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  1. I am not coming back to RP, if you want to talk to me just add me on Steam.
  2. Tried something new. I'm still just looking for my style so next time it might be totally different.
  3. Well, I just came with an option. I don't really know about what's happening on ECRP since I'm not active anymore, but if there would be interest in reviving TRS then I would give it a shot. And if not, no problem I have other things to do anyway.
  4. This is nothing new... We tried making this a reality before and at first it wasn't so bad. But over-time the few members we had became too inactive and we had to close it up. Here's the original post.
  5. I'll give it one more chance, and if no interest will be shown, I'll just delete the Discord and close it all up. If there are any people that would enjoy Street Racing RP, feel free to join our discord and we can have a talk. I just want to know OOCly how many people would be up for it. If some people show up, we will do the recruiting and everything ICly, so don't expect that we take you right away. I would be also looking for someone highly active that could take the position as underboss or smth like that (basically keeping the racing group alive with me). If you have no car, but you are really active and you prove yourself to me that you would enjoy this kind of RP, I'll give you a car to RP with - only for the underboss position. Highly active for me means that you play every day for at least a few hours. Except this, we would need some regular members that enjoy car RP, you don't need to be a professional, but you have to enjoy this kind of RP otherwise there's no point of joining us. You won't become rich by joining. All we can provide is fun RP with cars. We are trying to RP as realistically as possible. We don't want trolls. We want some serious roleplayers. And just to clarify, don't think about this twice. Join the discord, talk to us and then decide whether you want to join or not. If only one or two people will show up we might not re-open this at all. Our discord: https://discord.gg/YkMnTpJ
  6. RP would become a lot more realistic, and PD would finally RP fear. +1
  7. We just need to increase the base income a bit.
  8. Yeah, it would be cool. +1
  9. I tried to make TRS (The Road Slayers) a successful faction, but there's no interest in this kind of RP at all. Everyone is in a gang or a government faction, and I could barely recruit the few members we have. After a few months of worthlessly trying I just had to throw it because of IRL exams and stuff. I have the time rn, so I could revive it but... Who would it be for? The only one who was RPing actively was me. Others came to RP a few times, but everyone who got recruited is too inactive - that's probably why they are not in a gang or government faction. Basically, the whole server is made for government factions and gangs. If someone wants to make something unique without being in one of these, he has almost zero chance to succeed since they can't offer anything as good as the official factions can. For example, we have no real way to get income without joining a faction. (I am not counting the normal jobs since that's no RP at all, and just doing same tasks over and over is nothing I personally would want to do on an RP server.
  10. It's not possible on the current version of RageMP to make it do more good than bad. -1
  11. Facebook streamer? I thought no one uses FB anymore lol.
  12. Yeah, I remember this from SAMP. Worked well, the longer you work there the more you earn. +1
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