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  1. Alright, sent you a text. Door is open to look in. Sorry man, looking for a quick transaction for this one.
  2. I'm just trying to get rid of this as fast as possible.
  3. No thanks, I don't do trades, and I don't have any other places available at the moment. Price on the door has been set at 185.
  4. Not in town at the moment, but will change the price in the door once I am back.
  5. That specific one isn't for sale at the moment, however, I am selling another one on Forum Drive.
  6. It's $10.500/monthly ((weekly)), for a central location downtown at the Pink Cage, in a renovated apartment with an original 500 vol. storage uni, cabinets for more storage and a coded safe for valuables.
  7. I've got one available right now, a little pricier though. Reach me on 4835262.
  8. Selling a 1G apartment on Forum Drive! Contains original 500 vol. unit. Partly renovated with new storage furniture (cabinet, dresser, mini-fridge) Currently going at $185.000. Contact me on my cell @ 4835262
  9. I have a 1G on Forum Drive for rent currently, at $7000 monthly ((weekly)). However, there is no rent-to-own possibility on it. My number is #4835262 if you want to talk.
  10. Just have the owner unpark the car, has worked for me several times when I've removed keys from former renters.
  11. Update: it just happened to me. I was in a car going on cruise, then got out to pick a body up and got plowed down and injured. When I came back from pillbox to the taxi, the cruise was not working and when I toggled it, it went off.
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