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    I'm glad to see someone else try to tackle what I could not accomplish. I wish you only the best of luck, and hope to see this RP prosper.
  2. But fr though, this looks like a great opportunity for some serious RP. Hopefully we don't cross paths in-game (please don't kidnap me) 👌
  3. I feel very concerned about this org, but holy shit does this look crazy.
  4. SuperKat

    The Yakuza

  5. SuperKat

    The Yakuza

    ヤクザ YAKUZA = DISBANDED Everyone has either left or is inactive. With my org only lasting a few days my morale has tanked. I will never try to make a Yakuza ever again. I wish only the best to whoever will try to do what I couldn't.
  6. Lol, I didn't even have a suit at the restaurant, I look like a fucking CHUD
  7. Player(s) being reported: Stranger (5058_1203) (29) Date of rule breach: 6/24 Time of rule breach: 1:35 AM EST Your characters name: Ringo_Moodey Other players involved: Pete_Foreman (the one who recorded the video) Specific rule broken: FearRP How did the player break the rule?: I told Stranger (29) to put his hands up after I warned and killed his friend for trying to steal my car but instead he pulled an AK and proceeded to kill me, breaking FearRP. According to Pete this isn't the first time this player has broken FearRP, luckily this time he had it on tape. Evidence of rule breach: https://streamable.com/nxfl9
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