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  1. Emilio

    Attributes for the forum || GFX

    I'm in LOVE ❤️🔥
  2. Emilio

    GFXsamples || Christmas signatures v2.

    FAYA 🔥🔥🔥
  3. Emilio


    Text me when you can, and we will talk about it. I left my number up there ^^
  4. Good job my man! 👌
  5. Emilio


  6. Emilio


  7. Emilio

    GFXsamples || Avatars for forum

    This guy is the best! 🔥🔥🔥
  8. Emilio


  9. Emilio

    Mask 4415_3293 ( VDM )

    Hey buddy. The first hit was because I saw you shooting so I wanted to stop you, and then I came back to grab my friends Nikita_Belov bike and as soon as I saw you on the bike - my passenger which is Kevin_Davis shot you in the back and you died. If you still think that you died because I hit you - ask admins to check the logs, you were shot in the back by my friend in the passenger seat.
  10. Emilio

    Downtown Cab cartel in action

    DCC for life! 🔥🚕
  11. Emilio

    [BUYING] A beautiful house

    Buyied already, CLOSE THE POST!
  12. Hello, I can offer 270k if it is still for sale.
  13. Emilio

    [BUYING] A beautiful house

    Hello! I'm buying a beautiful house up to 300k You can contact me ingame, my number is : 3021475 Waiting for offers boys and girls! Take care!