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  1. Kayta

    The Vanguards

    Looks so good GL
  2. Looks Nice.. Good Luck!!!!
  3. Kayta


    Wb and Good luck
  4. as I'm involved in this situation ID156 this is my POV
  5. in my opinion criminal, RP is dead 2 months ago and to be honest, I'm not making fun anymore in the server there is nothing to do as a criminal I join the server drive around for 2/3 hours and leave -Criminal Faction Member Cap: I don't know why gang members should be limited so every gang should kick 20 members for OCC reason why we don't limit PD members they recruiting every week and you need to wait for 1-week max to join them when you spent 3/4 weeks to join an official gang everyone know that PD complain all times about zetas/triads OP the problem is they bait shootouts, lose t
  6. will miss you guys I spent many good moments with you all
  7. as you didn't participate in that scene with us you can't say anything no one tagged you from the staff team to ask about your opinion in this report only players are involded here who are tagged already you was injured in the other side or idk where you didint interact with us and you just watched the video and try to add comment something with no sence because the guy report already reported me for dm and i answred why i killed him i in rules im allowed to kill someone who hurt you, an ally, or damage your property so with your comments you just trying to restart the conversation from
  8. @Jaquan Smith with all my respect but if you are not involded in this report and that sitiation you cant talk in this report im sure you the rules you said that i dmed him for no reason but ok watch the video again and you will see that he rammed me and my allies and thats give me a valid reason to kill him (https://imgur.com/a/OsxS9Vg) and you can check rules again and the driver start ramming for no reason so please stop protecting your friends in reports you are not involved or tagged in and thx 4. Deathmatch (DM) Examples of valid reasons to attack anothe
  9. after checking the video again I noticed that Stephen Neven start ramming first as you can see he started ramming the elegy first for no reason then he drove straight to me and the massacro and ID269 was ramming with Rebla and that's not allowed too because we all know Rebla is a luxury SUV and that's not allowed so, in my opinion, Stephen Neven broke VDM rules as he starts ramming cars for no reason and ID269 broke Nonrp rules as he was ramming with a luxury car i have nothing to add ill wait for @shimo and @Jasmine to review the report again and the final decision
  10. hi ID 285 Frank Scofield thanks for tagging me just want to explain something as you can see from your POV you rammed my allies then you decided to ram with no reason and I fell from the bike and I almost dead and that gives me a valid reason to kill you as you can see in rules you have a valid reason to attack players if they (HURT YOU OR YOUR ALLY OR DAMAGE YOUR PROPERTY ) and in that situation, you did all that so I have a valid reason to kill you (https://imgur.com/a/tgwYoA0) 14. Deathmatch (DM) Examples of valid reasons to attack another player: • If
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