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  1. Then make a post pointing fingers at Reefer and calling him a dirty rule breaker and corrupt chief. This post is pretending like it's not happy with corruption roleplay on ECRP when in reality names were dropped and it's an attack against Reefer. From the length of time I was in LSPD I never saw Reefer do anything as bad as any other corrupt officer, definitely not at the level Logan did. Reefer IMO is a good guy and you're all pointing fingers at him cause you're upset at some roleplay that happened with him involved and you don't like getting caught. Corruption is so heavily monitored on LSPD High Command it's laughable. Again, ruleplay > roleplay. In my time in LSPD I had sooo many High Command members tell me 'hey, we love your roleplay and it's one of the best but you're not allowed do it anymore cause you didn't ask our permission to do it' - Of course that's a rough quote and not direct. Corruption in LSPD is not a problem. From the cities most corrupt Detective, I'm telling you that.
  2. On a serious note though, LSPD does not really support corruption roleplay and if you're seeing people do stuff you consider corrupt you would have a solid chance if you reported them on an OOC level or even directly asked them if they have permission to be corrupt, chances are they don't. At any one time there's only a couple of people who have corruption permission, when I had them not a lot of others did and then again my corruption was removed for 'exceeding' the limit and doing too much. Corruption roleplay is investigated on an OOC level and if you're found to either be in breach of it or doing too much, they remove it. From my time in LSPD, they have OOC corruption. I wanted to remove OOC corruption all together, I thought the fact that some people wanted to dictate how I tell my characters story out of character as so bullshitty - ruleplay > roleplay. However, I don't see the issue in this post. This post mentions 4 people being corrupt; 3 of which are no longer in PD and seems to be a 'why is chief of police corrupt?!??!' and a direct hate on Reefer. Here's a few links after a very small Google search: https://www.irishtimes.com/news/police-chief-resigns-in-wake-of-corruption-and-bribery-inquiry-1.22186 https://www.irishtimes.com/news/senior-police-officer-suspended-during-inquiry-into-corruption-1.132771 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Brown_(police_officer) - Ayy @poptarts Police corruption does occur and even at the rank of Chief. Personally, I hate the way the LSPD are so strict on the OOC corruption rule. I hated when people would text me on Discord 'hey u hit that man when he told u 2 fuck off, y???'. LSPD do a good job on monitoring their rule of OOC corruption. Myself, Steel and Palmer were all heavy roleplayers that IMO roleplayed our characters stories well. Even as a corrupt Detective I barely ever saw anyone else as corrupt. There's a lot less corruption in LSPD than you'd think. Maybe be better criminals and don't get caught
  3. First thing I did was Ctrl F'd my name. my boi being name dropped even when ded smh
  4. Yesterday the guys began getting acquainted with the city, buying their cars, meeting the locals and finding out how the locals made their money. On one of their trips they ran into a huge scene involving the LSPD, LSSD, SWAT and Detectives. One of the officers mentioned a 'Zetas' or 'Triad' that had been arrested, he was unsure of which. It was later found out to be a Triad. Once approached by an officer they decided it was time to leave. They heard of a potential money making business north of the city, down by Catfish. Putting it into the GPS they headed north. There roughly 2 minutes checking the items they were held up - held up by a fucking army. They got off with it this time.
  5. I haven't seen a suggestion with just this as a suggestion. I think it would really handy to have a system where you can save pre-set outfits and can choose between a specific outfit range. For example, I can have a nice formal suit as /presetoutfit 1 and criminal clothes with a mask on as /presetoutfit 2 and then normal casual clothes as /presetoutfit 3. Or maybe a system where you can only use these commands at the back of your car or house and make it more realistic so it can't be done wherever and whenever.
  6. As you're apologizing I'm happy to archive this. I didn't lose anything. But for your own benefit I am going to link you some aspects of the rules you have questioned. 13. Fear Roleplay (FRP) Fear roleplay is the concept of roleplaying fear for your character’s safety and life. Examples (but not limited to), where your character’s life is considered to be in direct danger: • When you are on foot or bike and a weapon is aimed at you at close range. • When you’re in a vehicle that is stalled or turned off and a weapon is aimed at you close range. • When the attacker lowers their weapon to type or roleplay, your life remains in direct danger. ====================================================== 15. Player Theft, Prison Breakout, and Kidnapping Players cannot force their victims to withdraw money from an ATM, sell property, or sell vehicles. Players cannot force their victims to hand over assets that are not present in the area. Players cannot steal from players with “NEW PLAYER” above their head unless it is in retaliation. Players with the (( NEW PLAYER )) tag that deliberately insert themselves into or start active crime scenes lose their new player protection during those illegal activities. ======================================================= This guy, although throwing the blame around, seems genuine in his apology. Atleast enough for me to be happy. I feel this can be archived as the player seems to understand (enough).
  7. If this guy has already received two warnings I don't want for him to get another. As well as this, he clearly states he 'reread the rules' after playing yesterday. I know I am not in a position to ask this but as a member of this community I feel I have the right to ask this individual the following question and if he answers it to a standard that the dealing party feels comfortable with, I will gladly remove this report as I said initially I did not want him to be punished as he was new and two admin punishments in one day is a lot. My question for you, lad: You state you did nothing wrong yet you say you also read the rules. Can you tell me how you broke fear rp and how what you did violates this rule? Again, I am not in a position to ask you to justify your play-style or why you did what you did but as I said, I'll be willing to request this get archived if you can prove to me you know what you did wrong instead of playing innocent and twisting the blame. As a member of this community I'm well entitled to feel like the players I play with are at-least going to respect and abide by the server rules, especially since you state you understand them.
