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  1. Lisbeth - Dawn Morgan / Lisa Pelletier (ban appeal)

    Please message me on discord to arrange a time if you would, thanks.
  2. Eclipse Staff Roster

    Team Update: Toony has resigned from Head Administrator. Lewis_Langley is now named Lewis.
  3. Stop Metagaming

    Admin team is always enforcing our MG rules / policy. If you have evidence of another party metagaming or communicating in a suspicious manor in game that appears to be metagaming, feel free to file a player report. It will catch up with the people who break the rule, just as all rule breaches will. You may be able to get away with it once or twice but it will catch up with them and they will be punished. Thank you.
  4. Lisbeth - Dawn Morgan / Lisa Pelletier (ban appeal)

    Do you have time sometime this week for a voice interview with an administrator?
  5. Punishment appeal has been denied. Player has purchased/sold assets for IRL money. Permanent ban will stay in place.
  6. Mask 7915_5759 Combat Log

    Anyone know how to contact him on discord perhaps?
  7. Lewis Smith - Ban Appeal

    You were surrounded by more guns than I could count being aimed at you and you knew there was 0 place for you to go with your vehicle. You decided the best option was to play bumper cars and run tons of people over while clearly being shot at by 100's of bullets using the desync of vehicles to your advantage. You broke VDM rules, the punishment will remain.
  8. Coke Swiss

    Appeal has been denied.
  9. Quan Angelico - Ban Appeal

    Appeal has been denied.
  10. spenny113 - Mike White (Ban Appeal)

    Transmitting in-character information via 3rd party communication channels is metagaming. Weather you say you were transmitting IC also or not is irrelevant. Being that it is the 2nd punishment for transmitting in-character information via 3rd party communication channels within 10 days, the normal punishment is a 24 hour ban. Letting your mic stream your in-character transmissions to tons of people and claiming your not metagaming because it might have also been IC is not acceptable. You should not be transmitting IC informaiton to other people over anything other than in-game radio, or phones. If your radio doesn't work, simply set the frequency, turn it off, and turn it back on, which is a known community fix to that problem also. Punishment will remain. and @LeftSharkie you're allowed to state why the punishment was wrong but this section of the forum isn't for making suggested punishments or determining what you think is "fair". We have set guidelines on what punishments are handed out, and this is not his first offense. It's simply not acceptable to provide locations, or IC suggestions/reminders, via 3rd party communication channels.
  11. 2girls1pig - Timothy Whalley (Punishment Appeal)

    Appeal denied.
  12. Mask 7915_5759 Combat Log

    @MrD Does that time work for you?
  13. Lexa Dagaslov And James Eriksen (335,000)

    please provide the full unedited version of the screenshot which shows proximity to the individual.
  14. Alba Bus (Salary)

    Still awaiting review by development.
  15. Jonn_Obama has been warned for metagaming #1 minor. In the future, all IC communication needs to happen IG. You can ask if your radio was working or was desynced, but you cannot ask for the IC information via third party. Mike_White has been warned for metagaming #2 for telling Lexa to lock her car via third party communication. Punishment for this is a 24 hour ban, and is the 2nd time within 10 days. If this is how you guys operate on discord or whatever 3rd party you use, something needs to change. Sonny L. will receive a first warning for sexual RP without consent. Please do not engage in sexual RP without another players consent and read the rules around this in the rule book. It can be offensive to some oocly. Players have been talked about for OOC insults. Lewis Smith has been banned for VDM offense #1 for 72 hours and given a /nonrp record.