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  1. Couldn't find any rule regarding that. I also don't believe ignoring a gun pointed at you from a couple meters away on a bmx when being chased by a motorcycle is good RP even if it was not a proper "demand". Stating IC "You have to give me proper demands" is kinda NRP lol
  2. As you can see in my first clip, I asked "Is that the guy? Are you sure?" as I never saw the shooter, all I knew was that Percival did get shot. But since I was told that was him, I then decided to help and try to citizen's arrest him. You can also see me standing looking at my phone in the clip that @Mooks just replied with. Some how I didn't hear the gun shots, I just saw everyone ducking and a person downed so I reacted accordingly. When I did figure out about the active shooter I ducked behind the grey SUV next to the guy in the blue and grey space suit (the guy in the bottom right of the screen at 1:00 of this clip: https://lowkey.gg/v/40483773-f46a-446a-86b6-056b5c500ac0?cf=uploadMsg ). I started asking if he knew who it was and the guy told me that a man was going around saying he is a terrorist. From what I heard, Percival called 911 on him for that and then got shot.
  3. ID 100 FRP Player(s) being reported: 100 Date of interaction reported: 7/4/21 Unix time stamp from HUD: Your character name: Jett Jones Other player(s) involved: Feliks Kov, Percival Banks Specific rule(s) broken: 13. Fear Roleplay (FRP) Fear RP is showing appropriate care and concern to preserve your character's safety and life. A player is not showing proper fear if they run while on foot/bike or in an unpowered vehicle and a weapon is aimed at them at close range, or if they drive into an active shootout more than once without the intent of providing cover or fleeing with it. How did the player break the rule(s)? (300 words maximum) ID 100 shot Percival Banks at the pier (I dont know if he had proper DM rights but thats not the point of this report). After the incident, we were discussing the incident and ID 100 comes back to the pier and even comes and says "Hello Habibis" right next to us after just shooting Percival. We then chase him and attempt to citizens arrest him. We had guns pointed and gave him demands to hop off the bike he refused. After fleeing he decided to come back AGAIN. So we retrieved a BF400 and proceeded to chase him while he is on his BMX. We gave demands again with a gun pointed to him. He refused to get off the bike again.... Evidence of rule breach: Jett Jones POV: Initial confrontation: https://streamable.com/rxzmby Us coming back with a BF400 to chase him part 1: https://streamable.com/6s0fja part 2: https://streamable.com/ikh23a Feliks Kov POV (The full bike chase) https://lowkey.gg/v/2dc54240-f34c-467e-bf05-f23e5d3f29ca?cf=uploadMsg
  4. As well all know, Diamond Casino is a functional building that is capable of being perhaps the biggest socialization spot in Eclipse. But NOTHING has been done with it. I understand it is player owned but it is pretty obvious the person who owns it has no intention or is not capable of renovating the place so the community can enjoy it. I really think the government should take the casino back and financially compensate the owner for whatever he payed for it (if he/she is even around anymore) and auction it off to someone is actually able to get the place up and running. Or just don't make it private owned and have it be run by the government. Being limited to a poker table and slot machines is pretty boring and Diamond Casino is a beautiful building that will just make the Eclipse experience that much better.
  5. I recently bought a Paragon but realized that its not my favorite car to drive. Any suggestions for good looking cars that can also go 200+? My budget would probably be up to 1 million so I can't afford any exotics.
  6. Hits over 400 players everyday??
  7. ID 142 (NRP) Player(s) being reported: ID 142 Date of interaction reported: 06/JUN/2021. Unix time stamp from HUD: 1622957037 Your character name: Jett Jones. Other player(s) involved: - Specific rule(s) broken: 9. Non-Roleplay (NRP) Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. Examples: Ignoring RP, baiting government services without proper IC reason, asking to be killed or forcing your own death, unrealistic stunt jumping, misusing expensive vehicles, using script work vehicles for other purpose, submerging any vehicle in water intentionally, swimming for an unrealistic amount of time in a chase, or stealing from / tampering with an OOC F4 menu. How did the player break the rule(s)? (300 words maximum) He drove the cash delivery truck to the pier and parked it and just hung out at the pier not actually doing anything related to the freelance job that the vehicle is meant to be used for. Evidence of rule breach: https://streamable.com/76ixns Minutes Later Still At Pier: https://imgur.com/d0iuhzm
  8. Application Submission Hello [email protected] I am writing to you in regards to my roadside application I have just submitted. I feel I have the qualities to perform said duties, and the ability to learn any duties assigned to me during training. I will gladly wait patiently and can not wait to receive a reply. Regards, Jett Jones
  9. People keep saying "he pointed his heavy at you first". That is a HUGE problem that exists on this server. People solely judge situations based off who pointed the gun first. What cop knowing he is alone would walk into a robbery not knowing how many people are there and how many guns there are. The cop obviously knows that his vest will shield his character from bullets because that's the game mechanic, but like the person who made this thread said, a headshot is a headshot, and no cops IRL would rush in knowing his vest can block a bullet to the chest. This wasn't just a "Poor IC judgement call" because he said that cop claimed his vest and SMG give him them edge in a shootout, but a shot to the vest realistically will always knock an officer off his feet because it is incredibly painful. It was bad RP and I think we should just recognize that and move on.
  10. To be honest I'm not sure there is any suggestion that could fix it. In my opinion it just seems to be the behavior that the Eclipse community has adopted. I think it sprouts from money being really hard to make for the average person unless you put in the same amount of hours that a full-time employee does at an IRL job. Since everyone works really hard for the money they make, they don't want to lose their stuff (Now this isn't really relevant to this bank robbery exactly since PD doesn't really have to worry about losing their stuff), but it does lead to situations that happy constantly where people rule-play Fear RP rules or DM rules etc. to ensure they win. (Usually always trying to be the first to pull a gun knowing they can utilize FearRP and win the situation.) I don't believe this can be fixed because you can't simply "raise wages" because everything in eclipse is player-owned so the market will adjust to the inflation. It's just the way the server has been built.
  11. Vehicles stall way too much. It feels almost every crash you have to wait 10 seconds to turn your engine back on. This makes things like police chases insanely difficult considering criminal RP is already 10x harder than legal RP. I think engine stalling should only happen when a vehicle is towards the bottom of its "hp" like maybe 350 or less.
  12. Seems to be a huge problem on eclipse. People make this game competitive and focus on winning. They don't care about making it a fun thing for everyone.
  13. I work at LSC and we are encouraged to carry a firearm on us at all times as we are a government faction so its a part of our job to protect our co-workers and law enforcement. So mechanics can use a firearm when lives are in danger. And since its a whole bunch of bystanders, a sheriff (not the one you are a pointing a gun at), and mechanics around who are almost all armed, I don't think they have to fear rp since you were the only aggressor. I also got a warning for holding someone at gun point on Eclipse Blvd at night time a while back even though no one was around it was just me and the guy, so if I can't do that then I doubt this is appropriate according to the staff team. I also tried to explain people get robbed in urban areas at all times of day but apparently that's not a valid excuse on this server.
  14. Exactly. Also pulling a gun on a sheriff when there are multiple armed people around and there is another sheriff with him. Like he really just exposed himself breaking so many rules
  15. Just an opinion from someone who is reading this thread: I don't know why you are pulling a gun out on a sheriff in a really populated area especially when there is another sheriff in the car. It just isn't realistic you even had some bystander pointing a gun at you. Also robbing people in the middle of the city is also not reasonable (I got an admin warning for attempting to rob someone at gun point on eclipse blvd)
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