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  1. I have a few questions based on what was stated already. Angelo_Capone "We were doing an operation with Goblins and was searching the city for rival gangs not specifically Irish" Who were your rival gangs at this time? What were you planning to do once you found these rival gangs? What operation were you doing? Vincent_Maxwell "We had been checking chops and labs and searching for shipments to compromise in an ongoing operation with Goblins" Checking chops and labs for what? What was the ongoing operation with the goblins Gorg_Borg "We were already grouped up with MS13 when we got information that Irish were at garbage chop, we were heavily armed and us knowing this, we dicided to go to garbage and fight Irish" Already grouped up with MS13 doing what? You went to the chop with the intention of starting a shootout for what reason? Zelo_Daniels "were checking labs and chops and trying to comp shipments with goblins" Checking labs and chops for what? Is this the only intention of grouping up with the goblins? Liam Willis "I was told to check all the dealers in the city so I did just that. When we checked garbage we saw Irish chopping cars and decided to engage" So you were checking the city for the sole purpose of finding someone to start a shootout with? Why did you decide to engage? Albert Robertson "We was grouped up with the Goblins , We had information that Irish were at the garbage chop. We decided to go fight them as we were heavily armed at the time. " Grouped up with the goblins doing what. Why were you grouped up with them? The only reason you decided to initiate on the irish is because you were armed? Vikstav Zarkovic "As many other of my friends have mentioned before we were out and checked multiple diffrent labs with some goblins together. When we relised that nobody had came up to any lab we decided to check both labs and chops" Checking labs with goblins for what? You moved onto chops because you found nobody to shoot at labs? Alexander Trump "I remember that we were all in a meeting ((one of our RP opportunities)) then MS-13 linked up to us and due to the large amount of numbers we didn't want to attract the police attention, so we decided to go separate locations at once and report back over the radio if our full presence is required" "If so, we already stated that we have been together hours before that, and we were in a joint operation already prepared and rolling with each other, when Goblins got attacked, MS-13 were already there and also got attacked at the same time. " "We have no idea regarding any recent issues or whatever between 67 and Irish, and we were not backing up anybody other than our own (Goblins, MS-13) as we were already together hours before the fight." You are the only person to mention any meeting. What meeting occured and where? Decided to separate to do what? What was this joint operation? What were you doing together? Multiple other people state your side initiated on the Irish. Why do you claim you were the ones attacked? You state you were already together prior to the fight. Doing what? What is this operation you state took hours? Toon Kamal "Our Intent for being there was similar to other fights in any labs or chops, we were running labs as a joint operation and stumbled across a common enemy" So you are stating your operation had nothing to do with checking labs or chops for enemies? Why were you checking labs and chops as part of a two gang group? To all MS13/goblins involved What was the initial reasoning behind getting together? Was it a meeting? What was the purpose of checking labs and chop shops? Was there any other reason you were grouped up apart from checking labs and chops for people? If you are the ones initiating is there not a reasonable expectation you were looking for a shootout and wanted the other gang with you already to be able to act as backup?
