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  1. Once again, watch my video, you arnt killed until you hold your radio, at which point I finish you off instantly....trust me I would have loved to talk to you but as soon you are on the radio there’s nothing I can do but finish you off....not to mention Fear rp rules, or at the very least RPING an injury. But I’ll stop responding unless asked.
  2. 1 how is this extend if it starts seconds after the original video? 2 so there is no fear rp if you are going to die anyways? Is that your opinion as a support member of the community?
  3. Striax

    PD RP

    Still waiting on a IA REPORT from June 27th when I got a felony evading charge while I was out of the city no response yet but guess we will see!
  4. So I tried to resolve this outside of the forums but the reporter doesn’t want to do that. Once again not sure how this report is being considered without context of the situation but either way. Sean attempted to arrest Kid 3 times in the up coming minuets with about 7-8 of us around. He then gets out of his car and gives him demands KNOWING how many of us are surrounding him, hence his reaction, he is barely worried about kid instead Damn near waiting for us to shoot him, givin his camera angle he’s barley Paying attention to kid. Next when he begins taking fire he ATTEMPTS to hid behind kid but while being shot from multiple angles it clearly fails....Seconds after he is shot, he decides he doesn’t need to RP injuries what so ever, nor worry that his potential killers might not end his life if he just lays there....instead he screams on radio for dispatch forcing us to gun him down immediately. I don’t shoot until I notice he’s going to radio, then I end his life, ending this RP situation there rather than letting it continue.
  5. I was completely behind the officer, gunning him down from the back? Not sure how I would have hit my ally? Not to mention while he was downed yelling on radio for backup disregarding injuries and ignoring a man with a tec above him? I’ll add video later if I have it, can you please extend your footage before the shooting and until you get killed for more context by chance?
  6. The Gangster Disciples are a criminal street gang formed in the South Side of Chicago in the late 1960s, by Larry Hoover, leader of the Supreme Gangsters, and David Barksdale, leader of the Black Disciples. With an estimated annual revenue of one hundred million dollars from Chicago narcotic sales and street tax the GDs are proudly named one of Chicago’s most successful criminal organizations formed in modern times. As a result of this success, the Gangster Disciples spread among the United States into at least thirty-five other states. Oti Maxwell, notoriously known for his criminal endeavors in Los Santos took an extended absence in early October back to Chicago where he created ties with the upper echelon of the Gangster Disciples. Upon proving his worth and trust via creating a weapons pipeline with the help of some of his contacts from Los Santos, this became a lucrative opportunity for both parties, thus, putting forth the idea of expanding into the state of Los Santos. With a plan of action formed and plethora of experience he departed back to his roots to form a subset of GDs. With the help of Jamaar Bovarium and Oti’s brother, Deakin Storm, the Gangster Disciples began their journey of dominating the streets of Los Santos. Starting off strong, the Gangster Disciples made their name by going against all odds. Challenging neighboring organizations who saw themselves as both a threat and formidable opponent. Despite being highly outnumbered in all conflicts, the GDs came out on top. The Gangster Disciples were loud with their message, taking on numerous gangs at once. This led to a three-way alliance being formed in order to combat the force of experienced hitters. Standing strong they continued to fight, but with the sheer number of conflict day in and day out it was inevitable that the warfare had caught law enforcement’s attention. Oti Maxwell and other soldiers were soon apprehended by police and served a hefty sentence in correlation to these consistent crimes. Soon after, Jamaar Bovarium was reached out to by the High Command of Los Zetas where he was welcomed in with open arms. A handful of GDs had migrated over and with the help of the boys in blue, they continued their usual business. Still representing their roots, the same organizations who GDs had previous conflict with were stomped out like a poorly lit flame. The Los Zetas continued to run Los Santos for many more months to come, until the two-year reign came to a close with their High Command pulling the plug, becoming forever known as top dog. Respecting the decision, the original founders of Gangster Disciples decided it was in their best interest to revive the notorious group that flourished many months prior. 1. No Snitching. Don't cooperate with the law under any circumstances. A rat is like a disease, sooner or later every crew gets it. Prioritize killing it before it spreads. 2. Don't let any man punk you. Stand ten toes down against the opposition. 3. Respect your brothers. Don't hate on your fellow brother for getting out of his seat to be somebody. We will not tolerate you down-rating anyone putting forth effort in this organization. 4. No stealing from each other. There should be honor amongst thieves. Any man caught stealing from GD is out of here with zero warning. 5. Respect the OG's. Give the older generation the benefit of the doubt and if that falls through, handle it. 6. Money over bitches. No details needed. -Acquire a headquarters to conduct meetings and business -Claim a plethora of turfs throughout the city of Los Santos -Establish relations with various competent organizations -Acquire a direct weapons / narcotic material supply The head of Gangster Disciples. King of the GDs is first in command and makes weighted decisions with the help of his high-command. Leader when the King is unavailable. The King’s Right Hand works alongside the King as second in command. Proven to be competent leaders. Trusted with making decisions at the absence of upper high command. Assists in leading the GD Hustlers. They are appointed this position to organize and teach GD members. Long term members of the gang. Those with lengthy experience and a strong understanding of how the gang operates. Generally next in line for leadership. Proven loyalty to the gang. They are recognized as a full member and are classified as front line soldiers. New members of the gang with promising potential. Upon being invited to the crew they will continue to prove themselves and show they are a proper fit. -100k xp minimum -Strong understanding of Eclipse Server Rules -Ability to participate and contribute to our high standard of roleplay -Continuous rule breaks and carelessness will lead to removal from the faction Acknowledgement: Ivarr_Blitz - Graphic design, material Jamaar_Bovarium - Thread writing, rank cards, in-game photos Flint_Capone - G Code, editing and revision Oti_Maxwell - Editing and revision Jay_Gamble - Editing and revision Thaddeus_Grey - In-game photos
  7. Striax

