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  1. Hey , Selling Maxed cheetah classic. Starting Bid - 400k Buyout - 600k. (Now in high end) If you have any questions just call 2911412 Or send me an email. MAG4DAN#[email protected]
  2. Selling v12. Everything maxed , instead of brakes ant suspension. (3/5) Buyout price 200k. Contact 2911412
  3. Saw this once... goooood sheet
  4. I mean yeah , there is some true... But cops are allready more buffed than anyone in the game. First they dont drop guns or items after death , they have panic button etc...
  5. All I wanted to say is... That you have overpowered crown vics cause of supers.... But how about simple guys who has like elegy retro which goes 185km/h... You still using the same overpowered crown vic for them... This is the point.... Nerf overpowered crown vics , and make seperate force for supers.... Super vs super. Normal car vs Normal car. This is the point. Also taking away supers?? This is kinda dumb... Its allready overpriced...
  6. We're getting to the point... Superpowered crowd vics is unrealistic... Flying with 811 through the desert is unrealistic tho... But with contender or drag with offroad tyres... why not ? But with criminals and their supers.. Criminals cant have super cars?? Look at IRL gangs/mafias... Everyone rolling with lambos/ferrs 😄
  7. then cops should have like something like street force or smthng , its strange that every crown vic goes as super..
  8. I mean , its not a good idea... Pd's allready overpowered. its. impossible to escape the cops cuz crown vics goes as supers 200km/h... Not talking about insurgents when they are ramming everytime.... The only possible way is through the desert... But how if you cant cuz its non rp :??? Think wisely... nerf cops first , then talk bout gangs...
  9. I mean yeah , at least its something new , because the city's already full of random gangs , but there is no normal mafia 😄 Keep it up guys. But i mean yeah , VORY was rock!
  10. Looks good , but I feel that it is nothing compared to Vory 😕
  11. Awh.... Get a life dude , get a life... 😄
  12. Thanks for your reply. I understand your opinion about me, but these 2 months was enough for me to change... I understood what i did bad , and I promise I wont do these mistakes and I wont be toxic in the future , all Im asking is one and only chance. Please...
  13. Account name: kvadis Character name(s): Vladimir_Dovolenko Admin who issued punishment: Mickeyyy Date of punishment: 2019/09/03 Punishment received: Perm Reason given for punishment: "Not here to RP" Your explanation of what happened: I explained all the situation in the previous appeal which was declined , but I will do it again , because after 2 months I realised that it was a terrible idea.. That day was a boring one.. I wanted to do something bad. Firstly I scammed a guy , then combatlogged without fear of getting banned , so secondly I was involved in a cop chase and when cops got me I was stalling the RP , trying to do everything as fast as possible , talking bad things etc.. And after few minutes I combat logged again because I felt that im unstoppable.. And after few hours I was banned... Why should your appeal be accepted?: To continue with - ECRP is my first and only GTA V RP project I ever played. Through both chars i've reached about 200k xp , I had only few punishments and this ban was the first in my history... I love this server and I want to be part of it again... I want to thank @Archaeah for his decision for me to wait two months before the appeal. This period of time was long enough to change my mind about this server and its rules. Now I understood that rule breaches are not tolerated here , and if it happens - you will be punished painfully... I confess that every rule I broke that day - it was did with fully knowledge about possible consequences. I'm really sorry , and I'm asking for one and only second chance... I promise to play without any future punishments , I promise to show high quality RP because I can do that. Also , I killed all that toxicity in me , because that can cause some serious problems here. I promise to think twice before doing something that can have heavy consequences. I really want to be a part of this amazing community again and I want to enjoy every moment of it! Thanks for your time and I hope that you will take a good decision. Best regards , kvadis Post any evidence or further details:
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