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  1. DeanThompson

    Building Drug Labs

    Not talking about rebuilding, I'm talking about building from scratch, building where ever the hell you like 😄
  2. DeanThompson

    Something Needs to Be Done About Robbing RP

    Sorry but a -1 on this one. If you want to avoid being robbed I'd suggest getting some friends to roll around with or being careful about what you do.
  3. DeanThompson

    Building Drug Labs

    How about gangs have the ability to build their own drug labs anywhere in the open world? If I was to come up with some VERY rough figures I'd say: 20k to build a lab Must be built by 3 or more people Takes 10 minutes to build 4 hour cool down to build another lab if it gets destroyed Advantages: Cops can't routinely patrol drug labs. Drug labs could be built anywhere in the open world. This means finding drug labs would be a fun mystery and you'd likely need someone to share that info Gangs are forced to protect their drug lab from hostiles / cops - If their lab gets destroyed there's 20k lost plus a cool down Gangs can make money by charging people to use their drug lab Gangs can control the drug trade by attempting to locate other gangs drug labs and destroy them, thus forcing people to use their drug lab Disadvantages: Drug sales don't pay that much in comparison to the costs of production, might have to up the sell price Gangs could potentially place drug labs in Non-RP or impossible to access places - Rules would need to be created for this.
  4. DeanThompson

    Deathmatching (Multiple Offenders)

    We'll agree to disagree then - Lets see what the admin says. As I said, the point that remains is I shouldn't need the backup of S.W.A.T. to impound an illegally parked car, that's just utterly absurd.
  5. DeanThompson

    Deathmatching (Multiple Offenders)

    The intention was quite clear - You wanted to stop us from towing the vehicle by any means necessary, including shooting at officers. You rammed my cruiser at full speed with a contender and then got out and shot at us. Calling for backup to assist with the management of a crowd is not attempting to harm your character by way of arrest. You made a very giant assumption there. The point where you rammed my cruiser and got out and shot at us, the intention is obvious, you wanted to kill us and get your car back. You even said "You better call S.W.A.T" at 12 seconds into the video. PD shouldn't need the protection of S.W.A.T to impound an illegally parked car. There should never be a shootout in this kind of situation. I don't know what third world country you think we roleplay where it is acceptable for a gang of people to ram police cars, shoot and nearly kill officers, and brandish automatic weapons for towing your illegally parked vehicle outside of a bank, Sudan perhaps, but not in America. As the rules state: 7.2.1 Deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another player (or damaging their property) without a proper roleplay reason. This is not a proper roleplay reason.
  6. DeanThompson

    Deathmatching (Multiple Offenders)

    Player(s) being reported: Mask 5618_9455, Mask 8003_2647, Mask 8545_1717, Mask 3634_9339, Mask 2918_8327, Mask 5584_8379, Mask 2214_2798, Mask 4278_7788 Date of rule breach: 19 October 2018 Time of rule breach: 04:25 AM Your characters name: James Dickson Other players involved: Stranger 9127 8640 Specific rule broken: 7.2 Deathmatch How did the player break the rule?: Attempted to murder police officers for towing their with outstanding parking tickets. Not a proper reason for attempting to murder. As we were towing the vehicle away, a contender with 4 people rammed us, followed by a trophy truck which rammed me and flipped my cruiser. Everyone got out and started shooting at us. Evidence of rule breach:
  7. Whenever I, or other people near me attempt to bobby pin a car I get a RageMP dialog box saying "Script Server Error: Invalid native has been passed: cde5e70c1ddb954c" It's happened several times to me today
  8. DeanThompson

    New Police System Ideas

    PD are on the server to perform a function - That function is to provide a sufficient challenge for criminals and to promote clever criminal roleplay. You shouldn't be able to rob a 24/7 with two people, pistols and expect to be able to shoot your way out of trouble with the cops. You should have to give your crimes some pre-planning and thought, i.e. lookouts, distractions, decoys, overwatch, planned getaway routes, communications etc. PD members and criminal players shouldn't be treated the same as the PD is functional, whereas criminal roleplay is about building your own profile.
  9. DeanThompson

    Multiple PD nerf suggestions

    The PD is supposed to be over powered. It keeps the criminals on edge and prevents them from becoming to brazen with their crimes. Criminals need to be smart about their crimes in order to be successful. Dumb criminals who put zero thought into planning and preparation and just play cops and robbers all day will end up in jail and with significantly less money.
  10. DeanThompson

    Animation & Clothing suggestions

    An in game animation browser would be nice 😄
  11. Hey guys, Created this thread for everyone to add their own suggestions for clothing and animations - Please make sure you post a pic or video of any clothing or animations you suggest along with any other information that might help the developers. With any luck hopefully some of these will be implemented. I personally use the Menyoo trainer on single player to browse through animations, clothing etc. I'll start the thread with a few of my own ideas: New cigarette smoking animation The current animation in the server makes your character look like a crack head, this is a bit more respectable and actually pits a cigarette in your hand. Traffic Cone Animation This would be awesome for PD Guitar Animation This is just a cool little thing to do and could be a neat item to purchase from stores Hi-Vis Armor - Good for traffic cops Clipboard Animation Useful for cops writing tickets or mechanics writing up bills. Could really be used by anyone for any number of different roleplay scenarios
  12. DeanThompson

    MDC Flags & Notes

    This could also be used for things like "Banned from LSC until [Date] as per Amelia Wilson"
  13. DeanThompson

    Report vehicles stolen

    Yes there's a potential loop hole - Falsely reporting a vehicle stolen so you can claim innocence is a common trick IRL. This is a tactic that could be used ICly. The fun part for the cops is trying to gather evidence on a person who is doing that and with the right investigative skills they could catch someone out making false reports. I don't think there should be any OOC prohibition on this.
  14. DeanThompson

    Report vehicles stolen

    Hardly think this is an overpowering tool - For a cop to check if a car is stolen they'd actually have to run the plate first
  15. DeanThompson

    Identification Cards

    +1 - Agreed