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  1. Thanks to everyone who has interacted with us, the good and the bad, had a blast while it lasted!!! Thanks to everyone who was apart of GD couldn’t have built it without you guys!
  2. It was transferred for multiple reasons, but that’s a IC ISSUE, it has its RP purpose, and the FMJ doesn’t belong to me regardless. Yes I was sprayed at by a micro, and was not sure if Frank, the person who attempted to kill my ally was shooting at me as well or at my ally. Since you continue to bring up other situations, post a POV of it, until then I’ll wait for the mod to ask me any questions.
  3. It’s very clear the moment ANY shots are fired I’m speeding away, I’m not sitting there watching my ally die, I wasn’t sure if you were even shooting us or him. After I came back, and sped past the scene the second time I was very far down the road, I didn’t stop to shoot you, and when my passenger did attempt to shoot at you or the specter custom, I pulled further down, so the shooting would stop. If I was trying to kill you there I could have easily done what you did at MP, or the chop shop, and continued to do circles until you were dead....But that wasn’t my intention.
  4. I think my response summed it up pretty well, we found an ally, that looked in danger. We then witnessed someone attempt to execute him, and when my passenger aimed his gun out the window we were sprayed at by a micro. We then made a quick get away, and they stopped shooting at us, and I retuned for the sole purpose of checking on my ally's health, after seeing his body on the ground lifeless, we continued to escape and not circle back around as I didn't want to be shot at more than necessary to check on my ally, the time I drive back to check on him, I was on the gas the entire time, as I did
  5. Here is the screen shot you sent me less than 30 mins ago showing POV, if you need anything else from me Alex let me know, not sure why you have POV, then deleted it, knowing you opened up a report on something “you were involved in” below shows his “POV ss and Involvement” this was a separate situation, where he was killed by Carlos and other people. Also can be checked by his logs, and the Unix in the screenshot
  6. If that’s the case can you post your POV of the rule break in question? As you showed me a screen shot of you having pulling up way after this, and engaged In a fight after this situation.
  7. Hey Oti_Maxwell here, thanks for taking the time to take this report! So we were headed back into the city , following a Specter Custom who had previously shot at us on far east highway, upon following them, we noticed an injuried ally on the ground, who seemed to be getting robbed by a Triad. After witnessing this, we circled him making sure he was gonna be okay, then the person robbing him attempted to execute him, so my passenger aimed a gun towards him, and we were then lit up by the specter custom. I made a quick get away from the situation, but as I was still worried about my ally w
  8. Hey, Oti Maxwell here, I don’t think anyone of us were told to save POV, but I’m glad Ricky has his at least. We were chasing Irish Komoda around when cops pulled on the chase, 3-4 of us on drags pulled to the mountain, looking to see what happens. That’s when we SEE Ricky gets rammed off his bike, by a police cruiser, which then we respond with deadly force. Seeing rickys Pov now I’m assuming this was desync as we never knew he got tazed until a hour after and we talked about it...3 of us witnessed the car “ram” him so we reacted to it, you can hear it in his pov.
  9. The moment demands were yelled, back up and panic buttons we’re pressed immediately, and 2 officers start running around with heavies in hand....You also made it very obvious you were trying to arrest him, even if you didn’t say it. You wouldn’t let me stick around and wait for medics, you put on gloves to search him after already rendering aid? Heavy police presence for a traffic accident (that was desync).
  10. Oti Maxwell, I was first on scene from the criminals side and actually me or a Rapid Gt, had ran over Tyler because of desync. Shortly after this I turned around went to see who got Injured and realized it was Tyler, after whispering back and forth he confirmed with me he had a heavy weapon, so I stuck around to see what would happen. After he had been CPR, and the other man had been CPR, I witnessed the officer put on gloves after asking someone to remove Tyler’s mask. From that point forward I radio’d in asking for back as Tyler would be arrested for having a heavy weapon. Once we had n
  11. Once again, watch my video, you arnt killed until you hold your radio, at which point I finish you off instantly....trust me I would have loved to talk to you but as soon you are on the radio there’s nothing I can do but finish you off....not to mention Fear rp rules, or at the very least RPING an injury. But I’ll stop responding unless asked.
  12. 1 how is this extend if it starts seconds after the original video? 2 so there is no fear rp if you are going to die anyways? Is that your opinion as a support member of the community?
  13. Striax

    PD RP

    Still waiting on a IA REPORT from June 27th when I got a felony evading charge while I was out of the city no response yet but guess we will see!
  14. So I tried to resolve this outside of the forums but the reporter doesn’t want to do that. Once again not sure how this report is being considered without context of the situation but either way. Sean attempted to arrest Kid 3 times in the up coming minuets with about 7-8 of us around. He then gets out of his car and gives him demands KNOWING how many of us are surrounding him, hence his reaction, he is barely worried about kid instead Damn near waiting for us to shoot him, givin his camera angle he’s barley Paying attention to kid. Next when he begins taking fire he ATTEMPTS to hid behind kid
  15. I was completely behind the officer, gunning him down from the back? Not sure how I would have hit my ally? Not to mention while he was downed yelling on radio for backup disregarding injuries and ignoring a man with a tec above him? I’ll add video later if I have it, can you please extend your footage before the shooting and until you get killed for more context by chance?
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