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  1. Price on this unit with boat parking?
  2. I’ll pay 250k for this property right now!
  3. Thanks for your offer but I Already got a seven 70 got anything else?
  4. I could take that as trade with 180k cash on top and we good.
  5. This vehicle goes for 330-340K STOCK, I’m asking for 400K and it’s Maxed. Open to trades, vehicle is not yet listed at High End Lot but will be listed as soon as space is available. Thanks for having a look! ph: 4449121 email: [email protected] ((discord))
  6. The Schafter V12 is 170K-180K stock, I’m selling MAXED for 225k listed at High End Lot right now! The Sanctus is 42K-50K stock, I’m selling MAXED for 69k listed at High End Lot right now! grab em while they still there at High End Lot! Thanks for having a look!!
  7. Angel Ceez


    320k as you cannot build here and Lot is one of the worse ones in mirror park.
  8. 300k as there are nenghbors; also there is no privacy here can’t build anything here. 300k is my best offer for this.
  9. Angel Ceez

    Buy my cars!!

    Will u take 230k?
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