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  1. you dont need crosshair for distance of 2-4 meters .nt ez clap
  2. People abusing it is a reason to put everyone on the same level playing field without letting people abuse it if everyon had crosshair everyone would be the same
  3. @MildsHawk i think its really hard to change things that have effect on game engine and it would take a lot of time for this kind of mechanic
  4. He could be easily using crosshair but we wouldnt know thats the problems some people can shoot without it some people cant and some people just abuse it and get unfair advantage
  5. You dont even need to have that kind of monitor there is plenty of programs that do that,and i doubt that it enhances RP because people that abuse it are like John Wick compared to people who try to aim with iron sights which arent even pointing correctly
  6. Iron sights are bad because you dont get clear shots with them even in first person.And even if it feels likes fps it lets people abuse it and be "Better players" who use artificial crosshairs
  7. I think that crosshair removal was a bad idea because it opens another can of worms who abuse it.People just put a tape on their monitor and they have a crosshair its not hard to abuse it .When everybody had a crosshair everyone was on the same level playing field but now you just get shot by"snipers" who kill you with a tape on their monitor.Image for reference on how easy it is to abuse it
  8. This gang in a nutshell /frisk id Impossible to have a normal conversation because they only care about loot, and low tier rp
  9. Account name: HotFireBall Character name:Gabriel Fallen Admin who issued punishment : MusketDeezNuts Date of punishment: 08/February/2019 punishment received:Permanent ban reason given for punishment: VDM | Offense #2 (Major) | VDM/Attempting VDM with a bus on multiple people. Your explanation of what happend: Everything happend what was written in reason we tried to knock off a person of a bike(who was escaping from us) because we tried to rob him Why should your appeal be accepted :I think my appeal should be accepted because i learnt from my mistakes and reread the rules as instructed by the admin i can even retake the test if you like i just really want to play on this server because its one of the best.I know i ruined roleplay experience for multiple people and i am really sorry for that .Secondly as mentioned in my last appeal i really want to play on this server again because i feel bad for missing out on stuff that is happening in the community because of my mistake and dumb action and i would try my best to not break rp and follow ALL rules of the server. I feel sorry for people who i have disturbed with my rule break and i will try my best to be respectable player on the server if i am unbanned .Thank you for reading as always
  10. in the first video its clear that he is saying in OOC chat that he cant hear you you can see it in the chat log .In the second video when we came you we saw you just standing there and tried taking our car back and you didnt respond didnt know you were logging in
  11. Player(s) being reported: ID 127 Date of interaction reported: 2019/01/02 Your characters name: Gabriel_Fallen Other player(s) involved: 0 Specific rule(s) broken: 3.2.2. Any kind of out-of-character offensive language, threats or racism or excessive in-character racism is prohibited. You cannot make death threats to live people, death threats aimed at live people will result in much harsher punishments. How did the player break the rule(s)? He wrote it in PM Explanation of how they broke the rule(s) here. He wrote offensive language and insult directed to me in ooc Evidence of rule breach:
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