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  1. Happy Holidays!

    Eyyy, thanks for not giving up and giving into the shitty people out there! Hope you had a great holiday!
  2. [Suggestion]Balancing everything

  3. FPS Stutter

    Yay, glad I could help somebody lol
  4. FPS Stutter

    And you were gettin like 30 with 4.7.1?
  5. FPS Stutter

    So what version .net you running now and hows the fps?
  6. FPS Stutter

    Ah so were u able to go back to 4.6.2 or 4.7.0?
  7. FPS Stutter

    .net framework uninstaller https://www.raymond.cc/blog/download/did/2599/
  8. FPS Stutter

    And until they fix tge issue with 4.7.1, i suggest running 4.6.2 or 4.7.0 til they fix it. Theres install blockers for win10 thatll prevent windows from installing new .net framework after you roll back, google .net install blocker. Hope this helps man
  9. FPS Stutter

    Its possible. I just went to control panel, installed programs, microsoft .net framework 4.7.1 - uninstall. It may be under installed windows updates, windows 10 dolls up your OS, you need to find the win7 style installed programs list, i know theres an option to not categorize installes programs/apps. https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/windows/en-US/02495b85-202c-4746-9a6d-39912c29e59d/can-not-uninstall-net-framework-47?forum=w8itproappcompat May have an answer for you. It was part of an update KBsomerandomnumber Orr try .net framework uninstaller / cleanup tool https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/astebner/2008/08/28/net-framework-cleanup-tool-users-guide/
  10. FPS Stutter

    What .net frameworl you have installed?
  11. FPS Stutter

    Not sure if this is the case with everyone but, avoid installing the latest version of .net framework (4.7.1). I was running 4.6.2, had 90+ FPS Installed the newest version 4.7.1, 30-45 FPS Installed 4.7.0 - Back to 90+ FPS Sooo, something about the latest .net framework kills FPS.
  12. FPS Stutter

    Just an update on my journey with GTMP FPS issues. I started with windows 7, Id get 90-120 FPS in GTMP but horribles FPS drops down to 15 that only lasted 5 seconds or so. Single player no FPS drops. I tried everything. Upgraded to windows 10 but that only made things worse since gtmp only ran at 30-40 fps, single player worked fine. Downgraded back to 7 and got my 90 FPS back. But still, gtmp had those 15 fps dips. Im guessig gtmp itself is cpu intensive because it turns out it was thermal throttling my cpu. I cleaned out mt case, heatsink, fans and monitored my cpu using AMDOverDrive. No more problems. Little bit of cleaning the case solved my issue ultimately. Strange how no other games work my cpu as hard as gtmp nor does GTA single player. Dont underestimate cleaning your case. And windows 10 hates gtmp. (when I installed windows 10, it was just a few days after .net framework 4.7.1 was released, so I more than likely had that installed and it was the cause of my 30-40 FPS issue since I had the same issue when i downgraded windows and installed the same .net framework.)
  13. Alex Crail RDM report

    Not taking sides here, I just know for a fact this wasn't "random" DM.
  14. Alex Crail RDM report

    RDM would entail that it was random, which isn't the case here, AT ALL. If fact, there is actually a quite juicy RP buildup to this very moment! Unfortunately, OP didn't post/record everything that occurred prior to the shooting, but I can promise there is nothing random about this. The thing I find funny about all this, is how the hell does someone who habitually breaks rules, post a false report on somebody who is too scared to even break character.
  15. Why is the server so empty?

    Facts. Not enough advertising for eclipse. Most ppl either hears from a friend, twitch, or youtube. Then you have people from SAMP days who have always kinda been keeping tabs on GTMP. Lets flood youtubes with awesome eclipse rp vids.