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  1. Personally i feel like there are enough gas stations spread out across the map that have fuel in them to justify not opening more of them. All have fuel, they are spread out and you can choose where you want to go. Additionally, just because more would be opened up, all that would happen is that people who have money would buy it and it wouldnt really give more common folk a chance to own one. I understand what you mean, there are gas stations that are next to stores that would make perfect sense, but this is also a game and there needs to be balance. More stations will just mean a price increase in gas all around, as the owners already dont make that much, and you will still be having to go to specific stations to refuel for cheaper - which removes the point of having more.
  2. Personally , i preferred the old system, where you had just random deliveries. That way you could at least always be trucking, rather than having everyone wait for an order.
  3. You could use something like autohotkeys, to set up a different key or combination of keys to be your N key.
  4. Maybe you connected to the lithuanian server instead of the english one?
  5. Would also be nice if DOC could add them, right now it makes no sense that PD or SD have to note it down, while DOC is the one doing it.
  6. Could allow people to choose what kind of house blips they want to see, as some want to get their first house so they are looking for 1/2g, while others only want to know when a 4g is up for sale.
  7. Maybe the ideas need a lot more detail to how they would work for it to be considered, but i would like having more events that would put LEOs vs Criminals, that would be different that the usual shootouts that we have been having lately and this would create some gains for the criminals.
  8. -1 to making it scripted, But they need to show at what impound the person is waiting, because currently it just says that a person is waiting at the impound, no idea which.
  9. This is an IC issue and should in no way be enforced by any rules.
  10. +1 i can take people breaking FRP or acting somewhat NRP, but when someone just disconnects it ruins the experience for everyone involved.
  11. You could check the faction threads as well, to get a better view of what and how they work. Other than that just spending time on the server and getting to know the people, while im not in a gang, i do interact with them quite a lot, and prefer some over others for their RP. There are also big and small gangs, so also depends what you would prefer.
  12. Could just say it went straight to voice mail like it does when someone is offline.
  13. Hello, Tyrone Briggs here, the individual stole the cruiser from the other side of the street in front of Pillbox MD and later logged out. I contacted @Seas and she took the report, i do not know if the situation was handled but i forwarded my footage to her. After i relogged to get my footage, the individual was back after what i believe was more than 15 minutes after logging out, claiming that his brother was playing previously.
  14. Really should just allow the people to view their impounded vehicles and see the price to get them released.
  15. Maybe it would be better that rather than making a rule for this, the script would be changed for MD and dropbody locations, to put the individual in a hospital bed for 5-10 minutes to be "treated". I would much rather something like this was made in the script which would add to the RP, by having the individual stay in the hospital for the injuries, rather than adding more OOC restrictions.
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