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  1. I have a 1G on Forum Drive for 185.
  2. Not a chance. Minimum price is around 175/180 in case of af sale.
  3. If the price is right, then maybe.
  4. This is not as much a server suggestion, as it is a forum suggestion. It would be real nice if we could either 1) more than nearly 10 megabytes of attachments to our profiles or 2) get a function in the "my attachments" menu that allows us to remove previously posted pictures to make room for new pictures in new posts. It's just annoying trying to post picture of a house for rent when I only have 1.07 megabytes left, and I can't remove the older photos because they're in archived posts.
  5. Pegasus_


    I have a maxed out Bati, with double turbo, for sale at $80,000. You can contact me at #4835262. See link below for pictures. https://imgur.com/a/yHR1WRZ
  6. !!CURRENTLY AVAILABLE!! I'm renting out my 1 bedroom/garage apartment at the PINK CAGE, located at 11 Meteor St. The apartment has a single parking spot outside, just in front of the door, with a shared pool in the enclosure in the middle. The inside is the standard model for 1 garage buildings in the city, with an original 500 space container in the bathroom. See pictures below. The rent will be $14,000/month ((week)), with payments upfront. Contact #4835262 or email me at Pegasus_#[email protected] for more details. - T. Pennyworth
  7. I have a vintage Coquette Blackfin, with a modular roof, collecting dust in my garage. Wouldn't mind dusting it off and polishing it to show it to the world.
  8. Thank you for your response @RedHot! I know I didn't respond to the /do, which I completely forgot in the situation with the panic/adrenaline going on, which I believe we discussed in person. As for the gun being out, I was not talking about having RPed it being out before, I mean I didn't think I had to because the game mechanic allows it, and I did not use a wheel to take it out in the car (you can see in the video that I had it out with the game mechanics for the whole ride). The other party didn't have the gun out either when exiting the vehicle. I hope this clarifies my point as to reasoning the game mechanic allowed it in the car.
  9. What's he is saying is still not implemented, all we can do now is buy some furniture to hide certain things maybe.
  10. Why should it be archived? We still can't change the complete interior like he is suggesting.
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