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  1. Banned players get a message when they attempt to log-in as to the reason they are banned. They do not need access to the panel for any other reason, and we will not be opening the panel to banned players.
  2. The sync re-applies the door any time you leave the area of the vehicle & reload it. You're telling me you never left the area of your vehicle throughout the day and subsequently literally every single door was off of it during the time where it was conveniently also fully loaded with passengers? Do any of your passengers have their POV footage? Please contact them and tell them to post their footage here also.
  3. As a follow up I would like to know from the reporting party, why are all 4 of your vehicle doors removed from your car prior to this situation?
  4. After discussion, no punishments will be given. The reported party saw the weapons via the visible script and players did not utilize their vehicle storage for the weaponry as they had the option to do. Report will be closed.
  5. As this involves a staff member it will be handled by Senior Administration.
  6. Who was the person you refused to give the identity of?
  7. To begin, I would like to ask the reporting party for the reason for choosing to hold multiple Sheriff's hostage over the current situation? John_Wallace also sent me footage from his side, and made a report in game regarding this situation.
  8. Player has been given 50k the price of a laptop.
  9. Refund has been given to the player.
  10. Yes, please message me on discord when you're ready to log-in and be put back to the quiz. You must be able to be online for this process.
  11. You don't have to take real life money to violate real world trading rules. You can also violate the rules transferring money with no approval from admins or real IC reason to brand new players you know OOC which is what you did. What would you do differently if given a second chance?
  12. REPORT ACCEPTED Thank you for your patience and comments provided for this report. After reviewing the evidence provided, I've decided to apply the following punishments to the following players: Kris_Killer - Non-RP #1 - Warning for combat logging without return or response to player report. Not happy with the outcome? If you have received a punishment that you do not agree with, you are entitled to a fair punishment appeal that follows the guidelines and format provided. Otherwise, the conclusion of this report is final. Did the reporting party lose any items worth above 25.000 dollars as a result of this report? If you would like to request a refund, you may do so within our refund and transfer requests section, as long as your request follows the guidelines and format provided. Regards, Ballin
  13. Hello and thank you for the report. As @Archaeah mentioned this situation was handled in game. As per the player report guidelines: If you feel Archaeah did not provide a proper reset or the ruling of making no punishments was incorrect I would invite you to make a punishment appeal so it can be re-evaluated by a Head Administrator. At this time however, this report will be closed. Some notes - the video characterized as ooc driven IC harassment, if you felt there was OOC tension causing the scene you could have responded in /b that you felt uncomfortable with the roleplay scene or something along those lines. It would appear however that you are participating and maybe even instigating the conversation by making claims such as 'I run this place'. An opposing response is to be expected to your roleplay. Having what appears to be a completely IC interaction where you are making just as many if not more threats is just that, IC. If you do decide to appeal & wish for each of the claims to be addressed, I do suggest providing a clip, quote, or paraphrase of what Wallace said which was aggressive / attacking in /B so that can be addressed properly. Since this reported situation was reset and this potion of the RP voided IG without punishments, no action will be taken on the report.
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