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  1. Andor

    LSC Faction Addons

    Im totally for the addition extra cars, if used well will add RP oppertunities
  2. None, besides these written words
  3. I was :) sneaky sneaky But yea it would have been over super quickly if he played ball, kept stalling and hoping we would shoot him or people from his gang saw him. Kind of annoying but already that is his right. As I said it takes two to tango. the group as a whole had a idea and it takes other people atleast play along a little bit to keep it going. For example I have a joke character called bob bobsen. He is basically a retard, he "speaks" making random sounds. This is a RP that needs involvement from others, I went over to weazel and had a great time with nick ponte and kamon white among others because they wanted to play balls. Then two criminals showed up and gunned down a mentally handicapped person because he hit a car, even after informt that he was retarded. This is the other side of the coin of that character. Its hard to have fun when people just shoot people. What does that have to do with the gut pushers: Well you guys have good and bad RP, good RP takes effort from all parties. I hope I have moments like the Tavi moment in the future
  4. Guys knock it off with replying to others wont see eye to eye, reply to those who have a imput you can do something with
  5. Yes, a millisecond later imo and context matters like protecting your daughter who pissed the person with the gun off
  6. I dont know if it has been said already or that it my opinion is even wanted here. A groups interaction is a reflection of the intent of their RP and the intent of the people the RP with. For example I had a hour long session with the Gut pushers where the acted revenge upon tavi, dragged him around town, gave him a make over and so on. I left before it ended so I dont know the final part of it. But it shows a story line between the two parties, it had a build up and the RP i experienced was the result. This was a enjoyable experience to me. On the same character with the majority of people involved i had a other RP session which was poor due to it being basically poor robberies and pushing people around. Asking them siilly questions and acting upon that. This was a example of the exact oppesite of a good story line. because there was no story. It always takes two people to tango but as the gut pushers you are criminals and you usually have to lead, the harder part, meaning you have to give way more effort to make it a enjoyable experience for all parties. This is where people are lacking sometimes, and a place where you can improve. Try setting up long story lines. Back stab people have RP feuds, have back room alliances. Go after people when they are alone and not just shoot them but have interaction with them ( kidnapping and so on ). Just showing up, shooting and then moving on to the next part of town is something we shoudnt make the majority of the RP
  7. You say you had a pistol in your hand, but I didnt see any. Secondly I feel you missunderstand the point I made about putting your life on the line for your kid. Your intentions were to hurt my child I acted upon that. Thirdly you say you had it pointed at me before I started pulling out my uzi. I dissagree and since there is no evidence and you being the person in the RP i feel like a case can be made where you took IC to admin mode. Lastly I had many reports/punishments made against me. I can bitch from time to time but as far as I can remember I didnt appeal any of them because I atleast could see a point being made but not this time. So thats why I made the report. TLDR, No proof of me breaking the rule, You threatening my child and a parent doing anything to protect his kid. Its a he said she said. The only differnce is that you can punish me because you are the admin and im just a player. Admins are people, and people make mistakes
  8. Account name: Andor Admin who issued: Xeater Date: 28-06-2018 Reason given for punishment: Breaking Fear RP Your explination what happened. I picked up my RP daughter ( 7619_4797 ) from the MD where she had been texting Adrianna ( Xeater ) for various reasons. During the cab ride to the pier I heard my daughter talk to a person on the phone being rude and being a pain in my butt. When pulling up the to pier i was met by a elegy retro going to other way and that turned around as I passed it. I decided to go to the end of the pier and the elegy pulled in next to me. I asked why they followed me and they were hostile in tone. Daughter said 1 or two rude things from the back of the cab I told her to get out as I realised this was the person the daughter spoke to before and I wanted to make her appoligise. The daughter was half behind me around 1 to 2 meters as adrianna got out of the car. More words were spoken. Adrianna pulled out a pistol at which point I started pulling out my own micro uzi as a reaction. Adrianna pointed it at my general direction which was also the general direction of my daughter. I wasted no time and sprayed down adrianna at first and then her passenger who got out of the car as I started shooting. This was to protect my daughter from harm. At this point adrianna switched to admin mode and froze me saying I broke fear rp, a discussion started and I was given a warning. Why I think my appeal should be accepted. 1. The admin who punished me was involved in the RP and lost the engagment between us. Said I took seconds to pull out my micro and ran around doing so. Which is untrue. 2. The admin who punished me punished me because from her/his point of view I should have not done anything because she/he had a gun pointed at me. Even if that was the case the life of my daughter was in danger because she pissed off a person so much they pulled out a pistol and pointed it in her general direction. Any parent knows that at this point you are willing to sacrifice your life if it means saving your kid. Which I did by taking my chances in shooting adrianna. In the end it worked out and I won the fight. 3. The admin punished me without provable evidence since none of the parties involved were recording AND the admin who punished me was involved in the RP and had a biased opinion because of this.
  9. Phil I think you need a laywer !
  10. "waarom zijn ze zo fucking retarded!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Welcome to eclipse XD
  11. Jay can I ask you something in the situation you guys were in, the man who was downed he was part of a gang and the gang played it smart by getting high ground on both side ( making cover pretty useless ) and started shooting you guys. The injured man wasnt going anywhere, why didnt the PD members retreat to better positions like towards the overpass so they only be able to get shot from one side. Or just retreat from the scene in total. You already know it was leron and friends ( that should be a tv show ) so just put a bolo out on them. I feel like from a PD perspective there can be tactical awareness improvements. I agree 100% with you that their friend bled out and that stupid but Rage has a bleed out mechanic that doesnt really help RP in this sense. It doesnt matter if you broke your leg or got a shotgun to the face your hp goes down the same amount. ( possibly able to put a non /giveup command when your HP goes to 1 instead of you instantly dying, just an idea )
  12. Andor

    Exiled Gang (VDM, Fail RP, Fear RP)

    Okay you seem to miss the point here. 1. the criminal was hauling a shit ton of illegal goods as I got from this report ( meaning he has a reason to run ) 2. The pounder could have been stopped with 2 or 3 cruisers I dont see the issue with that part of the situation. 3. The issue comes when a whole army shows up and the officers just blindly continue with what they are doing even though the situation completly changed. This is not a server rule issue, its a issue about quality of RP. From your perspective he should have pulled over and gotten a ticket, from his he should have ran. That doesnt change the fact the pd ran headfirst into a ambush with pistols You are blaming people for using tools that they have to safe money ( and a gang member ). You are twisting my point and making it sound wrong or far fetched. When I believe i just have a differnt point of view then you on the situation.
  13. Andor

    Exiled Gang (VDM, Fail RP, Fear RP)

    I might be just a neutral person in this, but I see criminals after dropping their cargo going back to save a fellow criminal and setting up a plan. As far as I saw it. 3 to 4 officers against 4 phantoms and a 3 to 3 other vehicles. This seems like the police force out numbered and outwitted with the plan the exiled made. Why didnt the cops just stop and let the criminals go? Are they not affected by fearRP? The smart thing to do was hang back, tail the criminals, ID the vehicles and call in reinforcements to arrest criminals one by one when they arent expecting it. But thats just me.
  14. Andor

    Andor Rootman / 6790_4827 (RDM, FailRP)

    Dont worry, you got it working now. We all here to get it resolved, plus you learned something today about youtube. That has to count for something
  15. Andor

    Andor Rootman / 6790_4827 (RDM, FailRP)

    @JackD248make them unlisted, thats how you are able to keep the link working but not private. Private means you cant watch them unless you are the account owner