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  1. Cjeet

    Cjeet Manlow (BAG)

    Thanks for replay. But I gave exactly time when server crashed and my bag was on the ground. After I backed it disappeared... Yes main problem I have no footage of this... But as I see I am not the only one who lost stuff at that day when server was crashing all the day... I have no point to lie or something...
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  3. Cjeet

    Cjeet Manlow (BAG)

    Character to be refunded: Cjeet Manlow Date and time of incident: 29/10/2018 about 20:23 (LTU Time) Requested refund (what and how much): Everything what was in the Bag inventory,(9Aks. 3-4SMG 1Shotgun, 700+ - ak ammo, 1100+ - Smg bullets, x2 silencers Micro smg 50+ shotgun ammo. because i lost everything due to a server crash. Description of incident resulting in loss: I was sorting out all my staff into one bag. I putted it on ground and Bam server crashed. Evidence of loss: Dont have anything. Mabye logs can help.... Comments:
  4. Cjeet

    Buying a boat

    Hello Los Santos people, I am looking to buy a boat. Please send me offers 4823565.
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    Delete it. Sry.
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    Cancel my bid.
  8. Character to be refunded: Cjeet Manlow Date and time of incident: 17/10/2018 Requested refund (what and how much): 128 SMG bullets. Description of incident resulting in loss: i tried to fill up SMG with bullets. But after I pressing USE bullets disappearing. Evidence of loss: https://streamable.com/go4p3
  9. Cjeet

    Stranger 3785 5426 - Exploiting a bug.

    I am not playing poker 2-3 hours. What do you mean? Where the fuck should i know it's bug or not?
  10. Cjeet

    Stranger 3785 5426 - Exploiting a bug.

    I am new at poker pretty much a noob. And have no idea why in this server poker is not fixed. It was first time for me.
  11. I am interested, can you please leave your email here?
  12. Cjeet


    Full moded Felon 70K only Contact me via email a✘_Cjeet#0108 .
  13. Cjeet

    Mask 4290_4319 (6.1.1 Deathmatch)

    Hello There, Serthon She was calling back up on radio... Dunno why in this video you can't hear that. In my screen I saw this https://streamable.com/vlutd ... So In this situation as I mention I killed her becouse after our warnings she just started to scream on radio for her gang members... And also I guess I need to mantion that we are in war with Narcos gang she is one of them the war is between Narcos and Bratva.
  14. Cjeet


    Dunno why you saw that VDM so hard on your screen... But w/e server problems I guess.. I can give your stuff back for this all stiupid situation.
  15. Cjeet


    We 4 times said to you to stop. WE hited you once with car to stop you from running. After that we pointed a gun on you two guys pointed. And you just picking up a shotgun so we started to shot you . As you see in video, you had a lot of desync. So fix that. WE gave you warrning after you started running from your house. You didnt responded to use after views warrnings so we dicided as i said to hit you with car one time to stop you.... Dunno why do you have so much ping/ desync or smth. Because after we hited you with car we said you 4 times to hands up. We can see in video that you got HUGE desync