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  1. Originating from the suburbs of San Francisco, Cobras originally were a group of high school friends, run by the young Iris Alverado. A small group of car fanatics, the group stayed within the law, working out of their parent’s garages. As the Cobras gained notoriety throughout the Golden City, they also gained enemies, one of those groups being Octane. A similar racing group, Octane was led by one of Alverado’s childhood friends, Elias Holmes. As the two aged, Iris and Elias grew further apart, eventually despising each other throughout their childhoods. Their adversity grew as they fur
  2. The only time you need a /do is when you are performing a powerful or forceful command ( /cpr, /stabilize, /heal, /drag ). Currently how MD RP works is that as you said, /me looks over, /do what would I find, then they say /my leg broken. After they say injuries we can /stabilize as we know what treatment we are going to be performing. After that we can do our /me would take a gauze pad out and put pressure over it to slow the bleeding We do not have to do a /do success but the other party should do something in response like /do the bleeding would soak, if they do not respond
  3. This and the Diamond Casino is a player owned building. But its also super expensive to own a legal casino
  4. 1) They have to push an in game mic button and TS so they are always talking IC 2) A potential change to fix this is make certain 900 freqs the TAC Channels since all 900 freq iirc are private to only government factions. You could /bindradio and use those as TAC freq. I never understood why this isnt a thing.
  5. This currently the "Los Santos Emergency Services" teleports you to in front of Pillbox MD, this used to be the main hospital were everything was but as a medic, we can not get back to Central MD. I think that this would be a nice QOL because we can't get back on duty without running across the state.
  6. BIG +1 Along with this I think it is a little insane how a walking animation is 1000 credits when you can use multiple walking animations to change your RP in different situations to make it more interesting and allow for more character development. I mean sure you can keep them paid but I don't think they should be near 1000 credits, maybe 500 at most.
  7. [Eclipse Roleplay] Beginners Medical RP Guide By: Puzzling aka Matt Tezla The reason for this guide is because as someone who has done medical RP on this server for over 7 months the medical RP has dwindled down to /do broken legs. This guide is just going to be suggestions to improve your RP, these are not finite things OVERVIEW If you ever need medical attention, call 911 on your phone and ask for the medics. Try being descriptive when telling the dispatch what your problem is, and keep your description in character. Saying you are dying is wrong, as you technical
  8. With the medic RP, you denied every single thing that would have helped save you and never said anything positive about the RP. It was always no. You never gave a chance of success for the RP I was doing on my SD character or the medic was doing at all. As for the doors, Police Cruisers in real life do not have handles in the inside, that is common sense. It scriptly works because that is unnecessary code for the developers to do and would have to make it apply to every police cruiser. For ambulances, you never did /me or /do's for getting out of the ambulance, such as being on the stretc
  9. Player(s) being reported: Justin Chiba [ID:97] Date of interaction reported: 12/DEC/2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1607761763 Your characters name: Skylar Cassel Other player(s) involved: Jon McCornish, Jason Rhee, Soap Montasser Specific rule(s) broken: 5. Disrupting Server Operations and Knowledge of Rule Breaches Players must be a positive community member and remain respectful with everyone at all times. It is prohibited to advertise or discuss other GTA V multiplayer communities on any ECLIPSE platform including self created content
  10. Im super excited to keep reading these updates! Valerie is an awesome character and does a lot in the city. Great story so far keep it up
  11. I hope to see some new additions to the story! Some juicy RP and an awesome story
  12. BIG +1... Drug labs are not really used that often
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