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  1. Definitely agree, city bee rents vehicles should have a de -spawn timer of around 3 minutes. This would allow players to actually go shopping for a view minutes, then return to the vehicle.
  2. [SUGGESTION] Police Impound Lot

    This idea sounds awesome! +1 Perfect way to increase risk of going to jail, and put worth on vehicles. "Can I lock my vehicle before you arrest me? If not it's gonna get stolen" I've heard this so many times due to the fact that criminals lose there vehicles often after arrest. I would say it should be a time/money system to retrieve the vehicle. IE. "You have to wait 15 minutes, and pay 2500 dollars to retrieve your vehicle". Possibly the impound lot could be at the PD. You would pay for a vehicle at the front desk, and the vehicle would spawn at the side of the PD where the parking lots are. I also believe, that vehicles should only be impounded on felony charges.
  3. Suggestion: Amend the FearRP Rule.

    I definitely agree with this, though, there are some flaws in the system. Players have to be restricted based on how and when and where they can resist. For example, regardless of the training/skill you possess, you would not be able to flee from a situation with has a gun directly pointed to your head. Though if the mugger would be 3 meters or away, that might give the victim a greater chance. As much as I would love to see this implemented and used in the server, unfourtunately, player will not abide by this. I see two situations arising: 1. The victim in this situation is a poor roleplauer. He has a tendency to care more for his "250" dollars in his pocket over good RP. The victim decides "if this dude has a carbine to my head, I'll just do /me runs every time and have a chance to get away? Every single time he gets mugged, regardless of the situation, he attempts to run. 2. In this situation, the attacker is a polr role player. Whenever he mugs people, he never allows the victim chance to escape. He begins mugging the person, the victim types "/me attempts to reach into his pockets, grabbing a pistol /do would this work?". The attacker would then kill the victim first thing without allowing the victim a chance of freedom. In conclusion, I do believe this is a good system that would be put in place, though it would often be abused. For this reason, I would say that it should be implemented, though it should be on the admins discretion to believe if the victim had valid reason to attempt to evade.
  4. Some Suggestions

    + 1, loved these ideas
  5. /radiolow /phonelow

    +1, makes sense if you had a /low or /r for the radio
  6. Metabolism system

    +1 incite people to eat my tacos
  7. Newbie chat

    All support staff do have easy access to communicate with higher ups. Support members should also not be responding to reports in which they cannot deal with... Unless there is no one else online who has the power to respond to that report.
  8. More fun activites

    That's is the issue with GT-MP. Due to the fact that GT-MP uses the single player client, with its own connection. Compared to GTA Online using a better connection. GTMP does not have the connection structure to support reaction based mini games.
  9. House Suggestions

    Unfortunately, adding a feature like that would be next to impossible. All of the houses use pre-made locations and would need to be completely remade to add different furniture options.
  10. Los Santos Sheriff Department

    This would be amazing, have 4-6 members volunteer to transfer to the northern sheriff's department. You need a sheriff, sheriff's deputy, and a few other officers. Would definitely like to see this implemented to see crime lowered up north.
  11. House Suggestions

    Currently, houses do not have much use other than a hangout area. It would be awesome to see a few things added to house functionality. These include: - Allowing clothes storage. All purchased clothing will be saved only if you own a house. - Spawnable location. You could allow the ability to spawn at a house (after crash, or relog) - Possible music player? (a system which allows youtube videos, audio, to be played?) (A bit much though could be fun.) - Food storage. (either store purchasable food, or have a limited supply) (would allow people to be able to heal small amounts of HP by themselves) Adding these featured would increase the functionality of houses, and would encourage players to buy them! If anyone has any further suggestions or criticism, that would be appreciated in the comments! :)
  12. Newbie chat

    That ^ I honestly can't say it any better than randy here. As much as this chat might be attempted to be used for good intentions, people might be able to accidentally spread incorrect information. - 1
  13. More fun activites

    Oh my... As much as I would love to see tennis, I can only to imagine and begin to think of the dsync issues. Though I am in support of shops like cluckin bell, burger shot, and donut shops (Wuhno would love this!) being added for RP.
  14. Add all vehicles to normal import

    Then as I said previous, I would definitely be a +1 for this! Though highly customized cars, IE. the "space ship", should most likely stay purchasable through credits, or be extremely expensive.
  15. Add all vehicles to normal import

    +/- Im having some issue with this one. If you are asking if all the vehicles should be able to be IMPORTED then I would be +1 due to it being the most obvious choice. Though you if you mean that all vehicles should be IN STOCK I would be -1 due to it not being realistic.