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  1. I was one of the involved people in there (Paul_Debose) . You can see that a lot of people broke NonRP/FearRP rule even though demands were given.
  2. This is ID 88. I don't understand why did you reported me? What's the problem? I was just driving around with the bike 😄 Also, where do you see NonRP in here? Guys got a perfect idea on how to steal cars from the BayView. They hit the fence off with Sandking, and used it as a little ramp.
  3. Hello, Here you go, evidence of NOT FearRPing https://prnt.sc/mabbm4 . I had a gun all the time in my hand, so as Jamal_Debose. 🙂
  4. About what kind of DM you are talking?? We told you to stop at the Gas Station next to HE, and all the time from Gas Station, till the Paul's farm we were shouting to you to stop the vehicle... So just put the whole video from the Gas Station till the end and we will see....
  5. Hello it's Paul_Rovia. So, I hit those guys with the car, because I saw how they shot my friend - Jamal_Debose. I think that's good enough reason. I didn't meant to hit Jay, I talked with him in OOC he said everything is okay. But Vova, in my eyes you were standing and when I hit you, it didn't even show that you were injured http://prntscr.com/lhwpj9 . DM? We got sprayed by you guys at the Paul's farm, so maybe show the whole video not just the parts. Also "Dusk tu gal" means - shut up. Thank you 🙂
  6. @Alpha_WoT First of all I don't see what was the reason of shooting me (driver in the car) in that situation. I didn't say anything wrong to you, I just asked "How do you know that it was Rick in that Robbery?" Because in your picture we can see that he had different clothes, vehicle and also he was with mask. So the only way for you to find out who was there was to metagame, because all the time your friend (Ed) was there and was asking Rick to put his Mask and to see if it was Mask 8616_1681 which it would be considered as metagaming. Also he might have used player ID's to check if it was us, which should not be used for recognizing purposes in anyway, because players ID should only be used for OOC purposes on gamebreaking rules.
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