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  1. taking 1k jobs also you not geting any payment.
  2. After todays update property just gone from that place
  3. how you see ingridients for noodless
  4. Date and time (provide timezone): 17/05/2019 11PM UTC Character name: Silas Debose Issue/bug you are reporting: yesterday we made a club opening. So the case is like after one hour our property doors got bugged and couldnt enter or even lock it and the people who wanted to get out of property came to doors while trying to leave was falling under the map and later on spawning in the middle of the street Expected behavior: Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: https://plays.tv/video/5ce046a364584d7346/proof-of-bug
  5. its above richman general store, going to store and then little bit forward is turn to right
  6. yes you need 3 property papers to own all like package((need 3 slots))
  7. Hello, Selling or trading big mansion with 6 garage spaces (main house 4g, and 2 small ones with 1g) contact with offer via phone #2548510 or email Pvle#[email protected]
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