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  1. You can delete it. I don't play here anymore.
  2. ah shit. I fcks with this. 31 till I die
  3. I will pass some food to Cevon if I see him on the streets.
  4. Ximena


    I don't think admins will do such thing. Gonna fck up the economy, in away. But anyway, things wont change. Hands up mofos be everywhere
  5. Ximena


    I'm planning to become a cop, so yea
  6. Well, wasn't my intention to offend someone by saying ''little brain''. Sorry, probably sometimes I might be harsh without realising. Created that topic for opinions and it escalated a little from both of us. Withdrawing my report. Case solved.
  7. Ximena


    Not sure if this is right, but the PD should be harsh with the criminals. Like, instead of 30 minutes jailtime, should put 2hours+, depending on his reputation and such. Maybe I'm too harsh, but this might help a little.
  8. Player(s) being reported: PhenomenalX Date of interaction reported: 01.29.2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: - Your characters name: Elise Blumenberg Other player(s) involved: - Specific rule(s) broken: OOC insult/Disrespectful attitude on forum. How did the player break the rule(s)? It all happened when I wrote a topic in ''Discussions'' section. Nothing much to say, I'll leave the proof down below. I was sustaining my point of view, and he told me that my IQ it's below 0. I don't think such words (insults) should be acceptable here. Should be at least a line of respect between each other. It's literally disgusting and I respect myself. I won't let a random dude from the Internet to insult me like that. Input evidence linked or embedded here.
  9. Ximena


    ''Little brain'' vs ''you're clearly below 0 IQ''
  10. Ximena


    I pointed all those topics because you actually have to read them and to understand the meaning of them. BUT, if you prefer to insult when you have no valid argument, and you have no right to insult me, I'll direct this to the staff, don't worry, instead of having a constructive conversation and help each other, because a lot of people complain about this, I don't even know why you wrote in this topic actually. I mean, you have no reasonable point, I give you proof to sustain my argument, and you insult me. And those topics are not from new migrants, everybody from this community talks about it. And even if they were new imigrants as you said, you mean they have NO right to share their opinion? A lot of newbies left or started to troll because of poor RP and robbery. Well, I do have a good day, but you still need to wake up, trust me.
  11. Ximena


    Hm, did I miss something?
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