Not as bright as he may hope, but bright enough nonetheless. As he sat and watched he took the time to write some of an autobiography, hoping to take down some sort of note on his life. Maybe one day someone would read it and avoid the same pitfalls he had dropped into. Seconds slipped to minutes, and soon minutes slipped to hours. And just as quietly as he came, he went. His own part had gone off without a single hitch, or even a bump. He sat with the crew at HQ for a moment, breathing a sigh of relief that he had done well. Once everyone split off, he followed along to help some of the others with a small dinner date, playing the part of doorman at the restaurant. Simple enough, and no real threats, but still just as fun as anything else. And with that, his night was done, and he turned in. All in all, stress and looming threats aside.. It was good to be home..
  9. Eyyyy congrats on official folks!! Best of luck in the future as well.
  10. Kihara was still fresh to the Triads, having only been around for close to two months. But his time with them had been nothing short of exciting ever since he had joined. The time had been filled with watch duty, cooking, shootouts, robberies, and many a car chopped with the grumpy little hermit mechanic who ran the shop. That said, it was a welcome change from the drama and stress of trying to run the Yakuza, and close to the two month mark, Kihara, or Bento as he was known to the family, stepped up from his period as a trial member and was welcomed into the family full on, as a Blue Lantern. It was an honor to have been given the opportunity to improve his standing with them, not to mention an insanely proud moment for the young man. He smiled as he thought about the opportunity now in front of him. The future is bright, and the sky is the limit.
  11. Four holdups later, and Kihara had pulled in a nice near 20k with almost minimal effort, far better than any of the work he had been doing so far. He took note of the recipes from cooking and set them aside for later, maybe try a different lab and see how profits stacked up. But the seaside lab was a rough one, so far out from civilization meant that robberies from petty thugs were common, and there were certainly no shortage of them that night. But all in all it was a successful night, and the first of many for the man. He only wished there were more family to enjoy it with. The lack of bodies in the family had left the second startup feeling lonesome.
  12. New chapters and new stories to tell really! The big thing is this time around we're sticking with our theme and ideals no matter what.
  13. A long day of thinking and fishing put Kihara in a state of boredom, thinking back on the family. He had no people for the ride any more... But it was time to do business. ((To be clear here Hiatus is still effective until the planning and plotting is fully done. Not trying to hide just. Teasing a comeback is all haha))
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