  8. Player(s) being reported: I'm not sure. Date of interaction reported: 04/11/2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1572881957 Your characters name: Shepherd Cross Other player(s) involved: None. Specific rule(s) broken: 13. Fear Roleplay (FRP) Fear roleplay is the concept of roleplaying fear for your character’s safety and life. Examples (but not limited to), where your character’s life is considered to be in direct danger: • When you are on foot or bike and a weapon is aimed at you at close range. • When you’re in a vehicle that is stalled or turned off and a weapon is aimed at you close range. • When the attacker lowers their weapon to type or roleplay, your life remains in direct danger. • Driving a vehicle in an active shootout more than once without the intent of protecting a friend, fleeing with it, or using it as cover. Examples (but not limited to), where your character’s life is NOT considered to be in direct danger: • When you are in a car which engine is not stalled. • When you have a firearm drawn and are facing the other person before they attacked. • When the attacker’s view is obstructed by an object or when they turn their back on you. As a victim, whose life is in direct danger: • You must display reasonable value for your life and comply with the demands of your attacker. • You cannot call 911 or call your friends or allies to aid you. How did the player break the rule(s)? So, essentially the player was new and I was being very lenient in my roleplay with them. I had a situation where a body was found so I was taking screenshots for my new thread. On the body, a gun was left so I RP'd not touching it etc, not wanting any realistic altercations for my character in the future. The new guy comes up, takes the gun and runs. I'm communicating with him during this, trying to tell him 'hey bud - it's a crime scene you might wanna not touch that'. Anyway, I go get a gun to get that gun back from that player - Not stealing from a newbie as he put himself in that position. I attempt to get the gun back, not wanting anything else and he asks me how to proceed in /b. When I'm trying to help him, he decides to shoot me lmao. I don't want him punished for this as he's new, just an old slap on the wrist and tell him what he did would suffice. However, not my call. Player has been notified IG of the report via /pm. Evidence of rule breach: https://streamable.com/4fcw1
  9. Updates to the main thread: 6/NOV/2019 Added screenshots of some roleplay Added backstory for Foot Soldier Sean Kimber Added method of roleplaying with us if interested
  10. An Mob Ná hÉireann - The Irish Mob Established in inner-city Dublin, Ireland in the late 1990’s by the local criminals in retaliation for the Good Friday Agreement in which the United Kingdom was given legal powers and ownership over Northern Ireland. The agreement acknowledged that the majority of the people of Northern Ireland wished to remain a part of the United Kingdom, whereas the majority of the Republican Irish wished for a united Ireland. The Republican Irish believed that Ireland should be independent and free of any British involvement. As part of the agreement came the decommissioning of weapons held by paramilitary groups which was heavily opposed by the people of Ireland, specifically North Dublin. This aspect of the agreement was heavily focused on the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA), a paramilitary group that wished to remove any and all British rule in Northern Ireland. The IRA was designated as a terrorist organization in the United Kingdom and an illegal organization in the Republic of Ireland. The local criminals of North Dublin seen this as an opportunity and began a gangland scene under the name of the ‘Real Irish Republican Army’ (RIRA) which was short-lived and eventually became known as its current name, An Mob Ná hÉireann. The Don or the boss of the organization was Nigel ‘Nidge’ Kelly who didn’t take over the leadership until June of 2010. His second in Command, Darren Treacy followed by his Commanders Daniel O’Shea, Fran Deman, Shepherd Cross, and Aaron O’Malley. The gang were the biggest contributors to the drug scene in North Dublin and were well known to the Gardai, the Irish Police. With the reputation of the name came confidence but with confidence came arrogance and with arrogance came mistakes. With the constant surveillance and investigations being conducted by the Gardai they couldn’t risk mistakes that would lead them to years in prison, causing most of the Commanders to go into hiding or getting themselves killed in attempts to cover their tracks. Leaving the control of the gang in Dublin City to one of the newly promoted Lieutenants, Jack Derby, Nidge and the rest of the Command team migrated to Las Venturas, San Andreas in order to continue the operation over-seas and build an empire worth taking home. Nidge, Darren, Daniel, Fran, and Aaron all moved to the Bayside Area of Las Venturas, along the coast and just across the border of San Fierro. Due to relations in Los Santos City, Shepherd moved to Vinewood, Los Santos with his wife, Samantha where they moved in with his uncle, Logan. Shepherd was the son of Nick Cross and the nephew of Logan Cross, two members of the Los Santos Police. Nick reached the rank of Police Officer II before being killed on duty whereas Logan was a Detective Commanding Officer. Logan took care of Shepherd, putting him up in his own house and giving him access to his cars and to his properties. Sadly in November of 2019, Logan was killed in a shootout with the Los Santos Police after he was fired from the LSPD for his corruption in the city. Shepherd became the Don to the Los Santos An Mob Ná hÉireann. After successfully creating their empire in Las Venturas came the same old bad habits from Dublin. Arrogance, paranoia, and unloyalty. Paranoia set in for Nidge who went into hiding, leaving the new boss, Darren to take over the role as leader. Darren was executed by one of his own men, Mark after Darren was involved in a shootout near El Castillo del Diablo where a member of the Italian Crime Family, The Garibaldi’s, was killed. The Garibaldi’s had a positive working relationship with the Irish until they blamed Darren for the death of one of their Consigliere’s. With the pressure and paranoia of the Italian Crime Family’s threats, multiple members went into hiding. Daniel and Fran moved to Los Santos where they met up with Shepherd and decided that Los Santos was the fresh start they needed. Don Right Hand Man Underboss Lieutenant Enforcer Foot Soldier Runner 1. All ECRP rules must be adhered to at all times and failure to do so could lead to removal from the faction 2. We will be monitoring all roleplay performed by members and will hold each individual to a high standard. We want this faction to be realistic, fun and a staple point for gang-roleplay on Eclipse 3. Any warnings or admin punishments received must be brought to the attention of the Don 4. We want to see character development, story-planning, and realistic progression. We roleplay as Irish criminals. No use of supercars or unrealistic items if involved in faction situations 5. Activity is important however we understand you may have other priorities (other accounts, real-life responsibilities, etc) so we have no minimum activity requirement. However, if you are deemed inactive we will attempt to contact you in regards. Failure to provide an adequate reason may lead to a discharge from the faction 6. We expect a positive OOC attitude towards other players, members of staff and other gang members (including other gangs) - We’re all here for a laugh and will expect some banter but any bullying, picking on people or general harassment will not be tolerated. Shepherd Cross -- 24 -- Don Nephew of Logan Cross, the son of Logan’s brother - Nick. Shepherd is a small-time drug pusher and intermediate criminal. He was facing charges of firearm possession in Ireland when a Beretta M9 was found in his home with his fingerprints attached to the gun and the subsequent ammunition found alongside. After an investigation by the Garda, they arrested him and brought him to court where he was facing up to five years imprisonment. Luckily, he got off with his charges due to a mistake in the courts which caused him to get released without charge. He worked with an Irish gang from a young age, developing his 'trade' if you will specializing in drug and firearms trafficking. He was a Lieutenant in a Dublin crime-family known as An Mob Ná hÉireann run by Nigel Keller, AKA Nidge who later moved to Las Venturas to expand the operation. In 2013 Shepherd moved to Los Santos as part of an attempt to internationally gain some reputation for the small-time Irish crew. Nidge and his right-hand man, Darren Treacy and the rest of the crew which included Daniel Aguero, Fran Deman, and Aaron O’Malley moved to Las Venturas to start their mission of creating an internationally