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  1. ^ agree with this, people should have the option to choose if they want their information displayed or not. Especially since you can't block phone numbers. Additionally, i have seen people leave their house unlocked for people to look through it.
  2. Personally i think there is no need to know how long the Ajail sentence is, as it doesn't change anything for you. Regarding the severity of each rule break, i'd like to point you to the report/punishment section. Based on how many breaches of each rule type are needed to get banned + punishment appeal denies, you can see what is severe and what is an acceptable mistake. so DM - 2, MG -3, NRP - 6. Obviously any cases of mass rule break are instant bans. A big number of rule breaches fast usually leads to a non-RP ban. These ofc are all punishments that you can appeal for a chance to get unbanned and based on previous conduct as well as the appeal you will be back. Any serious breaches like RWT or cheating are instant bans. What im saying is that the info is out there, simply need to look and you can deduce yourself what is more severe. New players should't worry about whats more bad, as every rule breach is bad and instead should focus on trying to follow rules, rather than thinking how much Ajail time will i get if i break this rule.
  3. There already is a rule about excessive racial slurs, yet somehow we do not seem to have reports regarding this (or if we do they are very few). So either people are not reporting it OR the situation is exaggerated in this suggestion thread. If you feel someone is saying something wrong too much, report it, but a person yelling out "nigger" a few times is not a reason to report that person or to start persecuting every single person. The rules are already in place, and honestly, i think very few people actually sit there yelling racial slurs without any kind of context or RP.
  4. +1 sounds cool also LSPD baywatch division
  5. CaesarSeizure


    ^^ Exactly what Dylan said, the point of FRP is to create a rule for how to portray fear, in real life you would be very careful and if you are at gun point it is recommended to just give them what they want. The only reason i would think it would make sense to remove FRP, if dying actually carried a penalty to your character, so then you might not actually try to risk your life, as you would lose something. Could be a big medical bill.
  6. It feels like someone killed you, you called DM on it but it turned out that it was not DM. Ok, i got all criminals because as you answered the question "Ok how do you suggest criminals equip guns if you're required to have a lisence to hold one" From the staff, so you mean that criminals who will obviously not have licenses need to have a staff member equip it to them. If people are pointing guns at you in the bank, infront of LSPD - REPORT IT, thats why we have rules and a report system, if you are not reporting rule breaches you are breaking the rules yourself under failure to report rule breaches. Would love to see some proof of these things happening constantly, but i doubt thats the case. No one is passing guns to people who constantly DM, as DM#2 is a perma ban, so the room for error for people is very small, and people DM not because they dont know how to use a gun, but they DM because they dont understand the rules (most report cases) Why should ordinary people have guns? Because then only criminals and PD would have guns, i don't know if you know this, but there are other ways to get guns, and ammunation is ONLY for gun purchases with a firearms license. I don't know if you noticed, but big gangs carry weapons that do not come from a shop. So your "suggestion" is to have civilians unarmed. I'd rather have a gun and be able to save someone or myself, than be in a constant state of helplessness. Yes, i would be shit out of luck if i DMed you, thats the rule and if i were to break a rule, i would be punished for it, but somehow, i managed to play for ~6months without a single punishment, while also shooting people and getting shot.
  7. -1 You being in a car would not stop an armed person from stealing it. The markers in Central are there because the NCZ was not added there yet.
  8. So your solution is to have staff equip weapons on all criminals constantly? 1. Most firearms that cause problems are kept illegally, at this point the amount of weapons on the streets is really high, so this would put ordinary people in a worse position. A single criminal will be able to hold up 10 civilians because none of them will have a weapon. 2.Why mix an IC issue with OOC rules? 3. So only official factions will have weapons, the rest will be shit out of luck when they are forced to be armed with bats against heavies. This is a really bad suggestion that will limit RP more than improve it.
  9. OR, hear me out, PD will just keep the evidence in mission row, and not have to worry about someone hijacking.
  10. Well it took time to get both of the properties under the same owner and now is selling it as a package deal, its just worth more when sold together. Personally, looks like a really nice price, considering 1 has a nice interior, and the close proximity means an easy way to make use of all of the parking spaces. Would bid, but dont have anywhere near that kind of money.
  11. The wording of the title is so misleading. This should be purely a suggestion for refund minimums, not priority support. Now what you could have suggested is lets say, with VIP your refund request can be minimum of 20k.
  12. +1 just a well thought out idea, would carry its own risks, but would also move some pressure away from robbing farmers.
  13. +1 Weazel needs to find a way to make the ads work. Right now, you will have periods where its quiet, a few ads here and there, and then someone comes on, does every bulk ad one after the other and floods the chat.
  14. The thing is, its not a computer that is selling properties, it is people, and people want a fixed sum up front, rather than someone who will pay over time. The person selling will be in 1 of 2 situations: 1. You stop playing, they have to deal with refund requests while their house is neutral. 2. they want the money so they can buy something, not wanting to wait 2 months till you can pay the full price. Some people do offer that option, but it is at the sellers discretion and should not be limited by server scripts. If you really want a house that bad, rent something, pay a small fee and save the rest.
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