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  1. How about creating a zone for the entire city or areas that would be RPly populated where if a car alarm is triggered it would alert cops. Something needs to be done about the rampant car theft. It's not realistic that any car parked outside of an NCZ gets stolen within 10 minutes of it being there.
  2. Maybe a 50/50 chance they get notified then?
  3. The ease of car theft outside of no crime zones means that cars are never parked anywhere but in an NCZ which is fairly unrealistic. My suggestion is that when a car alarm is triggered cops are automatically notified. Realistically concerned bystanders would hear the alarm and call police.
  4. Please show me said evidence as I do not believe I metagamed in any way shape or form.
  5. Now I can't use any hot keys while the mini-MDC or full MDC is open Tested indicators, engine on/off, Ctrl+B, siren mute, VOIP either N or M - None of them work
  6. I love it except for a couple of things. 1) I really don't think pilot licensing should be automated by the server. Government workers in game should have stuff to do and one of them should be conducting flight training / tests for people wanting to become pilots. This would give the faction an actual in game purpose as well as create good roleplay and hopefully keep aviation respectable. 2) PD should have nothing to do with rogue aircraft - This should be government.
  7. I would love to see people roleplaying using drugs on the server. Would love to drive through a back alley way and find people shooting up heroin, or find a group of people smoking weed in a car. Drugs should be a social regular pass time on the server that have minor perks. Traditionally in GTA roleplay servers perks for drugs have been health and armor or taking less damage...but I really want to come up with ideas beyond that. Idea 1: Reduced jail time/fine Rationale - Encourages criminals to use drugs regularly...particularly if they are the type to get arrested a lot. People that get arrested a lot tend to also use drugs. Also judges often take into consideration peoples personal circumstances including drug use and reduce their sentence. You could get a message from the server when you get arrested saying something like "The justice system has taken into consideration your drug habit and reduced your sentence" Share your thoughts on this idea and please do post your own ideas. More drug use means more RP for cops, MD selling methadone and treating overdose, and makes drugs lucrative for drug dealers
  8. Just to add to this - You are unable to mute the siren with Q while the MDC is open.
  9. Keep working on it mate! The obvious cons to aviation in our server is the "great escape" mentality whereby criminals would use aircraft to perform crazy getaways from cops. Not at all realistic and not at all what I would like to see in the server. What I WOULD like to see in the server is respectable aviation. Respectable aviation meaning players go through application, training and testing to get a pilots licence. Getting a pilots licence should be about as stringent as getting into a faction. Pilots should be upstanding citizens and pass background checks to obtain a licence.
  10. Not talking about automating a refund request, I'm talking about automating transfer of assets when you CK. Could duplicate your character with a new stranger ID, force a name change, sell houses or w/e and market value, lock the old character off as dead, and bob is your uncle 😄
  11. Should add Aviation Administration to your list:
  12. My thoughts exactly. As good as this sounds in theory getting a drivers license is the first thing that people do on the server and for that reason it should remain a script thing.
  13. Much prefer this idea - I'd love to own a real estate agency 😄
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