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  1. the dude that wants to buy it owns the gun store in front of the house, so... why the hell you tryna steal it?
  2. Hey, I am looking for a second hand Whippet Race Bike. You got one and want to get rid of it? Text me at #5237015 or Email me at Lucas.#[email protected]
  3. We now have a website, www.DanielsPipes.com((https://discord.gg/gVAtrS6))
  4. damn, you can always visit DanielsPipes, gunstore next to taco.
  5. Exodical

    ID 33 Fear RP

    Player(s) being reported: ID 33 Date of interaction reported: 10/25/2019 somewhere around 4 AM EU-Amsterdam time Unix time stamp from HUD: http://prntscr.com/pntycr Your characters name: Lucas_Daniels Other player(s) involved: None Specific rule(s) broken: http://prntscr.com/pntyut How did the player break the rule(s)? After being chased for a good amount of time by ID 33 and his friend they decided to split up for whatever reason, when ID 33 was alone I decided to take my chance to take him as he was alone at this time. After I got off my bike he stood still close to me so I decided to aim my pistol at ID 33 but he decided to drive off instead of roleplaying to fear for his life. Evidence of rule breach: [I was livestreaming this while in one of the rooms in the Eclipse discord]
  6. Account name: Exodical Character name(s):Lucas_Daniels Admin who issued punishment: Rodiz Date of punishment: 26/Feb/19 Punishment received: Non RP| Offense #4| Breach of NCZ Reason given for punishment: Breach of NCZ, lack of maturity while talking about what happened. Your explanation of what happened: Femo, Arian, and me were having fun together around Tequilala up until someone came up to us and asked us if we were interested in purchasing an assault rifle. We didn’t expect this guy to have an assault rifle so we asked him to show it to us, he agreed to showing the assault rifle to us and gave us a location[behind Tequilala, at this time the back of Tequilala wasn’t marked as an NCZ]. A couple of minutes later the dude showed up on his bike and drove into one of the electrical poles, getting himself injured and falling of the bike. Femo, Arian and Me thought this spot wasn’t considered an NCZ at that time since it wasn’t marked as one, we ran up to the dude checked his pockets, took his stuff and drove off. About half an hour later we got confronted by Rodiz, he gave us two options. Either giving back the Assault rifle and the situation would have been voided, or keep the assault rifle and receive a punishment for breaching NCZ. Arian and me were of course trying to go for the first option, but since Femo had the assault rifle, he didn’t want to give it back. Rodiz got kinda angry at Femo which ended up into Femo getting angry as well. After a lengthy discussion we came to a conclusion of giving back the assault rifle to Rodiz. We asked Rodiz to teleport Femo to the location of where the assault rifle was stored, Rodiz denied this and gave us all three Non RP, mostly because lack of maturity. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I feel like this appeal should be accepted, since after all we offered giving back the assault rifle to the victim, but never got the chance to. Neither did we know this location was an NCZ since it wasn’t marked as one. Rodiz punished me and Arian for the lack of maturity from Femo, purely because Femo had an argument about him being frustrated after this whole situation. After this whole situation, Administrator Chuck decided to fully remove the assault rifle from the game. If this didn’t happen we would have happily given back the assault rifle to the victim. Post any evidence or further details: https://prnt.sc/po5tav
  7. Account name: Exodical Character name(s):Lucas_Daniels Admin who issued punishment: Boxxy Date of punishment: 08/April/18 Punishment received: Non RP-Jail-fine 1 Reason given for punishment: Non RP Behaviour 10k fine Your explanation of what happened: Tom and me had the idea to roleplay a large scale burglary up in the office of Pillbox MD. Once we had our plan worked out, we started preparing for the burglary, as we were preparing the burglary some of our friends wanted to join us. After the whole preparation we went into MD to execute the plan. Arrived at MD we went up the staircase to the top level[office]. Once arrived at the top level we started taking out our bags and carefully taking computers, monitors etc. Up until the point to were we found out there was a player AFK in the office.[we didn’t know this office was actually used as an office for the chief of MD]. Once we found out, we left all the equipment and ran downstairs until we got confronted by Boxxy. After having a long discussion/conversation, Boxxy came to a conclusion of giving all of us Non RP. In Boxxy’s opinion the main reason for this was us running through a door which should be able to be locked/unlocked by MD, but up until now the door is still not lockable by MD employees. Why should your appeal be accepted?: 6.8.1 A no crime zone (NCZ) is an area, where players must not commit crimes, that would cause harm to another player or their property. Players must not disobey orders of law enforcement officers but are allowed to run from arrest. A crime that does not harm another player or their property is defined as a victimless crime. We never broke any of MDs property neither did we hurt anybody going upstairs/being upstairs. We never knew the office up in MD was actually used as an active RP location. We also got told by Boxxy that we shouldn’t even have went up the stairs since in her opinion the doors should be locked roleplay wise[at this time PD had lockable doors, MD didn’t, up until now they still haven’t got lockable doors.] So we didn’t know this was not allowed. Post any evidence or further details: At this point of time there were different active rules. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1t32pTy6QT9Lu7MBkqB4Eq7oKustLegT1/view
  8. Account name: Exodical Character name(s): Lucas_Daniels Admin who issued punishment: Triple Seven Date of punishment:03/Sep/18 Punishment received: Deathmatching#1|Non RP[copbaiting and invalid kidnapping, Non RP Behaviour #1 Reason given for punishment: No reason for Kidnapping and Copbaiting Your explanation of what happened: I got told over the radio to come to our warehouse, because cops were on their way. Arrived at the warehouse, cops arrived and we tried getting the cops out of the car so we could later on try taking them to a location and receive money. But unfortunately this didn’t go as well, we gave demands to the cops but they decided to deny them fully and tried fleeing from their current position, while trying to flee they circled into me which gave me and my gang members another reason to shoot. We shot the cops, back up arrived and most of us died or got arrested. Why should your appeal be accepted?: Deathmatching#1|Non RP[copbaiting and invalid kidnapping] Since this punishment was issued almost a year ago, there were different rules which stated: You were allowed to give out demands to anybody driving a vehicle, if they tried fleeing you could shoot them. As stated above the cops denied my demands and decided to drive off, while driving off they drove into me, which gives me a reason to shoot.[I started shooting after I stood up]. Non RP Behaviour #1 I never called the cops, I got called over the radio to hide in a bush until the cops arrived. Neither did I make up the plan, and we never ended up kidnapping anybody at the end of the situation. Post any evidence or further details: [old rules] 7.2.2 Examples of valid reasons to attack another player: • If they attempt to harm, hurt you or damage your property (or if they attempt to do the same to your friends or allies), this also includes an attempt by the police to arrest someone; • If they report you to the police for a committed heavy crime, however, if someone reports you for a light crime, such as illegal parking, then the reason is insufficient; • If they are not in compliance with the demands or if they attempt to escape or call other players for help;
  9. Exodical

    ID 29 DM

    Honestly, I didn't really get what the dude was trying here so I asked him why he was going to kill me.
  10. how much are you looking to get for it?
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