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  1. Another good person leaving i feel sadent to see an other good roleplayer leave the comunity ! You allways had good vibes from good old DCC days !
  2. Sad vibes right now we lost another homie !
  3. Well in this video focus on the red circle you will see that there was a head peaking (take note we dont have same graphic setting as grey in his footage showing black in mine) then it change its location when i aimed this synchronized with his footage when he slightly move as clearly seing in the footage below and if you focus you would see his red shirt throu the bushe please take note that the video quality is not the same as the actual game quality as the video is only 720p not even close to what i actually see as even if its 1080p video quality will drope duo to encoding type in the uploa
  4. Hello ID 23 here i have my pov saved but sadly my mic wasnt picked up do to shadowplay bugging out but the whole day the voip was bugging out i gave him 20 seconds to comply with the demands for no avail and the shotout had already started and i didnt see him for first but then i jumped on the roof to see his head pocking out and his red clothes . As we know red stands out on white so i dont know how you would think i wouldnt notice red on white. And i dont know how to person would think i would see his hands up if hes inside of a bush .And i would like to mention that this was an active shot
  5. Arnis

    this is not fair

    Get used to it thats how it feels to play a crim
  6. I think not as the goverment is payed good enough its not like theres not enough cops at this moment you should be fixing the drug pricing and other ways of income as mining has been made to be made unrentable
  7. Player(s) being reported: ID 225 Date of interaction reported: 12/18/2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: Photos (gyazo.com) Your characters name: Dario Ortega Other player(s) involved: TRCC , FSO Specific rule(s) broken: 6. Metagaming (MG) Metagaming is the act of relaying IC information through any method not considered IC that has the potential to change current or future roleplay scenarios or using that information. Mixing IC and OOC information without any benefit is a minor MG offense. For example, a player uses IC chat to call someone by their player ID displayed ab
  8. What do you mean in front of swat the swat kamacho left giving us an option weather to help you or loot you and we choose to loot you even if you wan't at war with us no rule states we cannot loot you? you also crashed into us and went straight into /b like mentioned without even RPing yes DOG is different to Dawg but come on man you really think i was insulting you i would have said something much worse if that was the case you could of said in /b or asked me about it or just stayed out of OOC all together?. will not respond until asked thank you.
  9. You crashed your car it was an IC crash soon as you crashed you went into /b Hello i am sorry for any inconvenience i didn't in fact mean dog as in dog i meant dawg if you would have asked me in /b am i insulting you i would have informed you i wasn't i feel you're just trying to get me punished. Here is the slang term i understand that it might not be your slang however you could of asked me in /b what i meant by dog and i would have explained.. Dawg is a slang term for friend, along the lines of "homie" or "bro". Usually used in greetings/goodbyes: "Yo dawg" or "Peace, dawg". It's pronounc
  10. Hello This is ID 121 Here i would like to say that we got a backup call that our leader Lance Slash got jumped by a bunch of gangs and goblins . In his qoute hes even saying he was going to the backup call called and for the crash from my FOV you can see its a frontal crash and the report in my opinion is petty there is still an active situation and he thinking that we will not use that he has crashed himself to our advantage is just funny in my opinion . I even gave his stuff back so he wouldnt have a reason . From my perspective the shotout that has just happened was a strong enough reason
  11. Same is now with mining with rvs they fucked up the market prices cuz devs needed to lower them and now a phantom mining is usles it dosent make any money at all
  12. Great story lovely to read
  13. You know thats not posible as most guards are afraid off coruption or mostly you dont see them i all do baned have spent 12h in one siting only to see a couple guards to come in and check in the catwalk not to even mention them talking to us
  15. Arnis

    ID 196 FearRP

    Thank you for taging me Jason ill be explaining and giving my pov i was choping a car as a car pulls up i scroll on to my gun and in the vid you can clearly see me steping out at the same time he starts to give me demands and for the reason it dosent stay on you and does the anim again so i as i had the gun i chose to shot them to defend myself if there wouldnt be a issue with animations there wouldnt be such a issue as i would have it out https://streamable.com/6xe1za And second off all i would like to see a vid with full sound as they were both doing things without speaking at al
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