    NonRP ID 149

    As i said our intention was to flee and its exactly what we did, them hearing me yell Hi, or honking wasn't going to stop them from losing us in the chase...us dragging them away from the city then turning back did..As we could go 240 none of there cars could go that fast, Had we stayed going up north they could have just set up more cars, so we flipped around after they were ALL out of the city and behind us, leaving them pretty much no chance of catching us, Short of VDM'ing and ramming us.
  8. Just to touch on this as well when you say 10-15m after the fact it was exactly 4 minuets from the time you GAVE demands, and pointed a gun, to your body being in the road dead.
  9. Striax

    NonRP ID 149

    So let’s break some things down, we left the city heading north ONCE, once we lost sight of the drags we flipped around to head BACK to the city knowing once we are going 240 the opposite direction we would lose them, and shortly after you attempted to ram us we did.... You mention we didn’t lose anything which granted is correct, but had we been in ANY other vehicle we would have stalled because of your actions and lost our 2 aks, and other items.. The driver also attempted to break and swerve out of the way from you attempting to block a car going about 200kmh in your direction, clearly not caring about your life as the impact would likely kill all involved, luckily the driver somehow swerved around and just hit the back of your car, but this doesn’t make your actions acceptable.
  10. Striax

    DM (ID Unknown)

    I was there as well, less than a second from demands we were fired upon, at no point leading up to this did you or your gang have “dm rights” so this is the only part that matters. You were not rammed, shot at or anything before pulling up to a ambush. Here is my POV https://youtu.be/eyoPDjG6Z5o
  11. I’m just gonna say, you were the first to call anyone “Dislecsic”, so I’m very confused by this...
  12. Is this coming from the guy that reported someone for robbing him in grove street while it being a public place....then proceeded to rob someone at a clothing store.......
  13. Not sure why you think a 5 second clip would be sufficient evidence as we had a whole conversation before I said 5 words but alright. He had mentioned he was new here, earlier when we were talking about my car you said you would make a report I figured it was a quick in game and my recording only starts when I turn it on I don’t have the thing where it clips my last 5 mins. So I don’t have the recording hence why I PM’d you don’t take everything you hear ICLY as OOC.
  14. Hey please show the footage leading up to what I said thanks!
  15. Wow you found a video where I asked a triad named Trevor to pay twice because i knew him WILD, it’s almost like I said I asked people who I know to pay twice......anyways look I’ll break it down for you....this is a RP server, I’m glad you brought up “PG” how about when you go thru the booth instead of just doing /paytoll. You actually do some wild rp. /me would pay the toll using my card. /do would the payment go thru? Then if it’s found successful. Then you would be good if you need anything else let me know!!
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