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  1. Maximum offer 80k , contact 4256968
  2. Selling tornado in HE for only 65k, stock price is 115k !
  3. Contact 4256968 , as well im gonna list it in high end
  4. Selling 1G, 215k on door. ((/setgps 58 jamestown st)) 58 jamestown st
  5. Selling mine 1G , a little bit renovated, has around 500 vol storage. Price on door 215k! Jamestown st 58 ((/setgps 58 jamestown st))
  6. Both cars listed in CITY HE.. Granger - stock 94k! Listed for 85k 5/5 Engine 5/5 Transmision 1/2 Turbo Stirling GT w/ custom plate - Bond - Stock 135k (sold) Listed for 135k! Maxed! 1/2 Turbo!
  7. lOOKING TO BUY 1G anywhere, as well looking to buy one of these ones. 4256968 https://imgur.com/OSJFjnt very close to DCC
  8. Bagacius


  9. Buying 1G outside city, inside city all offers. 4256968
  10. Has 7-8 safes, listed 350k on door! If bought it I will give you a codes from safes just text me 4256968!
  11. Contact me 4256968
  12. [BUYING] Stirling GT or Mamba or Blackfin ONLY MAXED ONES or for good price if not. 4256968 you dont need to offer me these cars for overpriced prices..
  13. Selling shcafter v12 fully maxed , 2/2 turbo. Listed on city he for 180k!
  14. Just selling schafter v12 , 2/2 turbo . 4256968 price gonna be 190k at HE just want to list then somebody wants it.
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