recognized cartel. Shepherd was originally planning to go with the men however heard of his uncle, Logan, who was a corrupt Detective with the Los Santos Police in Los Santos City. Seeing this as an opportunity he got permission from Nidge to attempt to start a second team in another city in San Andreas. Although young and arrogant, Shepherd is very optimistic and intelligent. He knows when a situation is getting out of control and he needs to pull away. He doesn't conform easily and is very loyal to his team. His mission is to one day have An Mob Ná hÉireann become a cartel and stray from its routes of a simple gangland feud and to become independent and a name to be feared. Samantha ‘Sammy’ Cross -- 27 years old -- Right Hand Maiden name Woods. Born and raised in Limerick, Ireland. She moved to England when she turned 18 to obtain a Bachelors in Surgery, then returned to Ireland and eventually settling in St James Hospital, Dublin for her surgery residency. Towards the end of her residency her twin brother, Cole Woods, re-entered her life and began begging for prescription medication. Unable to turn her family away, she obliged and in the final year of her residency she was caught by another resident and subsequently removed from the hospital. Caught up in lawsuits, having her medical license revoked and possibly landing herself in prison, she went into hiding within the Dublin gang scene. Cole set her up with his affiliates and she began doing illegal surgeries for various gangs and criminals unable to go to the hospital due to their injuries or criminal records. Word spread quickly and she found herself with plenty of business. It was during this short period that she met Shepherd Cross, one of the An Mob Ná hÉireann gang affiliates, and treated a gunshot wound to his chest. It was a long and extensive surgery in which he died a couple times on the table. Refusing to give up, Sammy saved his life and they married quickly. She uprooted what little life she had in Ireland and followed Shepherd to Los Santos. Sammy is determined, self-assured and headstrong - she has an almost psychotic fascination with blood and gore. She is always ready to step up and do what needs to be done to protect the family. Daniel O’Shea AKA Ghost -- 27 years old -- Underboss Daniel O’Shea was born and grew up in Sligo, he fell in with the wrong type of people when he was a young man, leading to him moving away from his parents to Dublin for around 6 months. Selling drugs and running weapons, Daniel continued this for the 6 months in Dublin before an investigation had left him no other choice but to flee before he ended up dead or in a cell, he was never sure which was worse. Starting new in Los Santos Daniel was hoping to stay clean and away from his past. This worked until he got a call from Darren, Darren was starting a crew in Las Venturas and he wanted Daniel to help. Knowing all Darren had done for Daniel, he couldn’t say no. They set a meet, Darren, Daniel, Nigel Keller or Nidge, Fran Deman and Aaron O’Malley. Once he saw the support for the new crew, Daniel packed his bags in Los Santos and moved up to Las Venturas. The boys ran the game for several years before things started to unravel, Nidge and Daniel hated each other. Aaron O’Malley was shot twice in the chest killing him while on a drug run. However, the final nail in the coffin was when Darren was betrayed, shot and killed. Daniel decided that enough was enough, he up and left Las Venturas, going underground for a few years. He continued to keep an eye on the streets, living off the vast amount of money he made while working with Nidge and Darren. Daniel took a number of quick ‘hit’ jobs in order to continue living to the standard he was a custom too. This led to the alias of ‘Ghost’. Daniel has never been arrested, never been caught, he was good at his job and using skills learnt from Darren he was able to keep off the radar. Sean Kimber -- 31 years old -- Foot Soldier Sean was born in the small French commune of Agincourt, son to Thomas Kimber, a known supporter and donator of the IRA who was living in the small and innocent commune within his many safehouses with the intent of avoiding authorities due to his involvement in multiple crimes on English and Irish soil. Sean was born and raised as an ever-loving patriot of the greater Irish cause, while his earlier years as a child were spent in the French Republic's northeast region of Meurthe-et-Moselle within the extremely small commune of Agincourt which housed the many safehouses Sean's father, Thomas, owned. Within the commune Sean was born into a very ideological world, receiving education only from his father, one that consisted of a unified Ireland under Catholic and socialist rule. Along various other subjects which Sean learnt from his father, including math, history, geography, Gaelic, English, and diplomacy. Upon catching up with the news of the Good Friday Agreement, Sean was disgusted to see that the greater Irish cause has been suddenly dropped and disappeared from the mind of the different paramilitary organizations and militias who were still loyal to the cause, with his father's death only a year later, Sean realized it was time to finally move to the Republic which he so loved, taking whatever remained of his father's belongings, Sean moved to Dublin in pursue of an organization he could join which is still loyal to the cause, albeit none were found. Sean became an alcoholic for a while, traveling from pub to pub within the dark and rainy streets of the northern parts of Dublin. Eventually hearing a rumor regarding the whereabouts of a new IRA, determined and loyal to the cause, Sean decided that he is to join the new Real IRA and get his life back on the right track, eventually tracking them to the city of Los Santos, where he was finally ready to join the An Mob Ná hÉireann to finally help them achieve the goal he so desperately wanted.
  11. Los Calaveras Lieutenant – Dark reform; What if nothing changes? What if this is just… Me now? Tonight was a rough night. I went to LSD and then to Ocean side with Archie and some others. I don’t know why but Gregor Smith, the President of Los Calaveras, promoted me really quickly. I’m basically the Lieutenant and has ranked over a lot of the lads here that are here longer. They know I used to be a cop, yet they trust me. Gregor once said he’d test me, said he’d make me ‘shoot a cop’ and I agreed, calling his buff. Luckily, they seemed to forget. In Oceanside we were manufacturing some bits together, I think Archie was focusing on weed whilst Dave was focusing on heroin. A Schafter V12 came speeding in; fucking fast. I initially thought it was the cops. In an instinct, guns were drawn and I could see one of the Captains, Claude Speed was carrying a rifle. These guys had no fear and I’m so thankful it wasn’t a cop. A Los Calaveras member, Skipper, pulled up but he was wearing orange clothes. This color was represented by the Wanted, a different gang. Commonly known to be an enemy of LC. Some of the guys joked but when pressed he got anxious and the poor bastard was clearly trying to leave. Speed took out his rifle and blasted the poor fucker. His body hit the ground before he even knew what was happening. The fucking scumbags have zero remorse and will legitimately execute you on the fucking spot if you appear to be even a tiny threat to them. My instincts almost kicked in and had me draw on Speed but I’m not an idiot. Document and report. Not fight and evade. Especially when out numbered and considering some of them probably don’t trust me. The lower ranks, Recruits and Soldiers man-handled the body and tossed it off to the side. They didn’t care if it was visible or not since they knew they’d be burning down the lab after they were done regardless. I carried on my work, learning how the lads created narcotics. What chemicals were being used, which items were thrown into the mix, how they were carrying such high quantities, what were the methods of concealing etc. The night sky began to cover us. It was time to go. Creating drugs at night time was sketchy as visibility is so low. Anyone could sneak up. We jumped into our cars and took of, headed towards Los Santos City. Some recruits stayed back to the torch the place. On the way the guys were driving kinda fast and obviously the cops took notice. Behind us, blue lights filled the surrounding street. We were being pulled. Pulled over a friendly face approached the car, Richard Langston. Hmm. Cunt’s an idiot but he tries. I tried to hide my face from the back of the car but he spotted me. ‘You’re one of these now, are you?’ ‘Fuck off Langston’ I responded to which made the others in the car laugh. He didn’t like that. ‘Mr Cross, out of the car’. ‘For what? The fuck did I do?’ I questioned him. He didn’t know. ‘Get the fuck outta the car’ he demanded before placing his hand on his sidearm. I wasn’t gonna risk it. As well, if he got too bad the others would kill him. I complied and left the vehicle, immediately squaring up to him. Behind Langston was a newly formed Cadet, Martin I think his name was. He slowly approached. I attempted to question Langston. ‘The fuck is you..-‘ smack. His nitestick smashing against my ribs; winding me and causing me to collapse to my knees. For a moment, I was dazed. Trying to catch my breath before I felt another horrible crack smashing against my spine. My entire body collapsed; hitting the ground. Through my ringing ears I could hear the commotion it caused. I don’t usually go down as easy but I just wasn’t expecting it. I twisted my body while on the ground and looked up and could see Langston’s gun drawn as well as the cadets, aiming at Archie and Dave. Both of which had gotten our of their cars to defend me. ‘Lads.. Leave it’ I said before being kicked into the ribs, once again by Langston. My body decided to go into a small coughing fit which had me looking like an upset child on the ground. Before I knew I was being dragged onto my feet by the two officers. My body, limp, refused to allow me to stand strong so I was dragged off with my feet wearisome behind. Not searched, cuffed, spoken to or anything I was thrown into the back of the cruiser. The journey back was long, for some reason it took me a lot longer to recover from my wounds than I expected. I lay there, dazed, confused and hurt. My body trembled and shook with every speed bump they crossed. Every ditch in the road, every thud the wheels hit and every slowing of the vehicle caused my body to viciously ache. I can’t remember but I think I fell unconscious from the pain. We arrived at Mission Row a lot quicker than I anticipated. I was again dragged out from the back of the car and pulled to my feet. My body was a little stronger here, I could actually stand on my own however they still yanked me along. Brought in the back entrance of the precinct I was carried down to one of the holding cells. ‘Prick’. Langston muttered before hitting me one final blow to my ribs with his clenched fist. Throwing me onto the ground of a holding cell. I lay there for about 10 minutes in pain before feeling the burst of energy I had that was sufficient enough to pull myself onto the bed next to me. I sat there. Again, confused and hurt. In the distance, above the constant chatter of a police station I could hear footsteps approaching. Police Commander (she had stepped down) Elena Blake, my boss, approached. She looked down on me and honestly it was worse than the physical pain. She was one of the only people I truly looked up to anymore and here she was; looking down on me. ‘You look like shit’ she spoke a loud. I nodded in response. ‘ I don’t know why I’m here.’ ‘I sent out some units to get you. Langston found you’. ‘Did you also ask him to give me a rough time?’ ‘No? Did you give him a rough time?’ Although I didn’t, I remained quiet. I was known for being aggressive with the people I came across. I’d get him back eventually. ‘I wanted to check in on you’ Blake stated. ‘See how you were getting on’. ‘It’s hard, Blake. It’s a lot different to what I thought. They’re fucking animals.’ She nodded. ‘You think it’s time to pull the cord?’ ‘Not yet. Almost, but not yet. I have enough to bring them down but I wanna get a few more. Give me 24 hours’. She nodded before opening the cell door. I grunted before stepping up from my sitting position, clenching my ribs. We shook hands and I saw a smile from her that I don’t think I ever saw. It was reassuring. I collected myself before making my way outside, escorted by Blake. Again, out the back. I made my way to Legion Square where I had a bike. I took it out and rode out to Blaine County, hoping to meet the lads at the Yellow Jack for a few quiet ones before hitting the hay. As I rode up Interstate One I came across a large gathering of vehicles. Archies’ car was there, as well as multiple blue vehicles owned by the Los Zetas. Next to them was three police cruisers. I spotted Sergeant Harry Davis standing there talking to a masked Zeta. I took my Beretta M9 from my bike and holstered it on my belt as I approached the scene. Still sore from the beating I got. ‘Yo er.. Let’s pop these fucking pigs’ I heard being called out across my radio. Oh no. I attempted to jog over to Davis however I was in serious pain in my ribs. I made my way over and quickly grabbed him by his shoulder and pulled him to the side. ‘You need to call a Code 1 – You’re about to be..-‘ WHACK WHACK WHACK. Shots rang out past our heads as both of us leaped to the ground. Shots crashing next to us, people screaming over their radios and constant high pitched screeches of bullets being fired. I took out my Beretta M9 and ran to the side, using a car for cover. I got behind Sergio Stanly, a Calaveras Soldier and took aim at him. He was firing off towards a cadet I’d never met. Without hesitation I shot him in the back of the head; taking him down instantly. Looking around I could see people fleeing the scene and I could hear sirens approaching fast. I had a quick look for Harry but couldn’t see him. I jumped on my bike and took off towards Paul’s Farm. I hope he’s okay. Logan out.
  12. Detective II – Dark Trails Logan was making a name for himself in Los Santos with the local gangs and criminals. Everyone knew he was a cop and it was clear by the vest he constantly wore on his chest. Detectiveright across the top of the torso. He was known for multiple things. The cop that constantly carried a fully automatic Carbine The Irish cop ’That Detective that kicks the shit out of scumbags’. With all the recent promotions Cross didn’t fear disciplinary action anymore. He still held a huge amount of respect for his supervisors and would always act professional and courteous around them. Logan was now seen as a Supervisor within the department, so people looked to him as a potential role model. Not only a Supervisor but a Detective Supervisor. Cadets looked to him for guidance and advice; not knowing who he had become. He had gotten close to the gang members of the Irish Cartel and Los Zetas. David Black, Collie Fegan, Jay Gamle, Dardan Mayor, Kelly Beans. Some big names on the LSPD ‘watch list’ that Logan had regular interactions with. These weren’t arrests but meetings, discussions and events that led to the development of a healthy working relationship. Looking back sometimes he wishes he could have remained the way he did. As enthusiastic as he was a Cadet, struggling to speak into his radio confidently. Maybe he would have taken a different route in the department? It was tough looking back on something that could have been without considering everything that happened to change him. His best friend Trustson recently left, his academy buddy Helene left with him. His close friends, his partners and his trusted colleagues. In his eyes, through death or other, they abandoned him. Logan opened his eyes as he peered into the desperate mans eyes, his hands tightly enveloping his throat in a tight clench. His teeth gnashed together in a rage as he held the dying mans life in his palms. The mans blood slowly dripping onto Cross’ hand like beautiful ocean droplets meeting the sand in sweet harmony. ‘Why the fuck did you shoot her?!’ Logan roared into the mans face, gently releasing the pressure he held on the mans esophagus. The man struggled to breathe as he pushed his dying words through his blood soaked lips. ‘I.- It was just a m..- Mistake man.’ He gasped as his sentence concluded. Logan exhaled deeply, closing his eyes as he completely let the mans body go – it hitting the ground in a fierce thump. The man lay on the ground helplessly, his body twitching as he began to lose consciousness. Logan looked down to him with a sense of empathy as he watched the man gaze around the area. The man had three shots that penetrated his chest, completely obliterated his fragile skin and crashed into the car behind him. The bullets escaped the mans body at such a high pace they almost ricochet from the vehicle. Next to the mans car was another body. The body of a newly attested Cadet. Logan was inside a Senora Drug lab, commonly named as ‘LSD’ by the locals due to the narcotic most frequently processed there. While dealing with a Daniel Norrwood and Jenna Maye, two known members of the Los Santos Clown gang, Cross and his partner, Detective Steel heard multiple shots ring out close to where they were standing. In a panic they both left the 10-15’s and took off in a sprint towards the gunshots. Such a comparison to when he was a Cadet with his brother at the house next to Paul’s farm. Instead of hiding from oncoming bullets he now challenged them. He would call it brave. He knew it was stupidity. As they got closer to the scene Logan reefed his Carbine from his shoulder, pulling the stock into his shoulder as he walked out into the open. Infront was a man with the female Cadet, her back slouched against the cruiser. The man, without looking around, executed the Cadet. In Broad daylight, in the middle of Sandy Shores in Senora. Whack Whack Whack Logan’s bullets screeched as they exited the barrel of his firearm. Each round annihilating the mans flesh. ‘I have to fucking.. I dunno, man, take some time off’ Logan explained to Steel. ‘What you gonna do?’ ‘I dunno, man. Go back to Ireland? Fuck, maybe visit my mother, it’s been years’. ‘Will you come back?’ Logan looked at him blankly and shrugged his shoulders, lifting himself from the ground, his eyes staring at the two bodies that lay infront of him. He glanced down to his hands, eyes peering at the blood, rubbing them gently on his black slacks. The next day Logan got in contact with one of his criminal informants, Archie Gribbins. Archie was a known gang member but was young. Cross and Archie had a mutual respect for each other, Cross attempting to look out for him. Archie was originally a member of the Irish Cartel before moving around a lot of the criminal factions before finally ending in one of the newly established criminal organizations; Los Calaveras. Los Calaveras (or LC) was run by a Gregor Smith and Kevin Logan. It was a fairly large group of criminals including names known to Cross such as Solaria Accardia, Claude Speed, Tudor Letterman, Dave Reynolds and more. They wore small skull masks and tended to occupy drug labs, illegal vehicle selling spots as well as hit up the local stores and steal cash from them. Logan had an idea that would completely change the way criminals feared the Los Santos Police and all he needed was to gather the trust of some imbecile criminals. Easy. Criminality – Bottom of the barrel Collecting his thoughts, he sat at the end of his bed, his hand clasping the empty bottle tightly around its neck as he stared off into the empty shadows of the room. His right eye slowly twitching closed every passing moment, indicating the fatigue that had elapsed his body. The laptop sitting slightly ajar in front of him, the screens light dim on the keys it caressed. Turning his tired eyes to the laptop he read the email he had sent in previous hours; [Resignation] Logan Cross. Neighboring the isolated laptop was two more empty bottles, each sitting proudly on the counter. In his left hand was his mobile phone, buzzing every couple of minutes. Archie: – ‘We should meet up!’ read the preview as it shot onto the screen. It hadn’t even been 12 hours since he handed Deputy Chief Blake his badge, gun and casefiles he was working on. Doing what he could as he left Mission Row Precinct to not be seen, his head low and facing the rocky, wet pavement he carried himself across. Darting to his car as he raced out of Mission Row, across Legion and then down towards the bay. It wasn’t long before emails became texts, texts became calls and all of which were ignored. Colleagues, friends, partners. All of which were shocked, saddened and surprised at Logan’s rash decision. They just didn’t know. A phone call jolted him out of his drunken lethargic state. ‘Archie’. ‘Ugh.. Hel..- Hello?’ he grunted into the phone as he brought the receiver to his lips. ‘Logan, it’s Archie!’ said the young lad enthusiastically down the phone. ‘Yeah.. Yeah I saw.. What’s up?’ questioned Cross. ‘Well, you said you were looking for a job, right? Come meet us at Los Santos Bank, one of my Sergeants is here!’ Logan always found it strange how the criminal underworld resorted to using militaristic ranking structures. Soldiers, Sergeants, Lieutenants etc. He decided to wear a black shirt and black slacks as he was aware that the Los Calaveras were known for wearing a black ‘uniform’ when using the streets of Los Santos. Apart from their mask it was a way to know who was in LC and who wasn’t. Sluggishly dragging himself into his Elegy Retro he pulled his seat belt across his chest. The vehicles engine roared to life before he reversed out from his drive. Pulling into the car park he could see Archie and two other men that he recognized sitting at the side of the bank. Eagerly Cross left his vehicle and marched his way over to the gathering of men. Bravery, stupidity, arrogance, anxious? Pick one. As he walked he placed his car keys into his back pocket, casually brushing his hand along his belt to ensure his Glock 17 was securely packed under his shirt. The firearm was tightly pressed against his back with no room for moving. As he approached the men it came to clear to him that he recognized both men who he would soon find out where the Los Calaveras recruiters. Parca Morgan and Kevin Logan. Two men that Cross had arrested earlier in his career. For a brief moment the two recruiters stared at Logan before Kevin nodded, reaching out for a handshake. Although Logan was known for being a cop in the city he was also known for being respectful. As his career developed so did his playstyle in the city. He was old school. He believed someone getting a small beating was more beneficial to both the officer and the suspect. Getting a warning does fuck all for criminals but getting the shit kicked outta you by someone with a badge can put a lot of fear into a man. ‘How come you left?’ prompted Kevin. ‘Honestly, it was a mixture of things. Money, boredom, repetition getting to me. I seen how you lads work and I see the potential money from it. The Department didn’t pay me a quarter of what youse make. I’m planning on going home one day.. To Ireland and well I need to make some decent money first.’ ‘You realize we can’t exactly trust you. Yeah? But we’ll keep an eye on you. I’ll have Archie watch you.’ Exclaimed Kevin. This was fine. Archie was a kid, he was no older than 17, if he had even reached that age yet. Archie was of average height, maybe 5’9. He had short brown hair and was of slim build. He wore black running shoes with dark grey jeans that hung casually on his legs. A white t-shirt that sat under a black leather jacket. Archie was a Soldier for the Los Calaveras; the second lowest rank. He was easy to manipulate and trusted Logan. Something Logan eventually regretted. Later that night Archie and Logan were driving around Sandy Shores. It was around 2am in the morning and Logan was beginning to sober up from his earlier antics. They drove past the spot that Logan was at a few weeks prior for the shooting of the Cadet; LSD. ‘Hey, wanna raid LSD?’ asked Archie inquisitively. ‘The fuck does that mean’ asked a confused Logan as he turned his body in the vehicle to face Archie. ‘We run in, masked up and we take the lab. Anyone working inside gives us their materials or we blow their fuckin’ brains out’ said Archie in a sadistically excited manner. Before Logan could blurt out anything, he noticed their car was already driving towards the lab. His instincts were desperately itching at him to call it and find an excuse, but it was all moving too fast. Their vehicle came to a sudden halt and Archie was reaching for his mask and his gun. He pulled his skull mask out from behind the drivers seat of the car and pulled it on. Logan was yet to get a skull mask so he simply pulled on his balaclava. Archie let out this menacingly loud burst of laughter as he leaped from the car and start jogging towards the lab. Logan followed quickly behind him, stumbling over his own feet as he scrambled for his firearm from his waistband. Archie led the way, kicking the door in and rushing inside the drug pin. The room was dark inside, a musty smell filled the air and engulfed both Archie and Logan. Vandalism covered the walls to each corner, different shades of blue and red scattered across the concrete. Inside lay a young man, no older than 25 sitting on a sofa; spaced. He was so high his body didn’t even react to the loud smashing of the two men entering the building. Archie ecstatically ran past him towards the stairs. Logan slowly walked past, his gun facing the ground as he peered to the helpless man. This young man was clearly at the bottom of the barrel. There was nothing no one could do for him at this point. Logan rushed his pace in order to catch up with Archie who he found at the top of the stairs, arms outstretched to the point Logan couldn’t see what he was doing. Grouping up at the top it came clear the situation that had unfolded in those measly seconds they were separated. Archie was aiming his Beretta M9 to the back of the head of an unbeknown man. Cross quickly reached out and placed his hand on Archie’s firearm, shaking his head relentlessly. ‘The fuck..- Oi! Prick! On your fucking knees!’ shouted Archie towards the man who jumped with fright from the commotion. He turned around and saw the two men standing in front of him, both clearly armed. With such a scare he took of running towards the back room, out onto the balcony and then down the stairs. Chasing him he had two of Archie’s rounds escaping his gun. Pow. Pow. This was shortly followed up with laughter from Archie. ‘Hmm. Little bitch. C’mon, let me show you how to make LSD’ he said calmly as he holstered his handgun.
