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  1. Big +1 I want to roleplay an old grumpy cop standing around the back of the precinct having a cigarette as I grumble about management 😛
  2. -1 Doesn't break immersion whatsoever - It's a helpful notification.
  3. One hundred percent this is my suggestion 😄 This would make the prison more lively and create a lot more prison roleplay
  4. Alternatively maybe the guards could get a notification to kick you out 😄
  5. People won't stay in there forever, but they shouldn't have to leave if they are enjoying the prison roleplay atmosphere
  6. Why? Why not let people stay in prison as long as they wish so they can bring in some prison RP?
  7. As the title says there should be an option to stay or leave prison when your time is up. It's really frustrating when you are in the midst of some really good prison roleplay when your time or someone elses time suddenly expires and you automatically teleport out of prison. What should happen is you should get a notification saying "Your prison sentence is over. Type /releaseme when you are ready to leave the prison".
  8. Thirst & Hunger shouldn't kill you, instead it should only make you limp and unable to run, perhaps give you some crazy effects on your screen. Reason being is this: You could be in a lengthy RP with someone when all of a sudden that person needs to eat i.e. a person has been running from the cops, gets arrested and then suddenly dies of hunger thus avoiding jail. This is just one example of how death by starvation or thirst can really interupt good roleplay. If thirst and hunger weakens people but not kills them, people would still buy food and drink from stores but it would not interrupt their roleplay.
  9. Date and time (provide timezone): 20/MAY/2019 - Can't remember exact time Character name: Dean Thompson Issue/bug you are reporting: Cant' eat cooked meat Expected behavior: Should be able to eat cooked meat when you right click on "eat" on meat in the inventory Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Kill an animal, place camp-fire down, cook the meat, then try and eat it. I tried this with pig meat and had no luck. Nothing happened. Vehicle license plate number*:
  10. This has been a problem for as long as I can remember
  11. People shouldnt be able to be robbed in stores imo. Should be against rules given that people would be in the menus
  12. Make all parking buildings & parking lots "CCTV Monitored Areas". If a person attempts to pick lock a vehicle in a "CCTV Monitored Area" then police will automatically be notified (similar to the store robbery notification). This way people can park in CCTV Monitored Areas with a degree of confidence but without it being impossible for cars to be stolen.
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