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  1. DeanThompson

    LSEMS needs better activity and more members

    I didn't even realize - Well thats ALOT worse than I thought. Seriously the management of this server need to get on top of that ASAP
  2. DeanThompson

    Police MDC app on mobile phone

    Can we make it so you can access the MDC from your mobile phone if you're a cop?
  3. DeanThompson

    Why are the fines so hefty when going to prison?

    16k does seem high - Tell me your character name and Ill look into it for you. With that said though...16k isnt too hard to make if you chop cars - Just dont get caught 🙂
  4. DeanThompson

    Toggle clothing anywhere

    Can we make it so we can toggle clothing anywhere - I.e. remove shirt, remove pants, shoes, glasses etc? Kinda annoying that I can't take my glasses off when I want to.
  5. As I'm sure many of you have noticed, it's very difficult to get an ambulance nowadays when you get injured. In fact it is rare for an ambulance to turn up. Quite often there are time where there are no LSEMS on whatsoever and cops are left to fill in by taking people to hospital. When I checked the member count last night there was only 29 people in the EMS. I've been told that LSEMS struggles because the roleplay you get as a medic is boring, thankless and sometimes repetitive and therefore people don't want to apply. In any case, the current situation simply is NOT good enough. I'm not entirely sure what the exact cause or causes are for the lack of members or activity, but it MUST change. If it's an issue getting people into the faction why not: Simplify the recruitment process making it easier for people to join? Give well respected roleplayers an invitation without application & first rank on an alt character which could be roleplayed as a "Qualified lateral transfer from another medical department". Live recruitment - Skip the forum application and regularly host recruitment drives in game Yes these ideas may INITIALLY sacrifice some quality in the members but people can always be trained. Also I'd rather have a slightly lesser quality of medic than no medic at all. If there is a player retention issue in the faction how about: Giving faction members greater choice of vehicles without having to be in x/y/z division or x/y/z rank - Allow everyone in the faction to use the helicopter, granger, firetruck etc and let them pick the vehicle they wish to use based on the type of roleplay they seek thus making the faction more enjoyable. More money Hire more people so medics aren't over worked and by themselves Development ideas: Make the plastic surgery something that has to be done by the LSEMS faction in the same way that cars have to be modified by mechanics. Fire - We have fire trucks, lets have fire! House fires, car fires, we need fires for firefighters! Road crash rescue - If there is at least 2 medics online, make it so that if you get into a high speed crash there is a chance you become "trapped" in the vehicle and that a firefighter would need to extricate you from the vehicle using the jaws of life (hydraulic spreaders / cutters). The fire truck would need to be next to the firefighter to use the jaws of life. Getting back on topic - The server can't function with 250+ players online and no medics. WE NEED MORE MEDICS FAST. It's not good enough, and the first direction I look toward is the leadership of the LSEMS not fulfilling their obligation to get and retain enough faction members. /endrant
  6. DeanThompson

    Police is bullshit

    Sounds like bad luck to me - That's the game though! Risk versus reward, that's what makes it fun!
  7. DeanThompson

    First Aid kits

  8. DeanThompson

    Trucking system

    Supported - Server jobs need to be more social
  9. DeanThompson

    Some of them eh..

    Agreed - We definitely need a newbie chat.
  10. DeanThompson

    Tickets and crimes

    Better than that - Should be able to go to PD and view your criminal history at the front counter or via the CP
  11. DeanThompson

    Buying any business

  12. DeanThompson

    Crouch tweaks

  13. DeanThompson

    Add distance to emergency calls.

    You read my mind - Was gonna post this very suggestion lol! Major +1
  14. DeanThompson

    60% chance of CCTV alarming PD on robbery.

    Do store owners lose money when their stores get robbed?
  15. DeanThompson

    Buying any business

    Jeez not that much. 1 mill yea