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  1. That is one sexy looking man. Ladies grab him fast.
  2. Hey, check autoservices, there you can find some dope rides. @Einaras
  3. That is one, good looking gang!
  4. Hey, thank you for fast response. I clearly understand, that from your side it looks like this bug exploit wasnt a missclick at all. But I can promise that it was a 100% unintentional one. I'm part of ECRP for one year, I know the rules that you can get banned for bug exploits,after one ban I was playing without any rulebreaches and punishments. Do you really think that i've done this on purpose? I've said this in previous reply in the report, that ive done this accidentally. Also uploaded my pov (i dont think that a person who would do the same thing on purpose would upload his pov). I totally agree that this was my mistake, and now I learned that you cant rush things in the rp, because these kind of accidents can happen. I'm kindly asking for one last chance to prove that i've learned from my mistakes and I can be a part of this beautiful community again ! No matter how it ends, I would like to thank you for your expensive time working on this report! With love, Vladimir Magadan
  5. think wisely.. You grind , grind and grind. Invest real money and time. And for one death , when someone kills you for example you loosing everything? I dont think thats a good idea. Still its not a real life.
  6. I can agree with the part where jail is worse punishment for people than death. But still , it's not a real life , so death penalty or ck is not a good idea.
  7. Character name(s):kvadis Admin who issued punishment:@RedHot Date of punishment:2020/03/17 Punishment received: Perm. Reason given for punishment: Bug exploit. Your explanation of what happened: Hey. Long story short - it looked like this: I've heard through radio that my friend needs backup fighting zetas near mask shop. I've jumped on my bike, went there and I saw that shootout's already happening there. I've jumped off my bike, took my AK out, started to shoot, died, and spawned at pillbox. When I arrived at the shootout scene and jumped off the bike, I wanted to do a combat roll with "space" button to prevent desync, but then, I accidentally pressed "B" button at the same time which was result of advantage for me and disadvantage for my opponent. Also I even didn’t notice that I accidentally pressed "b" until forum report was made. Also, in my POV it's hard to notice that, but in other pod its visible clearly. Why should your appeal be accepted?: To begin with, I would like to say that I’m part of ECRP community for almost a year now. In this period of time I had only one ban, for combat logging and toxicity. That ban period was long enough for me to think a lot about this server and its rules. When I came back - I was a different person. I played without any rule breaches or punishments. Also now I have a lot of valuable assets between my characters, so It would be dumb to exploit bugs intentionally and risk to lose your assets and get banned. Secondly, I would like to say again, that this "bug exploit" that I did, was a miss click, and 100% unintentional. This whole thing happened so fast, that I couldn’t even react normally. I wanted to do a combat roll (to prevent desync) , and then accidentally pressed "B" which was result of me getting banned. Also, I uploaded my pov, which shows that this whole thing was unintentional, and not on purpose. (In my pov it's clearly visible, that I press "space" and "b" at the same time for very short period of time) Also I would like to say sorry to the person who reported me for disadvantage he got. After all - I'm asking for one last chance. Next time I promise not to rush things like these, and I will do everything more carefully to prevent accidents like these. I also promise to comeback to this amazing community with better mindset and excellent atmosphere. Sincerely, kvadis Post any evidence or further details: My pov: https://streamable.com/agdqn
  8. Hello , thank you for the report. To begin with , i would like to say , that i wont do this thing on purpose , because i know that you can be banned for bug exploiting. Secondly , in this situation everything went really fast , and i my pov i saw , how accidentally i pressed space and B at the same time , that's why it looked like im abusing a bug , but in my pov , animation showed up normally. So afterall again , I would like to guarantee that this ''missclick'' was truly unintentional and next time I will do everything more carefully to prevent these missclicks. Regards , kvadis. https://streamable.com/agdqn
  9. Okay , you got my opinion. The idea with lowering prices , because not everyone can afford it - total nonsense. That's all from me.
  10. drag , novak and torrero is nothing compared to those guys who grinded and earned 10-20 mills. i think you cant imagine how much time it consumes?
  11. First of all , I'm not making fun of anyone. Why it looks like it? Because as i can guess that you are new player , everything looks overpriced for you. But there are a lot of guys who's playing here since 2017 and they grinded soo soo much , that if the prices would be reduced or set by government it wouldnt be logic at all. As for myself , i have a lot of expensive stuff. For example i bought a hakuchou drag for 1.5mill week ago , and now the price would drop to 300k? Its not logic at all. These are the prices. And you cant change anything , I know it looks hard , but it is how it is.
  12. If you dont have cash, dont be mad for those who has $$$
  13. Dont want to look weird, But all i see is some mad dude who's lost some cash in poker and cant afford retro.
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