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  1. DeanThompson

    Ideas for future content to be added in BB

    Agreed massive plus one! Should also implement some sort of crafting system to manufacture drugs, alcohol and melee weapons
  2. DeanThompson

    RP Involving Police

    On the first 1 about being able to "help your friends" in a NCZ, a massive no from me. Rationale is this: We don't want those NCZ areas turning into battlegrounds i.e. shooting at cops and cops having to shoot back etc. The idea behind them is that it is a safe place away from that shit. You can run, you can be sneaky and get into a vehicle, no problem with that at all but "helping" your friends usually means shooting at the cops. On the 2nd one, I agree. Confiscating your bag and food isn't on, but that said there really is no storage for personal property and you shouldn't be able to take personal property into prison. Perhaps the script could be amended to have a property storage locker at the prison and PD so that property can be stored with a note attached.
  3. DeanThompson

    Car key

    I would actually prefer the car key to be an item you have in your inventory and make players visit a lock smith if they wish to copy their keys or change their locks.
  4. DeanThompson

    Faction Suggestion: Federal Aviation Administration

    What I had in mind (and I'll link it into the main part of the post) for fighter jet intercepts was something like this:
  5. DeanThompson

    MDC in a stolen cruiser

    Yes there is an MDC but doesn't mean you'll be able to access it. These require a user login.
  6. Federal Aviation Administration The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of San Andreas is a national authority with powers to regulate, investigate and enforce all aspects of civil aviation. Major Functions Issuing, suspending, or revoking pilot licences All persons flying in San Andreas must be the holder of an FAA approved pilots licence or be under instruction of a pilot who holds an instructor rating on their pilots licence. A person can obtain a pilots licence by completing flight training (either through a private flying school or directly through the FAA) and then completing a pilots exam and practical flying test with an FAA examiner. If a person passes their pilots exam and practical flying test they will be issued with a pilots licence. Regulate, monitor and manage air space The FAA is the sole regulator of civil aviation within San Andreas and is responsible for managing, regulating and monitoring San Andreas air space. The FAA produces readily accessible publications for pilots including air space charts, weather information and temporary air space restrictions. Provide air traffic control services to San Andreas All air traffic control services (ATC) are provided by FAA air traffic controllers. Air traffic controllers undergo specialist training and provide ATC services within controlled air space. ATC services can also be provided to persons outside of controlled air space on pilot request. Respond to and investigate aviation incidents All aviation incidents are responded to and investigated by the FAA. This can range from minor breaches such as air space violations, through to air crash investigations, and up to air defense response. Air defense response is provided by the Surveillance and Response Group (SRG). SRG operatives are military trained pilots and have access to fighter jet aircraft On occasion SRG operatives will conduct aerial patrols in these aircraft to ensure the safety of San Andreas Air Space. Should an emergency situation arise where an aircraft is likely to endanger the lives of people SRG operatives will mobilize and intercept that aircraft. They will attempt by all means to negotiate a safe and peaceful outcome however they have the authority to if necessary disable that aircraft using deadly force. Prosecuting offenders The FAA is responsible for holding offenders to account for any breaches of aviation law. Penalties for offenders may range from formal warnings, fines, licence suspensions, and imprisonment. Divisions Licensing and Regulations Department Responsible for issuing, suspending, and revoking pilot licences Produce publications for pilots relating to civil aviation (including air space maps, restrictions, weather information) Prosecuting offenders violating aviation law Surveillance and Response Group (SRG) Monitor radars and identify unidentified flying objects Respond to air security incidents Air Traffic Control Services Provide Air Traffic Control services to all aircraft in San Andreas (( Out of character )) Lets bring aviation roleplay to Eclipse RP. With aviation must come regulation and enforcement, and that is precisely what the FAA will do. People must apply for and get a pilots licence from the FAA to be able to fly. If people are found flying unlicensed or breaching aviation law the FAA will issue charges. FAA will create all documents relating to aviation rules, air space etc. FAA SRG operatives will have access to fighter jets but strict conditions and roleplay standards will be imposed. Players flying air craft will need to set their radio to the ATC frequency and take instructions from air traffic controllers. Refusing to do so is a serious offence and will likely result in pilots licences being revoked, criminal charges and depending on the circumstances if serious enough may result in a figher jet being scrambled to intercept. Whilst this post does not go into elaborate detail if this idea is approved in concept I will develop this much further to be a full working model. (( Fighter Jets Intercepting Aircraft - How will it look? )) Fighter jet intercepts for aircraft won't be an excuse to shoot down aircraft. It will be a series of procedures and defined escalation process, with the ultimate escalation and last resort being to shoot the plane down. It will be similar to this video here:
  7. DeanThompson

    Los Santos County Department of Coroner

    I like this idea in theory, it would be great seeing a coroner van coming out to pick up a body but given that bodies disappear I really do struggle to see the role it would actually perform in game. Could you elaborate on some scenarios where the coroner could actually be useful?
  8. DeanThompson

