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  1. BallinByNature

    Lewis Smith - Appeal

    The DM was found valid in a prior appeal so yes this would be an appeal to be not permanently banned. So you are saying, 2 bans every 4 months should be acceptable and you should be allowed to continue racking up additional deatmatching punishments as long as there is only 2 bans per 4 months? Timing has nothing to do with it at this point, you aren't learning and you're continuing to disturb others roleplay. You are not able to kill within the rules of the game, and judging by your appeal, there is no plan mentioned to change that.
  2. BallinByNature

    John Drakell (9316$)

    Player has been refunded.
  3. BallinByNature

    Kristukas1348 - Dimitri_Kriskov (Deathmatch Appeal)

    Dimitri Kriskov is now unbanned.
  4. BallinByNature

    Kristukas1348 - Dimitri_Kriskov (Deathmatch Appeal)

    Have you re-read the rules and under stand them fully now?
  5. BallinByNature

    Mask 5747_9862 (6.1 Fear Roleplay)

    @Phil McGee If RP had not been resumed and everyone wasn't back in their places, why did you resume your RP and not wait in your original place and ask them to return to theirs?
  6. BallinByNature

    Hootless- Sven Gunarr (Ban Appeal)

    Ban will be reduced to 24 hours.
  7. BallinByNature

    Magicianas - Denis Zharkov (Ban Appeal)

    Pending @Toony
  8. BallinByNature

    Stormy69 - William Michael

    Player will remain banned and continued use of any type of avoiding AFK script will result in a permanent ban.
  9. BallinByNature

    3skimas - Paulius Mehino (Ban Appeal)

    As per DM #3 punishment guidelines the max punishment is 2 weeks ban unless a permanent is approved. Player will be unbanned but punishment will remain in place. Player will also be warned: Any future punishments similar to DM / unfair RP will result in a permanent ban.
  10. BallinByNature

    Hedas - Malim Pekonov (Ban Appeal)

    Punishment will remain in place. When a bug presents you with benefits you should try to correct the benefits you've gained where possible such as splitting the money of the pot with the player. You should not be talking OOCly about your hand either, so we're not going to try to interpret your OOC message of telling him to fold. Thanks for the appeal, you should be able to avoid future issues if you follow the above advice.
  11. BallinByNature

    Veuin - James Teller (Ban Appeal)

    Thanks for understanding what was wrong in the situation. Being that you know it was a wrong move based on the appeal, the punishment will remain in place but if you've truly learned from the situation you shouldn't have any issues going forward staying clean. Thanks for the appeal.
  12. BallinByNature

    ItzCryptonized - Thomas_Creasey (Punishment Appeal)

    @PolarBlunk you witnessed him teleport or was this anti-cheat?
  13. BallinByNature

    Calebc0106 -Kassidy (Punishment appeal)

    Shooting a cop for pulling a friend over is not a valid reason to kill someone. Punishment will remain in place.
  14. BallinByNature

    Puolejas - Juan_Sandres unban appeal

    Player will remain banned at this time due to excessive issues with breaking rules in a short period of time. Player may appeal no sooner than 1 month from the date of this post. Thank you for the appeal.
  15. BallinByNature

    billzachos - Bill Zachos (Ban Appeal)

    The anti cheat detects a very specific invincibility toggle which is not an issue for anyone except you two brand new players. I don't think its a coincidence. Players will remain banned due to anti-cheat detection.