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  1. +1 for ammo, it is just dumb to buy a gun for ammo, would also be cheaper.
  2. -1 As this was suggested many times over. The processing time for criminals already takes a long time for PD. Now you would just pile on more time for even more people and would be stuck in a single RP scenario for prob longer than you can sit at a PC + it would require long time commitment from all involved parties. Additionally i believe real life law skills would be required just to provide good RP. Sure it could work, but if that was a thing, be prepared for extremely extended sentences to compensate
  3. Ye i honestly wouldn't care. Someone stealing my car should not stop me from going on duty or off if i feel like im done for the day. Now if script would allow the cars to stay then that would be good, cause it is an RP killer if you just despawn your car, but it is not your fault that that happens.
  4. +1 we want this as well and we bring this up as best we can.
  5. I feel like any random dock could work as a chop. Especially since some chops/labs have docks already. +1
  6. I think its a nice start, but you really should look at not only what the guidelines for faction threads say, but also learn from what other factions have on theirs as well. Right now just feels like a draft. the history hints at a big organization, the "turf" hints at that as well, but how can you claim all that - that you are well known, that you have so much turf, when all you have is 2 members. Your history also doesn't add up - first its a friendship group, then its a drug / gun operation. then its a street racing and common assault group and yet somehow you claim you seek to expand in a legitimate manner. You really need to figure out what you want this faction to be, have a clear current standing and clear goals, because right now its just lacking what you would expect from a faction. You have a good start with a motorcycle gang set in Blaine county, so work up from there. And remember that setting up good RP while in game should be how you go about it, rather than claiming a lot of stuff from the beginning.
  7. I would be up for the idea that if a person is stationary and a person has a gun aimed at him, the person in the car should be free to drive away, while the person with the gun at that point should be free to shoot. As you are still in danger, just you can take the chance to get away (better chance to survive while driving away in a car, than it is to try to outrun someone with a gun). What i don't want is constant situations of people issuing demands from a moving car to a moving car, and this being treated the same. So if a person in a moving car does not stop, that should not give the person the right to shoot (this is more in the case that this is still a game, and we shouldnt have everything you do be a life or death case) The problem i see with that specific PD report, is what would happen if the cop had been issuing demands while moving? Would they still have opened fire an would they still be fine?
  8. Really like the suggestion regarding the neighborhood, but i think any kind of reminder is pointless, most people do know the rule and just choose to ignore it hoping they dont get caught.
  9. People can legally change their names, so it is not always a case due to a CK. should be the case only when you get CKed, but you should also lose all aliases you have set as well.
  10. Feels like when it comes to these kind of prices, having bids is just pointless. You know he is not really gonna sell it for cheap and will wait for the bids to go up to buyout. Might as well just put it up for 5mil and thats it.
  11. I think they need to up the max price in LE or add a some kind middle end, to give the option for middle ranged cars. Those that are too expensive for LE but don't seem to make sense to be put in HE.
  12. You do know that if they up the money you make, nothings gonna stop people from raising prices along side that. Printing more money does not help. -1
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