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  1. @jackmacfadden As I asked everybody involved. What was the reason for rolling up on them in the first place? What had occurred previously to warrant this response? Could you go over the events prior that led up to this situation.
  2. @Nikolai Manusharov "If you and your gang attacked the irish and there was one random x gang member. Do you think this X gang member should call all of his boys down to help kill you and the goblins?" This was also aimed at yourself.
  3. Hello, I will be taking over this report. I have a few questions I would like answered. Everybody involved - What is the context and prior actions that occurred that led up to the Irish rolling into the chop shop to attack the Kudo Kai members. What was the reason behind it and why did you ignore the goblin there as well. @Why Why was POV mentioned in the first post but not provided? Could you also explain your statements that it is boring unless there is conflict. @crazd Do you believe that storing crates into crates into more crates full of acid to be a go
  4. I have gone over all videos, logs and responses and have decided the following: Mufasa_Kong | Will be receiving a Non Roleplay punishment for running around at gun point and inside of the tree to /down. Using the trees in this way is nothing more than meme-play and shows absolutely no interest in any form of roleplay at gun point besides entering the tree and running around it like some cartoon while having no value for his own life. The Goblins | Will receive no punishment. I found no attempt to contact the Lost to back them up. The contact they did make happened prior
  5. @BBakeYY Just one final question, he called you prior to anything happeneing. then three minutes later you called him after they had been rolled up on by irish. can you tell me what each of these phone calls were about and the reason for them.
  6. Alright, so going over the report the response to attack on 67 and the Goblins as a result of the death of two gang members is a valid reason to go after and escalate the situation further. The initial report claims the attack was done for no reason and with very little people. Both of these are proven to be false with the attack and death of their gang members - the people that committed that were indeed with the goblins when they were attacked on the grass. As was the person talking about these dead members amongst the group of Irish at the car park. The number of people tha
  7. ID 392 | Mark_Handley - Notified In game - Why did you participate in a planned attack on the goblins and 67 as a retaliation for a situation you died in? ID 280 | Paddy_Trixx - Notified in game - Why did you participate in a planned attack on the goblins and 67 as a retaliation for a situation you died in? Do you believe you should have been there considering the only reason for this attack was to retaliate and gain revenge for your own deaths?
  8. ID 401| Javier_Antonio | Notified in game - Can you provide your POV and recount of what occurred. How did you come across this shootout. What was your reasoning to be there. Were you shot at prior to calling for backup or only after? Did you die as a result of this shoot out? Did somebody transport you to MD? Did you fully die due to this? Tell me all the details in regards to how you left the shootout. ID 489 Mufasa_Kong | Notified in game - Can you explain why you are running around a tree at gunpoint then proceed to enter the tree and /down inside of it? ID 306 | Jake_Bloom
  9. @crazd Why did the retaliation take an hour? Did you specifically go to looking for them to retaliate for the prior death of Paddy and Mark?
  10. Archaeah

    County Lines

    Archived due to inactivity.
  11. Alright so I have looked into what happened from all involved to determine if anything stood out as metagaming. The admin that confronted you about swimming is not one of the officers in the boat or the heli. However he was involved in your arrest after you had been taken off of the island. He had taken out the boat prior to the admin teleporting to you. This was at 2:14 and the admin started the interaction with you at 2:17. There was no ground units visible on the helicopters radar around your area. They had left the drug lab. The boat shows up in your video
  12. Archived on request.
  13. @PureKula ID 268 | Do you have any additional footage showing you entering the bush and prior to the start of the video you provided? @gmtavares ID 200 | Can you provide me your evidence and recollection of the events that led to events of the reporter's video. How did you find the reporter? Did anybody indicate he was on that specific island? What did you see that led you to stop and reverse the boat, hopping onto that island, and aiming your weapon at his specific bush. Were you informed to pause and stop while the people hiding were being questioned by an admin? @Junkfood Heli
  14. @Awazki Go ahead and tell me your recollection of what happened and provide me with any video evidence you have. Were you directly involved with the pursuit on a PD character of the reporter? How did you find them on the island and what led to this discovery? @PureKula Why has the second video been removed?
  15. @Why Do you have a full video that shows the entire conflict beyond where your video cuts off. @crazd What Irish members were killed and do you have a video that shows that sitution beyond being told over the radio that it was "goblins"
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