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  1. If this would only affect gates and furniture doors, then im in. I hope u not talking about pinning house door and gettin inside? +1?
  2. Vory came back from Ibiza. Wtf are u doing there? Missed a flight?
  3. This house has quality history. If you buy this , you wont regret.
  4. -1 , its still not a real life , sometimes u need to use the scoreboard to see player's id in case you want to report them or something , anyway , pointless idea.
  5. Top notch crew , amazing rp quality , fun moments , amazing people. 10/10. Big fan.
  6. After some time off , Vory came back from Ibiza , set a meeting and instantly started their important work!
  7. Everyone is talking about parking yeah... But feels bad when you have to wait a hour or so for officer at the impound...
  8. -1... With these kinda rules , server would die. Because all the players would leave it As other person said , being unable to play is already a punishment.
  9. The thing could be tweaked a little. For example you could sell ur credit cars to server and get lower ammount of credits you paid for it. No chance of selling icly
  10. I dont know , i thought that Mr.Dovolenko is the most trusted person.
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