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  1. Andor

    Mask 4242_5064 (7.2 Deathmatch)

    I know for a fact that dalton asked them to kill yuval for attempted rape of his wife, I said up the meeting. I dropped them off at dalton, he told me over the phone in a text message he wanted ME to tell him when it was done ( which I did ) and was suppose to pay me. It is really weird that dalton is now telling people he never thought they would actually do it. The problem with the evidence as I know of it is that person who recorded it went on holiday. Shortly after and after it was done they asked me if that was going to be a problem, I assumed it wasnt going to be since I would have expected all parties involved @HaminLord and @TGBDalton and @Krappelz to assure eachother it was done correctly and if @HaminLord wanted IC proof ( a recording ) he could have asked @TGBDalton if it was real and waited for @Krappelz his friend to come back with said recording from holiday. Honestly I dont know if my word has any weight in this but this is kinda upsetting that it had to come to a report
  2. Andor

    Denis_Zharkov Using server bug 2.3, Non-rp 6.6

    Clip doesnt work
  3. Andor

    Admin and PD corruption

    what you mean?
  4. Andor

    Admin and PD corruption

    I know for a fact its used
  5. Andor

    Admin and PD corruption

    The rewards vary. From extra car slots, first dibs on houses, exclusive admin cars ( like for example only admins can have a sultan RS ) stuff like that. Or ingame credits or tax breaks.
  6. Andor

    Admin and PD corruption

    Admin duty is a chore but it has rewards ( you get credits I believe ) or other things that can be handed out to make it worth while. And I agree admins get shit talked a lot but that doesnt mean they shoudnt be open to critique when its given in a respectfull way which at the moment, just as the PD is a point that needs massive improvemen
  7. Andor

    Admin and PD corruption

    The problem is with the system in place is that admins who are dealing with RP have to break off RP or ignore a report for a bit to do continue the RP. This adds extra time to the whole situation
  8. Andor

    Admin and PD corruption

    No I have played and was a mod on serveral SAMP servers where a RP character isnt allowed to go on admin duty at all. The system was. Admin rank 1 to 6, 1 you need to be in admin duty 3 hours each week ( it was tracked ) and it went up with rank. The highest being 6 I believe. This is a seperate character slot you were gifted once you got added into the admin team.
  9. Andor

    Admin and PD corruption

    Honestly the problem is that the majority of the admin team is in the PD and that the server allows people to play on their "admin" characters. A admin character imo should be seperated from the RP character. This will stop people like travis palmer ( god rest his beautiful soul ) who over a long period of PD chief used his admin powers to pause RP where the PD was losing or not following PD standards. It was a long time before anything was done to stop this. Secondly I feel the PD always wants to win. 5 cops later 7 ( I believe ) go to a party with known criminal activity to arrest a criminal, this is clearly thinking they are not going to be harmed and the shootout that followed where around 30 people got mowed down by machine gun fire was the result. The list is endless and for people who have a PD character with a criminal alt that dissagree with the things being said in this thread AND my post I tell you this: Its easier to look from inside the PD to the outside and have a side character which is just a I am just using to kill the time then the other way around. I also told people that I feel the PD culture as a whole is bad, very very bad. Its modeled IMO after nazi germany, where everyone is on edge and reporting everyone else for the smallest thing. ( hitler made everyone fight everyone for his approval, I am not saying the PD are nazi's ) This made people who have a more relaxed mood to leave PD and only leaving the people are strickt as fuck and have no chill pill. There are a few exceptions but they only prove the rule as a whole. The other thing is that there are no no go zones for the PD in this city at all. Meaning dangerous zones where criminals are semi in control, where normal patrol cars dont go for the fear of getting shot. Then there is the problem with the KOS rule, in gang wars or criminals doing criminal shit with a lot to lose KOS should be allowed up to a degree. ( if reported they need to provide proof of the things they were about to lose ). Completly killing KOS makes the PD have a other advantage for surprise attacks can be the differnce between life and death for a criminal faction.
  10. Andor

    Add all vehicles to normal import

    Or or, hear me out, have car be awarded in a event. For example have people do a admin run lottery all putting in 500k and getting a one of a kind exclusive super car.
  11. Andor

    Vehicle doesnt belong to you bug

    Update 3: I fixed the issue by selling it to a friend and buying it back
  12. Andor

    Vehicle doesnt belong to you bug

    Update: Mechanics say the car doesnt belong to me. They cant repair OR mod it. Asked a police officer to check the plate, manually looking it up ( typing in the license plate in his computer ) brings up no car, when I brought the car to him in person he could check the plate and said it belonged to me @Osvaldon Was the one that gave me my car back, I dont know what process he used because I didnt buy it off the HE/LE Update 2: Modding and repairing works now, still not able to give out keys
  13. Date and time (provide timezone): 10-1-2018 6am Character name: Andor Rootman Issue/bug you are reporting: My vehicle doesnt belong to me after getting it back from admin Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: https://plays.tv/s/LvAuPbeT_6hW Vehicle license plate number*: OLDMAN After selling my FMJ to a person who got his cash through means that arent allowed I got a message from osvaldon that the amount I got from him was removed from my account. I then got my FMJ back, retrieved it, parked it in my house and logged off When a friend wanted to drive the car, I got it out of the garage, then when i tried to give him a key it said "This vehicle doesnt belong to you". Then I went to the bank and asked for a DCC co worker to come by, this is when I recorded the video.
  14. Andor

    Andor Rootman - Tractor ( credit store )

    Close please, it has been solved
  15. Andor


    (( you died died, dont respond to this thread, our beef is over since I killed you both ))