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  1. Hit me up with some offers, either down here or text #5237015
  2. Exodical

    ID 196 NRP

    Hey I was the driver, Since It is allowed to off-road in a super car I started chasing you. I do have to say you sort of stunt jumped over those little bumps. As you can also see in this picture the administrator says its allowed as long as the game mechanics allow it. If you take a look at the video I wasn't going full speed after you.
  3. I am not sure if you get the money your house was sold for, but I do know you still have your cars.
  4. After 3 months of being inactive your house will be put for sale. 😉
  5. WHole nigga🧔😱 ~Lucas Daniels
  6. I want to add something to this, when we did this rp situation the LSPD used unbreakable barricades to keep us from leaving the Sewers with SUVs. So how are people saying PD rp is good?
  7. Could you e-mail the average earnings? [email protected](Lucas.#5865)
  8. I might consider your offer but i would rather wait for a few more offers.
  9. Kinda looking for more offers
  10. For Sale 3G Vinewood Hills Offer Down Below Standard 3G Interior Number: 5237015
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