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  1. So at 2 seconds you receive a discord Msg, again at 13 again at 20 and at 23, and then the video makes a small cut like you edited someone or cut something out purposely, can you please proved insight on what that was, and have an unedited video of the situation
  2. Aye WCA is Doing nothing, Just boolin
  3. Still playing dressing up a transgender to me but that’s IC, wasn’t toxic, AINT tryin to OOC Insult you or “MG” To me it’s a dude dressed in drag, why he playing, acting like a girl... tho Definitions of Playing amuse oneself by engaging in imaginative pretense.
  4. Why are you assuming I’m doing it because they don’t use a microphone? Literally just using it as a Insult lmfao ICLY, and ICLY they were laughing about it multiple times soooo
  5. You are sitting at one of the most active roads in the city, at a location where I KNOW a rook contender is....
  6. Keep up the great work!! faction thread looks great, Keep WCA boolin
  7. I’m confused if it’s almost to the point of “OOC Harassment” why is the first two things he says is a “ahahahaha” seemingly laughing about what I’m saying??? Just because you havnt told me you’re playing a transgender, doesn’t limit the names I can call you ICLY? Also not clear on where any MG is in the video just because I’m calling someone a name??? SIDE NOT are Voice changers allowed, it kinda breaks my immersion every time I hear you with it on it’s so noticeable.
  8. Right so, we did have an ambush set up in Grove Street thats correct, but me stalling wasnt ever part of the plan, neither was me getting robbed, hoping that someone got caught in the tight turns then we would take advantage. BUT while it was raining very hard, i drifted the corner too hard and it over corrected, i didnt WILLINGLY give my self up, or get out of the car instantly, because i didnt wish to be killed. Instead i attempted to immediately attempt to turn on my engine and get out before anyone gave me demands, as heard in the video "HE STARTING IT" at 16s. When i was under Fear rp i went with demands as i had no other choice. The ambush plan was to get a car or to singled out if they crashed or for me to park in the ally and run off, and if the chased we would catch a couple alone hopefully. It clearly didnt go to plan.
  9. Oti Maxwell the driver of the kamacho in both videos
  10. We had been checking around for Rooks and WCA, in the whole city, we met up with some people at Tequila said he wanted to smoke rooks, then i remembered i had caused and accident a little below bank So after checking everything in the city, we found a tow truck and a Rook Car there, Pulled up and got to work..The "MG" they are referring to happened ages ago, and only involved me and no1 else listed. It was PM's regarding a person VDM'ing me and wanted to give me my stuff back lol, was never malicious, but nevertheless "MG". Here is a Video of what caused the Rook vehicle to be there, and why we decided to check it. https://streamable.com/n31gx PS: This is what happened before the person felt bad, and started to PM me to meet my friends and give my stuff back, since there were no admins on
  11. I was hoping i could POTENTIALLY run away in to the near by ally way or any place near, as in my POV i only thought i had people on the other side of my Truck and not fully surrounded but as soon as i noticed the man behind me, i stopped everything.. my First instinct is to attempt to FLEA the people, rather than wait for them to shoot. I was shot from 2 seconds from someone yelling hands as he is trying to get his gun, lol had he not shot so fast i would have just put my hands up, because clearly i was out numbered, not to mention someone behind me pointing a gun.
  12. As i said, i pulled out my Gun as the people infront of me pulled theres, i noticed the guy behind me and stopped, the people infront continued shooting so i attempted to return fire at that point yes. I PAUSED in an attempt to follow demands after i noticed the man with the gun behind me, and they started shooting me regardless so i returned fire when i could.
  13. I Attempted to Pull out my gun at the same time as my attackers, on my POV i didn't see the person behind me, when i do i STOP, because of Fear rp, Hence why the video is cut at that moment.
  14. So Simply because we said WAR i should drive like an idiot till one of you VDM's me? Nahhh ill wait for a DEMAND, or anything. You were following like a parade, no guns out the window, no one screaming to stop the car. Hell ill send my POV of where i STOP NEXT TO A ROOK AND WCA and they dont say anything but DRIVE Forward and let me continue driving.....at LEAST ATTEMPT, to have someone give demands with a gun, then ill ATTEMPT TO LOSE YOU, not gonna Risk my life driving like an idiot thru the city how yall drive, Crash into enemies then "IC CRASH" and take advantage of the situation shits disgusting. btw i like the part you cut asking if anyone has a passenger to give me demands, should have left it in there.
  15. Striax

    ID 88 - VDM

    I think Being chased by 4 people and attempting to make a UTURN while they are right behind you RESULTING in a crash, vs a RANDOM PERSON SLAMMING INTO YOU AND TAKING ADVANTAGE are a bit different.... Was part of the scene can add video as well.
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