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  1. Date and time (provide timezone): Ongoing since UI update Character name: Kelson_Mathers Issue/bug you are reporting: Inaccessible Furniture Expected behavior: Accessible Furniture Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Ever since the new UI to access furniture I've been unable to access any of my furniture at my house. Some pieces I was able to get to work by removing and replacing, but the remaining furniture can't be removed as they contain items inside. I've reported about this in the past but was told the new UI system still had glit
  2. You da bomb dot com 😬💣

  3. Where the sim racers at tho? Mainly play Assetto Corsa on drift servers (T300RS wheeel, T3PA pedals, TH8A shifter) Tekken, Soul Calibur, Brawlhalla
  4. Sometimes bad shit happens for good reasons, its just hard to see it while shits all happening and youre in it. Just keep your head up fam, stay positive. You have every right to be mad at time wasted time, times precious n you cant post a refund request for time. They should honor that simple fact and you should care enough to fight for it. Dont give up homie, hope shit starts looking up soon!
  5. Please. I guaranatee nobody knows this exists bc it got buried, and the only ppl who do know it exists are the ppl who were there when you made it.
  6. I feel like this should be added to the guides section.
  7. System is designed to keep the poor, poor.
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