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  4. *Browsing tiny.cc/SACC you would come across the following post* SACC News - Demolition Derby - Feb 18th, 2018 SACC hosted two demolition Derby events last Sunday. First round was sponsored by Downtown Cab Company and LSPD, pooling together a $15,000 grand prize for the first place winner, and a $5,000 prize for winner of the biggest hit competition. Congratulations to Lexa Dagaslov on winning the first place prize and Paul for winning the biggest hit prize, a hit that would land him in the hospital wih minor injuries. Thankfully, he was out of the hospital the same day and in time to participate in the second derby of the night. After cleanup from the first event, the sun had set, setting the mood for the second derby. This time with a $5,000 first place prize sponsored by a local SACC member by the name of Sean McKinley. After hours of impact, after impact, the derby would come down to a one on one battle between Jonny Chang and Sonny Lospecchio. Chang's vehicle caught fire after a losing collision, eliminating him from the competition, leaving Sonny Lospecchio victorious and adding another win to his record, making this his second demolition derby win to date. We at the SACC can't express enough how thankful we are to everyone for their support. A big thank you to our past event sponsors, Downtown Cab Company, Schlongberg Sachs, Weazel News, and a special thanks to LSPD for making these events possible. Keep an eye out on Bleeter for the next event as we look forward to hosting plenty more of these events in the future and hope to see you all there! Click here for all event photos! [Round 1 Event Highlights] [Lineup for the first derby] [Winner: Lexa Dagaslov] [Round 2 Event Highlights] [Lineup for second derby] [Winner: Sonny Lospecchio]
  5. WWW.SACC.COM HOME NEWS TEAMS PHOTOS EVENTS ABOUT CONTACT PARTNERS CAREERS What is the SACC? The San Andreas Car Club is the largest automotive motorsports organization and has set the target for motorsport competition and event management in San Andreas. The SACC has remained the benchmark and is recognized as the gold standard in the industry. The SACC hosts a myriad of motorsport events to satisfy any interest you may have as a motorsport competition enthusiast with events like: Demolition Derby (SADD) Dirt Track Racing (SADTR) Motorcross (SAMX) Rally Racing (SARC) Drag Racing (SADRA) Racewars More Information Gumball Rally More Information Interested in a Professional Racing Career? Then the SACC, which organizes and sanctions Championship Series Races has your ticket! Interested in employment? Keep your day job and earn some extra income as SACC staff in an exciting, action packed, work environment. We currently have openings for the following: Flagger & Communications Announcing & Commentary Registration & Inspection Timing & Scoring Emergency Services Security Video & Photography Magazine Editor Event Officials Flagging & Communications Take a position along the course and communicate with racecar drivers on track utilizing flags and hand signals. These folks give drivers extremely important information such as hazardous track conditions, fires, etc. In addition, these workers act as first responders when there is an on-course incident. Simply put, they serve as the link between race officials and the drivers throughout the race. Announcing & Commentary If you love to talk and have personality, this is the job for you. Be the voice of SACC as you usher spectators throughout each event, narrating the excitement over the event PA and SACC radio. Registration & Inspection If organization is your thing, working in registration may be for you. You are the first person everyone meets at the track. Customer service is of the utmost iportance in this fast-paced, people-centered environment. It's your job to make sure all participants sign the proper paperwork and their vehicles meet proper event regulations. Timing & Scoring Are you good with computers and have an interest in knowing who's leading, and by how much, at every moment? If so, you may have a future here. It is your responsibility to set up, run, and disassemble advanced timing equipment used for each race and event. Emergency Services This group of includes highlyy trained individuals in three areas: medical response, firefighting, and vehicle recovery. Incidents are not fun, but are bound to happen at the race track. Here is your chance to put training from your day job into work in a fun and exciting environment. Security Whether its a rowdy, drunk, spectator, or a contestant that refuses to listen to SACC Officials, things can get ugly. As security, it's up to you to control the crowds, ensure the safety of both the spectators and drivers, and help enforce SACC Official rules. Video & Photography Like going to automotive events? Like recording videos and taking pictures? Get up close and personal to capture all the excitement at all SACC events and get paid while doing it! Magazine Editor Are you good with graphic design? Do you have a background in writing? SACC Magazine needs creative individuals to help put together a monthly magazine, showcasing all events, driver achievements, new members, and all things SACC related. Event Official These officials make sure each competitor is following the rules set for in the rulebook. They ensure that each car is fit for competitions, while keeping the playing field level for everyone. Some of the responsibilities include pre-race safety inspections, technical compliance, post-race inspection, and ensure all regulations are upheld during all events. SACC is an equal opportunity employer! We consider applicants for all positions without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, sexual orientation, citizenship status, veteran status, or the presence of a disability, which would not prevent the performance of essential job duties with, or without reasonable accommodations of any other protective status. SACC is a drug-free workplace! All applicants will be subject to drug testing upon application approval, and randomly throughout employment. APPLY NOW! Interested in partnership with SACC? Interested in sponsoring or hosting a racing event? Do you manage a racing team or company? Contact us!
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