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    The Yakuza

    Update! I'm proud to announce an alliance with The Lost Motorcycle Club! We now accept Gaijin (Outsiders), you can be apart of the work, but not official Yakuza. Reason being due to slow recruitment
  2. SuperKat

    The Yakuza

    ヤクザ Origins The Los Santos clan of the Yakuza began when former member of the Yakuza, Ringo Moodey, began to make moves in America. Ringo was born and raised in Japan, but was of American descent. His father served in Desert Storm and was stationed in Japan afterwards. Ringo was born in Tokyo in 1993. Ringo began crime at an early age, and only at the age of 16 he was accepted into the Inagawa-kai family. He controlled multiple whore houses and gambling dens in Tokyo as well as a drug running business centered in Yokohama. Ringo escaped to Los Santos to try to live a normal life, but his criminal tendencies got the best of him. Now with the good graces of his former Oyabun, he begins to start his own clan in Los Santos. Recruitment Not just anyone can be made Yakuza. There's an expected dress code and tattoos are REQUIRED. You will be expected to pass a test, if you fail, you will not be made into Yakuza. The Yakuza are not just some gang, it's a family. If there is quarrel among the family, punishments will be given. If the family expects you to put in work, you will deliver. The only way into the Yakuza is to contact Ringo. Be ready for any assignment he gives you, his number is 5656107 頑張って準備してください
  3. SuperKat

    The Sicilian Syndicate

    Lol, I didn't even have a suit at the restaurant, I look like a fucking CHUD
  4. Player(s) being reported: Stranger (5058_1203) (29) Date of rule breach: 6/24 Time of rule breach: 1:35 AM EST Your characters name: Ringo_Moodey Other players involved: Pete_Foreman (the one who recorded the video) Specific rule broken: FearRP How did the player break the rule?: I told Stranger (29) to put his hands up after I warned and killed his friend for trying to steal my car but instead he pulled an AK and proceeded to kill me, breaking FearRP. According to Pete this isn't the first time this player has broken FearRP, luckily this time he had it on tape. Evidence of rule breach: https://streamable.com/nxfl9