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  1. This was my first RP server of any kind, and while I read the rules enough to understand them and pass the quiz, applying them is far different. It should be the duty of every experienced player to educate newer/less experienced players....some will learn and apply, others will not care and those will eventually get kicked. Blindly kicking/punishing players instead of giving them the opportunity to learn will just lead to a dead server
  2. fine dont un-nerf it, but a buyback program should 100% be implemented for drags (and other items in similar positions)
  3. Implement gov buy-back program for drags at 2M a pop, Done. (And this is someone who has 0 drags and got out of the game at 2.7ish)
  4. Without a judicial system it's literally the only protection crims/civs have?
  5. Are we allowed to OOCLY ask PD for proof of this (them taking it out of their locker and turning it on)? How about PD/Gov vehicle 'dashcams'?
  6. Set more consistent rules around what it can and cannot do (the 'cloud' should not be a thing IMO)
  7. +1 need more scripted and more fleshed out scripted jobs!
  8. +1 This Should also be Added: https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/TM-02_Khanjali
  9. If you have two vehicles of the same model it's impossible to differentiate them, add license plate to the menu screen
  10. +1 great idea need more script support for crims/civs
  11. -1 - These were removed for a reason - It would devalue current super car owners assets (no, I do not own one and likely never will), similar to how drag nerfs devalued drag owners assets - Appeals can be accepted at a later date
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