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  1. Crosshair bans will not be accepted at this time, especially as you are seen using it to your advantage against others. Appeal Denied.
  2. The amount of logs you have on your record with multiple repeat offences makes me very doubtful you would provide a positive experience to others on the server. If you truly wish to return, appeal again in a month with a sincere and detailed appeal. Appeal Denied.
  3. This ban was placed after a discussion with a head admin. Threats to hack the server are not taken lightly. Pending Head Admins.
  4. Ammo cheats and ban evading are both severe breaches of our rules and you will not be unbanned at this time. Appeal Denied.
  5. If you believe there was poor RP here breaching the rules, you need to /report it and go along until an admin arrives. You do not get to ignore RP and break rules due to your belief that they were breaking rules. Two wrongs do not make a right. Your appeal states it is bad roleplay to hop in a vehicle that was left unlocked, yet you somehow throw him out of the backseat from the front drivers seat. How is this any better? If you wish to point out bad roleplay of others, you shouldn't yourself provide poor roleplay in the same scene. Punishment will remain. Appeal denied.
  6. Archived per request. Contact faction management if you wish to get it unarchived.
  7. 6 counts of non rp is quite a lot to rack up. Given your time on the server you should know better. While this appeal is honest and comes off as sincere, non rp 6 is a serious offence on a roleplay server. Appeal again two months from this post and no sooner. Appeal Denied.
  8. 6 admin logs in a month for non RP is quite poor. I don't understand how you say you couldn't see him yet manage to drive off at gunpoint both times to flee. Why would you flee if you couldn't see him? If you could hear him and assume he was holding a gun, then you are indeed breaking fear RP. Why else would you drive off? If there is a bug, say something. How do you expect people to be considerate if you break fear rp then claim it was a bug after the fact. It is not pausing to inform another player of a bug. Its one of the times you should go ooc. You say you heard him threatening you and you drove off because he was invisible. You are the one using the bug to your advantage if you decide to drive off while being held at gunpoint not once, but twice without telling him he is invisible. I would be more inclined to be lenient and believe you didn't assume or know he had a gun at you if this wasn't your 6th offense. Appeal again after two months and no sooner. Appeal Denied.
  9. You are linked to a banned account. Account mehrdad will need to appeal their ban for you to be unbanned. Archived.
  10. I have no context as to what occurred and your appeal doesn't really explain what happened apart from the fact fear RP was broken and you tried to undo it somehow. You admit you broke fear RP in this appeal and wanted a more lenient punishment due to supposed backtracking within the RP itself. While this probably could have been handled leniently if you genuinely did try to amend your mistake, but you already have two fear rp punishments, plus another two fear rp logs after this one. How am I meant to believe you when your logs say otherwise. I have no explanation to what you did and how you tried to fix the scenario. Telling me you tried to give their bike back doesn't explain what happened. Then the next comment you leave is about a crash which was not mentioned in the original appeal. Appeal Denied.
  11. Archaeah

    Joining RP

    That's nice. Archived.
  12. The level of effort in this appeal for a mass VDM ban is deplorable. Appeal again after three months and no sooner. Appeal Denied.
  13. This is your fifth log for combat logging and your second ban for combat logging. Upon being unbanned on 27 august, you were banned again less than two weeks later for the same thing. I don't feel as if you truly understand WHY combat logging is a bad thing and how it affects other peoples roleplay. You don't really address it much at all in this appeal and I am not confident that you wouldn't return to continue the behaviour. Appeal again after two months and no sooner. Appeal Denied.
  14. Very little effort has been posted in this appeal. You don't state what you did, why it was wrong, how you have changed etc. All you say is you will change, not that you have. You say you wont repeat your mistakes but you fail to even state what they are. For someone with such a huge admin log this amount of effort is not acceptable. Appeal again after two months and no sooner. Appeal Denied.
  15. Archaeah

    ID 29 DM

    @MonikerOne Send me the video. What was the intentions behind this odds game if he did play along? @Exodical Why did you not play along with this game? You state, "That doesn't make any sense and gives you no reason to shoot me". This is a strange thing to say ICly, don't you think? Why were you ignoring his demands? Pending Responses.
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