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  1. Player will be unbanned under the agreement that it won't happen in the future. You may express disagreements without being offensive toward others, please remain respectful. Thank you for the appeal.
  2. @ChuckM Can you clarify what exactly he RP'd the CCTV showing? Was the CCTV of the shoot out only or did he also state it would show Chuck in them or incriminate Chuck also?
  3. As for the CCTV, what made you offer to get CCTV footage for the detectives on your boss and how did you know of the footage existence in the first place IC?
  4. Can you explain why it is you have video recording of your alt dying but have no recordings of obtaining information / having RP leading up to you making a police report which is in the interest of only your alternate character? You were recording the situation which you needed to have evidence of for your benefit but then deleted or didn't take footage of what happened afterwards or gaining any of this knowledge on your other character? Your best explanation is that someone told your alt about your other character being shot but you have no idea who?
  5. So you weren't told by anyone, but you know about a shootout and reported it. (You only know of the shoot out OOC because you died in it on an alt.) Someone telling you about corruption doesn't make you look for a shootout video and this appears to be blatant metagaming. There is still 0 connection as to why your alt is looking for a video of a shoot out in the first place.
  6. @ChuckM does DCC have any written policy regarding building or vehicle CCTV?
  7. So if you were never told about a shoot out, why did you go to the detective and tell him about a shoot out and offer to give him evidence of it?
  8. The detectives direct statement says that you told him about a shoot out and offered to get evidence of it. Was the detective lying?
  9. You didn't answer the question at all. Why did you discuss the shoot out or any camera footage with anyone having never learned about nor been told about a shoot out by the mechanics like you claimed?
  10. How did you learn about a shoot out form asking him "Chuck?" @Copperhorse What about Zeta's protection would make you check DCC cameras?
  11. Player downplays ban evading & that he gloated we'll never catch him and he can just continue to buy GTA copies to evade. Enjoy spending that cash and getting re-banned.
  12. Thanks for your understanding. Punishment will remain in place but the ban will be reduced to a two week ban. If you take the next couple weeks to re-learn the rules and re-think how you will return to the community then we will welcome you back at that point. Thanks for your appeal.
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