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  1. BallinByNature

    Fuksas_7 - Aras Vella (Ban Appeal)

    Punishment will remain on the record, player is aware of what to do in the instance desync happens in the future in order to avoid further issues.
  2. BallinByNature

    N1Crz3Y - Kevin Rose (Deathmatching Appeal)

    Was this video presented in a player report?
  3. BallinByNature

    TeykoHD / Dima Slav (Deathmatch appeal)

    Punishment will remain in place.
  4. BallinByNature

    ezzo69 - Maksim Slav (Deathmatch Appeall)

    Punishment will remain in place.
  5. BallinByNature

    A1pha - Sasha Vasiljev (Deathmatch appeal)

    Was this video presented in a player report or in what way was it investigated?
  6. BallinByNature

    Thomas - Thomas MacDermott (Ban Appeal)

    Bans for hacking are permanent. Ban will remain in place.
  7. BallinByNature

    msmia - Mia Miller (Ban Appeal)

    Punishment will remain in place.
  8. BallinByNature

    kesml - Ben Mace (Ban Appeal)

    As stated in the rule book, unfortunately linked accounts being banned are a consequence of sharing networks / social clubs / log-ins or other ways accounts are linked. Punishment will remain as there's no way to un-link accounts.
  9. BallinByNature

    Mati Cao (Ban Appeal)

    Ban is no longer in place and punishment was voided. You were banned by mistake due to a mis-type. Won't happen again.
  10. BallinByNature

    Alba Bus - Ban Appeal

    Alba, thanks for posting your appeal. Founder and Head Administrators team will be discussing the appeal and reaching out if necessary. Please be patient as the matter is discussed and processed.
  11. BallinByNature

    Mati Cao (Ban Appeal)

    Pending response from @PB-AJ
  12. BallinByNature

    Canyon767 - Stephan Elshaarawy (Ban Appeal)

    Punishments will remain.
  13. BallinByNature

    NexTasz John Maybach (Ban Appeal)

    Ban will remain.
  14. BallinByNature

    Konstantin Kovac (Ban Appeal)

    System bans are not glitches. Ban will remain for hacking.
  15. BallinByNature

    kesml - Ben Mace (Ban Appeal)

    Pending response from @BrainDed