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  1. please send me offers here can buy right now only at HE market
  2. sorry but this costs more guys,its near to hunt spots and mines and shop and gas station and everything you need and its out of city ,locations is pretty good and extra garage included you cant make this for 1g houses at city .they are all 200-250k, so this worths 350k but for real buyer i can lower
  3. new pictures with extra parking made by me for your bikes or small vehicles.
  4. @Edwin00781sorry i bought it myself a lot more
  5. hi guys am selling a 1g house with big exterior space to park cars it has also 500 vol stash you can build the exterior for small extra 1 g(not all 1g houses have this ability ) its very close to best hunt spot ,to a gas station,to a shop and many more if you are planing to mine or hunt and need a house out side of city,this is a good choice the price is 350k right now ((at door)) if you are real buyer i can lower it a bit the Door is open for visitors,feel free to take a look there
  6. i call it capitalism when its obtained with thinking not chance and with no clue
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