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  1. My goodness... Honestly speaking, I can agree with almost everything here. You have brought some amazing ideas to the table, most of which I hope can be implemented. The only issue I see with this is the abudance of script that would be needed to be made with such a small development team.
  2. Ban Appeal

    Hello, Extasy As the Staff Member who had banned you, I will go ahead and deny this report. After spectating you, it was clear that you had been using modifications to spawn a vehicle and become invincible. Knowing this, your appeal has been DENIED/LOCKED.
  3. Store Clothing Items

    + 1 Clothes should be able to be stored in houses. Have the number of outfits change depending on the size of the home: 1 car garage = 2 outfits 2 car garage = 5 outfits 3 car garage = 10 outfits 4 car garage = 20 outfits

    LUCIUS LABAZANOV [A photo taken of Lucius Labazanov on his 4th birthday, Los Santos, California] Lucius Labazonov, born on January 17th, 2013 to his father, Ruslan Labazanov, and mother, Scarlette Labazanov was a child born with high expectation. He was born in the home of his loving parents in Moscow, Russia. All throughout his childhood, Lucius' father had taught him to carry the Labazanov name and to one day become his successor. Due to the infamous nature of his father, Lucius grew up in Moscow for most of his life primarily learning from his father. In Russia, Lucius learned many skills which would eventually benefit him in Los Santos. When Lucius and his family moved to America, they had enrolled him in a small private school to keep him separated from Ruslan's social life, though as time had progressed, Ruslan knew he would need to reveal his first born child to the world. With all of the stresses which came from the Labazanov home, Lucius often resorted to family friends and godparents for parental guidance and assistance. Now with Lucius growing up in American Culture, along with his notorious parents, Lucius will be expected to carry on the family name and be Ruslan's successor. @Xenon117 @sykotiktv A SMALL AUTO-BIOGRAPHY WRITTEN BY LUCIUS AT AGE 18 I was born on a cold winter day on January 27, 1998, to my mother, Scarlette Syko, and father, Ruslan Labazanov. At the age of 4, my father had decided to move our family to America, to "provide a better life for ourselves", though due to his infamous relationship with the PD and opposing feared criminals, my life had been very hard. Throughout my childhood, I was raised primarily by my godparents, Jim Wessen and Vera Winchester, and my mother, Scarlette Syko (Labazanov). My father had been their half of the time as a drunken man walking around in the broken shell, and the other half as the notorious mob boss, Ruslan Labazanov. The relationship between my father and I had been a minute part of my life, though an important one. He had been one of my greatest role models, a role model I would eventually resent. One of the moments which impacted my development the most originally seemed like an average day at LSC. I had been kidnapped and treated as an object in an attempt to manipulate my father. Due to my father's stubborn nature (one which I would learn to be a negative trait), my kidnappers had decided to use me to send a message to my father. At the age of 10, a man had used my left eye as an ashtray. He had placed a lit cigarette in my eye causing severe damage to my vision and my appearance. At the age of 10, I had been rushed to the hospital with a burnt cornea, a charred spirit and a deadly fear of cigarettes. At the age of 13, I had seen the true colours of my father, ones which disappoint me. On July 3rd, 2010, I had OD'd on drugs which had been offered to me during a party held after my parents' wedding. While recovering from severe wounds (emotionally and physically), I had been taken hostage by the man I once called my father. I was an object once again, though this time, being used to manipulate the police. After a long, fearful situation involving Sergeant Lister, Ruslan had committed suicide in an attempt to "save his son", a pathetic excuse used to mask his cowardliness in attempting to drop his role of a "father". Not until recently, had I found out that Ruslan was not actually dead, he was a man who had escaped his problems by running. My teenaged years had been a blur, besides a few memories I still cherish to this day. All those years cannot be summarized by words on a page. If I could point out the ones I hold close, they would include: My fathers "funeral", the tears I had seen falling down my mother's face; the countless time spent with different psychiatrist's attempting to fix my "broken spirit". I remember playing the guitar with my uncle (baba) Jim, learning of the use of notes in progression to make music and its ability to entice emotion. I remember doing homework with my aunt (moma) Vera, learning different tools I could use to benefit not only my school, though my future. And finally, I remember spending time with my mother, learning about her life before Ruslan, her goals and aspirations. In conclusion, I believe, that everything that has happened to me, has been for a purpose. Every experience, hardship and success I have seen in my life has been for a reason. I could not have imagined my life any other way. Without every experience, hardship, and success I have faced, I would not have become the man that I am today; the man that I will become.
  5. 8298_5260, cheater.

