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  1. Andor


    (( you died died, dont respond to this thread, our beef is over since I killed you both ))
  2. Andor


  3. haracter to be refunded: Ramon Carter Date and time of incident: 24-09-2018 Requested refund: The credits I spend for the tractor ( 1150 ) Description of incident resulting in loss: I bought a tractor not long after I joined the server from the credit store, now its illegal to drive it since PD made it non road legal. Making it 100% useless for me since i dont have a farm. It now just sits in mors, where I cant take it out and drive it since its city limits and its wasting a vehicle slot that I can use for a other one. Evidence of loss: Asked PD for confirmation it is indeed not road legal. Sean Hammilton confirmed it over the radio Comments: Yea so I just want the tractor removed and credits refunded so I can get some custom license plates. Thank you for responding in advance
  4. To quote the great joris: You think can do better, upload. But honestly my boi freddy will fuck you up, you are the mumble rapper to his eminem
  5. Andor


    Bring it bitch boi, you and your nig nog friend can work on my estate for no pay ofcourse. If you didnt get what i just said, I told you to go fuck yourself nigger Mucho Lovo from Andor
  6. Andor

    Mask 8666_1333 (6.8 NCZ - RDM too)

    Well i dont blame socks because you keep shooting up places and then running towards NCZ places just to get away with it. I personally believe its a very shitty thing to do and honestly is piss poor RP. I witnessed you shoot in and around LSC then hiding in a NCZ only to come back later and do the same thing over again.
  7. Andor

    Reclaim Buses, Money Trucks, Postal Vans

    You should check the farm 😐 To many money trucks
  8. Andor

    Reclaim Buses, Money Trucks, Postal Vans

    Have the same timer as city bees Reuse code, boom done
  9. Andor

    LSC Faction Addons

    Im still bummed I cant walk around the lot being a spokes person in my normal outfit 😐
  10. Andor

    [2.1.3] [2018-07-19] ECLIPSE Roleplay

    Where is the DCC gets paid near taxi's
  11. Andor

    LSC Faction Addons

    Im totally for the addition extra cars, if used well will add RP oppertunities
  12. I was :) sneaky sneaky But yea it would have been over super quickly if he played ball, kept stalling and hoping we would shoot him or people from his gang saw him. Kind of annoying but already that is his right. As I said it takes two to tango. the group as a whole had a idea and it takes other people atleast play along a little bit to keep it going. For example I have a joke character called bob bobsen. He is basically a retard, he "speaks" making random sounds. This is a RP that needs involvement from others, I went over to weazel and had a great time with nick ponte and kamon white among others because they wanted to play balls. Then two criminals showed up and gunned down a mentally handicapped person because he hit a car, even after informt that he was retarded. This is the other side of the coin of that character. Its hard to have fun when people just shoot people. What does that have to do with the gut pushers: Well you guys have good and bad RP, good RP takes effort from all parties. I hope I have moments like the Tavi moment in the future
  13. Guys knock it off with replying to others wont see eye to eye, reply to those who have a imput you can do something with
  14. I dont know if it has been said already or that it my opinion is even wanted here. A groups interaction is a reflection of the intent of their RP and the intent of the people the RP with. For example I had a hour long session with the Gut pushers where the acted revenge upon tavi, dragged him around town, gave him a make over and so on. I left before it ended so I dont know the final part of it. But it shows a story line between the two parties, it had a build up and the RP i experienced was the result. This was a enjoyable experience to me. On the same character with the majority of people involved i had a other RP session which was poor due to it being basically poor robberies and pushing people around. Asking them siilly questions and acting upon that. This was a example of the exact oppesite of a good story line. because there was no story. It always takes two people to tango but as the gut pushers you are criminals and you usually have to lead, the harder part, meaning you have to give way more effort to make it a enjoyable experience for all parties. This is where people are lacking sometimes, and a place where you can improve. Try setting up long story lines. Back stab people have RP feuds, have back room alliances. Go after people when they are alone and not just shoot them but have interaction with them ( kidnapping and so on ). Just showing up, shooting and then moving on to the next part of town is something we shoudnt make the majority of the RP
  15. Andor

    Carry - New and improved pick up service

    (( its ic forum ))