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  1. Mask 131_2092 (6.7. Fear Roleplay)

    Hello, Wooge and Xeater. To Wooge; You mentioned a situation involving Felix Hernanz as part of your defence. Would you mind providing the video so that we may compare it to the situation which took place in this report? Would you also mind sending a screenshot of the full PMs between you and Ballin which involved the response that was given? (If any private information was shared, feel free to PM it to a member of staff). - NoewUH
  2. Sean Hamilton - Ban Appeal

    Hello Sean, As I was the one who dealt the punishment, I will defend my judgement and hand this to a higher-up. To quote the VDM rule: "A vehicle cannot be used as a weapon to repeatedly hit your opponent to keep them knocked onto the ground, ... You will not be punished for knocking down your opponent once, but abusing this GTA V mechanic will be classed as fail roleplay and will have you punished accordingly." The first hit, which you claim to be desync as the inciting factor, seems a little odd to me. After viewing Leron's provided video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2yn8XF3tlM), you had the clear intention of attempting to hit Leron off of his bike as seen in the quick response and poor judgement. Instead of pausing roleplay, noticing the "desync" hit, and restarting RP, you decided to continue roleplay as-is and hit Leron once again to knock him over and arrest him. This action is in clear violation of the VDM rule stated in 6.1: 8. I do agree that due to the less severe nature of the action, a warning could have been an option. Though after multiple reviews of the videos provided, I took into account the minor rule infractions including the OOC attitude and VOID RP without admin consent. Due to this, I decided to deal the lowest punishment for the second infraction of VDM; 24 hours.
  3. The crime time

    Hello @DylanAnthony, Please read the rules of the subforum before making posts here. This post will be moved to the "Off-Topic" subforum. - NoewUH
  4. new to gta rp

    Hey @brooklyn123adam, This post has been placed in the wrong subforum on the Eclipse website. Due to this, I will be moving it to the discussion subforum. - NoewUH
  5. VDM 6171_5045

    Hello, @James Gill and @Dashingly. After review of the evidence provided, I will conclude that the player, James Gill, is guilty of breaking the VDM rule. As seen in the first video provided "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2yn8XF3tlM": 0.49 - James had hit Leron, to which a response was heard, proving that James had acknowledged that his vehicle had hit Leron. 0.53 - James had accelerated from a stopped position, driving over the motorcycle to hit Leron a second time, proving that desync was out of the question. These two points in the video had shown that James Gill purposely used his vehicle to knock over Leron more than once. Due to the fact that James had hit Leron twice and that his defence was not sufficient in proving his OOC motives, He will be receiving a 24-hour ban for his second offence of VDM/DM. Report approved/locked. - NoewUH
  6. VDM 6171_5045

    Hello @Dashingly, thank you for making this report. As stated in James' defence, "We parted ways with both parties satisfied". Would you be able to provide any evidence of the two of your agreeing to VOID RP if that was the case? On top of this, @James Gill, why had you not been using your sirens to identify to Leron both IC and OOC, that you had been attempting to pull him over? Also, do you have any video evidence to prove that you had not made contact with the second hit? Both parties have 24 hours to respond. - NoewUH
  7. Lewis Smith - Ban Appeal

    Hello, JackD. If you have any evidence of the situation that would assist us in the process of dealing with your appeal, that would be great. As to the staff member involved, I will ask that @BallinByNature take this appeal as he was the one who had witnessed / dealt the punishment based on the event. - NoewUH
  8. Hello, 2Girls1Pig. Thank you for making this ban appeal in a professional manner. As to the serious nature of this ban, I will forward this directly to @BallinByNature so that he can deal with this himself. - NoewUH. If you are not involved in the ban appeal, please do not post a response.
  9. Coke Swiss

    Hello, Balucared. Thank you for making this ban appeal in a professional manner. As to the serious nature of this ban, I will forward this directly to @BallinByNature so that he can deal with this himself. - NoewUH. If you are not involved in the ban appeal, please do not post a response.

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  11. 5752_6192 FailRP FearRP

    Thank you for your response, Liam. As seen in the video provided by @Hellequin, I will decide that the player did not break any rules in regards to fearRP. After reviewing the second video, it was made evident that Deshawn Davis and his partner had been attempting to kill Liam instead of evading. After Liam's cruiser had been flipped, Liam responded with the proper roleplay of fear for his life. His character would have known that Deshawn was attempting to kill him. In his situation, placing his hands up would have been a certain death due to the fact that he would have been shot instantly. On top of this, Liam had also been seen attempting to evade for at least 5 minutes, showing us that he had been fearing for his life. As seen in rule 6.7, section 1. "Fear roleplay is the concept of roleplaying fear for your character’s life in situations where your attacker is able to quickly end your life at will." Although the common belief is that a player should always throw his hands up the second a gun is pulled, the first statement in the rule is that a character should roleplay fear. I believe that Liam had shown a fear of his life through the immediate last-minute attempt to put down his attackers. In conclusion, @Hellequin will not be punished for a failure to RP Fear due to the fact that in this specific scenario, he had been showing fear for his life in attempting to evade and put down his attacker in a last-minute effort. Report denied/locked
  12. 5752_6192 FailRP FearRP

    Hello Wooge, thank you for reporting. The reported party, Liam Paige, has 24 hours to respond with his side of the story.
  13. SERVER SUGGESTION - Limbo after death

    I do see what you mean, though the time needed to wait would be an OOC punishment for death. Having a waiting period after death would entice people to properly roleplay a fear of death (as they would not want to have to wait the limbo period).
  14. Missfire - Elisabeth Parker (Ban Appeal)

    Hello, after review of the statements provided, we have decided to deny your ban appeal. Hacking, whether it is intentional or not, is a very serious offence which ECRP does not take lightly. The permanent ban will remain in place. Appeal denied/locked
  15. Missfire - Elisabeth Parker (Ban Appeal)

    Ok, I do understand how this could have been a mistake. Due to the seriousness of this report, I will need to discuss this with senior staff. Appeal Locked