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  1. Is the Rapid GT Classic still for sale ?
  2. Emilio


    Hello sir, could you text me on my email? I've added my email on the advert, we could discuss about the price there.
  3. Emilio

    ID 8 FRP

    Hello @Mr2Peu and thank you for making this report. As you already shot me down, nothing else I can expect but shooting me to death afterwards. I just called on the radio for backup straight way, as cops or prison guards would do in real life, they would call for backup straight way before they bleed out.
  4. Bought one already!
  5. Hello, since I was tagged here aswell so that means I'm kinda involved here. So basically I created an account for @Ledas and that's it. I've never played on that account. I didn't create an account for @Shamozli he created his account by himself.
  6. Hello, we arrived with sandking and smashed out a fence which later on worked for us as a ramp. Beacause there were no mechanics on duty we saw a great opportunity to steal and chop some cars.
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