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  1. Ledas

    DM @ DCC Cab Co - ID 94 / ID 116

    There was no such demand that I could've not whispered to people in the office, if the party demanded for me to stay quiet and not say a word I would've done so, but in that case how am I meant to communicate when I am being forbidden to which I wasn't, I really don't see anything as to why I couldn't of whispered and why I'm being mentioned to answer to anything about this situation since the person clearly is reporting two different people in which case I see myself that I've done nothing wrong (P.s @Grape ,you tagged the wrong forum account as to why I am only responding now..)
  2. Ledas

    Aaron Debose ($104,000)

    Character to be refunded: Aaron Debose Date and time of incident: Over the month of december Requested refund (what and how much): $104,000 before tax. Description of incident resulting in loss: SADOC's paychecks were yucked from the start of the faction so our salary % kept counting without giving us our pay. So I am one of many that needs a refund now that it is properly working. Evidence of loss: https://imgur.com/a/K3SxUz8 Comments: 26 (number of paychecks missing) * 4000 (rank pay) = $104,000. This is before tax, not sure how that works.
  3. Ledas

    Sports Class Addition(Cars)

    Massive +1, at this point I'm just waiting for more cars since all the ones we have now are just getting boring..
  4. Ledas

    Attributes for the forum || GFX

    Beautiful work as always, keep it up
  5. Ledas

    GFX SHOP with Shamozli Carter.

    Type of work [Avatar / Signature / Logo / Rankings]: Signature Wallpaper work [required]: Custom Work text: Ammo Zone Assistant Manager Work Effects [Yes / No]: Yes The size of the work [Optional]: - Example of work [Optional]: How much are you willing to pay for work? Willing to pay any price
  6. Ledas

    GFXsamples || Avatars for forum

    Back with the fire 🔥
  7. Ledas

    [Auction] Route 68 weapon store

    8354_9267 - $2,600,000
  8. Ledas

    [Auction] Route 68 weapon store

    8354_9267 - $2,400,000
  9. Ledas

    [Auction] Route 68 weapon store

    8354_9267 - $2,200,000
  10. Ledas

    [Auction] Route 68 weapon store

    8354_9267 - $2,000,000
  11. Ledas

    [DCC] Radio Implement

    This would be a great addition to all the factions imo
  12. Ledas

    Downtown Cab cartel in action

    Team Lithuania