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  1. Agreed, the fake black market kinda ruins the REAL black market but the lack of functionality of drugs make them undesirable so theyre hard to sell.
  2. Seen it first had. Some guy refused to sell me LSD at 100$ more than BM price each bc he didnt want to wait for me to go to the ATM.
  3. That just means its time to upgrade to hydraulic ebrake 😂
  4. Before transferring owners weazel actually had a newspaper team and a news video team. Every week they would put out both a paper and a video. Agree though that weazel should be more focused on news and maybe even provide an entirely different medium for advertising.
  5. Regardless the garage size, we should be able to change our interiors. My house came prefurnished with pictures of strange afroamericans all over the place.
  6. Ive seen this done back in samp. The way they set it up was every home interior had a /TV command and weazel had /broadcast. When weazel would do /broadcast it placed an camera object down and people at home would /tv to see from the broadcasting cameras POV but cant move or look around, fixed view. Then /tv again to stop watching. Reallly cool stuff but not sure how hard it would be to acheive in RageMP.
  7. And Im sitting here waiting for them to add mushrooms back in game just for the visuals...
  8. LOL I almost took you seriously for a sec.
  9. Also, the game is unplayable on triple screen setups, nothing lines up like nametags and overhead text.
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