  2. To start with the claim that the irish member got out and gave the kudo-kai member demands is false. No demands were given and evidence should be truthful and not stated in a way to steer a narrative or absolve yourself/fellow gang members. ID 246/Jack_Macfadden came in ready to start blasting. He pulled a gun and waited until the other person also pulled their gun. No attempt at demands. Just simply aimed and waited until they were within the rules to shoot. The claim that he drew first is not true. The animation of ID 286 does not begin until ID-246 had already pulled their weapon and rolled while running towards him. The claim that they gave YOU no choice of any other alternative seems like that is what you did to THEM. Simply pulled a gun out and ran towards him with zero interaction or effort put in and shooting at the first chance you had within the rules. Pulling your weapon and pointing while simply waiting for the other player to give you a reason to shoot is ruleplaying and baiting a shootout. You gave no demands to follow, you ran right at him with a gun. He ran away, got cover and shot at his immediate threat. You gave no alternative. There was no voip attempted. The comment made from Bo_Vespucci is concerning. However, it was made ICly. And that comment said oocly in the context that might be the only thing the person saying it wants to do on the server would be taken as someone we don't necessarily want here. But IC comments are IC. The mindset that all comments made IC are the true thoughts behind the person sitting playing the game needs to stop. If you truly believe that someone calling you ugly/fat/bald icly is a personal attack to your person, then you are not playing a character on a roleplay server. You are playing a server as yourself with no character. There are exceptions to this, of course, as stating things icly with ooc intention behind them and using it as a bypass is also wrong. In this situation I will be giving the benefit of the doubt here that these are IC comments and not mixing. The backup rule was breached. Nikolai_Manusharov should not have called for backup in this situation and anybody not on the scene should not be responding to their own gang member in order to help an ally. Prior to the call out that irish was there, there was another call out about being at the chop in general. Bo_Vespucci claims he was already on his way but did not preserve his POV. This does raise suspicion as it would have absolved him of any dubious intention. But, considering it was called out prior, and he was so close by he was able to respond very quickly I will be giving the benefit of the doubt here. I would recommend in future that if you say you have POV, dont delete it. As a result of all of the above: Jack_Macfadden will receive a Non-RP punsihment for ruleplaying. The Goblins will be handled within FM in reguards to the breach of the backup rule.
  3. @jackmacfadden As I asked everybody involved. What was the reason for rolling up on them in the first place? What had occurred previously to warrant this response? Could you go over the events prior that led up to this situation.
  4. @Nikolai Manusharov "If you and your gang attacked the irish and there was one random x gang member. Do you think this X gang member should call all of his boys down to help kill you and the goblins?" This was also aimed at yourself.
  5. Hello, I will be taking over this report. I have a few questions I would like answered. Everybody involved - What is the context and prior actions that occurred that led up to the Irish rolling into the chop shop to attack the Kudo Kai members. What was the reason behind it and why did you ignore the goblin there as well. @Why Why was POV mentioned in the first post but not provided? Could you also explain your statements that it is boring unless there is conflict. @crazd Do you believe that storing crates into crates into more crates full of acid to be a good thing to do. Jack Macfadden 246 - What demands did you give Kudo Kai before opening fire on them? @Nikolai Manusharov You stated you called backup for two different reasons. First was because they are your ally. The second being that you were in danger. You were seemingly ignored until you got out and assisted. Did you purposely not call backup until you got shot at due to your perceived interpretation of the rules? If you and your gang attacked the irish and there was one random x gang member. Do you think this X gang member should call all of his boys down to help kill you and the goblins? Pending responses.
  6. I have gone over all videos, logs and responses and have decided the following: Mufasa_Kong | Will be receiving a Non Roleplay punishment for running around at gun point and inside of the tree to /down. Using the trees in this way is nothing more than meme-play and shows absolutely no interest in any form of roleplay at gun point besides entering the tree and running around it like some cartoon while having no value for his own life. The Goblins | Will receive no punishment. I found no attempt to contact the Lost to back them up. The contact they did make happened prior to the Irish showing up. The Lost | Now, this is where things get complicated. You were not called for backup. Only one person witnessed the shooting and decided to call this over the radio as the Irish had just hit their ally. It does not matter if you have somebody with them when they are hit. It is not your business, it is not your gang. You were not together as a group when the attack started. The Lost faction was not involved until they were called for backup by someone who was a mere witness. The prior idea to meet up does not give you the right to call your entire gang as backup over the other faction being attacked. Why? Because otherwise you could simply have one member of your faction drive around with them all day. And them have one member roll around with you all day. Then as soon as conflict happens you would just call your gang in because you are "involved". This is bypassing the backup rule. Being texted, or called is also bypassing the shared radio frequency and backup rule. I have seen some confusion on the rule and how it works in situations such as these. This is the final time I am going to explain that you cannot call backup because you witness an attack on your allies and you happen to be there. It is not your faction's fight. It is not your faction's business. You yourself can assist if you so choose to as you stumbled upon it naturally. But you should not call for backup and if you should tell your gang over the radio of what is happening, they should not haul ass over to fight and assist. Questions about the backup rule and shared radio frequency rule can be asked to myself or your faction handlers if there is any further confusion about this. As this rule was still relatively new when this report was made and you are not the only gang to be using this as a defence, I will not take action on this. But this is the final time. Further breaches of backing up allies without proper reason will result in admin punishment. So if there are any questions, direct them to Faction Management. Part of the things I explained were not breached in this report, yet were claimed to be or several people skirted on breaching them. No situation is the same and build up and pre-planning will always effect the result of any report. Report Partially accepted.