  13. The flight home – Police Investigator Logan Cross On the 7th of December, 2018 Elijah Reid was buried in the Vinewood cemetery, Los Santos. He was given a Police Officer’s funeral with all serving members attending in their dress blues and their polished medals attached to their gear. Logan had started his police investigatory training while Elijah was in Los Santos Med. Distracted and dazed throughout he still put in as much effort as he could muster. Sitting in the office while he waited on Detective Doherty and Detective Baldwin to begin the patrol he thought back to the day Elijah was tragically shot in the line of duty. His car swerving around the corner, clipping the path as his sirens blare throughout the neighborhood. Forcing his door open as he grasped onto his firearm from his holster, running as fast as he could towards the house. Majority of his safety training gone out the window as a dark panic washed over him. Getting to the door of the house as he saw Officer Wilson in an alley performing CPR onto a lifeless Reid. It all happened so quick. His thoughts are shattered by the sound of the office door opening up to reveal Detective Kyle Doherty entering the room. ‘Get into your civvies and we’ll head out’. Logan did as he was told and made his way into the locker room to gather his things and get changed. His mind was back and forth constantly. Elijah’s belongings were being sent home to Ireland to his grieving mother who was too ill to attend the funeral and come over for the journey. Logan made sure he had collected all of Reid’s items before giving them over to the precinct for delivery. In the locker room he found himself looking into the mirror subconsciously, not even noticing he had been standing there for a solid 30 seconds before Doherty entered the room. ‘You ready?’ ‘Oh, yeah gimme two more minutes. I’ll be out now’. His lost gaze and flustered face changing from a sorrow glance to an anxious gawking at his own face in the reflection. His breathing deeper and quicker as he pulled on his shirt and tucked it into his slacks. He collected his holster and firearm, carrying himself out the door. On his way to the car to meet with Doherty and Baldwin he found himself drifting off to thoughts of Officer Amelia Wilson, Elijah’s partner on the day. Over the course of the couple of weeks Elijah was in hospital and on life support he had gotten to know Amelia outside of work and, in his opinion, got close to her. She was friendly and open minded, she didn’t mind the harder questions and the darker topics, allowing both parties to speak freely and openly with each other. He admired her honesty and courage. She was never physically hurt on the day but Logan could see the emotional damage it caused on her. She would never say it but she was very anxious to go back out on another patrol. Poor girls first day on the job and she has a code 1 where an officer is shot and killed in the line of duty. She was due to start back in work the tomorrow. Logan wanted to check in on her and ensure she was okay, he could go on a patrol with her and show her that it’s not always bad. Again, he was dragged from his thoughts as he jumped into the car and Detective Bear Baldwin turned to him, handing him a laptop. ‘This is yours now, sign in with your normal PD password. It has a few different apps and programs on it you can use, we’ll show you what we mean now in a second’ he said as he loaded up the MDC. ‘Nervous?’ He asked Logan. ‘Not at all, this should be fine’ he said shakingly. ‘Hmm’. Baldwin smirked. The three were out on patrol for approximately three hours and Logan had been smacked with such an array of brand new information that he was expected to soak up like a sponge. Going after outstanding warrants, performing stakeouts of potential criminals as well as known law breakers. Watching areas of high crime rate and getting to know the local gangs. They had a call come over the radio, requesting additional backup out in Sandy Shores. Cadet Wilson’s voice came over the radio stating they had two 10-15’s (suspects in custody) and both were from the Zetas gang. ‘That Wilson?’ questioned Logan confused. ‘Yeah, I think so’ responded Doherty, his eyes glued on the road as he swung the vehicle around and turned on the lights of the unmarked vehicle. Speeding through an intersection towards interstate one. ‘Wasn’t she not meant to start back until tomorrow?’ prompted Cross, shaking his head slowly as he tried to figure out what was going on. ‘Ehm, I think she finished her time off early, she was in yesterday as well.’ Logan sat with his back against the chair, pondering the situation before Baldwin snapped him out of it. ‘Get a heavy, Zetas don’t fuck around.’ Logan reached into the gun rack in the middle of the seats, withdrawing his submachine gun, placing it on his lap gently. He pulled out the magazine and checked it’s contents, ensuring it was full. Reaching into the rack once again he pulled out one additional magazine, placing it on the seat next to him. He reached under the seat and one by one took out three Kevlar vests, handing them into Baldwin who was waiting with his hands out for them. Cross pulled his vest over his head and took the extra magazine, sliding it into one of the vacant compartments. Pulling the sling over his head and onto his right shoulder, he sat the firearm on his lap once again as they neared Sandy. Upon reaching the scene they found Amelia Wilson, Phillipe Sanchez, Marco Davis and Jimmy Pegorino all surrounding two men, both wearing blue clothing with blue balaclava’s. They had both men down on their knees with cuffs on their wrists, restrained behind their backs. Wilson was searching one of the men while Captain Davis spoke to the other. Doherty called the Detectives and the investigator as code 6 on the scene as they exited their vehicle. Logan walked proudly along side them towards the scene, moving hastily in an attempt to get Amelia’s attention. Once she saw him they caught eye contact and Logan shot a big smile over at her, waving passively. She smiled in return and looked away from him. Doherty and Baldwin began speaking to Davis, assessing what happened and gathering extra information. Logan listened intently and began to take notes on the Captain’s words. Davis’ words began to get softer and softer as the loud screeching sound of a motorbike came speeding towards them. The bike whizzed past before coming to a sudden halt, it nearly collapsing on its side. A man wearing white leaped off of the bike with a small handgun in his right hand, glaring towards all the officers. Logan charged towards him with the aid of Wilson, both aiming their firearms at his chest before screaming demands for him to get down and drop onto the floor. Steadily aiming at the man Logan watched him carefully. ‘They called for backup, Cross’ Davis shouted over towards him. Logan looked back for a moment and caught Doherty’s attention. ‘Doherty, grab me an extra couple of mags’ Changing Face – Detective I Logan Cross Logan was working close with the Gangs and Narcotics Division under the watchful eye of Detective II Doherty. Doherty was the Assistant Commanding Officer of the division and brought Logan in under his wing. There was three of them that actively worked on cases and worked on gathering information on the local criminal organizations. Detective’s Doherty, Cross and Kozak. Cross trusted his team more than anyone within the department. Doherty was seen as someone who was stern and strict but was very passionate about his team and those he worked with. He was compassionate and loyal to the Investigations Bureau and