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  1. I love Urban and the many facades she puts up to protect herself. You have grown an incredible and complex character and I am excited and thrilled to be a part of her character story!! I can't wait to see Urban grow even more as a character!! (Awesome story btw)
  2. I'm excited for this! Great idea for an original business venture, I'm excited for the RP potential! Good luck
  3. I have had many opportunities to RP with you guys, and you are an incredible group! Keep up the good work, can't wait to see where this takes you
  4. I love the story you've created for Koda, and I can't wait to see how things go for him in BSB
  5. I disagree, whilst I don't approve of people using homophobic/racial slurs, I feel that RP needs to be, to an extent, realistic. Which means that some people will use the "N" word, some people will be homophobic... it adds richness and character depth, and promotes great RP when used correctly. The system in place at the moment allows for people who feel uncomfortable to ask the player to stop. By simply asking the person to stop in /b should be enough to make it stop. If they continue, it is a server rulebreak and can be reported. I used to ICly work at the DOC, and usually when somebody asks somebody to stop using a certain derogatory word in /b, it stops. Often, they are not aware about the rule which stipulates they have to stop if it is requested, and following a brief reminder of the rule, the player generally stops anyway. We had one case where a player did not stop, so we reported in /report in-game, and an admin came pretty quickly and had a chat with the player; Then, the derogatory slurs stopped. Problem solved. As far as streaming goes, I personally choose not to because of the potential ban I could get. But that's ok, if I wanted to stream GTA RP I would choose another server. It just so happens, I chose Eclipse for what it is at the moment because I love the server as it is. I would not feel comfortable asking the server to adjust to us streamers. Anyway, that's just my two pence.
  6. Your characters name: Louise Hoffman/Margot Rousseau Discord: SkyeFuryy#0001 Evidence and/or notes worth mentioning:
  7. Margot Rousseau was born the 11th of November 1994 in Paris. Through years of hard work, her parents, Marcus & Liliane Rousseau, built Rousseau Security. A company that provided security agents for events, and private individuals from all over the world. By the time Margot was a teen, the family bathed in luxury and riches, offering the best education and opportunities for their daughter. Margot was sent to the best schools, met powerful people and grew up travelling the world and learning the languages and cultures around it. It was inevitable that once Margot finished her Finance Degree, she became CFO for the company. However, the company wasn't solely a security company. Marcus Rousseau built an empire behind the closed doors of Rousseau Security. The company was only the front. Branches of the company dealt with money laundering and drug import/export logistics, with Margot at the head of it's financial department. Unaware for months that the French police were investigating Marcus Rousseau for embezzlement, the court finally had enough proof and testimonies to freeze the family's accounts and other assets in December of 2020. Fortunately, the family was prepared for events such as these, and continued to live comfortably for the months that followed. Marcus Rousseau was called to court on different dates, and the family lawyer built a strong case up. The family believed it would all be over soon. In an unexpected turn of events, during the night of the 26th Marcus Rousseau got a call, waking him up, from an informant warning him that the French police were on their way to arrest Marcus, and take his wife and daughter in for questioning. From the informants information, it seemed that someone close to the family had snitched on their illegal activities and named Margot as one of the lead financial advisors. They quickly left their Parisian apartment, and took Margot straight to Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. During the ride, Marcus had called in a favor to an old friend, and within the hour Margot Rousseau was sitting on a private plane flying out of the country. The old friend of the family gave Margot a briefcase with some cash, and made a few calls to Los Santos acquaintances to get her set up with a small car. She landed the morning of the 27th, was told to lay low, and to wait for her fathers' call. Margot Rousseau is now getting used to living in Los Santos. She is living with limited funds for the first time in her life, and doesn't know a soul. She expects a call any day from her father, telling her it is safe to come home. Little does she know, during her time in Los Santos, her father and mother will be arrested and Margot will become a wanted criminal in Europe. The call she is waiting from her father will never come, and she will have to adjust to the knowledge over time that she is never going home.
  8. Sunday 12th of September. Reaching goals sometimes means taking time out of our days-off to respond to mails and texts. Today was no exception for Louise and co-founder Wes, which turned out to be the busiest day of the week for them. Meetings were scheduled, visits were done, and handshakes were exchanged.
  9. As they say, the early bird gets the worm. Creating a company is easy, but growing that company is hard. You need work ethic and lots of hours put into it. Setting your alarm for 5AM, driving miles to get the perfect shots, it's all necessary.
  10. CEO Louise Hoffman executing the basics of business management and reaching out to the local newspaper to purchase ad space. Great service from Weazle Employee Bellden Copper who came straight to her front doorstep at 01:35AM.
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