  7. @BBakeYY Just one final question, he called you prior to anything happeneing. then three minutes later you called him after they had been rolled up on by irish. can you tell me what each of these phone calls were about and the reason for them.
  8. Alright, so going over the report the response to attack on 67 and the Goblins as a result of the death of two gang members is a valid reason to go after and escalate the situation further. The initial report claims the attack was done for no reason and with very little people. Both of these are proven to be false with the attack and death of their gang members - the people that committed that were indeed with the goblins when they were attacked on the grass. As was the person talking about these dead members amongst the group of Irish at the car park. The number of people that were pulling up on the group is no small number and the amount of Irish that showed up at the gas station to proceed and then showed up slightly after was a very large group. The claim they did not know it was your HQ and they just saw the group on the hill - no evidence was given to disprove this and the claim is plausible given there is no turf or known goblin location nearby. However - this will no longer be an excuse or valid in the future. Even if they were attacking the HQ, retaliation for the death of their members is a valid reason to escalate. More RP beyond robbing and shooting would have been preferred, but not against the rules. Moving on, I find it incredibly poor that this attack was based solely on the death of two members who showed up to assist the attack. This is a continuation of the roleplay even if it was outside of the 30 minute NLR timer. As the rule states that the information prior to the death should be completely forgotten and is no longer valid justification for any future hostile actions against those involved. It is also a continuation of the roleplay as the only reason given for this attack was the retaliation for the deaths. Doesn't matter if it occured 5 minutes later or an hour later you are directly getting revenge over your own deaths. Therefore, Mark_Handley and Paddy_Trixx will both be receiving admin logs for a breach of NLR. Do not involve yourself in roleplay that is a result of your own death. Had there been other interactions and escalation that does not relate to your death, then it would be a different situation. But it was the sole reason for such attack. No punishments will be given for the targetted attack on the HQ/67 and Goblins.
  9. ID 392 | Mark_Handley - Notified In game - Why did you participate in a planned attack on the goblins and 67 as a retaliation for a situation you died in? ID 280 | Paddy_Trixx - Notified in game - Why did you participate in a planned attack on the goblins and 67 as a retaliation for a situation you died in? Do you believe you should have been there considering the only reason for this attack was to retaliate and gain revenge for your own deaths?
  10. ID 401| Javier_Antonio | Notified in game - Can you provide your POV and recount of what occurred. How did you come across this shootout. What was your reasoning to be there. Were you shot at prior to calling for backup or only after? Did you die as a result of this shoot out? Did somebody transport you to MD? Did you fully die due to this? Tell me all the details in regards to how you left the shootout. ID 489 Mufasa_Kong | Notified in game - Can you explain why you are running around a tree at gunpoint then proceed to enter the tree and /down inside of it? ID 306 | Jake_Bloom | @Jake Bloom - You got a call over the radio to come back up your gang. Who made the call to respond to this. Were there any plans to "clap irish" before that radio call came out? Are you sure Javier said he was getting shot when you responded as backup? Do you believe that you broke the backup rule?
  11. @crazd Why did the retaliation take an hour? Did you specifically go to looking for them to retaliate for the prior death of Paddy and Mark?
  12. Archaeah

    County Lines

    Archived due to inactivity.
