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  1. One of the best stories I have seen for a faction! Nice work @jamescavelli
  2. See guys it’s fine, imma just go stock up on water bottles from malgoodies and place them everywhere because there’s only a 50/50 chance it’s going to stall cars and injure someone. Even though my intention is to clearly stall someone, I’m going to be wilfully ignorant and use plausible deniability to make it look like it wasn’t on purpose.
  3. What are you talking about, no one, no one in the server role plays that there’s traffic in the road, and 90% of the server doesn’t roleplay injuries at all ( Probably even higher than 90%). Do me a favour, don’t come here trying to argue and waste my time, some of us are tired of seeing crims banned for shit LSPD can get away with, even crims in enemy gangs. It’s tiring, and quite frankly have fun arresting New Players because it’s people like you who make us crims disheartened to even play.
  4. Did the cops role play any injuries from the crash? I hate to bring blix and Steele into this as I quite like them and their RP is of good quality, but since you want to talk about “role playing injuries” how did they promptly arrive at the scene after crashing head on with a cruiser at 200+? Sounds like insta death to me if we’re being realistic. oh yeah maybe I should act like there’s loads of cars on the highway, I’ll just post on my ban appeal that “I wasn’t swerving, I was just RPing that there’s traffic in the road”
  5. Quite literally I thought we were beat and I was fine with going to prison because it was my choice to felony evade, when we saw Lowrey and Burnett crash behind us after chasing us for 15 mins in their 811 like something out of a Bad Boys movie, a glimmer of hope appeared and it was soon shattered by the abuse of the barrier that were out there with the intent to stall the car. If you didn’t know crim life is extremely tough right now and we’re trying to improve it with fairness to everyone, hence why i suggested leaving gaps at least in the barricade, that way it’s a 50/50 chance. E
  6. Wouldn't be a brickwall at 200mph either would it? You guys fail to see how something that is unrealistic and clearly a flaw in the game engine is being misused. Thanks for the tip, however I don't think you have the facilities to be giving crims tips. Yeah, lemme just think about the little weed plants at labs that stall engines too.. Or the water bottles in the middle of the road. Next time I'm being chased or chasing someone, I'm just gonna ask the team over the radio to put loads of water bottles in the road, because "kinetic energy" will cause it to stall them.
  7. Hello? Clearly you ride some high horse and you think being patronising puts you in some sort of position that might compensate for some things, however I never said it should be super realistic, I never brought up "kinetic energy" that was all you, I'm just saying that crims are expected to hold a high level of RP and not do something that is extremely unrealistic. I stated that it's clear abuse of the barriers, nothing more.
  8. A car travelling at 200+ would blast through some plywood, yes the front bumper may get damaged but the car is rear engine so I believe the chances of it being fine, realistically would be fine. On top of that you talking about how you guys "out-played" me with your tactics that clearly, the cruisers that ploughed into my rear end didn't even know about .
  9. So you're telling me that if a car hit a wooden barrier at 200mph plus, it would come to a complete stop like it did? They were clearly misused, however I'm sure you could argue otherwise all day long
  10. I was going to report this, but then I thought that there would be no point as I feel like no one will be held accountable for it, due to the admins responses I got. We were in a 15 minute pursuit with Blix and Steele and the rest of the LSPD, which was honestly extremely fun however PD always take it that step to far where they NEED to win. We had noticed them setting up these wooden barriers along the highways which they claim are destructible but 99% of the time they just stall the cars. https://imgur.com/a/wRPVmo1 We managed to dodge most of them, and finally fin
  11. Very Good, Very Nice, I like
  12. Hello Krooks, I wasn't asked to save POV so I don't have it - originally we chased them from a bank heist where one was robbed for their frequency, to which we gathered the intel that they were meeting at Zeta HQ, after ambushing them at Zeta HQ (not sure if any of them or us were injured at Zeta HQ) after them fleeing from Zeta HQ, we heard on their freq that they were going to meet behind Steamboat, we circled steamboat a few times waiting for all our allies to arrive, I got off my bike and gave demands, knowing that all my allies were behind me and on the other side - I believe the demands
  13. Hello thank you for the tag @Bala, I did not know it was a desync crash, and that being the reason he was injured and taken to MD. I got a call over the radio saying that Stephen was injured on route 68, I decided to respond and was one of the first to arrive (at which point Stephen was not around, just one of my allies and his ally too) I scouted whilst one of my allies pick locked his car as the rest of my allies arrived. Stephen then pulled up, decided it was a good idea to get into his car that was being bobby pinned (with lots of enemy gangs around, which doesn't seem realistic to do at a
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