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  1. I'm glad that I was a part of this faction,you guys proved that you can achieve official status even when people were taking fso as a joke. It was a good run and good luck @krooks365!
  2. Lyosha


    very cool post
  3. you can do so by pressing F7 in-game
  4. hello gangsters

  5. I'm just trying to get you some new friends sir
  6. I was glad to hear that yall don't allow purple dudes on freq because of FM
  7. The only problem I see now is that people being toxic to each other and keeps writing petty reports just to try and get someone banned that they don't like,as well a lot of people right now are just ruleplaying instead of doing an actual RP with their enemies. Players just spams /b SAVE POV instead of trying to solve and teach each other,I hope that one day changes will be made and those who keeps wasting staff members time with petty reports will get punished
  8. +1 I think that humane labs shop should be removed and people would be able to buy the materials for drugs from turfs just like we are able to buy bobby pins and etc.
  9. looks promising,good luck!
  10. Lyosha


    Damn,I love that poster!
  11. Love yall,peace out!
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