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  1. Hey fellas, I’m ID 81, I crashed and tried to reconnect but continued to crash on login so I gave up trying to log on, after sometime, I was able to log on. Also I never received any discord messages from you guys at all. I would love to restart/resume the RP from this point if you guys like. It was quite fun RP and a damn shame the server crashed for me during this point in the rp, I had a feeling you guys might think it was combat log so I started to look in Player reports to see if I could find you guys. This by all means was not intentional, it was going to be a fun escape for me being that I was in a fast torero being chased by you guys in a brawler, I would not intentionally combat log knowing I could get away in a much faster car. Sorry for any misunderstanding/inconvenience. If you guys would have reached out to me on discord I would have conveyed this info to you. I still don’t have any discord messages to me. Let me know what I can do to help!
  2. Let’s make this a reality my fellow community members!! Let’s see those big + 1s starting up again!!!
  3. The salt is really real here, what I do is bring people back to reality, some people overcharge and need to be brought back to reality. Some take it better than other as you can see here. It’s not a strategy, I just call out people who inflate the price on something. It’s a dirty job but I’d rather people understand the real value of somethings worth. TRUTH HURTS. Please stop quoting me if you do not want me to respond. -Kind Regards
  4. Lmao don’t get rattled by this “kid” hope this guy can find a buyer. It won’t be me because I’m not overpaying for something that for that same price I can get so much more. I’m free to my opinion weather you like it or not. Have a great day and post something with substance rather than sounding salty cuz I stated the truth about the property. Remember, this is a public post and NOT everyone is going to accept or agree with the current price! Best of luck to the seller. I’m done commenting on this, have a great day folks.
  5. Funny that you mention that because this statement you made goes both ways! I agree! Because a seller says they want x amount does not means that’s what it’s worth. Thank you for putting it so clear!!
  6. Haha no not mad at all. Was just stating some obvious things. Not everyone accepts/perceives it when someone bears truth on them. Have a great day!
  7. No thanks. Still not worth it but thanks for the thought!
  8. Bro, you can’t build here, there is literally NO driveway. It’s one of the stranger 4gs, 3m is a fair bid on this cuz almost every other 4G is better than this for building and they all have driveways at least. My offer is 3m.
  9. Bro you said you had an offer for 1m a while back yet you have been bumping the shit out of this post which seems like that offer has been retracted. I would offer 750K because this is in a bad area full of crime and robberies/house raids/etc. 750k would be my max bad for this, This is not my full budget or the capital I have available, it’s just what I would pay for this house and what I think it’s worth. If you have a 1m offer I would accept that and run! No one will pay more than 800k for this because of the area. It’s a crime fest in that area but it’s worth it to me at 750k. Just for scale, a friend of mine recently sold his 3g next to here (in Vespucci) for 500k. Thanks for your time!
  10. I got 775k with ur name on it for ur 3g. Benny Ceez - 4449121
  11. Should take that 1m offer. The Comet Retro is dead. Best of luck tho!
  12. I like it. The esthetic is there for me on this one.
  13. I offer 400k as the comet retro does not do the speeds it used to.
  14. I’m looking to purchase a Ruston maxed price stock, doesn’t matter but my offer will reflect of the vehicles current state. I can provide straight cash or lower cash price with trades of other vehicles if seller is interested. contact: Benny Ceez 4449121
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