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  1. It kills powergaming. Soooo thats good and forces you to adept a unknown outcome
  2. It got sold twice since this was opened, no longer in the possesion of mister Haymitch
  3. Andor

    Police Mentallity

    I think you miss the point. The cops on scene were dismissive of rp. I believe him lying and how he spoke to me strengthens my believe that's the case, to not having to interact with my attempts to rp. You don't have to engage in rp about I formation about a wanted criminal if the criminal is in custody. Call me cynical but the entire vibe of the cops I interacted with was they wanted to make me pay for letting Tom escape and went out of their way to work against anything I brought up
  4. Andor

    Police Mentallity

    Mhmm, so bad day for the PD means standards go out the window for people?
  5. Andor

    Police Mentallity

    Again im am NOT disputing that I was assisting in felony evading, I never did. What I do dispute is why I was charged with BOTH assisting felony evading AND felony evading. So thats my question. Secondly did I DM, VDM or go to /b in this situation? Did I attempt to RP a situation where a wanted criminal was on the run and I had information to give out. Yes none of that was included in the RP and totally ignored. I am again saying I WAS NOT ON ANDOR ROOTMAN, DCC HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS. Having a bad day doesnt excuse making up charges and lying.
  6. Andor

    Police Mentallity

    1 I wasnt on a DCC char, so that doesnt hold up. 2. I got charged with felony evading which I didnt 3. Im upset because there was no RP involved at all 4. I got lied to by the arresting officer that Tom Daniels was arrested so my "info" didnt matter 5. When I said Tom Daniels would prove my innocense it was ignored since he wasnt being transported to the DOC. Just because you get shit from a other person doesnt make it right to take it out on me, which I think was what happened. Atleast my perspective made be believe that. I am not upset that I got caught and send to jail for I thought it was a big chance I was going to be arrested. I am upset in how the entire situation was handled and in my personal opinion it was handled poorly. So please mister jimmy, can you comment on these things please
  7. Andor

    Police Mentallity

    Pmed you on discord
  8. Andor

    Police Mentallity

    Few things to clear up, yes tom was probably ID'ed. There was no car next to toms car speeding off, Tom was hiding and actually crashed soon after I drove off. Secondly if someone offers me a whole lot of cash to do something I know its sketch but hey money. Because other people shoot at cops doesnt mean they have to punish me for it. I know it changes the attitude from the PD's perspective but that doesnt excuse the lying, decieving and making up charges. pd IS and always will be the biggest player on this server it seems. But that also means they have to lead by example, yes that does suck but it is the way it is
  9. I actually went through ALL the dev blogs since the start of the dev blog The updates are kinda scary if you take a look at it. It mostly small things, slice of life things. I suggest everyone to look at it themself and make your own conclusions
  10. We are the sims now

  11. As my main, Andor rootman, has been a civ since the start of my play time on the server which is almost 2 years now. I have to say there is not a lot to do. I was mister weazel news for a long time, I always say the issue with weazel news is its the only proactive faction, we needed to make our own content we needed to go out and interact, research and find stories nothing came to us. Every other faction was reactive, mechanics had people come to them for fixes and mods on cars, MD and PD serve the public in obvious ways and they get called to locations, DCC is a taxi service you call. Now here is the thing, I was frustrated most of the time because there was nothing to write about no major events besides 200 PD situations, a new faction leader or something. I made up general shit about sports teams and people fucking chickens in the KFC factory. I tried to do events with weazel, parachuting, scavanger hunts and so on. These things take a lot of effort and planning to turn out successful ( and with the last DCC car show where I legit got so stressed I wanted to punch my screen I stopped doing it all together, fuck that ). Problem here is that in script our options as civilians off duty are so limited and even without assests the factions provide there isnt much outside working and grinding that paycheck for a new car/house. Poker came but if that isnt your thing, what is there to do script wise? Yes you can make your own RP with friends, go on a adventure exploring the map, having fun off road things to do. Yet the script doesnt help you one bit, it doesnt enhences the experiance one bit. So people do crime, because hey shooting people is always fun right. The thrill of a shootout is never a let down. Over the years in this server we had many non criminal groups in the first year. People that grouped together and talked, made jokes and gave the city a enjoyable feel. Those people are gone and didnt get replaced by others because the script doesnt nurtures these people instead it might even push them away.
  12. Andor

    Police Mentallity

    I used the most extreme example, but the two situations are simular in nature. Yes I agree that in my situation there would have been a lot of issues, but giving up the suspects location to charge me with a crime I didnt do is also not the way to go about it ( to clarify not debating the assisting charge, but the actual felony evading charge )
  13. Andor

    Police Mentallity

    So the other vehicle that was there wasnt involved in the situation it was my fresh alt bob bobski's car When tom dibs his vehicle and lies to me to do something, I shoudnt be charged with the crime for I wasnt assisting willingly ( thats saying I can kidnap a taxi driver and put a gun against his head and he gets charged with assisting in felony evading. As you were the one IDing me as NOT TOM ( i recall hearing your voice ) i assume you were the first of second on the scene and clearly saw I didnt intend to flee at all.
  14. Andor

    Police Mentallity

    The problem is, that I said a few things when they pulled me over, I asked what was going on ( setting up I was not involved in the chase ), I was told/paid to drive a car for a person I knew a certain direction ( meaning I would have had reasonable denyability ), asked if tom daniels was wanted and I knew where he was. And beyond that I didnt resist, attempt a escape or anything that would imply I was involved in any way shape or form. Then the police officer that took me to the DOC lied to me that they already caught tom daniels ( a lie ), that my helping in catching a wanted criminal was not needed and when I brought up that Tom Daniels then would prove my innocense he ignored me and charged me anyway. Then about the switch, if they saw it, which I doubt, i think they only saw the car stop and move on a little bit later ( we were under a roof at the time ). Then the car changed its behavior in driving speed and never attempted to flee again.
  15. Andor

    Police Mentallity

    They never asked me why I was in the car, they straight up bypassed any form of RP and that is what annoys me. Then the felony evasion charge has no base in reality for I didnt do anything close to actually trying to get away. I hope this explains a little bit more of the mindset of this post
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