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Found 13 results

  1. l Buying 2G House l l Budget 450k l l prefferably in a quite location l l negotiable for prices l l Contact 4247399 l
  2. Buyout price: 250k (negotiable) Furnished !INCLUDES SAFE! Total Storage: 450 Volume Phone: #4247399 (TEXT ONLY)
  3. Starting Bid: 260k Buyout price: 300k Furnished !INCLUDES SAFE! Total Storage: 450 Volume Phone: #4247399
  4. Properties for Rent - Across LS! #3797036 2-Garage Property || In-City || Roy-Lowenstein Boulevard https://imgur.com/a/FLrr4yf - Property Located Across Impound Availability: UNAVAILABLE 2-Garage Property || In-City || Boulevard Del Perro https://imgur.com/a/dXnTfqr - Prime Location West of LS Availability: UNAVAILABLE 1-Garage Property || In-City || North Archer Avenue https://imgur.com/a/hkUkUHi - Property Located Close to LS Bank Availability: UNAVAILABLE 1-Garage
  5. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Trading my gun store Please don't low ball me, hit me up with considerable offers Comes with a customized website((Discord)), comes with a stock of at least 100 pistols Looking for either rare vehicles or a different business Located near the Taco job Hit me up with Offers at #5237015 Lucas Daniels ~ Owner of DanielsPipes Gun Store Website ______________________________________________________________
  6. My suggestion would be for criminals having the ability to use a crowbar, purchased from a store, using it on a house doorway and being able to break into a house. They then have to look for the stashspot that is in the interior to loot items from it. A way to counteract this would be to purchase an alarm system for houses as an add on extra. If the alarm is tripped by forced entry then the police are notified via the 911 system. You could even buy a silent alarm upgrade, slightly more expensive. The use of bobby pins could also be a useful implementation for this. In the way that bo
  7. Make it option to get a mortgage and pay payments off on the house instead of all one payment I’m sure many players will agree it is hard to save up all that money at once and spend it at once of course, the reason I don’t own a house yet is because I would rather not pay it all at once and yeah I have tried to get a loan multiple times this week but the people that own those businesses are not online that much and make it hard. I feel like we should be able to pay monthly payments on houses, or have an AI loan system sure it won’t give you rp but it will probably work a lot better you miss a
  8. It is close to Tequi-la-la, with a big backyard and a pool for your leisure. Please contact me at 4817573 or leave a message below if you are interested. Offer me your price (Price is negotiable!!!). No low-ball offers!!!!!
  9. Hello there, I'm currently selling two 2 garage houses that are located in Jamestown, where the Vagos used to hang. Minimum price is 160k. Email me for more information or text/call me when you have an interest. Name: Kendrick Ramal Phone number: 2281521 Selling: Jamestown 7 | 2 garage house Information: Located in Jamestown, nearby four blackmarkets, general store / gas station / clothing store all nearby! Willing to trade for: N/A Bid starts at: 160.000 house Buyout: 200.000 house Pictures / GPS location: --------
  10. Selling : 4 Car House Details : Cute 4 Car house, Garage, Yard with Hot tub & pool & completely private! Price : 850,000k (negotiable) Name : Keira Black Phone number : 3966862 Picture : https://i.gyazo.com/50014e1fdb556c482efaa0f365deda48.mp4 https://i.gyazo.com/9f2c82cf7737837b363f9fbcb17013b1.mp4
  11. I know the houses are essential in the roleplay, everyone needs live somewhere, but the houses are really usefull? You can store items? change clothes? Or is only a place to practice roleplay with your friends and nothing more? Im saving money for a house, but the circunstances made me think about buy a weapon license to my self-defense. What you guys recomend? (I know the server are new and they need improve some things)
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