was an extremely hard worker. He was competent in his work and and with experience came the ability to be a fantastic mentor. Although him and Cross were close in age, Logan always saw him as a teacher and someone to look up to. Someone to be motivated by and someone to aspire to be like later in his career. With Kozak he was similar to Doherty. Friendly guy and he got on well with Cross as they both had a similar sense of humour. Kozak was Cross’ direct partner in GND and they worked really well together as a pair. On the 4th of January, 2019 Cross got some intel from one of his criminal informants that one of the local gangs, Vice, was hosting an illegal party in one of their nightclubs. The nightclub was owned and run by the kingpin of Vice; King Oni. King was a well known criminal within the Los Santos Police and had multiple criminal convictions, mostly relating to firearm possession, assault and felony evasion. This was a fantastic opportunity to gather some information on the group and to collect some evidence of illegal Logan was surprised at the amount of information obtained; noting down how silly the individuals were to blatantly and evidently carry out such idiotic crimes in front of so many people. Using a camera attached to his chest and as well a pair of glasses that possessed a tiny camera he was able to document the evidence and use it to compromise a file against the members of the gang that were on the scene. Before going in he knew that King would recognize him. Working as a Gangs Detective they find out about you quicker than you do them. Logan visited a barber shop and cut his ponytail off, cutting his hair short for the first time in years. He shaved off his beard and visited a small pound shop in Vinewood. Purchasing a pair of shorts and a plain black t-shirt he went back to Mission Row precinct. Gathering his items, his glasses-cam and his jacket. A single combat pistol which he tucked tightly into his waist band. Cross and Kozak met up before entering the building, informing each other of a ‘code word’ incase things got out of control. They moved in at different times, Kozak being searched on the door and Cross using this as a diversion as he slipped past. Once inside he began the documenting process. ) ) ) On return to Mission Row, excited to tell Captain Langley about his accomplishment, Logan was met with devastating news. His friend, someone he truly cared about, Amelia Wilson had been found dead. She had come to him only days before saying how she didn’t feel right and how she wanted to end her own life. After a lengthy discussion she had promised that she would try. And she did. She did try. Her will wasn’t strong enough to keep going. Amelia Wilson was found dead and to have committed suicide. This was one of the things that turned Logan into what he is today.
  14. SWAT Training – Police Officer II Logan Cross Logan wasn’t waiting too long before being promoted to Police Officer II within the LSPD. This rank offered him the ability to open his career and begin deciding the path he wanted to take within the department. Joining the Investigations Bureau was still his main goal and his ambition was still there but he knew the training he would receive in the Special Weapons and Tactics team would be so beneficial to his career that he knew he couldn’t miss the opportunity. Speaking to the Assistant Commanding Officer Paige and Commander Hamilton before applying he showed great desire to join and be trained up to be one of the more specialist units within the force. He sent an application over to the SWAT command team and awaited their response. Whilst waiting for a response from the SWAT team his brother and partner, Elijah Reid, also got promoted to Police Officer II and already had his SWAT application ready to go. With Reid it was always SWAT that he was passionate about, his goal was to progress through the ranks of the SWAT team and eventually become a successful operative. Logan was just there for the training and the knowledge he would obtain from it. After multiple interviews, discussions and written tests Logan and Elijah were invited to attend the next SWAT training held in Senora, San Andreas County. Kitted up with paintball guns and a set team they sat in the loading area with Sergeant Paige and Commander Hamilton while briefed on the situation. As Logan showed great intuition and desire to learn he was set as the team leader for the training session and was told he was part of the ‘Police side’ where the other operatives, including Elijah, were the ‘bad guys’ and told to enter the abandoned building and get ready. The session was built and developed around breaching and clearing a room – using tactics, communication and field awareness to ensure the job was done to a competent level and also done professionally. As Logan and his team were stacking up on the first door Paige came around the corner and quickly discussed the rules and regulations. ‘Right, lads. No headshots, no over kill and no messing around’ he said sternly, returning his gaze towards Logan every couple of words. Logan nodded in agreement and turned to face his team of three. Cynthia Mahoney, Santino Deferro and Charlie Williams. Santino and Charlie were experienced operatives whereas Cynthia and Logan were the trainees. He placed Cynthia at the back to observe the movement, then Charlie then Santino and then him. ‘Youse ready?’ Asked Paige before Santino placed a tight grasp on Logan’s right shoulder. ‘Ready’ said Santino in his unique central European accent. ‘Ready’ repeated Logan. ‘Stacked’ ‘Stacked’ ‘Stacked’ ‘Stacked.’ Slowly, softly and silently the group hugged the wall as they glided up the stairs. Logan ensured his Carbine Rifle wasn’t visible around the immediate corner that turned at a 90 degrees angle to the left, visible to the entire catwalk ahead of it. Santino released his grip on Cross’ shoulder to turn around, watching his back as they climbed the steps. Upon reaching the top step Logan pulled out his snake cam, tossing it onto the floor as he carefully maneuvered it to the first room which sat on the left approximately 5 feet away. Entering the room he could see 2 individuals, both facing the same way – the front door. Behind them, a window. Logan attempted to bring the cam into the next room before it was grasped by one of the individuals, placed inside their pocket. ‘Fuck. They got it.’ ‘You got to be faster, my friend’ Santino remarked to Logan before tapping his shoulder once again. Logan nodded before carrying himself around to the left, keeping his rifle in the air and his right eye watching the sights of the firearm. ‘Okay, Williams, I want you around the back of this room. We’re going to flank them.’ ‘Sounds good’ he said in his deep British accent before disembarking from the stack and dragging himself around the barrier towards the other side. Logan then kept his eyes straight ahead, ensuring no one planned on making a surprise attack. ‘Santino, we take this room on the left’. ‘On your mark’. ‘Okay’ he says as he presses his push to talk on his radio, speaking directly to Williams, Santino and Cynthia. ‘3-2-1-Go.’ Logan darted to the other side of the door, causing the men inside to immediately begin firing at his moving shadow. With this, Santino swiftly moved into position and fired two shots into the initial enemies chest. He had no visual of anyone else in the room. Cynthia stacked behind him and they both slowly entered the room. Logan kept his eyes forward as the noise may have drew attention. With Santino and Cynthia in the room, they moved together slowly but precisely, their field awareness at an all time high. A shadow moved infront of them before Williams appeared in the opposite window, firing a single shot inside and slapping SWAT operative Liam Crawford, one of the bad guys, to the lower abdomen. ‘Clear’ called out Cynthia. Logan sent a small smirk under his mask. ‘Stacked’. Encountering shadows – Police Officer III Logan Cross It began as a normal day for Cross, his alarm ringing at 0530am. Pressing snooze so many times the alarm screen reads 0607am when glanced at through hazy eyes. Crawling to the end of the bed, still engulfed in blankets, sighing and going through the usual mental debate of ‘if it’s worth it’. Getting up and getting dressed seemed to be the hardest part of the day the last couple of weeks. With his promotion to Police Officer III last month he was being approached as a more senior rank by the newly attested cadets and although he had no issue with this, he found it was more difficult to have fun. A police officer III is not a supervisor in the eyes of the Los Santos Police but the cadets were always so worried to act out of place in front of someone superior to their rank. He knocked abruptly on Elijah’s door to hear a faint ‘Ughh’ coming back at him. Elijah was still a Police Officer II however Logan was sure he’d be getting promoted soon. ‘Mon we’re gonna be late, I wanna get some food before we go’n’ Logan called into him. He stood at the door for a moment, his ear clasped against the white wood as he heard the rustling of bed sheets hitting the floor and a small thud as Elijah’s feet regrettably hit the floor. ‘D’ye want tea?’ he shouted into him? ‘No, I’m alright’. Elijah called back. Making his way into the kitchen, Logan turned the kettle on and pulled himself onto the counter as he sat his face into his open palms, closing his eyes for a few moments. ‘What’s wrong with you?’ Asked Elijah as he walked into the kitchen in a white t-shirt and a pair of un-ironed black slacks. His t-shirt tucked messily into his slacks and his fly undone. ‘Nothing, just tired.’ ‘You hear anything back from IB?’ ‘No, I spoke to Commander Blake the other day but my application is still outstanding.’ ‘I’ve to patrol with a poxy cadet today, fucking Bacon organized it.’ ‘Who is it?’ ‘I’m not sure, Wilson. He only graduated last week, I haven’t met him yet’. Logan nodded before noticing the kettle had finished boiling. Jumping down from the counter he poured the water into a cup, turning to face Elijah as he walked away from him. ‘Here, fix yourself if you’re meeting a new cadet. Ellie Adams’ will rip your throat out’. He could hear a faint laugh from Elijah before it was muffled by the sound of the kettle being replaced into its holster. On their way to the precinct Logan went through a McDonald’s drive thru and collected a coffee for Elijah and two portions of pancakes, one for each. They sat outside the restaurant and ate in their car before making their way down to Mission Row. As the duo were walking in a small officer in a fresh LSPD uniform came jogging to the door, a huge smile on her face. She stopped the two in their tracks as she began speaking enthusiastically. ‘Hi! I’m Wilson. Amelia Wilson’. Logan attempted to hide his smile as he turned to face Elijah who was evidently in mental distress. His eyes closed for a moment before nodding a couple of times. ‘Of course you are. Wait here, I need to get my shit’. He said in a very blunt tone of voice. As far as Logan knew he was on a Lincoln patrol today, he was on his own so could take his time. Elijah and Logan collectively walked into the locker room where they both put their bags away and began gathering their items. Their Glock sidearms, their stun guns, batons and cuffs. They were greeted by the newly promoted Lieutenant Trustson who was in and out of the locker room within 10 seconds. Logan made his way out over to the front desk where he could log into his emails and check if he heard back from the Investigation Bureau regarding his application. While the emails were loading up Elijah gave him a brief nod as he was abruptly brought out by the new cadet, Wilson. She sent a smile and a wave to Logan. She was pretty. He smiled back and watched her leave before looking down to his station. 2 outstanding emails. ‘ASD Inactivity notice’ from Cynthia Shelby, the newly married SWAT operative from the training session. She had gotten married to Daniels Shelby, a recruitment Sergeant with the Rockford precinct. ‘Investigations Application – Interview’ from Captain Lewis Langley. His face lit up as he read the subject, selecting the email and preemptively clicking the screen assuming it would make it load faster. Langley was always someone that Cross looked up to. Informing him on his first day as a cadet that he was going to be a Detective one day. ‘Hello Officer Cross’ the email began before inviting him to have an interview later that day sometime during his shift. Langley didn’t start his shift until 10 so he imagined he’d have the interview about 12. His heart sank with excitement and anxiety at the thought. He quickly ran into the bathroom to fix himself up, ensuring he was clean shaven (enough) and had his shirt buttoned up all the way. 12 o’clock came and Logan waited in the administration lounge of the upstairs aspect of Mission Row. He sat anxiously and nervously in the waiting area before Langley walked around the corner, a big smile on his face. ‘Ah Cross!’ he said cheerfully as he approached him, his arm extended towards him. Logan leaped from his chair as he clasped onto Lewis’ hand and shaked it firmly, sending a smile towards him. ‘Captain, thank you so much for this opportunity!’ ‘Not at all, I’ve kept an eye on you. You’ve been waiting on this for a while. Thank you for your determination’. Kept an eye on Logan? All this time Logan has been building his career to this very moment and they’ve noticed it? Incredible. He was speechless in that moment. Bad time for that going into an interview. ‘After you’ invited Langley as he gestured towards a small office on the side. Cross entered confidently with his head up and a warm smile on his face. This was the beginning of the rest of his life. Taking the lift down to the ground floor with a huge smile on his face he could barely hold his composure in the lift. He felt as though the interview went amazing. He felt a genuine connection with Langley, was able to express his desire and goals to join the investigation team. He was able to show his research, his work with Detective’s and his problem-solving abilities. Langley informed him that he’ll be sending him over a written test that he’s to take his time with. Rushing over to his cruiser he called into Dispatch. ‘Dispatch, can you show me where 12-A-28 is currently situated?’ ‘Dispatch to last, 12-A-28 is currently on a domestic in Richman Drive, house 208. Code 6 and code 4’. Copy that Dispatch, show me 10-9 enroute to Richman Drive temporarily’. Driving faster than he’ll admit Logan was struggling to keep his excitement in. He had some music playing, he had the window down and he had a smile on his face the entire drive. The music in the car was loud enough to deafen any radio calls coming through except for one that came across loud and ecstatic. A female voice roared which instinctively caused Logan to lower the volume of his music; ‘Shots fired at police, heavy shots, we got an officer hit! Call 324!’ she shrieked into her radio before Dispatch called a code 1 on call 324. All units called in their responses and ETA’s. 324 was in Richman, just down the road from house 208. ‘Oh please no’.
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