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  1. Nice to see more Latinos in town !
  2. Good Story @OBESE keep up the good work and make sure new fishes know the people who were there before hand !
  3. Arnis

    The Misfits

    Nice group nice rp and style keep it up
  4. There would be some options where pd goes with an choper to locate the drug locations or true investigation or raids and with the smell you could impliment dogs
  5. Like your style the city neded a group like you keep up the good work
  6. +1 to the idea hate when people metagame and just report the lab so it could get taken down by sd or pd
  7. Good reply my man
  8. Good guy has a good artistic ability of himself puts hard work loved his work that he did for me
  9. i have done multiple 12h sentences and a fuck tone of 2-6h sentences
  10. Thats the problem it has been scraped and it still takes up a slot
  11. Date and time (provide timezone): Been happening multiple times Character name: Dario Ortega Issue/bug you are reporting: That after the scrapyard car has been scraped or choped it dosent disapear and it clogs up a vehicle slot Expected behavior: After the car being destroyed comes back all do it should disapear and not be able to be taken again Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Vehicle license plate number*: [PIA8BX6I]
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