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  1. @ AlabastarEpic you can buy 1g house with your 300k 😉
  2. So funny ok 😂 i didint force you to buy it annyway
  3. ahahhaa u think its 2018 i think go check houses price 3g house 800k+ 😂
  4. i just need to move my bags and vehicles from the house and i will send you the house location you can buy it i will add the price at the door
  5. @brixton https://imgur.com/a/SpG7WZ2
  6. Taking Offers Number:#4093262 STATUS: Available House Images https://imgur.com/a/SpG7WZ2
  7. the probleme is i stored im storing some staffs from 3 weeks in a crate and they didint despawn and weapons despawned in 7 hours i think this why im asking for a refund
  8. Kayta

    Login Issue

    the issue i clear and eazy to fix i need an admin to re-subscribe im waiting 2 days for a re-subscribe thats all
  9. Kayta

    Login Issue

    the probleme is no admin answers in discord good to do maybe a temporarily verification i cant cant do nothing alone to fix it because its nnot my fault im sure its a bug or idk because i cant receive emails and change my password
  10. Kayta

    Login Issue

    i cant veriify my location
  11. Kayta

    Login Issue

    guys stop asking me and fix my problem i told you im waiting from 2 days for an email verification
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