    Hello, UglyDuckling and EazyAlex. Due to the evidence and statements provided, I will be concluding that @eazyalex had not been using game-modifications and that the video provided was a mixture of server related lag and misunderstanding. Knowing this, EazyAlex will not be receiving a punishment and the report will be closed. Rejected/Locked.
  6. 8298_5260, cheater.

    Hello, Ugly Duckling. Due to the nature of this report, I will be extending the response period. @eazyalex has been contacted through discord, and now has 24 hours to respond to this report.
  7. 8298_5260, cheater.

    Hello, and thank you for reporting. Pending @eazyalex's (ID 8298_5260) response. The player has 24 hours to respond with their side of the story.
  8. [Suggestion]Balancing everything

    -1 to this. Until super cars are nerfed (speed wise), I cannot be in support of disadvantage the police so strongly. +1. I have been in support of this for the past 3 months. It is unrealalistic to see cops running around with AR’s and mini uzi’s. +1 to both of these.
  9. If you are accepted into an official faction (same idea as PD, MD, and mechanics shops) and maintain a respectful rank within these groups which hold RP to a high-standard, I believe you should be fiscally rewarded in some sense.
  10. +1 +1 +1 +1+1 +1 +1 +1+1 +1 +1 +1+1 +1 +1 +1 Honestly speaking, this update sounds perfect. Criminal factions have been on the decrease in the last bit. There is no reward for becoming a criminal, money is hard to make unless you have millionaire OG's providing for you. This update would greatly increase the reward in becoming a criminal, and would give the PD a little challenge! WE NEED THIS UPDATE! +1 +1 +1 +1+1 +1 +1 +1+1 +1 +1 +1+1 +1 +1 +1
  11. Skills System and Specialisation

    To role-play, is the act of playing a character, showing their strengths and weaknesses through action and in-action. If my character is scared of weapons, I would act anxious/fearful if someone pulls one out. An RPG, is a game in which you assign points, skills, weaknesses to a character and have the game tell you what you can do. If we implement your suggestion, a system which restricts the variety of role play in favor of a system which includes "a selectable skill which you can level up while doing tasks", players will lose their ability to creatively role-play to display their strengths and weaknesses. Again, this is forcing players to comply with an OOC choice that was made for their character. I honestly have no idea what you mean by "job" situations. We have no form of task/job situations on this server. I have read the full suggestion. My belief is that this system will do the complete opposite of what you propose. - "Stamina - 40%" - "20% Faster lockpicking" These are passive abilities which you proposed in your original post. These skills have actions which are done automatically for the player. As I stated earlier, actions are meant to be role-played through descriptive use of /me's and /do's and not performed automatically with a system.
  12. Skills System and Specialisation

    -1 to this. Adding a skills system will turn this into an RPG and less of a roleplay community. The point of roleplay is to act out that actions, not have them done for you. On top of this, you mention bank robberies, drills, alarms, police response, etc, which makes me believe that this update will not have much effect in eclipse due to the fact that these are not features on our server.
  13. General Stores Accepting Credit Cards

    -1 Food prices are high enough as they are. +1 I agree with this. -1 As much as this would make sense, it would give players no reason to carry money on them.
  14. [Appeal] Justin Fickle

    Hello Justin, and thank you for reporting. After review of your player logs, it is self-evident that you had been using game modifications to teleport in-game. Due to this clear breach of the server rules, your punishment appeal will be Denied and you will not be unbanned. Rejected/Locked.