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  1. After discussion player will be given a second chance. Any repeat behavior would result in a reapplication of the ban. Thanks for the appeal.
  2. Respect the decision in the prior appeal. No adjustment to the time will be made.
  3. Players appeal was already denied and cheat programs were running however you will not admit to that. Denied, player may not appeal any sooner than 2 months from the date of this post.]
  4. @FNGJersey can you please explain what you have learned and how your actions would be different if given another chance?
  5. After discussion, the punishment will not be removed. This is simply poor RP, driving around in donuts around a police situation. They were attempting to frisk a person who had interfeared and had made no notion of an arrest. There was no RP engagement before deciding to just drive a vehicle through a police scene which you've been told is not OK in the past. Thanks for the appeal.
  6. We have determined this punishment would be voided as the player was driving in circles around while being at gunpoint. Thanks for the appeal.
  7. We do not unban for cheating, sorry but the decision was a poor one to make.
  8. Thanks for the appeal, we are willing to give you a second chance; Please make sure to re-read the rules before re-joining the server to play again. Any similar behavior will not be tolerated lightly. Thanks for the appeal.
  9. Bakmeel is correct our policies are very clear on sharing accounts. Due to our rule number 1 policy your accounts and linked accounts are your responsibility. In order to get unbanned he would also need to get unbanned. Thanks for your appeal.
  10. You were flagged for invincibility hacks from an external program. Sorry but we do not unban for cheating.
  11. @Kencyt_Portugalai 4 DM punishments is past our typical allowance. What do you plan to do differently if allowed to play again and what steps do you plan to take to ensure you are playing within the rules going forward?
  12. *EDIT* My initial statements were due to confusion with multiple linked accounts to this one however the decision remains the same. Emir made threats against the server out of anger not getting official status. Player will remain banned for the cyber threats as per our policy.
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