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    ((I changed it before you answered haha))
  2. Bagacius


    Yeah , as i saw its just flat, so gov in some time gonna tell to remove it, these guys are crazy haha.
  3. We have VERY NICE "LUXURY 1G FIR RENT! 1G - Property VERY CLOSE TO LSB - 500 vol storage , Luxury renovation & exterior parking spot for bike! Price - 15k month ((1 week irl)) Availability - Unavailable Photos - https://imgur.com/a/8iffYWD RENTED OUT!
  4. I will have tommorow 1g for rent, 15k / week, nice location (close to LSB) , rennovated inside.
  5. So could you let me know for how much you would sell flash gt today?
  6. I will have tommorow, rennovated, in good location 1g for 15k / month.
  7. can i test it? If its good i can pay 230
  8. I can probably buy it tommorow what price is on door?
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