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  1. I am currently not playing on the server due to another game taking all my time and then twins coming soon... but as a police officer(I was only a cadet) I pulled my taser on someone on a bike and gave them demands and they drove away. As they drove away, I took a shot(and missed) and they started going off on me in a PM that it was deathmatch. While I do not believe any admin would fault me for it, it got me thinking. Because of the way the rules are worded, technically any time a taser is fired at someone, it is death match. I just want to reiterate, I do not believe that any admin in this server would issue a death match ruling to someone who shot a taser at someone who failed to listen to demands. But it is still a weird loop hole per say, in the rules.
  2. I think you mean fearRP right? But many reports have been denied and the statement has been made that tasers do not place you under FearRP.
  3. Random thing that I have thought about. If tasers do not place people under fearRP and DM states in a situation where they are required to display fear under fear roleplay rules. Then technically(by the letter of the law), shooting a taser at someone is always DM.
  4. -1 As much as I would love for my vehicle to be in a safe place while I am working at Los Santos Customs, it would remove a lot of the good RP that has been happening between Zetas and LSC(even if it is happening late USTZ when the lowest number of cops are online....). I think this would cut down on criminal RP in areas that use parking that are not NCZs.
  5. I am going to play devils advocate here.... but I have seen many reports where people have reported others for Non-RP because they didn’t /me and /do looting them while they were downed and they have all been declined because of the “/ame” above the head while “looting”. That would lead me to believe that, while it might be bad practice, it is not against the rules.
  6. Mechanics still need a /flip command! Always annoying to have to tell the person in /ooc that you have to ram his car with your truck to actually flip it after RPing flipping with it with a tow wench.
  7. Another possibility would be giving a mechanic the ability to do modifications on the road from a specific vehicle. Wouldn’t use the towtruck, but maybe the pickup truck which is currently UtiliTruck3. The boat could be parked right along the short and a mechanic could come RP modifying it. Wouldn’t not be as realistic as using a trailer and bringing it to the shop but it might be a temporary solution to a problem that might require a fix that will take a while.
  8. +1 I know @Doey was trying to open a boat rental shop for a while but the IC government told him he had to purchase a location he could run it out of but a business never became available.
  9. +1 There have been a few times where cabs are called and they just don’t show up and then you go to the bank and there are taxis afk at the bank....
  10. Let’s keep the interest rolling.
  11. jowebb7


    I’m pretty sure this can be archived. Thanks.
  12. +1 Incorporate it with the trucker job(if people can own them) so that it gives the truckers more orders to fill.
  13. jowebb7


    Date and time (provide timezone): Character name: Joe Millions Issue/bug you are reporting: A large number of vehicles are randomly spazzing out making RP scenes very awkward, causing injury, and causing massive dysnc. Expected behavior: Cars should be seen normally by both parties. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: None. Playing on the server for two hours brough me in contact with four of these vehicles. I was told on three seprate occasions that my car was spazzing out. Vehicle license plate number*: N/A (police cruiser at the time). Edit: Stole this video from a player report but it shows an example of a “carnado” incident.
  14. Updated original listing. Vehicles have sold and new ones are listed.
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