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  1. If you were a medic in your own town the vast majority of medical facilities would also not allow you to park your RV there....
  2. willy's is probably the most valuable warehouse in the country, and you could've gotten double what you sold it for
  3. gtx is generally considered worse than base
  4. Jleoni


    https://imgur.com/a/rB6e3jd has old 500 vol storage, doors might be open dont remember 278 8074 If rent expect two months paid up front. Not available for purchase or rent until tomorrow.
  5. Every camera controlled lot currently looks like this: And it's getting worse, most cities do not allow these nomads to set up their residence wherever they please, and for good reason. They bring heaps of trash, and are a general eye sore to the beautiful city and landscape. Why should the city waste valuable resources on protecting these assets? If they want to 'live on the road' in an RV, then let them live on the road, and not in the banks parking lot, benefiting from bank security.
  6. Ahh, didn't realize there were two different sections for that. I would support either and will also post this there, as you are right making this an IC legal issue makes more sense than an OOC rule issue
  7. Sure, so make it ICly illegal for RVs to be parked in these lots, and have PD enforce it
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