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  1. BallinByNature

    Arta Beats & Parca Vierri (Non-RP)

    Both players will receive admin notes on their accounts for potential mercy killing. This behavior is against the rules and will lead you to be banned. Neither player has a very great record. Please reach out to a staff member if you need help understanding the rules otherwise if the current path of rule breaking continues you may not be allowed to play on the server for very long. Thanks for the report.
  2. BallinByNature

    ID 73 (6.6.1, 7.1.1)

    Report voided at request of poster.
  3. BallinByNature

    ID(119) (ID) 50 KOS,DM

    @nigerian211 and @King Polo what was the reason for KOSing him?
  4. BallinByNature

    Henry Magpier, Arta Logan 6.4: Powergaming

    Both players will be issued non-RP for passing of money while cuffed and without proper ability to complete those interactions.
  5. BallinByNature

    Sinner - Fred Frederiksen (Ban Appeal)

    Player has been unbanned & punishment voided. Administrator was discussed with on what constitutes as evidence for future cases. Thanks for the appeal.
  6. BallinByNature

    ID56 ; ID28 ( Metagaming )

    Report does not contain enough evidence to support claims of meta gaming. Players will be watched more closely during their future interactions and feel free to report any other incidents you may find suspicious. GeForce experience can record sound both of windows systems & in-game sounds, I use that myself. Please ensure your future recordings contain audio if you would like them to be considered valid. Lastly, please do not curse or disrespect each other OOCly. That won't be tolerated by either side here. Thanks.
  7. BallinByNature

    Mask 7116_9029

    Barry_Windsor did not have KOS rights, even if it had been the person who had been shooting his friends he had not witnessed this directly. Being called over the radio does not grant KOS rights. Barry_Windsor will be issued first punishment for KOS without a valid reason. Thank you for the report.
  8. BallinByNature

    Arta_Logan(13) | 3.3 Offensive language

    Arta_Logan, Please refrain from calling people names via /b or OOC means via our platform. Notes have been added to the account. Thank you for the report & if you follow the above there will be no further issues. If there are other incidents mentioned in the later replies, please feel free to open a report on those incidents separate from this one. Thanks for the report.
  9. BallinByNature

    Bo_Maddox and ID 52 | Non-Roleplay and VDM

    Nathan_Escobar (52) Hunter_Gouin (58) Will be notified they have 24 hours remaining to respond to the report. Bo_Maddox (83) on the bike, will be banned for 48 hours for VDM #1 for driving back and forth through a shoot out hitting the reporting party twice back to back.
  10. BallinByNature

    ID 42 (7.3, 6.6)

    Player admits he slams into these people & does not roleplay anything. IF you did this by mistake as you say or due to lag, you should at minimum roleplay the accident, or tell them it was a mistake in /b, instead of driving off as fast as you could crashing a 2nd time. Player is going to be re-banned for VDM, this time permanently until he can explain why we should allow him back after multiple instances of the same offense.
  11. BallinByNature

    Unknown (yet) DM

    It is clear in the beginning of the video there are active gunshots heard & multiple police vehicles / people running on foot. The fact that you decided to stop and begin looting bodies during an active shoot out shows a conscious decision to insert yourself into a dangerous situation for potential gain via looting. As you can see, you were indeed actively looting weaponry from a suspect who had just been shot by police. Mike Adams was acting on his knowledge that the individual you were looting was just downed and was actively shooting, leading him to know that there was a fire arm potentially being looted at the time, which as seen in your video, he was correct. Due to other incriminating circumstances, such as you being in a full mask yourself not looking like an innocent civilian, he made the decision to neutralize a potential threat during an active shoot out. Attempting to loot people in an active shoot out qualifies as role play interaction with those involved in the shoot out warranting being shot. You are actively attempting theft of evidence / potential theft of property in the middle of a shoot out giving them valid reason to take action against you. Report will be denied, as there was valid reason to shoot being that you were stealing from a crime scene.
  12. BallinByNature

    13, 35, 20, 23 ID`S ( DM )

    Matteo_Salvini Andrew_Hudson Jason_Foreman James_Malled All were informed of the report and no valid reason for shooting prior to RP has been given. Seeing a player who is crouched does not give you a reason to open fire upon them and assume they are attacking you. All four will be issued a 24 hour ban for their first offense of Deathmatching. @DominykasHD next time please provide unsnipped screenshots of report notifications which also displays the unix date time on your screen for verification.
  13. BallinByNature

    6.6 Non-roleplay MarcoD admin abusing

    Quite a bit of irony in the report in my opinion. You state that his actions breached non-RP but started the post with that since you wrote that you were a marine that means you can fly helicopters and your best plan was to use your own cell phone to call and ask for a helicopter from the medical department. That in itself in my opinion qualifies for the rule you are trying to report Marco for. Thus, is why he acted, and after discussion among staff it is agreed that calling PD/MD and purposefully requesting a helicopter is non-RP. Aviation will eventually be open to public as well when the RP environment allows for serious use of it. This is not an example of that. No action will be taken as MarcoD's actions were within our staff guidelines.
  14. BallinByNature

    Members of Narco's || DM

    Any additional response from @AmooRid3r or the others involved? Regarding the FIRST situation, not the 2nd, the 2nd is only used to show your ID's.
  15. BallinByNature

    Eclipse Staff Roster

    ants1992 Rodiz archaeah nateX // nateX2 Boxxy Have all been promoted / reinstated to Moderator.