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  1. +1 it's aids how many times it was used as mg.
  2. @SimonZ are you still interested in house?
  3. Cjeet

    ID 141 DM

    Hi thanks for the tag @Will215 I AM ID141 here This man continued to come back to a hostile situation,Jack continuously gets out of the car and aims and he still comes back, continulously ruleplaying and breaking Fear RP, to which point I decided for the 4th time he came back, that was it and he is not complying to our demands and I opened fire on him. I literally made a report in game whilst this situation was ocurring that this man was ruleplaying, please spectate. Here is a screenshot: As soon as he dies he cries in /b DM and "i was baiting" I would like to ask him what he meant by saying this, as I only have one thought which is he is baiting reports. My pov contains sensitive information so I will send it to staff team directly. P.s Your second video is invalid cuse it's edited next time please upload at least a full POV that shows an actuall full situation.
  4. If in 24 hours I wont get any offers , it's yours sir.
  5. Nah ill pass that offer, thanks !
  6. Hi. Sorry looking for a bit more.
  7. 2G Mirror House + Pool https://imgur.com/NHaO44K Today is the day when I am selling my first lovely 2G house. I was the owner for 2 years and today I am willing to sell it. It has nice drive away. Perfect neighbours. Pretty view in backyard . Deep enough pool. PHONE NUMBER : #4823565 House Location Photos Below https://ibb.co/YP2wSwz https://ibb.co/zxBtV50 https://ibb.co/VWm2DvD
  8. Hello, Thanks for the tag @Emulsify. I Just joined chase in the end of the day. After good 5-8 minutes of chase they crashed into postal van after that we diceded to pat them down. If you will ask reporting party for a longer video, in the end his gang member with hakuchou drag came and started to spray with ak into our ally. As @cedridge stated it's just consequences for the past RP scenarios with them. As now each day this group is fighting us or our ally.
  9. I dont see where you see super non rp? Robbing multiple banks as organized group ? what's wrong with it? Also it's a lie that only official factions robbing them. As a "fog city" member been robbing them for a while. But in the end of the day we again getting in the point "it's all IC" how you going to deal with it or split the banks with another criminal organizations.
  10. 3G House in the Vinewood Hills Renovated Interior Nice view from the balcony Easy access to balcony With the rent you will get : Full access to house and garage. Deep swimming pool. Easy access to balcony and nice view from it. Manage and Access permissions . Multiple storage containers. (we can add safes if needed) $30,000 per month ((1 week)) Contact #4823565 Status : UN-AVAILABLE
  11. Cjeet

    Comet Retro Custom

    This car worth 4.2-4.5. Stop your low ass bets
  12. You are complaining being rob at public area. I am going to repeat myself , I dont count it as public area where drop off points is. Even if its day light or night time. Staff decides did me or either reported guys breaked any rules here. As we highly trying our best to not to. Eh and why I am not surprised to hear once again "Triads hit us for no reason". Sry but it's hard to believe how the one of the biggest gang who is showing great example of Rp and how official gang should present them selfs on the city streets. Hits you for no reason. You are not a first one and pretty sure not a last one who all the time saying we getting hit without any reason. Did I said you are robbing people at labs or whatever? Once again you calling us liars, but this should help you to remind some interaction between us exactly at lab. ( https://imgur.com/a/QL3xrxu ) Also you started to sceam demands to us as soon as you saw our car approaching . So don't tell me and dont call me liar that you are not robbing people at labs or you dont chop cars, keep if for yourself mate. Realistically you barely could drive a car without tires. As you see in Pov's we gave you a chance to surrender and be able to continue RP, but since you decided to move along you got shot. Once again RP's is not about winning or losing I don't count that as winning killing you, Icly that bringed to us more issues to do it clean and silince as you got shot in middle of the road. This is the area where you hanging most of your the time, not even talking about getting caught (in the same area) while cooking drugs in RV .The property you claim to be a restaurant across the road, was once the rooks gang hq, and is now owned by another gang. This entire area has always had heavy gang presence. From my past experience of targeting members from your gang, you always have illegal items, such as unlicensed guns etc. We are targeting based on experience, and knowing we will come out with a substantial gain from the robbery. Us not being in an official faction, are very limited to how we can acquire guns, hence why we target people who we know from previous experience carry them. The fact you reporting us for robbing in public area, shows that you playing around that rule, I mantion that above, cooking drugs in public area, hanging out as gang in public area dosen't sounds right icly, right? The shipment drop off is literally 5 metres away, how can you call it public area, not to mantion again ( actions happened at night time). Already stated that above, once again seems like you have no clue what's going on icly, you are lucky I don't have photos or video of Dojin-Kai running to ncz and starts trash talking us, but from now on ill just keep every proof and interactions between us and your gang. Same car, same color, same place, once again parked car in gang HQ, we know you icly (and have allied) and if you dont know us it's not our problem, that just benefit for us that shows that we are experienced criminal crew. You are still allowed to have conflict, even when not at war. Our reasoning for targetting is for personal gain, this isn't war, merely daily conflicts. As for us having handlers or not, that is none of your concern. We are merely a group of friends all who once were in and lead factions, of which we have no further desire to do, hence why we are not striving for official. Not every criminal needs to be in a gang. Not going to replay any further unless staff will ask. Peace.
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