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  1. @GOAT I have no agenda at all. I really didn't need a list of people who were corrupt and who weren't because I honestly have no need for it. You missed my entire point. I'm not arguing for one side or the other but my only example is PD since I was never a member of a gang for very long so I'm not familiar with their rules as I am with PDs. As I said to Phillipe, my argument applies to the entirety of ECRP and my intent was not to make it look like I was targeting one faction. My entire point is there should be more things dealt with IC as opposed to OOC and I've always said that, even before the kick. I have argued with PD side and Crim side when the dumb OOC arguments kick off. I'm not on one side or the other at all. I'm arguing for fair, balance and fun roleplay.
  2. @MrSilky OOC discharges are a thing so I'm going to have to disagree. Also, the comment was aimed at every faction, not just PD so I apologise if it came off that way but I'm not as familiar with other faction rules so my example is leaning towards PD. There seem to be a few faction rules for all factions that ride the grey area line or are blatantly mixing. If it's an OOC punishment then surely there's a better way than Discharging or Suspending people which ultimately is dragging it IC.
  3. Did you read what I said? Yes, it's mixing to punish IC for something OOC.
  4. @GOAT I disagree with you. You have derailed on to the topic of ooc toxicity and defense of Mick whilst also trying to drag gangs down. No one is criticising or attempting to pit PD Vs Crims as this server is so fond of doing. The main issue was PD corruption at high levels. I agree with @CallumMontie that PD should implement a rule disallowing high ranking PD members from being corrupt, as LSC and Bayview currently hold those policies. My issue with corruption is that instead of keeping as much IC as possible, they give IC punishments for OOC issues. So if someone breaks an OOC PD rule such as ooc toxicity or misrepresenting the faction ooc, they receive an IC punishment as a result. If no one finds out IC or reports it IC then why are the officers receiving IC punishment for it? The same goes for gang rp as well though I'm not as familiar with their rules. In my opinion, there is too much mixing within the current rules for factions when mixing is something that's punishable. Yes, there should be consequences to ooc rule breaks (such as ooc toxicity) but they should not extend IG as much as they do.
  5. What do you mean OOC respect? Lack of OOC respect for PD or for the chain of command?
  6. +1 on all of this. @Z0thian you might be interested in the thread lmao.
  7. +1 and bumping the thread for visibility again. I agree with @HaminLord's change suggestions.
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