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  1. NoewUH

    Reduce frequency of vehicle stalling

    -1, If you don't want your engine to stall, drive realistically.
  2. Fully upgraded Surano, 380k.
  3. NoewUH

    The Sicilian Syndicate

    Yes @Daniel_Brown, we are still active within the server 🙂
  4. NoewUH

    Mask 2521_8360 (5.3.4. Vehicle deathmatch)

    Hello Pistol Pete, thank you for reporting. After review of the evidence provided, I will conclude that the masked player in the video had not committed VDM. As seen at 0:03 - 0:05, the player had swerved to the side of the road to compensate for his fast vehicle. Due to this, it seems as if the player had simply committed a hit and run ICly. No punishments will be dealt at this time. - NoewUH report locked report rejected as a side note, please restrict player reports to events which caused "severe loss due to a rule breach in which another player purposely broke a rule".
  5. NoewUH

    Fatman168 - Jessica Wilsonie (Punishment Appeal)

    Understood. After review of the statements provided and an opinion from the staff member who issued the punishment, I will conclude that Donkey168 will not have their punishment appealed. Regardless of the context, using a modified client is a serious offence to which the player went as far as to lie about. The punishment will remain in place. - NoewUH appeal rejected appeal locked
  6. NoewUH

    Fatman168 - Jessica Wilsonie (Punishment Appeal)

    Hello Donkey168, thank you for making this appeal. Would @Serthon please provide his statements as to why he dealt the punishment? - NoewUH
  7. Hello Kay, thank you for making this report: After review of the evidence provided, I will conclude that Stranger 1044_500 ( Micheal_Freedman ), will be punished for NonRP and Crime within an NCZ. Stranger 7616_9100 ( Hugh_Janos ), will be punished for VDM. Along with these punishments, the officer Conner Douglas will be warned for Metagaming. - NoewUH report resolved report locked
  8. NoewUH

    Mask 2916_5954 scamming

    Due to a lack of evidence from the reporting party and a lack of statement provided by the reported party, I will be closing the report. I encourage you, ( @Pete_Stanley ), to record all of your gameplay in the future to VOID this type of situation from happening in the future. - NoewUH report locked report rejected
  9. NoewUH

    Zoo_leaf - Jim Jimmington (Ban Appeal)

    I had received a report in-game claiming that an employee at Bayview had been AFK'ing behind the shop. After inspection, I noticed that Jim Jimmington, binkmybonk, had been walking in a perfect triangle. I decided to give the player the benefit of the doubt and attempt to gain his attention to give him a warning. After 2-3 minutes, the player showed no response, and even upon being frozen, he remained walking in a perfect triangle. You claim in your report that you left the computer in an AFK state, to which I would believe you if you had been constantly walking into a wall, though after review, you had been walking in a perfect triangle (upwards, downwards, across) even while frozen. The only way to perform a precise movement such as that would have been proper mouse control (to which you would have responded), or a macroing script (to which you received a punishment.) In my opinion, the punishment should remain as you had clearly been seen using a script. - NoewUH In regards to the incorrect timing of the original punishment, I apologize. I had used an incorrect guideline accidentally when dealing the punishment.
  10. NoewUH

    Ode to a Sunflower

    Clothing and apparel is a great thing to have, though ultimately, compared to developing key features and large systems, it has been placed on the back burner. Animations, again, would be great to have a large list of 20+. Although, compared to other things, we already have a decent list and are trying to work on other things. NPC's, I am completely against. Yes, when you watch FiveM roleplay servers and see civilians driving around, it may make the city feel bigger, though it heavily restricts the active players within a community. We would need to cut our playerbase into a quarter, just to have a bunch of brainless NPC's drive around and create the illusion of a populated city. If as stated in your post, that you want more roleplay, why would you not want to naturally populate the city? How could you be against such a basic rule? Do you believe that players should retain all information on death? Should they be able to declare war on a group of people who killed them moments before? If you are looking for a permadeath enforced server, eclipse RP is not the community for you. How so? If you wish to play the server to grind, buy supercars and fancy houses, I feel bad for you. You don't need to grind to create roleplay? Create a racing event, roleplay a yoga instructor and host yoga sessions for 500$ an hour, run a legal team for loan companies, roleplay a lawyer, get a taco truck and roleplay a mexican immigrant... You claim that everything worthwhile in the server is a grind, though no one is forcing you to grind for money. If you want proper roleplay, create it. The point of the police department is not to enforce a criminal v police server. If you are looking to get in gunfights and have an equal chance of winning, play GTA:O and deathmatching servers. If you want to be a criminal, don't be dumb about it. Do your crime in alleyways and in dark neighbourhoods, deal drugs and guns in parts of the cities where cops won't find you. Understand that some situations you will need to accept the fact that officers will win, as they do in real life. If criminals and officers were equal, criminals would spend their time looking for gunfights and police chases. The police are here to scare criminals and keep them on their feet, not to be a direct enemy. As a criminal, your enemies should be other criminals, not a government funded police force. ok, then. So you wouldn't have any issue with a police officer cuffing you, frisking you, and throwing you in a cruiser without any input from you? You would be fine if you were forced to comply regardless if you wanted to resist or not? resistance questions and dice rolls are part of the server to promote roleplay between two parties so that an entire situation is not a few clicks of a button and some probability outcomes. I fully agree with you, text-to-voice roleplay can be difficult. Although, as a community that wishes to assist all member of the rageMP community, we want to allow all types of players to use the server. I agree with you here, the prison was not implemented properly and was missing a lot of the features we planned to include it with. I completely agree that there is little to no roleplay able to be had in an empty prison. I urge you to take a look at FatherOsborn's suggestion, which was made making a large list of suggestions for the prison: Farely strong claims here along with the proceeding paragraph. I do appreciate your concern for the server, though you are going about it in the wrong way. If you want to see change, speak to the playerbase: Instead of creating a post complaining of all the bad things in the server, create a post promoting proper RP and specific mindsets. If you want to see systems and assets included, create a server suggestion and speak to the development team. If you truly want to change the server for the better, I urge you to do it in smarter ways. - NoewUH
  11. NoewUH

    The Sicilian Syndicate

    Thank you Liebenburg, very cool!
  12. NoewUH

    Ability to be in two factions

    -1, Official factions are to be treated as a full-time job. An active police officer would not have enough time to hop off duty and be a mechanic for a couple of hours.
  13. NoewUH

    The Longing

    @Jordan Rodriguez, Please remove the IC recruitment form that is placed in your faction post. All criminal recruitment should be done in-game as the use of criminal forums as IC discussion area are forbidden. - NoewUH (failure to adhere to this request will result in the in the removal of your faction post.)
  14. NoewUH

    Mask 2916_5954 scamming

    Would @Emilytha please respond with her side of the story.
  15. NoewUH

    Ps4 roleplay?

    Hello Gorilaglue420, Unfortunately, the server runs on a modded client called "RageMP" which is only available on PC. You will not be able to play on this server using a PS4. - NoewUH