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  1. Add bald as a hairstyle option

  2. Weaponary

    As for the ass pulling thing, long arms should visible on a players body either by object attachment or a label above the players head. As for the easy access its up to the cops to disrupt the access as much as possible. More detectives...more searches, more SWAT raids...more weapon seizures all help.
  3. Event audio / Car audio

    Definitely needed and supported

    (( I love the concept but actually have no idea how a stock market works. Also how would this work in game? ))
  5. Probably the most frustrating thing as a cop is when you get into a gunfight with someone and they magically respawn triggering the NLR and thus avoiding IC jail. Whilst there is a /cpr command to extend their health, you never really know when CPR should be given because the person you've shot almost never roleplay's that they've gone unconscious and stopped breathing. I propose that an automatic /me happens when a player is in the injured state and their health gets to 20 percent saying that they have lost consciousness and stopped breathing.
  6. RageMP - List of Suggestions

    Add house burglaries and house alarms. Players could have the ability to break into a house which would almost instantly trigger the alarm and they could start stealing the contents of it (there would be a slow take rate though). Add an arson system - Allow players to burn down houses / vehicles. Vehicles / Houses that are burnt down would require owners to pay an insurance fee to have access to them again. This would create fire department roleplay. Road crash rescue - If players have a car accident causing high amount of damage, create a chance for them to be "trapped" in the vehicle and the only way for them to be freed is by the fire department using hydraulic cutters (aka jaws of life) to cut them out. Again, this creates FD roleplay and promotes more realistic driving.
  7. RageMP - List of Suggestions

    Meth labs would be awesome! Make it so they can be set up in any interior, that way the cops really have to know their stuff if they want to find a lab.
  8. Toggle blue nametag for cops

    Can we make it possible for all co0s t9 do it and leave restriction to policy? There may be occassions where other officers need to have their name tag colors off.
  9. Toggle blue nametag for cops

    For cops patrolling in unmarked vehicles or going covert or discreet the blue nametag is a dead giveaway. Cops should be able to toggle it without going off duty
  10. Multiplayer Jobs & Jobs that promote RP

    Would be nice to do money transporting with a buddy rather than just grind all by yourself.
  11. Bars & Restaurants & Alcohol Script

    Supported! Be sure to introduce a breathalyser for police though :D
  12. Introduction: Grinding for money as a civilian is painful to say the least. It's boring. We need more jobs that encourage players to interact with each other. Suggestion 1: Co-operative Money Transporter Job Make the money transporter job require a 2-3 people. This mimics how money would be transported IRL, but also requires players to interact with each other and makes the job less boring. It could be similar to the PD unit system. You start the job, and then find somebody to do the job with you and get them to "join" your transport. Both players will make money doing the job and have each other's company while they do it. Suggestion 2: Co-operative Garbage Job Similar to the suggestion above, except the second player can hold onto the back of the truck while the first player drives it. The second player can quickly get off the truck, grab the trash, and move onto the next pickup. This could be a job for 2-3 people. Suggestion 3: House Burglaries Create a way that players can break into houses and steal a portion of the contents. Players can prevent burglaries by purchasing and installing an alarm system which can send an alert to the player or the player & PD if triggered. Players may choose not to have their alarm monitored by the PD to prevent PD finding illegal stuff in the house if they turn up to the burglary. Players would have to lock pick their way into the house. Once inside they could start gathering stuff with similar take rates to the store robberies. The alarm could have a 10 second delay on sounding. Suggestion 4: Hunting & Illegal Poaching Create animal NPC's in the county and forest areas and let players hunt them for meat & trophy. Players could hunt animals, load them into the car inventory and sell them at shops. IC bagging limits would apply and the bagging limits can be enforced by the PD. Players would also be required to have a hunting licence to be legally allowed to hunt. Players with a hunting licence should be able to buy a hunting rifle of some description from a gun store.
  13. Blaine County Sheriff's Office

    Amen - Supported!
  14. Judicial System

    Can be arranged - If approved in concept I can find the people with the knowledge to come to Eclipse. I have a bit of knowledge to knock up some basic documents to get the system started.
  15. Judicial System

    I'll volunteer for it - I'd be happy to go into more detail and design how the judicial system would work IF this idea of having a judicial system is approved.