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  1. Additional Career Ideas

    The programming job sounds like a lot of fun. Unlock the interior, and have players solve simple math equations to gain a pay check. The more equations you solve, the better. I.E (x + 23 = 27) “what is x”... *player types 4* *small progress bar is increases on screen, 5% is added to salary. Once you solve enough equations so that your progress bar is filled, you can claim your pay check, and you need to wait 1 hour to go back. Salary could be claimed at the bank. People would recieve around 6k?
  2. [appeal] Patrick_Fennis

    Hello, Aaronb543. Due to this being an issue which relates to the police department, please make a report through INTERNAL AFFAIRS which can be done here. Denied/locked.
  3. Blowing up cars to get 1000hp

    +1, cars cant swim.
  4. Car Selling Economy 🅱️roke.....

    I agree with the this idea, though it will Ben hard to implement. People are selling there cars cheap because non of them are in demand.People understand that they need to lower the price of vehicles tremendously to get a sale.
  5. [Apeal] Roman_Stewart

    You had shown no fear for your characters life, due to the fact that you failed to follow any of the orders given by your captors while you were injured on the ground. You were allowed to drive away while guns were pointed at you, though you had broken a rule once you failed to respond, putting your life at risk. Pending @BallinByNature response.
  6. [Appeal] Himy_Atlake

    Both of you had not feared for your life once you were injured on the ground. You had full rights within the rules to drive away, though once you were injured you were essentially forced to obey the captives demands due to your life being at risk. Chanting "Lol xD" and "Ha! You are wasting bullets", and not responding to your captor's demands were some of the factors in the punishment. Pending @BallinByNature response.
  7. Commands and games for your pets

    Sounds like a cool idea, though it doesn't add much to the overall server and seems like it would be hard to code. -1
  8. +1 If the devs can implement this with little to no trouble, I believe this is an awesome idea.
  9. Bail System

    This sounds like an awesome idea. Have misdemeanours and minor felonies be able to be paid by bail.
  10. Fake Licenses

    Love you meng xD I would say +1 to the drivers license, due to these being easy to replicate. Though I agree with ballin, this system should not be used for weapons licenses.
  11. Coin Flip

    Great addition to RP. +1p I can imagine this is VERY simple to execute. I could make an example program using Visual Basic xD.
  12. Prison Jobs & Activities

    Great idea, though I believe job payment should be reduced time to overall jail sentence. IE. grind through a job for half of our jail sentence, have a quarter taken off. Or sit AFK for the full time.
  13. "Coma" system

    +1 Perfect suggestion to increase fear of life without implementing a CK system. I cannot express how much I would genuinely enjoy this being added to the game. A mini suggestion on top of this, call it a "Recovery Period". All injuries do not end in comas, though regardless of the injury there is a "Recovery Period".
  14. Make the bank open 24hrs

    - 1 Realisticly, people receive salaries weekly and bi-weekly. The bank system is set in place so that people cannot withdrawal small amounts of cash whenever they like (IE. I want to by this shirt at 3 o'clock on the morning, let me go to the bank and get 1500 from my salary). If we do move forward on this idea of making the bank open 24/7, we would need a salary which automatically wires to an account, with taxes removed, on a time system. It doesn't seem realistic that you can receive your salary whenever you like, which is why I am in - support of this suggestion.