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  1. I can confirm that using VPN helps you with delay but increase your ping which is bad, i dont like using VPN and dont suggest as well but right now its the only way i have.
  2. I would like to know VPN name as well so can test it out
  3. I have same issue, after car speaker update its extremely worse. Not playable
  4. I have exactly same issue since RV update, before only had voice delay but now after speaker update i have extreme delay on everything. would be cool if someone out there know a solution for this.
  5. Nope he didn't respond yet
  6. Contact me, i'll be around for while.
  7. Tomorrow night it goes to highest offer, currently highest offer is 670k.
  8. Nah sorry, Looking for Cash.
  9. One piece ( just for zoro as you can see on my profile picture) Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood (watched few times) Fairy Tail One punch (favorite) Attack on Titan (really amazing with good story) Berserk (love main character and story) Death note Watched few more but can't remember names right now oh yea watching black clover
  10. Why you guys think by doing this everyone gets millionaire? how much do you think it increase the income? Wouldn't be more than 1500$ on whole income. The way i see how economy is, they really should increase these kinda jobs salary, when with 20 burgers you can buy a car! And when the water price is 200-300$
  11. AamirT

    Google Verification

    Yea check that also and try to check panel without going through verification link.
  12. AamirT

    Google Verification

    After clicking the link have you tried logging in game to see if it works there or not? Or you can remove panel's cookies and try clicking link again to see if it works (even if it takes you to login page or some other one but still try it in game after clicking)
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