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  1. +1 agree, while It can be Rp'd I think it'd run a lot smoother with this available
  2. I more wanted to know who was the one who made the call the follow us into the lab, I didn't believe anyone in the clip was liable and didn't really want to many any assumptions. I can see your point with the OOC questions that's on me I ought to have asked. I'm still confused with the amount of police involved in the incident as a helicopter should have a good view of the labs as a whole as seeing as we were dressed in random clothing no gang associations would have been made. I was speaking to an officer IC about how long the helicopter was following us for and he told us a while (which i thought he meant before we got into the lab) which the clip doesn't show which should irradicate any gang worries on PD behalf. I get that numbers are needed if entering a lab and I strongly agree that its a hostile area however I'd argue pushing 20+ players into a lab and a helicopter is overkill consdering the call was over a stolen vehicle not murder or anything with certain risk.
  3. Player(s) being reported: Too many different IDs Date of interaction reported: 12/10/21 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1634061107 Your character name: Emmanuel Miller Other player(s) involved: Dill Deaux, Paul Stewart Specific rule(s) broken: Non-Roleplay (NRP) Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. How did the player break the rule(s)? (300 words maximum)\ Me and a 2 other people in the server were sat within the Lab on Chilliad and were there for probably over 5 minutes running around and picking plants. Our White Warraner which was bought an hour previous to this encounter was hidden in a bush behind a building I would argue hardly noticable from entering or from above. I should note we were driving about in the same car for hours and had no encounters whatsoever previous to this. I wanted to know why there was a helicopter and around 15 cruisers pulling into a Lab with what feels like little reason (please correct me as I had no information on any calls put out) I just don't feel like it's realistic that half the Police department pulls up to quiet drug lab over 3 people and while arresting us is understandable would the police department really send this many people to a "stolen car". Not planning to get anyone in particular in trouble just wanted a bit more information on the encounter in general therefore I didn't ask for anyone to save POV from the event. Evidence of rule breach https://streamable.com/d116dg
  4. I think that this would create a lot of potential in both criminal and legal applications. For example buying a parking lot in order to host events which could be rented out to event holders. Or a legal race track that could be built on bought land. Just an idea and wanted any thoughts
  5. +1 I would really like this, hopefully making hunting more risky but also more profitable. My only concern would be making my PC lag
  6. I have been playing the server now for quite a while (over a year) and while that may not seem long I think I might have some idea to make the interactions between criminals and cops more enjoyable for most sides. While I really like the criminal aspects work with Drug labs and territory I think that the selling prices of illegal products (processed drugs) should be more volatile for example ($200 during daylight hours and $650 during night hours) making this aspect more rewarding for criminals and also creating more competition throughout the night. Another fairly simple improvement would be to add more property buildings to the server as these hold the hub of many gangs/illegal groups. Intern this should begin to lead to the growth of bigger gangs which in my opinion is where the server shines the most. I think we need to aim to have 4-5 larger rival groups rather than 10-15 smaller ones as this should help with the Cop/Crim balance than existed when gangs had 30-40 active members. I may be wrong here - While it would be hard to fix, the death or injury of a criminal character is far worse than that of a Cop. What I mean by this is that If a criminal were to die he would lose everything on his person and possibly his car. However Cops are able to get another car, weapon and any equipment free of charge (which I get is realistic) but It almost makes the fear of death irrelevant. - Cop's guns, armour and belongings should be accessable to any person if they're injured. Feel free to give any other Ideas or Critisims, I'm not trying to blame the Cops for any stagnation.
  7. +1 I like this idea, however I heard it has been tried before adn there was some sort of issue
  8. Yes this is what I was meaning. There a plenty around that map that are out of use. I’d we were to sell them off I hope we would see an influx of new businesses, gangs with importing potential etc
  9. I think It'd be nice the docking part would work great, I think they should work a bit more on the boats and boatlife as it has huge potential. But cooking in a boat would be insanely overpowered with little to no people in the middle of the ocean and unlimited water around you.
  10. +1 algebra and calculus would be ideal
  11. Mine drops significantly in paleto too. That being said my PC is fairly Low end
  12. I feel although more property building need to be available and many are locked and held on banned or inactive accounts. More properties could also promote the creation of new businesses which I feel would be beneficial to the sever at this point. I understand that property buildings should still be rare to own and something that should be expensive in order to impact other owners and the economy less.
  13. Issue Being Reported: Would like a name change to WinstonSamaj to match my IC name Date and Time of Issue (provide timezone): 13/09/21 BST 16:41 Your characters name: Winston Samaj Other player(s) involved: None Evidence and/or notes worth mentioning: Quite an old forum account and I feel although my IC name would be much more fitting
  14. I see where you are coming from but I wouldn't adapt it in that way as being a criminal needs to stay unpredictable and thrilling meaning being outnumbered or out powered in some situations is to be expected. But I think the Cops/Crim ratio is way out of align, for every crim there are 4-5 cops. Instead I feel although criminal life should be made more profitable and more lax which should lead to more new players choosing the route.
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