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  1. BallinByNature

    Rules against Sexual Harassment

    I do not have any such evidence, as I said, please feel free to share it with me. There seems to be a disconnect in what you evidence you believe you reported and the evidence that was actually given, as the content you're suggesting does not appear in the evidence I have, which is why I am asking you to re-share any evidence you think I should have to review the situation.
  2. BallinByNature

    Rules against Sexual Harassment

    So if someone claims you sexually harassed them we should ban you without asking for evidence of it? All I am saying is if what you say really happened, then please feel free to show me so I can act on it.
  3. BallinByNature

    Rules against Sexual Harassment

    Please feel free to PM me the evidence you have of harassment of players. It's obviously not tolerated, however, it is also the duty of any person to explain that they do not want to be contacted OOCly if someone makes them feel uncomfortable. I personally have not seen any of the evidence mentioned above, but would like to if its true. If a person is told not to contact you OOCly, and continues to do so using Eclipse platforms, we will obviously take action against that person.
  4. BallinByNature

    Stranger 8907_9281 PBAJ - Admin Abuse / Metagaming

    To wrap up this report, no action will be taken. To begin, the moderator does not need to go in to admin duty mode to discover names of players masks / names if they truly desired to do so, so I am confident that was not the purpose of her going into admin duty. Spoke with PBAJ we discussed that if she wanted to give advice about role play quality like was her goal, that she should do it via PM as a peer as opposed to as an admin since no rules were being broken at that moment in time & doing so after the situation concluded not before the getaway was finished rather than stopping or pausing the RP which is what should happen when an admin transforms or appears. Thanks for the report, though no rules were broken, the situation could be avoided / improved by a different approach.
  5. BallinByNature

    Sasha_vasilyev (7.2.4 - 7.3 - 7.4 - 7.1)

    Do you have footage of all of the kills?
  6. BallinByNature

    Sasha_vasilyev (7.2.4 - 7.3 - 7.4 - 7.1)

    Why was Baxtor killed after reporting a black vehicle? Was there any roleplay involved in his killing or was he just shot while in his vehicle?
  7. BallinByNature

    Eclipse Staff Roster

    Team Update: nateX // nateX2 Has resigned from staff.
  8. BallinByNature

    Sasha_vasilyev (7.2.4 - 7.3 - 7.4 - 7.1)

    If you have evidence around this specific situation, please post it. No more rants about criminals or cops rp quality. We are all trying to improve and do better for each other and the community. Keep future posts to the topic and situation at hand. So, from what I have gathered so far, the police were killed on sight & the Zetas involved believe they could kos a cop approaching them in a drug lab. Is that agreeable by both sides so far?
  9. BallinByNature

    Eclipse Staff Roster

    Team Update: Charlie Mangione [Head of Player Reports] Has been promoted to Head of Player Reports
  10. BallinByNature

    Eclipse Staff Roster

    Team Update: Cooksley Has resigned from staff.
  11. BallinByNature

    Stranger 8907_9281 PBAJ - Admin Abuse / Metagaming

    Pending response from @PB-AJ
  12. i responded to you on my ban appeal i would greatly appreciate if you check it out thank u ❤️

  13. BallinByNature

    Stranger 4269_2983(6.6.1,5.3.1)

    Did the items get transferred back?
  14. BallinByNature

    Fear RP

    Report concluded by the support above, warning will be removed though due to differing opinions regarding the fear RP in this case. We will discuss as a staff team what I believe to be a bug with aiming / using radio at the same time forcing you into the radio animation as opposed to the aiming animation. Thanks for the report.
  15. BallinByNature

    Eclipse Staff Roster

    xeater has been removed from the staff team, inactivity.