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  1. Andor

    Selling Super and (Sold the Boat)

    Worth a shot
  2. Andor

    Selling Super and (Sold the Boat)

    Same price for all 3?
  3. Andor

    Fail RP/PG ID 174

    Okay, I think that confirms my side of the story, thank you for being honest. You ignored the /me and /do intentionally or not from my end. And ignored the RP you had with angel lopez ( who got into your car ) and drove off. I think we can leave it up to the admins to decide
  4. Andor

    Selling Super and (Sold the Boat)

    I mean we could go for a record and buy 3 zentorno's off you
  5. I have a problem with supers as they are now. They are over priced, because they are very limited. Which is fine but I would like see more cars being added to the total pool of supers. Specially with a lot of the old ones owned by banned players. They are limited in speed, yes they are tuned down quite a bit from what they were/should be. This is not a super car problem by the way, I feel more then a few cars got nerfed to shit. While cruisers got buffed over the years. I dont really see how a PD cruiser can keep up with a Vacca for example but they do. Now people might bring up but PD needs to keep up with supers because otherwise criminals get away to often. My answer to that is they have high speed vehicles themselfs. Make use of the tools you have. Dont have 1 thing that can do everyting. Back to supers, there are supers with shit handling and godlike handling. Buff the speed of the ones with shit handling, she they have a purpose
  6. Andor

    Fail RP/PG ID 174

    Player(s) being reported: ID 174 Date of rule breach: 20-1-2019 Time of rule breach: 02:00 GMT+1 Your characters name: Andor Rootman Other players involved: Angel Lopez, Adrian johnson, ID 174 Specific rule broken: 6.4.2 Roleplay of unrealistic actions is another form of powergaming. For example, roleplay of having super powers, driving a vehicle while your character is handcuffed, shooting a weapon while your character is injured. Fail RP How did the player break the rule?: Angel lopez had his car stolen and the thief went to the bank and conected him he wanted 10k to get the car back. knowing he coudnt be shot there we went there trying get the car back without paying. I ( andor ID 76 ) tapped the window with a brown envelope pretending it had money in it. Then when he reached out for it I attempt grabbed his arm, ID 174 simply decided to ignore the /do. In the meantime I had told Angel lopez ( ID 97 ) to get in the passengers seat. ID 174 then decided to attempt to push out angel rply and we asked him how he would be able to do so while I was holding his arm and angel would resist ( answered in /do )ID 174 Ignored it and turned on the engine and drives off refusing letting the role play turn play its course. Evidence of rule breach:
  7. Andor

    "Hands up this is a rob" mentality...

    The problem I feel we have now is that no matter what cops go in for the arrest. Because there is no downside to it. with the 15 minutes coma time, there is. The same goes for criminals, if a criminal gets shot and killed he loses his stuff, if he wins the gunfight he doesnt lose anything. If he surrenders he goes to jail. You see why criminals dont want to surrender most of the time
  8. Andor

    "Hands up this is a rob" mentality...

    Again, risk assesment. If there is guys with big guns, call in swat and get snipy snipes on
  9. Andor

    "Hands up this is a rob" mentality...

    I think you be surprised, cops actually would be fine and there would be more risk assestment improving overal RP standards. I seend claude take out 4 guys at LSC with a shotgun on his own so yea cops actually are quite strong
  10. Andor

    "Hands up this is a rob" mentality...

    As a player who has been here for 2 years I have to admit that the (new player) tag is really bad for my experience. Not because of the reason that you might think of but I assume new player is going to be a bad rper, who will either VDM on a city bee or attempt to rob me. So I take OOC information and keep my distance, this is metagaming in a way but I dont do it conciously. I keep catching myself thinking about a situation that happened and realise I did it again. Then there are a few other things I would like to bring up. People are "afraid" to go to jail because they lose time being locked up. Personally I had some fun RP sessions in jail ( had a fist fight and take the guy I beat up for example ) but being alone in prison sucks. Why not have a thing where when you get shot or hurt by a weapon you are locked out of that character for 15 minutes ( or more ) making the fear of dying a bigger then then just losing your stuff. This would have gang shootouts or shootouts with the PD gain more weight to them as the outcome will be worse. Secondly this I believe would also stop the police from going terminator mode more often since they would have something to lose. Next thing I would like to suggest is bring back fruit that heals you when you buy it from a store. Cheaper items that heal you right away and cant go into your inventory ( Make them appear in your hand not inventory ). I dont know how this will turn out but it does help the load on the PD where they dont have to heal 200 people each day who got shot with some bandages. Increasing their time to RP with others. Have more events. I remember the Drump helichopter that crashed after flying around the city. Small fun things like that are easy to do and can be written up by the comunity and if doable exactuted by the admins ingame. If people dont behave you already have a admin there observing the situation and they can deal with it instantly forcing people to improve public RP standards. There are more things but I dont want to bring up to many points at once
  11. Andor


    Bought it to store all my imported lifestock from mister Chang
  12. Andor


    What can I do with a warehouse?
  13. Andor

    Selling Super and (Sold the Boat)

    Should I buy a other zentorno again, thats the question
  14. Andor

    [Ban appeal] Frank Wu

    I can confirm I shot both jay gamble and the next person through the door first. This is also shown in the video ( the streamable one jay posted in the OG thread) https://streamable.com/t9xf2 At 3:01 I fire and a after frank fires