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  2. Nice idea, hope it goes well!
  3. THE YOUNG MEET UP After Extensive recruiting, and finding like minded individuals Ballas is finally ready to have some fun again. The high ranking individuals call for a Ballas meet-up at Grove Street. Many show up and show their nice rides, Grove hasn't looked this packed in awhile Leon thinks to himself. The Ballas talk about what is our next plans what shall we do next while chilling around our rides. Many things we're discussed. Weed was smoked what can I say we Ballas. After the small meet-up Ballas leaves grove shoutin' "
  4. Chill before you set my speakers on fire
  5. THE GET TOGETHER Leon heads to Grove to get together with the new blood of Ballas. He Patiently waits on a car waiting for them to arrive. With the background music of thug music playing in the distance. Though slowly them arriving one at a time Leon is surprised about how many people showed up. After everyone shows up, the get together begins we talk about many things that are happening in the city. Problems, issue and how to solve them. We started up new ways for our new blood to make cash, and celebrated a new start for Ballas. The young ballas are exc
  6. REMEMBERED BY SPRAY Leon Looking into the distance, thinking on how he can help Tyrone bring Ballas to its original state. After thinking about it for a bit he walks over to see a clean non-sprayed wall. Looking at the clean slate it reminds him that Ballas isn't the same anymore we are kinda like the wall "A clean slate". To pay respects to the old members of Ballas Leon shakes his spray-paint can and starts spraying. Once a Balla always a Balla.
  7. Good luck met a few of you guys, nice guys.
  9. Hope Leon can meet you soon!
  10. No, we didn't make the track for the rap song, It would be cool if we did though.
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