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  1. normal day to day players also don't have 15-30m to spend on super cars. This suggestion is for the financial elite, business/former business owners, etc. Dev time should be spent on 'normal day to day players', which contrary to your belief are generally struggling to muster up 2m let alone 20m.
  2. Comet Retro is a sports car, not a super. Supers for import could also be controlled (no 900R, no 811 for starters)
  3. +1 +1 to the other suggestion on the forum regarding scripted businesses - Using current, scripted or faction jobs it would take 2000 hours IRL of grinding to get a mediocre business (typical end game goal/sink), and many times more that for a top tier business (dealership for example), both of these assuming you are willing to wait the months/years for one to come up for sale -1 To super dealer idea, however if it was implemented there is no reason for this to be gov. owned, a single player should decide and set prices to be able to make millions per import, and/or fully co
  4. add poker table + other gambling furniture to the furniture store would aid greatly. All of the gambling regulars will never go to /dice and the administrative headache that is compared to a scripted game, especially when betting 100k+. I'm sure there are already scripted assets the server can import for blackjack etc.
  5. Gameplay should always trump realism (in both cases)
  6. The single biggest gameplay issue is 1) (regarding split pots). Also, in regards to point 8, it's 7 card poker not 6 as you said, and regardless this is something you can take into account when playing. If you look at the forum players have been bringing up these issues for years now, and it seems nothing will be done unfortunately.
  7. -1 Make cops lose $ on death (whether it's paying for guns, or whatever else that has been suggested a thousand times)
  8. +1 Also buff passive income for low/mid bracket players to what it was previously (or revert all of it and nerf the xp bonus to passive income). The current system is designed to increase the wealth gap as high as possible and suppress newer players.
  9. it will be years before GTA 6 is out along with RP servers with any sort of maturity, I wouldn't let that hold you back from enjoying current offerings
  10. I'd bet human meat was removed due to people abusing respawns to harvest mass amounts of human meat to sell. (kill, skin, guy respawns, do it over)
  11. I've messed about a minimal amount with boats and it resulted on floating players and desync, but perhaps my experience was isolated
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