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  1. Just bringing this back to life, still believe it would be a good addition. Just doesn't make sense that a drill can open a bank vault but can't be used to crack open a simple house safe. Would also make VALID house raids better for both crims and LEO, as both require not only approval but SR admin+ on scene to open them.
  2. You need to have a map/gps in your inventory when walking around. It shows up while you're in a car probably because the car has a GPS in it.
  3. -1 I think there is no need for that, as current faction rules aim towards reduced scenes already, but still allows large gang activity. PD/SD will always respond in overwhelming force, especially when its a high danger situation. And it will likely lead to either more reports from people looking to report anything. This is not a TDM server or rust to create these kind of limits, bigger gangs should be able to make use of their bigger numbers. While LEOs will always try to overwhelm in response, as the last few months have shown - that low numbers just invite shootings. Overall it doesn't
  4. +1 Treat jerry cans like water bottles, where you can refill them (would require for you to be in a gas station and would use the same refill animation that cars use).
  5. +1 Truckers yard is even a weird one to have, Would be better to have fast travel points to all faction jobs. I also wonder if it would be possible to add a "teleport to car" on server restarts, a lot of people end up being rolled back far away from their cars, so could be a nice QOL to allow people to travel to their cars rather than having to make reports.
  6. +1 Would be nice to have a parking lot for boats rather than having to depend on owning one of the few houses with boat access.
  7. +1 BUT, just use the gunstore UI for all stores, I think it is the most recent UI and it has the most features. Managers can take/insert money, place orders, change prices, check logs. Can't sell or rename (unsure about these due to never trying). Furniture in gunstores is a property management permission.
  8. I would like people to not do that, but at the same time, I do not want this to turn into yet another thing that people report others for in attempts to get them punished + cars get stolen and staff need to verify last driver in game. Don't think a rule is needed, but instead should be something that people look at and try to do better.
  9. +1 should make it a universal command and give it to all factions.
  10. +1 doubt a lot of people face this issue, but no need for it to be one.
  11. TBF I do not see what use would the MDC be to criminals, especially considering you'd be taking an officer hostage for a short time. You could honestly just as well do the same thing without the MDC, just hold a cop up and tell them to tell you the number. Unless theres more use that people could make use of, don't think theres a need for it.
  12. All scripted jobs, legal faction or not, dont cost anything to go through. If you are paying, this might be a bug.
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