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  1. @FatherOsbornokay i will accept those punishments and will go on vocation for a while, start to do other things. good luck. Thanks for reviewing this appeal
  2. I reviewed those 2 videos from Luke and Frank, and in first video i first voice was in that robbery when i say "Kas (means who) then other my voice was to call jamal( in our language was kvieskit kupke) and thats all, in second one video i didnt hear any of my voices.
  3. I am the owner of the Teamspeak server consisting of friends who all play together in the same server, and we talking alot of shit what happen in server and other stuff but we didnt use that for ic. and yes we talked alot what we doing and what we do but noone was here when we do that, always used radios and phones to communicate with them. few videos was make just for fun when we got in fun situations and someone recorded that .
  4. im owning teamspeak3 server. That teampspeak server is for SA:MP one server, and im always here, and yes im talking with alot of people, but im not use ooc information for ic and im 80% sure about that.
  5. Account name: niekada12 Character name(s): Silas Debose / Jacob Debose Admin who issued punishment: @Zemaitc Date of punishment: 20/03/2019 Punishment received: perma ban /jail Reason given for punishment: metagaming #1 #2 #3 and warning for using 3rd party programs/ deathmatching #1 Your explanation of what happened: i dont really understand, i was fishing with friends then one of them got ban after few mins i saw warning about punishments and i got really confused Why should your appeal be accepted?: i dont really understand what happen and for what i got all those punishments. Post any evidence or further details:https://gyazo.com/4ab412f26697001e2ae9e95f37d38c8e
  6. you can use /quiet /rlow and ctrl +z can change into normal whisper loud.
  7. Hello, Selling supercar Pfister 811 im open for offers, not rush to sell it . contact #2548510 or via email Pvle#[email protected](discord)
  8. house still avaiable? and cant contact via email can you please contact me? pvle#[email protected]
  9. Pvle


    maybe is game character 🙂
  10. Pvle


    alot of guys robbing farmers because its easy money from that spot, also with fishing. or just join some gang or find friends who can help or give protection in town. best way in this position is other job when other can take your money.
  11. Pvle


    doing drugs is a criminal activity there is alot of criminals in labs, criminals live from that robbing other in labs, want make drugs do it faster craft and if see anyone coming just start to run because there is 90% possibility that you will be robbed. or just do regular civilian jobs.
  12. Hello, i was running inside because that car was insivible for me not like he said about fence it was already done with sandking, same for driving i wasnt able to drive car because wheels just spinning, thats why i was runing inside.
  13. make a suggestion maybe? that you need to buy fishing rod and bait to fish anywhere close water
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