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  1. This vehicle is 480K-495K STOCK, yes you read right STOCK! The vehicle is fully maxed out and has visual mods too. Starting offers would be at 550K! I’m open to trades for equal value, main reason for selling is I’m looking for a 4G house and could trade this plus cash for it open to almost all trades so shoot me your offer and we can work a deal. Could not list at High End due to lot being full but will list as soon as there is space. This is by far the best sports car in the city easily. Email: BennyCeez8246 Ph: 4449121 Let’s work a deal before it’s too late! Thanks for having a look!
  2. I’m starting to feel the same you’re not alone! *big sob*
  3. Selling my FULLY MAXED GTX DOMINATOR with 2/2 TURBO for 190K, this vehicle is above 130K-ish stock in dealerships. Vehicle has every visual upgrade done to it and is ready to go! I can take trades for this vehicle of equal value but cash is preferred. I have not had a chance to list it at High End Lot due to the lot being full. So let’s make a deal before it goes into the public domain! Email: BennyCeez8246 Ph: 4449121 hit me up and grab this great deal while it’s still here!
  4. Pleasure doing business with ya! 10/10 would recommend!!
  5. Will u trade for a 2G in Rockford hills that has a pool and 150k cash? My 2g is worth 330k along with the 150k cash that adds up to 480K, that’s all the cash I got if I had more I would give more cash. Let me know. 4449121 email. BennyCeez8246
  6. Angel Ceez


    Would u trade 2 2g Condos in Rockford hills + cash for it? Good starter if unwanted to get a landlord starter pack and rent them out. I was using it as a makeshift 4G as the house are right next to each other.
  7. I have a 2G Condo in the good area of Rockford hills and it sits poolside. I’m looking to trade the condo plus CASH for a 4G home. Location does not matter. Submit offers here or at my email BennyCeez8246. I’m also open to just selling/trading them too. Thanks!
  8. I know you want 3 or 4 but I have 2 2Gs right next to each other in Rockford hills with a pool. I could rent them both to you if interested.
  9. Make that 250k + that 1g n the 2g is yours. Gotta give me incentive to move into the hood bro.
  10. BUMP listing now includes another property a few doors away inside of same complex. Price is 330K FLEXIBLE AND OPEN TO TRADES AMD RENT TO OWN OPTIONS.
  11. Would you take 300k and a maxed drag?
  12. 1mil for dildos interior?? 1mil for a blowup doll in the bathtub? Best I can offer is 400K
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