    Change Whitelist and remove NCZ

    -1 to all your suggestions sorry bud, my reasoning is this. Whitelist - What is the new whitelist system? I don't think it stops us from getting new players, we seem to be doing fine. A good white list prevents assholes coming to the server to troll hack and so forth. I've not come across any hackers and very rarely have I ever seen a player go around on a DM spree. Proof is in the pudding on this one, I vote the whitelist stays. The bit you mention about VOIP chat being limiting, it's really not. I've got an alt character that I act a different accent with. Yes it takes time to get the accent right, but it's fun learning to do it and playing someone else. You are only limited in your ability to act, if you can pick up an Irish accent then you should be fine to roleplay your Irish gangster. Some actors can't play every role, i.e. you couldn't have Samuel L Jackson playing as Harry Potter (although that could be hilarious). As for the no crime zones yes technically they restrict roleplay but they maintain a fair and realistic atmosphere. Realistic as in you don't have people "raiding" a police station or trashing the bank or robbing people after games of poker. This is a game after all and we want it to be fair fun and realistic. There is a balance between maintaining a fun realistic roleplay atmosphere and freedom to roleplay and I think Eclipse RP has it just right.
  9. DeanThompson

    Dynamic Fishing

    I would love to go out on a boat with a group of friends and go fish for BIG fish 😄 Fishing could become a social pass time that has the potential to bring in good money. Alternating fishing zones could have different types of fish, some small crappy ones, others massive highly valuable ones. People would be encouraged to go explore fishing areas in boats to find the best area to fish. Piracy could also be a good avenue for roleplay with pirates looking to rob people for their fish. Fishing limits could also be introduced with the cops going out on boats looking for people "overfishing"
  10. DeanThompson

    Traffic Officer #0696 (PG,NonRP)

    Again...not true. Here is the screenshot to prove I did. https://imgur.com/a/HEZZQt7
  11. DeanThompson

    Traffic Officer #0696 (PG,NonRP)

    I roleplayed it - I've posted a screenshot to prove that I roleplayed it. I hooked it with the script and your video shows it. I'm done arguing with you because clearly no amount of reasoning or logic is getting through.
  12. DeanThompson

    Traffic Officer #0696 (PG,NonRP)

    Your own video shows that it is attached by the script, your car is hooked on good and proper! https://streamable.com/zqsjo My screenshot shows the roleplay I did to hook your vehicle https://imgur.com/a/HEZZQt7 I roleplayed hooking your car, then I actually hooked your car via the script. My screenshot shows something quite different. Seems pretty unlikely you would try and move the car to the curb after I'm trying to roleplay hooking it but didn't do so earlier if that is in fact what you were attempting to do, which I sincerely doubt. https://imgur.com/a/48qDG4X Let me take you back to your own video which clearly shows your car is hooked up script wise. The two front tires are floating because it is hooked. https://streamable.com/zqsjo This is true, you can drive away, but you can't run me over. He wasn't there from the beginning, I called him to assist me so he only had limited information.
  13. DeanThompson

    Traffic Officer #0696 (PG,NonRP)

    The videos don't show the interaction prior. I will upload my video which shows the situation from the beginning. First point: I told you to move your car because it was obstructing traffic. https://imgur.com/a/LBNa9tD Second point You're claim that I Non RP hooked the car is a complete lie. I did roleplay hooking the car. I got right down in front of the car, crouched down and attached the hook. See screenshot below: https://imgur.com/a/HEZZQt7 Third point: After I did that, you RAMMED me. Vehicular assault in a no crime zone. https://imgur.com/a/48qDG4X Fourth point: After I had roleplayed attaching the hook, I got into the tow truck to attach the hook script wise. You then tried to prevent me from doing so by driving back and fourth despite the hook RPly being attached. Eventually I did latch on but you made it difficult. Also this could be considered another breach of the no crime zone rule as you were obstructing justice, however more a case of powergaming and Non RP. Screenshot below shows me hooking the car up. https://imgur.com/a/3MxMufw Fifth point: Once the car was hooked up RPly and scriptwise I told you to get out of the car. You refused to do so, again breaking no crime zone rules. I tazed you and dragged you out of the car. I used forceful server commands as I am entitled to as you had indicated to me that you had no intention of roleplaying properly one bit. I still at that point did not arrest you, I just wanted you out of the car so I could tow it. https://imgur.com/a/d2RNPMo Sixth point: After doing this you got back in the car while I was trying to tow it, again breaching no crime zone rule, the crime being obstruction of justice. From that point onwards the decorum in the roleplay descended to all new lows and it was a back and forth attempt trying to tow the car. Eventually I called for backup, had you arrested for obstruction of justice, and I impounded your car. I will upload the whole video later but can't do it right now due to slow internet speeds. Short and sweet, you ought to be punished for breaching NCZ rules for Vehicular Assault Against a Government Employee, Obstruction of Justice, Failure to Comply.
  14. DeanThompson

    Prison breaks/takeovers requiring admin approval

    I definitely think the teleport back to prison thing needs to be removed. DOC should be able to bring up a list of prisoners online and be expected to keep a check on each single prisoner. This gives prisoners an opportunity to roleplay escape. If a prisoner dies (NLR) then it makes sense they should respawn in the prison hospital.
  15. +1 supported Perhaps retitle the suggestion to "Toggle Clothes" 😄