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  1. +1 This would be a great addition!
  2. +1
  3. This is sick, keep it up hombre! 🔥🔥
  4. Okay I understand, that sounds fair and all, but what I'm still not understanding is how my account is linked with Shamozli since I have never shared IP's, account details etc. with him. From history my account is linked with Emilio like mentioned numerous time before. Me knowing that is that Emilio got an offence on his account and me not being able to log on because of that, that I fully understand and I'm not bothered about it. Basically what I'm trying to get at is to get an explanation on how my account is linked and why am I unable to play because of something I wasn't involved in
  5. I had forgotten my account details which I've used to create an account roughly one and a half year ago. It wasn't letting me to create a new one so I asked my friend to register a new account
  6. So like I mentioned before, my account was originally created by @Emilio (He was never on my account once and I was the rightful owner since the beggining of my playing time here) Me and him had the same situation where Emilio got a punishment (ban for 48hrs) for VDM and I wasn't able to log in. Now it is the same situation with @Shamozli getting banned and me left clueless in to how our accounts are linked/connected since we are not affiliated in any sort of way other than the teamspeak server.
  7. So basically I'm connected because I'm on the same teamspeak server, seriously like, I'd like to see scenarios where me, myself has been *excessively* metagaming, like I mentioned my account was originally created by @Emilio who is not a part of this. I've no connections with @Shamozli other than the teamspeak server itself which he is the owner of along with @Pvle and @Srd1
  8. My game account was originally created by @Emilio but I have been the rightful owner since the beggining (passed the quiz and everything myself, he just created the account), I've no clue where you are getting @Shamozli from
  9. The teamspeak server consists of friends playing GTA V, I'm neither agreeing or disagreeing with the fact they're metagaming but I wan't to see for what I was banned for.
  10. Well I would like some evidence, since I wasn't banned, also I don't have a brother...?
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