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  1. Hey , Dont know if i can write here as involved player in this situation or no , but nevermind. First of all , wanted to say that in the beginning of this situation , I was in the bush , same as @Kencyt_Portugalai. When the shootout started , i ran from the bush and defended my mate(s). Also i didnt knew the demands situation. After the shootout , admin @YuSoHelpful teleported me and all the guys. I explained all my situation , that i was in the bush and didnt knew the demands situation , and then he let me go without any punishments. But he banned my guy @Kencyt_Portugalai a.k.a Barisow_Magadan , even he was in the bush same as me. This is the evidence where it's clearly visible that Barisow_Magadan ran from far distance and didnt knew the demands situation. Thanks for your time and I hope , it will help to figure out this situation.
  2. Damn big +1 , after last updates , criminal player side was fucked up so badly , soo we need bigger rewards , or there will be no point to be criminal
  3. Chronius420


    It has single turbo and 5/5 engine. (goes as fast as maxed one - 206 km/h on highway)
  4. Hey , selling or trading haku drag. It has single turbo and 5/5 engine. (goes as fast as maxed one - 206 km/h on highway) Its listed in he for 340k. But im also looking for trades. Interested in banshee. Also , you can offer everything. Contact me via phone. 2911412
  5. Chronius420


    interested in trades? have haku drag and some cash
  6. great ;D 400 ? nah... i saw 600 one day
  7. This thing sounds great , but also dont forget lags , dsyncs , server host problems etc. For me , almost everyday i've been injured from vdm's , or dsync's , how they call... So think wisely before applying this idea.
  8. -1 mate , -1... its still a game , not real life.
  9. that one's nice tho brother
  10. Few easy kills with my nigga @Kencyt_Portugalai Video's kinda old but gold
  11. this topic were made by ↓
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