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  1. I am sure that this will be added in the future. +1
  2. Staff team already responded to this suggestion, saying that they know about it, and they are working on a more complex system that only the owner of the vehicle will receive a ticket.
  3. Idea. Good. But at the same time, the bank is NCZ and also the most populated area on the whole map. So it's not possible.
  4. This is OOC section of the forum, and you already submitted a suggestion here.
  5. I can understand your suggestion, I just don't know why does this topic feel like an IC letter.
  6. A very original idea, I haven't seen this anywhere yet. +1
  7. He already said that they are working on a better way to fix this issue. Until then, /cruise 70.
  8. This is exactly what I needed, thanks.
  9. We don't race in NCZ, but it gave me fine outside the NCZ somewhere. The biggest problem is, that I have no idea where the radars are. If they would be on the minimap or something, I would know where not to go. But I haven't even noticed any IC object that would act as a radar. I may be wrong, but it would be good to know where they are.
  10. I understand you, but at the same time, for us, street racers this is unacceptable. We just can't race in the city anymore because we get some insane fines. And yes, we can still race outside the city, but it just isn't the same... Street racing is about racing in the streets of a huge city, and not about racing in the middle of nowhere. This is just really unfair towards us.
  11. No, you don't get it. If everyone would hide their license plate, they would get fined as well. It's illegal to hide your license plate or to use anti-radar. ( I like the license plate idea more personally )
  12. Since the radars came into the game, I am losing a lot of money. I think that there should be an ability to buy anti-radar or hide the license plate, and those who have they won't get speeding tickets. The hidden license plate would look like this:
  13. Very good idea. I mean, yeah. It is capped at 2 hours. But have you ever been looking at the wall for 2 hours doing nothing? It's not as attractive as it might sound. +1
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