  13. Alright so I have looked into what happened from all involved to determine if anything stood out as metagaming. The admin that confronted you about swimming is not one of the officers in the boat or the heli. However he was involved in your arrest after you had been taken off of the island. He had taken out the boat prior to the admin teleporting to you. This was at 2:14 and the admin started the interaction with you at 2:17. There was no ground units visible on the helicopters radar around your area. They had left the drug lab. The boat shows up in your video at about 2:24. At the same time you open your map and the boat slows and calls for the helicopter to come back at this time to take a closer look. Heli arrives about a minute later and hovers low over the island. So you either aren't recording your in game SFX or you have it turned down extremely low combined with the loud music you cannot hear it. In the video I was sent you are hidden in the bush until you are seen standing briefly before crouching again. It's not easy to see without opening this image in a new window and comparing it to when you were not visible. The heli then hovers over the bush in question and directs the officer in the boat over the radio on your location as being direcly under them, which is why he goes straight to your bush. Now, obviously from looking at your video you did not actually stand up in the bush or move in a way during this time to be seen. I believe due to you using /anim praise while sitting in this bush the animation at some point looked as if you were briefly standing. The person who recorded the video has seen you stand up, however the person that called it in over the radio was ID 181. Meaning they both saw this occur. Meaning it is entirely possible the boat person did as well, however I cannot say if they did or did not see you or had access to information that was metagamed, as I have no proof of either beyond what he has said. So in this instance I see reasonable evidence that they had planned to go looking prior to the admin knowing your location. And that they did legitimately see you in there. Of course they did not consider that you had not actually stood or moved and it was a visual bug. And you had not considered this to be a possibility, along with the heli being overhead. It is unfortunate that you were visible due to either a bug or by desync. But I can't really fault other people for reacting to seeing that in the bush unaware you did not stand up yourself. As you know the /b is not acceptable. You should remain IC even in instances where you feel like you have been unfairly treated or had rules broken against you. In this case I can see how you thought it was due to the admins interaction with you and do understand your thought process. But you still need to remain IC and something you cannot do within an Official Faction. As admins we strive to have impartial parties answer reports and not interact with situations they are involved in. In this situation the admin shouldn't have interacted with you and let somebody else take the report. That being said considering none of you were reprimanded and he was leaving the scene at this time, I cannot say that of his actions directly led to your arrest. Had you been attempting to leave and move during the time the boat was heading towards you, then that may have been a different result. So to summarise, I see no breach of the rules aside from your /b. I don't believe the admins actions led to your arrest even though I do not believe he should have been interacting with you at all. And unfortunately using /anims are not the best synced thing to use and I do believe that is why you were seen standing. I will be rejecting this report and taking no actions against any player.
  14. Archived on request.
  15. @PureKula ID 268 | Do you have any additional footage showing you entering the bush and prior to the start of the video you provided? @gmtavares ID 200 | Can you provide me your evidence and recollection of the events that led to events of the reporter's video. How did you find the reporter? Did anybody indicate he was on that specific island? What did you see that led you to stop and reverse the boat, hopping onto that island, and aiming your weapon at his specific bush. Were you informed to pause and stop while the people hiding were being questioned by an admin? @Junkfood Heli #1 | Can you provide me with your evidence and a recollection of the events that led to the reporter being found by ID 200. Why were you hovering so low over the island in the first part of the video. What information did you relay to other LEO's. At what point did your unit cease attempting to find people from this situation. Were you told to pause at all while the people hiding were being questioned by an admin? @Roderick Heli #2 | Can you provide me with your evidence and a recollection of the events that led to the reporter being found by ID 200. Why were you hovering so low over the island in the first part of the video. What information did you relay to other LEO's. At what point did your unit cease attempting to find people from this situation. Were you told to pause at all while the people hiding were being questioned by an admin? @Awazki Were there prior pending reports open that had not been answered in order to step into this situation yourself? Who was the first person to relay information about the reporters whereabouts, and when. And please provide all POV that you can. If it has staff chat in it, blur it or DM it to me on discord. Pending responses.
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