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  1. I like this and i've brought this suggestion up to some other people as well. I would only argue to make the price lower than the current super car costs, simply because making supers cost up to 30mil, will just increase the value of some peoples supers by a lot.
  2. +1 could just allow the use of /low on phones without the need for extra commands.
  3. There is absolutely nothing stopping anyone from RPing in that manner.
  4. +1 At the end, if you're giving someone keys, you likely trust them enough to take care of your car.
  5. Date and time (provide timezone): Constant Character name: Tyrone Briggs Issue/bug you are reporting: When PD/SD use /swat, they go into their respective uniforms, gaining full armor and face concealment. If you crash/relog, you will be put back in the basic state without /swat gear on. The problem is that you can only /swat in a few locations on the map and it creates a large issue when you lose the anonymity and full armor during long situations. Currently staff members do accept reports and allow us to /swat, but fixing the issue would save staff some time and allow for the flow o
  6. +1 Would make it a lot more clear when people are just scouting for unlocked cars. Could also be an animation that triggers, similar to how when you try to get in when the car is locked.
  7. -1 PD also does /frisk, so it would complicate things Just add a command /takecash, would only be available during a frisk, add a short timer and an /ame, to make it a smooth experience.
  8. Thats not a thing. https://gov.eclipse-rp.net/viewtopic.php?f=706&t=63959
  9. Like the insurance idea, could have varying degrees that could impact the cost and time from mors.
  10. -1 The robbery rule was a big boost to civilian RP, allowing people to not fear that they will just be robbed at any point for a burger and a GPS. It was partly due to that rule that the pier became a social hotspot, moving people away from always being at the bank. The robberies that were happening before the rule was implemented were basically the lowest form of RP on the server. Hands, frisk, leave, maybe toss in some /b. People who were robbing didn't really get much and it was just an inconvenience for the people getting robbed.
  11. Itali GTO is already in the game, its performance rivals supers so wont be a dealership vehicle.
  12. Ye, there is no way to see how long it was suspended (outside of checking logs). PD - https://gov.eclipse-rp.net/viewforum.php?f=24 SD - https://gov.eclipse-rp.net/viewtopic.php?f=956&t=21561 @Xamual Fuchs
  13. Based on the penal code and this being an IC issue, I would strongly advice to file an IA report, as the max time is 2 days (excluding child endangerment). Either someone intentionally gave you a longer suspension, maybe some miscommunication on how long the suspension actually is (could have told you the time, but used IC to OOC time conversion).
  14. Hey, simple suggestion, add a smoke effect to the smoking animation of cigars/cigarettes/blunts. Feels incomplete without smoke coming out.
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