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  1. End of raffle, winner will be contacted he will remain anomymous unless he wants to come forward himself. Thank you all for entering, this was thrilling, I might do this again
  2. Anyone not signing up for the supercar givaway has the big gay

    1. Hoxton_Curry
    2. Darius Bivins

      Darius Bivins

      since it ur giveaway you cant sign up for it so that makes you gay by default


  3. (( First of all this is IC, second of all that wasnt andor rootmahnn but bob bobski that took it ))
  4. Feel free to like the post so I get a daily achivement, it wont give you any bigger chance..... Or will it?
  5. Hello everyone, Andor Rootma(hn)n here, Today I decided you plebeians deserve a shot at the life I live daily, by driving your own super car. I am giving away, yes GIVING away my Pegassi Tempesta. All you have to do to enter my crazy raffle is by leaving a message with your name and check your mailbox in 2 days if you have won. PS. Anyone sending me emails about bribes, offers for the Tempesta or anything unrelated will not be allowed to enter the raffle PSS. Other rich people of the city, if you want to share our lifestyle and sponsor something in this raffle as secondary prizes feel free to email me at Andor#[email protected]
  6. Andor

    My situation.

    So here is a update on my situation, my mother had heart surgery today is she is doing well ( besides just having had heart surgery obviously ). So i am one fucking happy camper, to share this happyness with you all. I am going to give away my tempesta, for free, in a raffle. I will make a IC thread on the forums where you can sign up. Only sign up once per account, anyone caught signing up with multiple accounts will be ignored.
  7. Andor

    My situation.

    I want to say, thank you all for the support, this shows that this community has a good heart
  8. Andor

    My situation.

    You want a super?
  9. Andor

    My situation.

    So lately I have been getting a lot of PM's on discord asking me if im still playing/dead/permabanned/in jail or other things. Usually follow with: Can I have your super car? ( the answer is no ) This made me decide this post. Long story short, no I did not quit, I did not go somewhere else no I am not dead ( obviously ). There has been a issue with family health that has kept me from playing lately. Besides work and taking care of my mother, who has lost 50% of her hearts functionality due to multiple illnesses that make a shit show of her body I cant really commit the hours i used to. With the hours of free time I still have I also want to keep my friends in the real world making me put Eclipse on a back burner. Though I aint forgotten about you degenerates ( i love you people, well some people, to much for that ) but in times like this a man has to make choices and playing a computer game where i pretend to be a crazy old man or a slavic mechanic isnt to high on the list. I hope this post explained the situation. For those who PM me in the future asking for shit, fuck you, its mine. For those who want to know more, feel free to pm me on discord. Andor out, peach
  10. Two Events won: Hakeem Amari One Event won: Vince Scufious Julia Takemura Garret Woods
  11. On April 27th the event team did their first long awaited Scavanger Hunt in sandy shores. With the weather ( server ) not being as kind as we hoped it took a while for us to get started on the while thing. Under the lead of Bob Bobski the LSC boys and girl drove out to sandy shores to soak up the local atmosphere and scenery while finding various locations across the small town. Late joiners Julia and George showed up and got right in the thick of things. Hints where 'bought', guesses were throw out and in the end the fantastic 4 team of Vince Scufious, Julia Takemura, Hakeem Amari, Garret Wilkis took the final victory showing everyone "management" isnt as smart as they think. Then to round the day off we had a quiz and Hakeem decided that winning one time wasnt enough and after a long battle with Roderick Marchisio he pulled out a sneaky victory of 9 points to 8. Bob Bobski even learned a important lesson about Jamie, who everyone thought was a massive drunk and his perfect beach day includes 200 bottles of whiskey and fishing. We from the event team would like to thank everyone for coming and hope to see you on the next one.
  12. You are *insert insult about American iq here* to think this is a good idea
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